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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Original label intact. No chips or cracks, in excellent condition. Heavy gilding.

No chips or cracks, in excellent condition. Heavy intricate gilding.

Two different designs and dates. Heavier and wider gilding on one and extra enamel. No chips or cracks, in excellent condition. One is a tiny bit taller. Both are Czech, not Japanese.

One full mini and one empty glass Ralph Lauren bottles. Two others have metal decoration. NOTE: scent may be diminished.

Deeply carved bird figures on 4 sides, very heavy. Just over 8 by 4 inches. No chips or cracks noted. Old.

21 sq ft each. New. End is open to show colour. Very heavy, bring help to move. Boxes are 2m long, still bound.

Could also be used for fine tools, Crochet or embroidery needles and threads. Approx. 9 by 12 inches. Good condition. Over 20 pockets in each case, all different sizes.

Table lamps with hanging prisms. 10 inch tall to socket, no shades. Working condition. Solid glass or lead crystal. 1.3kg each! No chips or cracks. Some prisms glow with UV so they're not all the same age.

From Soest, Germany. Company went out of business or moved in 1944. In excellent condition. Both signed by same artist.

Italian rock crystal (tallest), 2nd lead crystal unsure of maker. No chips or cracks. Tallest is approx. 7 and a half inches.

Wood with lining. Various ages and styles. Long double ring holders in the large box.

Dove-grey teapot designed by Claudia Sheride for Toscany. In excellent condition, no chips or cracks, fully marked on bottom.

Blue Cornflower pattern, no chips or cracks, all are in excellent condition. Lids are Pyrex, marked. One Extra Large Deep Bean Baker, 2 regular large deep dishes (one without lid) and one shallow dish with lid.

Fully marked, Honora pearls are cultured natural pearls. Locking clasp. Galaxy style to float on the neckline. From soft ivory colour to champagne to soft pastels. Light kink in one part of the cabling - see pics. Honora brand info is available online.

Two matching pieces in great condition. Larger is 18 by 12 by 5. No moldy scent, zippers work well. BOTH cases are collapsible for storage.

Large hooded long cape and robe. Heavy cotton. High priest? B-Movie Sci-fi leader? King? Cult leader? Adult size, one spot noted on cape.

Ivory or cream colour wide mouth vase with soft purple roses. Fine crazing all over, no chips or cracks. 7 1/2 high by 5 1/2 wide.

Large Hammered Fleur de Lis. Excellent condition, Just under 3 ft tall and 23 inches wide. Painted to imitate copper?

Industrial shelf, originally used for plant sales. Excellent condition, previously repainted with black gloss Tremclad. 5ft high and very heavy steel. Bottom is 17 inches square, top is 12 inches square. Does NOT come apart, heavy.

18 inches high by 13 inches wide. Unusual image, no fading or damage to actual picture but frame shows some wear, see pics. Original back seal is intact.

No chips or cracks, in excellent condition. Glass has a bubble inside. Heavy gilding.

Art Nouveau style lids and picture holder etc. Heron is signed.

Marked Gold Shell, in excellent condition. Bangle style with floral engraving. Old style slide-clasp.

Inlay strip across top, lined inside. Possibly 1940s or 1950s? 3 high by 11 long by 7 inches wide.

Classic shapes, heavy, both work. Tallest is 35 inches. Pineapple lamp has small chip, see last pic.

26 inches high, 11 inches wide. Probably not the original ashtray. Some chips to the chalkware - see pics.

Retro dresses. Polyester heaven, vintage materials. From 1950's to '. Mixed condition. Were used onstage. Beaded blue poly dress has beading coming loose, see pics. Some branded from Montreal Designers.

Photo pendant, tested as gold but can't read the mark. 14k or less. Very small, see pics. Marked on the link as well. Looks like base is yellow gold with rose gold over it. MHS on front with engraving.

Photo packs from Paris and 2 from Wenduine, Belgium where the Canadians fought in the Battle of the Scheldt. Photos are in excellent condition, protective cover shows wear. Original pencil writing from 1944 on back of some photos. More info from vendor.

Beauceware #108 Pottery Pitcher, no chips or cracks, marked on bottom.

Can be used alone or as a fondue. Tray and pot are hammered copper. Need polishing. Stand is wrought iron.

Egg cups, bowl, plates, coasters, darner, animals, rooster canisters, Irish Apple Basket, more. Mixed condition - see pics.

Faux wood theme with acrylic wheels and brass. Tray matches the style but is real walnut. Trolley is 28 high by 31 inches long. Both in good condition with light wear, fog on tray. Label is on the back of the tray.

Back has been replaced. Dovetailed drawer, 1940s? Original finish. 28 inches high by 14 by 15 inches. Aged wear, see pics.

Several frames in various sizes, mixed condition. Some show aged wear.

Marked as 10k on link, tested as gold but figurine may be European 9k.?

Mixed condition art and frames, all older. Some original, oil, acrylic. As is.

Oak shelves are solid wood. Just over 14 long and 5 inches wide. Other shelves included. Tallest shelf is 16 inches high, 12+ inches wide.

Solid Brass candelabra, basket, plate holders, bookend, Mayan calendar and coin ashtrays, figurine, more.

18 by 23 inches, no fading or condition issue to actual picture, frame has some wear. Original sealed back.

Silk velvet tight-waisted coat. Not sure of age but probably 1920's. Velvet is old silk velvet. Can be let down by at least 4 inches. Lining is in excellent condition. Coat has opened seam on collar and an open seam on the shoulder and sleeve - see pics. One button missing and it looks like a button was torn off near the collar -see pics.

Old style prisms, some fleabites and missing tips. Main crystal is just under 3 inches. Crystals with attachment are just under 4 inches. Some have much thicker bases.

Various sizes of picture frames, metal and wood. Aged wear to a few frames.

Three piece fountain set. Japanese bamboo theme, one flows into the other. 11, 8 and 6 inches high. No chips or cracks. Hose insert included, needs the $10 pump from Home Depot. Can sit inside a shallow basin or dish.

Yellow is mohair plus two others, both wool. No rips or tears. Original Labels on two. Long scarf with no label is more brown than what the picture shows.

2 Candle holders and one pin dish. Designed by Danish designer Georg (Jorgen) Jensen. Fully marked on the bottoms. Mid Century, solid Pewter. Largest piece is 3 inches across. Light wear.

Mixed media, prints, originals, mixed condition, ages. Loose glass on a couple. See pics

Short gp chain with polished heart-shaped thick Moonstone. Strong optical qualities in the stone.

Brass capped display easel. Approximately 6 foot when open.

Still in original wrap, never been opened. Pure Irish linen. Two pillow cases.

Made with real feathers and hand beading. Comes with heart container.

Oak leaves design, 11 inches high by 5 wide. Very heavy, felted on the bottom. Marked.

From Denmark. In excellent condition, probably an amethyst in the center but it hasn't been tested. The colour is deep rich purple. It's small enough to use as a tie pin or on a lightweight lapel.

In beautiful condition, no rips or tears.

Monogram, thistles, flower bouquet and an elaborately decorated cotton handkerchief with crochet on the edges. two or three are linen, one is cotton.

Marked chocolate or espresso cups, Cobalt blue and white, great condition, no chips or cracks, light wear to rim. One cup has a pattern variation.

Mixed crystal and glass including depression glass, etched glass, pressed glass and more. Mostly perfect condition but there's probably a few chips I missed. Large Pinwheel 3-footed lidded dish is in excellent condition, no chips.

Dark Blue or Indigo Leaf mats with matching napkins. Never used, still in original box. All handmade in Madagascar.

No rips or tears, labels intact. Woven. Acrylic. Blue is actually bright turquoise blue.

In beautiful condition, hand made with gilding on real papyrus. Egyptian revival. approx 14 by 11 inches. In sealed cover.

Approx 16 by 11 inches, two sets of two. Need to be steamed flat. Good condition.

Just over 12 inches high. Aged wear, one side chip. Roseville crown stamp on side.

Mixed items, Bull roast holder, MCM egg slicer, horn or bone steel fork, a pair of Nils S Johann plated pieces, more

Black Fabric cloak for reaper, monk, etc. Shows aged wear from stage use. Includes matching dresses or tunic/robes for witch costume. All good condition.

From Grumbacher. Latches work well. 17 by 12 by 3 inches. Contains a few paint pots but none of the original oil paints or brushes. Has drying slots for boards or paint palettes on the inside of the lid. Good condition, as shown.

2 necklaces made of carved shell. One has tulip-shaped beads, the other is graduated round beads. Mother of pearl reflections make these hard to photograph! Tulip necklace has silver gold-plated clasp but insert is partially missing, decorative part intact and marked. Both are shorter length. Beads are in excellent condition.

Mostly plastics. Choker with Pat.Pending on clasp is made of various materials and clasp needs to be properly attached. Various condition and ages.

2 necklaces made of Hematite beads and rhinestone beads. Heart necklace has matching hematite earrings.

Very heavy, made from some type of earthenware, hen on a woven nest. Grey black to look like cast iron, 10 by 10 by 8 inches. Light chip and one repair on the beak– see pic. Aged wear on bottom.

3 sets plus extras. All in good condition.

English with beautiful inscriptions repeated around the rim. Quite heavy, unmarked.

Eastern style Farmer Hat worn in the 1940's and 50's as beach hats. Beautifully woven and in great condition. Can't tell if this is original or a newer copy of the style ? no tag. Ties are not original to the hat.

2 with labels, no rips or tears. Long scarf marked Cashme to imitate cashmere. Red plaid is closer to dark maroon colour.

Embroidered Strawberries on a pastel green silk. Hand rolled edges. Label is still attached. Approx 40 inches long. In excellent condition, no pulls, tears or holes.

In excellent condition, no chips or cracks. Fully marked original.

For dishes, flat caps or hats, shell collection etc. 10.5 across by 3.5 high. Green satin with navy blue trim. Excellent condition.

Gourds, antique bears and strawberries, unglazed mushroom and Parmesan Mice with two different glazes. Condition as is, no chips - see pics.

Mixed lot of knitting or crochet yarns.

Templates, beads, pins, several partly finished decorated balls including one temari ball. Smaller styrofoam balls, 2 display stands and one egg shaped ball.

3 solid metal trivets, one needs a tile or can be converted into a mirror.

As is condition with massive aged wear. Mini horse and giant horse?

Short GP chain with polished green stone.

Necklace made of hematite stones and gold tone beads, matching bracelet. Real stone.

Cork bottom on one, old spray-on protective finish has started to peel off the plating. Very decorative, weighted. Approx. 10 by 4 inches.

Fully marked large cup with saying. Heavy overall crazing, one old crack with discolouration, see pics. Saying says "Take ye a cuppe o'kindness For auld lang syne".

Old formula perfume bottles and perfumes. Most likely all were made with the original ingredients before synthetics. As is. Some collector bottles. NOTE: scents may be diminished.

No rips or tears noted. Italian scarf is microfibre, Echo scarf is silk, Yvette Montagne Paris Scarf, infinity scarf and larger unmarked square scarf.

36 x 33 inches, tear in one napkin - see pics. Crochet inserts and edges. 6 matching napkins.

Cased glass with applied handles, pontil not polished. No chips or cracks.

Approx 36 by 32 inches, 4 matching napkins. Good condition, no issues noted.

Various materials and ages. Mostly used as costumes on stage. 1800's styles up to 1960's. Scullery maid caps too.

2 Boho macrame and wood beads bags, straw weave and more. All good condition. Boho bags come in two different sizes, brand labels intact. Calvin Klein jean pocket bags.

Blue Denim or Burlap texture outside, crackle finish with swirl inside. All in excellent condition, no chips or cracks. Just under 3 by 6 inches.

Licensed Disney stamped glass, tiny porcelain Bambi figure in excellent condition, no chips or cracks. No label or stamp.

Mixed metals, all in good condition except the beaded choker needs to be reattached in two places - see pics.

Mixed Metals, all in great condition except the green bead box necklace has a break - see pics.

West German black and white marked, Retro 'Cherry Bomb' large beaded choker from Japan, Black faceted glass, Pink Molded Glass, Red geometric molded glass, more. Chain shows tarnish.

Basket of craft supplies. Stamps, beads, stickers, scrapbook edging. 2 newer art kits.

Just over 13 inches long, 10 wide by 7 inches deep. Only condition issue is one minor break in a rattan strip - see pics, also I think it had a shoulder strap. It should fit a small wheel of cheese too.

Solid Hematite Choker, no issues. Substantial weight, nice to wear.

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