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You can enter a new max bid at any time by entering a bid greater than your current high bid.
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You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Vintage with loads of wear and tear but super cool trinity of pocket knives.

Brand new and made in USA. Not some cheap knock off these are the real deal. Why pay department store or EBay prices? Just in time for spring. Size 7.5 mens

Wooden rocker in decent shape. Woven seat still intact.

Very cool carved bust. stands almost 12 inches tall.

Am not sure what this one fits or came off of but the model number is present.

European made with weird plug. will need an adaptor? or you may need to move out of the country. untested

Great vintage toy.

After the sander skidding incident back in lot 56 I flinched before plugging this in. Worked fine when I did. Table is fine in case you wondered.

Ready for shelf or to use on a fire.

loads of tracks and trains and additional HO parts and pieces.

Seems to be gently used.

Includes small box too.

20X9 and great for small projects.

14X12X8 sized nice wooden keeper of fine trinkets, gems and jewelled items.

Vintage space weapon.

Very large bag of blocks.

Plugged in and it whined ok. May need bearings?

Cool attic find when I was last in Kentucky rooting around in my friends house.

Brand new and ready for the summer links. sized 7 expensive if bought new.

As the ad states. Star Wars stuff.

Large set. tested.

Drank my weight in black cherry as a young adult when the Bath road location wasn't a gymnastics venue.

Very sweet oldie with serious fashion swagger. Woman's small-medium.

Tested works fine.

Pastoral scene with double matting and glass and signed too. 42X24 approximately

Battery operated and untested.

Small repair to the dorsal fin but such a great piece of fish art. Signed too. a keeper measuring almost 10 inches long.

Low print history of our fair city.

Ready to travel with straps for the shoulders and wheels for the pavements.

Lots of great torque and includes boring bit too.

Included here is the salad rake and the greens shovel in a daring solid teak wheel barrow presentation. When the vegetables show up on the table like this even the kids will want some.

As is with many miles left on them.

16X8X8 German made wheeled toy

Tested true.

Three inch new castors.

Ready for this years Grey Cup. brand new sized 11.

Brand new high end gloves.

Uncirculated mint coin.

Includes a few boxes of round cups to get you going. tested.

all seems to work just fine. just add radio waves and cassettes.

Works great for those tough muscular knots and aches.

Great book of the Limestone City.

Hard to beat local cooking books.

Super metal piece ready for a hose or an upscale.

Large selection of hand tools

Large assortment of hand tools in big wooden box.

Hard to find historic book of our great city

Just in time for the playoff run. brand new.


Large great coffee table reader.

Fantastic tribute to our nearby waterways, towns and tourist destinations.

Great newborn gift set.

As is wrench set with metal case.

Small old bear.

Spent a great deal of time in my school days by one such as this. Tested.

Plastic but good for the beginner.

Just add nuts and bolts.

Eight inch stunner with crisp lid. anything you place in this will look better. Take a casserole to a potluck and be the talk of the table.

Giant already assembled wooden learner puzzle. Seems to be artisan made and wood make a great gift.

Super collection of our honoured acclaimed Canadian artist.

Solid wood compartment holder. 12X10X8 approx.

Super chic set of fashion icon books in cardboard holder.

Brand new vintage gamers need only apply.

Comes with handy carry case. In grade school I was pretty fly with this and am sure could have been in a symphony if I was properly trained and had a chance.

20 by 8 inches solid metal road box. red flag seems to have been damaged by locals in a pick up truck one summer night.

Large orbed glass fluid burner. seems to be new.

Small sweet die cast toy

Heavy old working wrench

Have not seen many such as this in all my picking days. clean and crisp lines. super colours. 6X4 approximately.

Hard to find such a great Star Wars image such as this. Medium but am sure a large could squeeze into it and do it justice.

Clean as the board of health. Toasts well.

Great piece of squeaky history.

18X18 great large seat that is ready for your go cart, lawn tractor or bar room Etsy project.

Still has lumber attached.

Plugged it in and it skid across the table. works

20X20 sweet framed mirror.

Large set without screws.

Works fine

New in the package.

Stunning coffee table book of our near lands.

Low mileage 7.5 woman's

Large ripped hardcover by Men's Health.

Breathtaking art blown glass almost 14 inches tall.

Hard to beat this game. Great shape with lots of play and papers left intact.

8X8X3 with scattered wear for the age.

10X7 dashing piece of molded clay.

With the wheels and ready for garage do it yourselfers.

Ready for camping trips, keeping ballpark beverages cool and so much more.

Very cool old hammers.

Works fine. Battery good.

Seem to be a set.

Sets to be complete with screws and bags.

Stand 16 inches tall with great shade and small inline switch. works fine.

How did this reader get past me in the early eighties is beyond me. Super cool rare collectible.

Solid metal set for keeping and caring for shoes.

Works fine.

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. grade five math. nice set of metal bobs.

Shallow sweet casserole dish from overseas. 10X8

For the avid player

Clean crisp copy

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