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Honda Accord SE selling As Is, Where Is. Runs great, needs exhaust work, has snow tires on it now, comes with summer rims no tires. Must tow as is unplated. VIN 1HGCG56732A800140   Seller has UVIP.

Dresser with tri-fold mirror and matching nightstand. Dresser is 64 1/2" W x 32" H x 18" D, nightstand 26 1/4" W x 23 1/2" H x 15 1/2" D

Darth Vader's light saber lights up, with sound effects comes with wall hanging stand

Assorted genres, approx 65

Strong Plastic Racks (4), Note: wear and cracks. Does not affect shelves

Toro self propelled, all wheel drive, recycler with bag and side discharge

PlayStation (Mod Chip) - SCPH 7501 Aug 1998 (Working). SCPH 9001 May 2000 (Not Tested) 13 Games, 2 Controllers, 3 Memory Cards, Gun, Racing Wheel and all cords. Note: scratches from use.

Assorted DVD's all genres

De Walt nail gun, 2 x batteries, charger, case

Cedar chest, top worn, comes with legs 38" W x 15 1/2" H x 17" D

Handmade Steampunk style lamp, water valve switch

6 man tent, 2 man tent, propane stove

Donjoy Adjustable OA Defiance ACL, PCL, CI Knee Brace. Size large. Note: Scratches from use

Floor model jewellery box. does have scratches and scuffs 34.5 h x 24 w x 16 d

ProPulse 10" tables saw with extra blades

Car polisher, OBD 2 code reader, car stereo, lug wrench, flashlight, LED plate light

19" W x 14 1/2" H x 20" D, comes with remote

Large Pillars, Castles, Rocks, Fake Plants, Air Gargoyle with broken wings, Snail with broken eye and more. Not in picture a bag of green gravel

Heater, Fish Tank Filtration and Filters, Shrimp Pellets, Fish Flakes, Dried Blood Worms and more

7 man tent, 2 person tent, Coleman propane stove

2 Tables, Corn Plant approx 8' tall,(Bottom Rusting Out of pot), 2 Lilly Plants, Other Plants and Pots. Note: One stand lost covering

Guitar amp, lighters, pocket knives, key fob, iPod Mini Shuffle 3rd gen 4gb

Ikea CD Holder (17.5 "? L x 8 "? W x 55 "? H). Over 120 CD's and hold about 200 CD's. Mostly 80's, Pop, and Top 40 Artists. Madonna, Wham, Dance Remixes, and many more. Note: cases are cracked or broken.

Over 80 Craft Paints, Canvases, and Portfolio (23 "?L x 31 W).

Handmade Fire bell lamp, water valve switch includes Edison LED bulb

Tall Rubber tree & 2 tropical plants

Handmade Steampunk style lamp, 4 USB includes Edison LED bulb

Exo Terra Terrarium (16 "? L x 9 "? W x 11 "? H), Critter Cage, Heating Pad and Heating Lamp (working when last used.) Feeder Rock, Tree Decor, Fiber Bedding, Cricket Feed and Fake Leaves

Commercial fertilizer spreader, Yard Machine line trimmer (no gas cap), commercial grade spray wand

Pioneer DVD Player/Remote (Working), 41 Movies "? Horror, Comedy, and 3D Glasses (2)

Gold Ring 18K, RKD Ring 10K, Scorpio Charm 10K, Circle Charm 10K, Charm 14 K, Bracelet 14K and 2 Hoop Earrings K Unknown.

1 troy ounce .999 pure fine silver round

2 @ 40cm x 50cm, 1 @ 40cm x 60cm, folding Easel

Vintage executive desk, 6 drawers, 2 pull out work trays, 50' x 32" x 29", vintage roller chair

Philodendron, 2 vines in same pot approx 10' - 15' long each, Dracaena Corn Plant approx 69"

Original Coco-Cola Jacket (M-L), Drinking Glasses, Official Hats, Magnets and more. Some water damage to magnets. Note: wear and tear

Egyptian art in frame

Brass and crystal standing cigar ashtray, mini parabolic heater

Hooray for Hollywood, My First Barbie, Sweetheart Barbie

4 Zippo, 3 butane, Zippo case, 2 black cigarette cases, plastic camo case, vintage silver case

1958 BC Totem Pole silver dollar- 80% silver

1867-1967 Centennial Dollar Bill - serial number on the centennial bill is 1867-1967, 1974 Winnipeg 100yr Silver Dollar

Duncan Imaginary Ceramic Dragons, Sleeping Dragon, Baby Sill Sitter, Diaper and Bear, Stone Base and more. Note: chips.

1 gold cat eye man's ring, necklaces, costume rings, earrings & pin

Assorted Blue Ray movies, wooden stand

5 drawer antique highboy dresser 30 1/2"W x 47 1/2" T x 17" D, mirror is original to dresser, needs to be refinished to match

Men's Hats 7 Fedora's and Wicker Basket. Most One Size Fits All and 1 is small size

2 Lamps (Bulbs Not Included) and 2 End Tables

Vanity light with 5 bulbs

6 stainless steel sinks, 15 1/4' x 13' , brand new never used

3' w x 4' l x 21" h no keys

Dracaena Palm Tree x 2, Mother in Laws Tongue, Snake Plant

65 Ford E 100 pickup, 70 Road Runner, 2 school buses, 57 Chev, Bugatti, 23 Ford Model TT U.S. Military truck

100cm x 80cm

Constructed out of vintage packing crate from 1923, original paperwork mounted on underside of seat that opens up to a cedar chest, new fabric & foam covering 40'W x 30"H (arm) x 21" D

Kiss Trading Cards "? Rare Kiss Black and White Set #0585 out of 5000 distributed by American Images (1992). Gene Simmons (KISS) Figure Mini Statue (2002) "? A kiss bust statue of Gene Simmons, leader singer of Kiss. Colour version mini bust. Statue is 8 inches tall and made by McFarlane toys. Sticker, Pins, Key Chain, Magnet. Variety of Hockey/Baseball cards in protective sleeves

Hard Rock Cafe 3 Cadillac with 3 guitar picks. 32 Fire chief Chev Roadster, 74 Gremlin, cement truck, ambulance, flatbed with trailer

Pair 1967 plates, Dale Jarret figure, key holder, 1915 Model T model unopened

Lock blade, box cutters, utility knives, buttons, bracelets, trinkets

30 Disney movies, various others

Various digital cameras, vintage Polaroid, laptop fan, game controllers, Walkman's, computer speakers, blank CD's

Antique 4 drawer dresser with swivel mirror & metal castor wheels. Has original hardware. Dresser 41 1/2" W x 35" H x 21" D, mirror 41" w X 35" H

Nigerian note, Canadian 1973 $1 bill, 2 x 1967 Canadian quarter, 1937 Canadian nickel, 4 Jamaican dimes, East Caribbean nickels, Peru coins, 2 Canadian Mounty quarters, 1931 Canadian nickel, 3 Canadian nickels, 1947 Canadian penny

Fly fishing rod case, 2 reels, assorted hooks & tackle

Wood side table, plant stand and small stool

Coffee table 40" L x 16" H x 24" W, round side table, square storage side table, all 3 made from real wood

Stand with 5 Wired Racks, 6 Tubs and 3 Drawer Stand.

5 Shelves Book Case (36 "? L x 12 "? W x 71 H) Anne Rice Vampire and Other Books, Ghosts, Vampires, Mario Puzo and More. Note wear and tear.

Folding cot, BBQ pit with lit, cooking racks & poker, charcoal, lighter fluid,

Cuddle Bug Machine, Scrapbook Cut Outs, Construction Paper, Binders, Bottle Caps, Ribbons and more.

Box of 10 Noma Moon Ray lights

Commercial fertilizer spreader, Toro lawn edger gas mix (as is)

Water jug, air pump, lighter, 2 x 3 man tents, camp chairs, canteen, salt & pepper shakers

Opera Glasses, Compass, Keys and more.

1973 Canadian $1 bill, 1986 Canadian silver dollar, Canadian 50 cent piece, Hong Kong $1 coin, 1965 UK half penny, Canadian nickel, 4 Jamaican dimes, 14958 Caribbean 2 cent coin, 3 x Jamaican 50 cent coins, 2 x TTC subway tokens, 1996 UK five pence, 2002 Euro two cent coin, 1998 US quarter

Miscellaneous books

Assorted craft & school supplies

2 large chain binders and bucket of chain

1960's Bed, comes with headboard that has 3 storage areas with 2 sliding doors, footboard and rails. Fits double size mattress. (white spots in picture is snow falling) Adjustable metal bed frame.

Scene It?, Trivia Pursuit 80's, Name That Tune 80's, CSI and more. Note wear and tear.

3 light bathroom vanity light & print 22" x 35"

Assorted candles and holders, one candle broken

3 fishing rods, tackle box, box with hooks & reel

Antique buffet 62" H x 36" W x 15 1/2" D, 2 drawers, 3 shelves, original hardware, on metal caster wheels

Wok, Small Cooler, Bagel Holder, Turkey Rack and more

Pinhead Figure (Never Open), True Crime Books, Bobble Head Skeletons and more. Note: Wear and Tear.

2 Green Giant Pea Can banks, Rugrats watch, Crayola crayons, 1917 Halifax newspaper reprint, Spiderman figure, vintage Disney luggage tag, metal plaque

Assorted knick knacks

Table top fan, circular saw, socket & multi tool set, 2 x rope, tackle box with misc hardware

Badminton set, golf balls, hockey skates men size 7, motorcycle helmet, bike pump

Antique Westinghouse floor radio - does not work

7 assorted mens watches, non working

1/4 ounce .999 pure fine silver heart

Canadian $2 bill - with creases, 3 x Jamaican fifty cent coins, 2003 UK twenty pence, 2002 Caribbean 20 cent coin, 4 yr old 10 cent coin, 4 x Jamaican ten cent coins, 1993 City of London $2 coin, car wash token, 1971 UK new penny, 2002 $2 Euro, 1983 Canadian silver dollar, 2010 Canadian Tire $2 coin, 1992 Mexican coin

1920 Canadian penny

Cooler, camp dishes, hatchet, candles, lighter fluid, foldable bucket

Extension cords, folding table legs, misc nuts & bolts, 2 multi drawer sets

2 vintage dining chairs

Christmas Ornaments, Birthday Candles, variety of greeting cards and more

iPhone 5C locked to Rogers with broken screen glass, Samsung Note 2 with broken screen glass, iPhone 4S case

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