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You can enter a new max bid at any time by entering a bid greater than your current high bid.
A max bid would make it more difficult for others to outbid you.

A max bid is the highest amount you are willing to pay for an auction item.

In response to other bids, the auction system will automatically increase your bid in the smallest increment possible (up to your max bid amount) in order to maintain your lead position.

To get a max bid you simply enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay into the bid form just as you would any other bid. If your bid is more than one bidding increment above the current high bid you will get a max bid unless another bidder has a max bid in place that is higher than the amount you enter.

At the end of the auction, the winning bidder pays only the lowest winning bid possible. That means that you can win an auction item at a price less than your max bid amount.

Your max bid amount is kept confidential from other bidders.

You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

You now have a max bid.

You can raise or lower your max bid at any time by entering a new amount.

If you wish to remove your max bid you can do so by entering an amount equal to the current bid into the bid form.

You have a max bid of %s on this item. That means that the system will place bids for you in response to bids from other bidders, up to %s.

You can adjust this max bid by using the form above.

If you want to remove your max bid click here.
You can add a max bid to protect your item against other bidders by using the form above.
Place a bid using the form above.

You can enter the minimum bid of %s or a greater amount.

If you bid more than the minimum bid you will get a max bid that the system will use to bid for you against other bidders, up to the amount you enter. So if you enter a bid of %s for this item, the system will place bids on your behalf in response to bids from other users until someone bids more than %s.

Container full of hot wheels cars. Container included.

Includes: covered casserole, gravy boat, 7 salad plates, 8 small bowls, 8 soup bowls, 7 bread plates, platter, creamer, serving bowl, 8 dinner plates, 8 saucers and 6 teacups.

Super Nintendo with one controller and 8 games. Does not have power cord or adapter. Untested.

Container of older cards. Container included.

ASUS T100T tablet. Does not have power cord and is untested.

Container of older cards. Container included.

Unframed print hand signed by well known artist Ben Hampton. Comes with print sleeve and background paperwork.

2 pieces: acer aspire 5532, no power cord and untested. Pillow laptop holder has padding for your lap and front grove to hold laptop.

Mac retro laptop with mouse. No power cord. Untested.

Solid wood. Painted legs and drawer. Copper handle.

4 pieces including: Newer C300, Newer 250DI, Novatron and flood light. Cords and 2 muscle clamps included. Untested.

3 included: Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick and JC Chasez. New in box.

In original box and not been used. Some damage to box.

Make your own sushi station.

4 containers of items to make your own jewelry. Beads, equipment and other items. Containers and Book included.

Tower design. Setting for fan speed, temperature, and timer. Untested.

Used to help treat pain. Untested. Case included.

Tray, brush, and mirror.

2 pieces copyright 1997. Star Wars figurine stamper. Darth Vader and Stormtrooper. In original package, but packing has wear.

Full container of games for pre-K to 4th grade. Great for teachers and homeschooling parents. Container included.

Hand painted on antique barrel top. Signed by artist. Small chipping at top

Comes with power cord. Untested, comes as is.

2 pieces copyright 1997 and 2014. Star Destroyer keychain and Millennium Falcon. In original packaging, but packaging has wear.

Kit to setup XM in your vehicle. Untested.

Box of pieces and parts to make your own jewelry. Broken parts, beads, vintage jewelry parts and equipment.

HP laptop with game disks. No power cord and untested. Logitech keyboard untested.

3 pieces: metal cross, paperweight and rosary.

2 feet tall. Needs new filter. Untested.

2 pieces copyright 1997. Jabba the Hut battle package 8 and C3PO squawk box. In original packaging, but packaging has wear and C3PO is ripped.

Photo printer. Has power cord. Untested.

Sony receiver with Dolby sound and progressive scan. Total 600 Watts. Untested.

Comes with case. No power cord. Untested.

Small handheld. Untested.

Titled Dinner is Served.

Full container of educational games for pre-K and up. Has animal and insect toys and small fish or animal tank. Great for teacher or homeschooling parents. Container included.

Box and bag of multiple colored yarn. Box and bag included.

7 McNugget figures with hat and belt. Marked 1988.

2 pictures with wood frame. One of eggs and one of bowl. 13 x 11.5.

4 green canisters with wooden spoons. Smallest canister is missing spoon.

Approx. 17 inches tall. Comes with stand.

7 inches. Untested.

The Flash, Cavaliers and Warriors.

Tag underneath seat. Solid wood construction. From Knoll Studios.

Missing bottom 2 glass panes. Needs additional bolt to hold handle for glass top.

Heavy brass. Shade included. Untested

5 mystery Doctor Who figures. From David Tennant era. Comes in original packaging.

iPhone 4 with 2 cases. Screen is cracked and is used with Sprint. No chargers.

Collection of characters from 80s and 90s.

Football figures and WWF figures like Jake the Snake Roberts and Joe Montana. 7 figures total.

Has controls for dvd, tv, satellite, radio, game. Untested.

2 pieces copyright 1996 and 1997. Luke Skywalker FX pen and Weequay Skiff Guard.

3 wireless routers. 1 Cisco wireless N and 2 Linksys, with one new in box. All 3 are untested but have power cords.

Has door that open and has storage. Shade included. Untested.

1920s style, veil included but not attached. Stand included.

Lladro plate titled Dia de la Madre 1973.

Both XL.

3 prints by local artist. 8.5 x 11 inches.

Over 60 clothing patterns from McCalls and Simplicity. Container included.

Star Wars copyright 1977 and E.T. Copyright 1982. E.T. Cover is torn off.

20 x 11 inches. Door and drawer both open and door has latch to secure it.

Has 7 different frames that connect and hang from a central rod.

Clock does NOT function.

Cut glass with ladle and 6 cups.

Comes in self contained case with slide out drawers holding tiles and planks to hold letters.

2 jackets and 1 hoodie. Yellow jacket is medium and other 2 are large. Brands: Old Navy and Adidas.

Some aging on brass. 36 inches high. Shade included. Untested

9 pieces.

10 pieces, sealed in original packaging.

13 pieces.

10 pieces.

9 wrenches and drill with battery. Untested. No charger.

3 pieces. Necklace and pair of earrings.

3 pieces. Necklace and pair of earrings.

All XL. White hat with black band has stain above band in front.

Bronze finish. Mounts to wall.

10 x 15.5.

2 pieces. Wall clock. Needs battery, untested. Wall candle holder with Psalm 100:5 in the middle.

2 glasses from Hustler that say Think Pink.

12 books on different painting styles.

Pair of fire extinguishers. Still has use in them per gauge.

8 dvds including: lord of the rings, sea biscuit and war of the worlds. Untested.

Pair of paintings on wood frame. Signed by artist Iris Lee. 16.5 x 14.5 including frame.

8 pieces.

9 pieces.

9 pieces.

Solid wood and swivels. Some damage on bottom of feet.

Solid piece with screw to tighten pole.

2 pieces. 1 print by Anthony Bottanelli and 1 hand painted by artist Addie Davis.

1 new in the box and one used. Untested.

One pack open but not used. Other 2 are still sealed. All 3 are double rolls.

10 pieces.

7 pairs. All clip on.

Black and gold tone.

Pair of hats. Both XL.

Both XL.

Both XL.

Canvas painting of Barack Obama signed by artist.

2 large rolls of trim for upholstery.

2 large rolls of trim for upholstery.

Scissors, zippers, measuring tape, buttons and other notions.

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