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Nice upright lidded glass door gem holder. 12 inches tall and 10 wide. Sits into a corner nicely

hardly used crock pot.

Been stored in a basement for years. Plugged in and chuck moved slowly. May have to be oiled and tuned up. Light works fine.

18X42 oaken topped cast iron bottom with such great Etsy flair. Why pay internet prices? The work is already done. Just enjoy.

12X15 metal sign with strong implications.

As per seller works fine. seldom used.

24 inch set of clean lamps. Both tested to be working

Sellers remorse has already begun. Clean, well kept of vintage stunners. Insert deep sigh here.

20X10X13 well made aluminum handled box. Would make great tool chest or planter.

Serious sandwich maker.

14 inches in circumference with battery needs.

Will include lights for the winning bidder. Stands almost 6 feet tall and will fool the most discerning eye. Requires very little water and care.

Near new woman's large wintry shell.

There is not any tags on these but was told they were made in Arnprior. All with satin edges and moth proofed. Smoke, pet free homes. Kenwood perhaps? Scattered minor wear based on the age. hard to beat a wool blanket.

Solid brass old sets of pulls.

Small clean turquoise hoodie with loads of fashion life left in her.

32 inches of heavy metal. Very old farm part.

With just three more months of winter ahead of us this is a very needed item. Bid away snow movers.

62X68 with tags. Smoke, pet and kid free home.

Bigger than a 16 pound bowling ball. Very cool piece of glass work. Flat bottom so that it doesn't roll away.

Seems to be a full set in holders and binder.

So much building and creating pieces included. Tote is heavy laden with hammers, pliers, screwdrivers and more.

Works fine, adjustable handle.

This is by far the cream of the crop when it comes to old school blending. Cant tell you how many times me and my brothers waited around to lick the spoons.

I once ate a short rib that was cooked in such as this and it may have been the greatest meal I ate in 2015.

Large battery operated barometer with stylish wood finish.

Three sized clean lot of Lagostina frying pans.

Works and tested.

Super clean heavy pottery based lamp with sharp shade and works fine. Base is about 8 inches all ways, stamped.

Heavy A&P crate with many tools. Heavy box, bring help to lift and transport.

Ready to be kept under the stove and are super stoked to include cakes, brownies, scones and so much more. We used the round ones for the cat's water dish in a pinch.

Hard rubber tires with no expectancy to flatten. Strong and well used.

Looks to be unused and still in vintage box.

16X12 intricate unsigned textile work. The hours involved are head shaking for sure.

Ker Plunk game

Good sharp set.

14X7X11 cardboard box full of baseball cards.

18X30 with hours of hilarity when guests arrive. Thick serious mat.

Works great heavy brass piece with cord. 14 inches in circumference.

17 spinners wigglers deep divers and branch catchers.

Could be the runaway auction item. Very well kept coffee table book with such great history encased within.

Clean set of Kitchenalia with counter top charm

A friend of mine collects these for musical adventure as the old ones have great sonic capacities. That being said entering an airport with such as this will also make great sounds! 24X18X8

Includes colander and tight lid, large stove pot.

Four clean baking dishes ready for recipes and food.

Heavy tin of toys ready for players.

Great silhouette of under rated canine, over 16 inches tip to tail. I once saw one of these with a sweater on. More like a tube top.

14X16 clean and artisan made pillows with burlap outer. Velcro holders for inserts.

Includes pruning shears plus four pair of new gloves.

3.5X3 heavy china apple with brass top. Serious piece of decor.

Ten inches of water fowl, clean and ready for a garden or shelf.

22 inches X 8 inches wide. Would make a great umbrella stand or serious planter, unsigned.

Comes with everything needed to fix stuff or create something new. 16 inch tool box full.

16 X12 print from our very own James Keirstead.

16 X12 print from our very own James Keirstead.

Not sure if there is a greater recipe book out there. Can't wait to meet the winning bidder.

Not even a crumb in the base. Needs a good home and some bakery items.

Both working perfect, clean.

For those with the dexterity and patience to wield tiny screws and fasteners.

Largest one measures 16 inches, all with decent handles and life left.

Came from a seasoned welder and maker of cool things.

With plastic holder

16WX12DX12H aluminum collector tin with folding wood handle. Would make a great planter.

There are two lefts but serious aluminum heavy horses here.

Nice large, clean, issue free set of mixers.


Loads and loads of enjoyment can be had with this cant miss standard board game.

Unused dog leash ground holder with plastic fire hydrant topper. Strong restraint once grounded.

Small set of clean prints from Kingston prolific artist.

8 inches of stunning pottery. stamped Germany.

With a name like this I am pretty sure you won't want to walk too far away when the kernels begin swelling.

Small vintage native beaded leather top.

Cool vintage well kept game.

Storytellers, liars and cheats need only apply. Save for monopoly, crazy eights and scrabble not sure if there is a better board game out there. my opinion.

Old well made wooden sliding drawer, 12X12X8 approximately.

Super large capacity veggie or snack holder. Would also be good for anyone doing bead work? Hey why not as the lid really seals.

Ready for shore lunches.

36 inches of twisted metal and decorative mood setting possibilities. Valentines day is around the corner. Just saying

Never miss one again.

No chips or cracks. Ready for the feline lover out there.

Super clean, near unused utensil holder, sturdy food preparation implements.

Super well kept and heavy duty gloves for those who are serious about kitchens, cooking and keeping their hands safe.

Oddly shaped, no issues item with fancy person flair.

Seldom worn sized 6.5-7 women's leather boots. Is it just me or are the fashion industry making them taller and taller? almost pants!

Looks to be unused, untested

Large capacity clean cooking lidded dishes. Corningware.

Very unusual lidded candle with vintage European Alps vibe. Includes instructions.

Two glass sealed units with embossed glass.

Father and son depicted. Clean smoke free item.

14X11 very well made textile zippered computer or tablet bag.

I totally failed these. Please buyer redeem them and give them the workout they deserve.

New in package. Just add flotation device, water and sea faring vessel.

10.5 sized old rollers. Join a league or don a bathing suit and head to California and breeze the beaches and the boardwalks.

16 inches in circumference

My kid had to have em. Wore them three times tops. Sized for such with hipster skate boarder ilk. 7.5 vans quality and super show off colour.

Large type faced old printing block 24X32

Comes with chuck key and stripping wheels.

Both woke up when plugged in.

Will include sparkler pieces too.

May have held witches hazel or snake oil? Who really can tell these things? Ten inch dandy old medicine jug.

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