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18v cordless chain saw. Hand truck and Assortment of tools.

Wood Table 60x39x29. With 18" sleeve.

Pool table, sticks, balls, repair kit, wall, wall hanging with dogs playing pool. Minor wear and tear in the stain / finish. Some nicks in the wood. WearWear 100x56 31' tall, top is 8,5 tall & base is 21' tall. Large item! Please bring extra help, dolly and tools as buyer may even need to remove a door to exit.

China cabinet by Broyhill furniture LenoirHouse 51.75x17.5x79.5. Lights and key.

One by Mead model 4422, 4.5 " Equatorial reflecting telescope one by Bushnell.

Assortment of 13 clocks

Lot Of Watches working condition unknown

5 hp Briggs and Stratton snow blower. Working condition NOT known.

Craftsman 6.75 Lawnmower. Working condition NOT known. Includes Manual

Meilnick Safe

Assortment of Corning Ware, Pyrex, and pampered chef plus cooking utensils

Assortment of coolers, flashlights, sleeping bag.

Jacobsen chief 1000 riding Lawnmower with plow attachment. Working condition NOT known.

Black storage trunk. Wear

4 ship pictures largest is 44x32.5. 10 ship module.

Sewing Lot & Singer Sewing Machine & adjustable chair 17 W, 17.5 D, 29H 

Agate, Clocks & Cars

2 swans. Elephant and eagle silver plate decorations. Wear

Assortment of quilts. Blankets. 1 chair 2 tables. Wicker chest. 4 pictures. Misc.

Wall mirror fruit bowl with plastic fruit. and 2 vases.

Cart table 27x17x27.5. With ends up 40.5". 3 vases with decorative flowers. 3 candle stick holders.

Antique Collectible Spoons On Wooden Display some tarnishing

glassware, chicken bowls

Large assortment of frames & pictures. Lighthouse shadowbox. San Blas Indian fabric art.

Lots of faces. Pirates, John Wayne, made in England

Assortment of lamps.

Assortment of Air blower. Trimmers. Fertilizer. and more

Vases, Snow Globes, Figurines, and More

Decorative Bathroom Sea Shells & Orchids

Includes candy dish, candleholders, wine & champagne glasses

Marked Paul Revere Reproduction tarnished Platter Tea Pot Creamer & Sugar Dish

2000 lbs capacity.

Gas edger 109 CC 2hp. Montgomery ward. Working condition NOT known.

Wooden box lot

Assortment of Tablecloths & Napkins

Random assortment of various clocks

Includes Carnival/Depression Glass, one nice Orange bowl one green candy bowl and a set of clear glasses +2 additional glass

Assortment of garden hoses. And wheelbarrow.

2 space heaters. Shoe shiner. Massage cushion.

2 chairs with end table 25.5x14x23

Cribbage board backgammon dominoes etc.

vanity accessories, fan, scale, vanity chair, mirror and more

36 1/2 wide by 16 1/2 deep by 29 1/2 tall

Metal and glass table 48.5x30.5x30. with 2 chairs.

Assortment of barometers. Wear and damage.

4 chairs with cushions. Wear

One wood one metal

Costume Jewelry Lot.

osterizer blender Mr. coffee coffee maker Hamilton Beach mixer some vintage

Tupperware & glass storage jars Assortment of

Table 11.5" with sleeve x58.75"x 35.5. 4 chairs with cushions. Wear

Wood cabinet. 43x18x33

Assortment of shot / drink glasses, vases, salt & pepper shakers

Beveled Glass Dessert Dishes Lot

Wooden Office Organizers

Includes George Washington, cars, guns, pipe

Vases & Milk Glass

Includes pesticide. Light bulbs.

Assortment of decorations include fake flowers, tree and more

Assortment of decorative items, includes figurines, perfume bottles and more

Figurines, even so, and candles

Canes Walker.

love seat swing (damaged) and table. Note: Grill and Chairs are not included.

Garden chairs x5. 2 wood chairs. Shelving. Misc. Gardening chemicals.

4 vacuums. 2 Hoover stand up. 1 rainbow model d2 canister. 1 manual push. Vacuums bags, dusters. And More.

Two sets. One marked made in Japan

Lightbulbs, final top cleaner, vintage lamp timer by Intermatic, Paint not included

Candles, Candle Holders, Glass Jars

7 assorted chairs. 2 step stools. 4 TV trays. Wear

In working order. With speakers.

2 ladders 3ft and 6 ft. rakes, shovels and more

5 train pictures. Largest is 40x30.25. 1 calendar 2004. 2 train models.

Marked Casara Furniture 21.75 wide by 15.5 deep by 31.5 tall

Avon & Others

Tens, Cigar Boxes And One Wooden Box Some minor wear on the wooden box.

Decorative Frames, Gold Sconces And Gold Plates

Misc household supply's.

Desk is 42 wide by 20 deep by 29 tall. Plus Accessories

kitchen cooking decorative items and recipe books and recipe holder

Women's Avon Collectibles Perfumes & Books

Oster Toaster Oven, Sunbeam Coffeemaker Also includes cake tray

assortment of chairs, one directors chair, vintage chairs, shoe shine stool, lots of wear. Side table 21 inches wide by 10 inches deep and 23.5 inches tall

3 Metal lock boxes no keys.

Assortment of books. Book shelf and magazine stand. 2 reading lamps.

VHS cabinet 23x11.5x30

Shredder and miscellaneous office supplies

Old Wooden Book shelf

14 flower pots varying sizes, Wear. Wood table.

Assortment of tv's, stereos and electronics.

14 pictures. Largest is 41x29.5

Misc Storage Boxes & Briefcase

Includes wallets magnets picture frame sunglasses etc

Assortment of Mugs, serving trays, pitchers.

Two irons one ironing board, clothespins and various laundry products

Mason Jars

Rainbow, Three way vac by Bissell - parts & pieces. Working condition unknown.

assortment of wicker baskets

Char broil grill, gas with tank. Wear Working condition NOT known.

3 small tables. Largest is 14.75x12x34.5. 1 shelf 44x9x3

2 green lazy boy style chairs. Wear, foot rest damaged on 1.

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