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FILM CAMERAS: 1 NIKON N2000 35mm SLR camera body & manual, 1 NIKON N6006 35mm SLR camera body & manual, 1 Vintage NIKOMAT 35mm SLR camera body, 1 Vintage NIKKORMAT 35mm SLR camera body, 1 NIKON One-Touch Zoom camera with 38-70mm lens & manual, 1 Mamiya NC1000 35mm SLR camera with 2.8/135mm lens and manual, 1 Vintage Eastman Kodak Hawkeye Flash camera, 1 Vintage ROLLEIFLEX TLR(twin lens reflex) camera with 2.8/80mm lens in leather case, Rolleikin kit & manual (medium format camera), 1 Vivitar 3350B camera with computer cable.. NOTE: All cameras in working condition-NIKONs open to show condition). Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

CAMERA TRIPODS: Note smallest (SLIK tripod removed), Three (3) in Lot-all work: 1-2 section SunPak 800 metal tripod with head and built in level, 1-TiltAll 2 section metal tripod with Bogen tripod head attached, 1-Ries wooden 36" classic tripod with attached head for larger format cameras 3 tripods from large to small. Come to pickup at A pickup time

DARKROOM-POLAROID EMULSION TRANSFER KIT: Kit includes all needed to produce emulsion transfers- Daylab, heating accessory, film (2 boxes unopened, 2 paks ea. Box Polaroid film Type 669 and 1 box unopened Polaroid film Type 559, 8 pics 4x5" size), samples Arches watercolor paper and Instructions.. PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINTING PAPERS Partial paks (may only be 1-2 sheets or +) of: Ektacolor Ultra-8x10", Ektacolor Portra-11x14", Ektacolor Supra-11x14", Ektacolor Supra-20x24", Partial pak of 25 sheets Ektacolor Supra-8x10", Partial box of 100 sheets Kodak Ektacolor Portra II-8x10", Partial box of 50 sheets Fujicolor M superFA-16x20", Partial box (few sheets left) FujiFlex SG printing material-11x14", Full box of 100 sheets Fujicolor HR SG Type 02-11x14"... 2 boxes unopened 10 sheets each Internegative Fuji Film-4x5". Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Model 700 Logan Simplex Mat Cutter with straight and bevel cutting heads, plus T square. Working condition - Mat cutter for large photo prints. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Various UV and polarizing filters. Lenses for Nixon film cameras - Camera Lenses and Filters: ALL NIKON Mount-all work Camera Lenses- Micro-Nikkor 2.8/55mm, Nikkor 3.5/55mm, Tamron 3.8/28-200mm Zoom, Tamron 3.8/28-200mm AF Aspherical Zoom lens. 1 Film Shield for film protection against xrays. Filters: 9 Cokin filters (variety), no Cokin holder. Variety screw on filters in 49mm/55mm/58mm Hoya 55mm (New in case)-Split field, Neutral Density x2, Neutral Density x4 Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

COSTUME JEWELRY/LAUREL BURCH EARRINGS/WATCHES AND MORE: 7-Pairs SIGNED Laurel Burch earrings(Swallow, Moon doves/Yoel, Wild Iris), Various styles/types pairs of earrings (see pic), 1-14 K Art Carved ring, 1-Large Mexican Opal in Sterling setting, 8-Watches(Mickey Mouse, SWATCH, Pug +), 1- Silvertone large finger ring, 1-Stretch ring-crystal accented croc, Assorted necklaces, PINS: (SF Zoo/Burbank TOR pin/5YrLotto). PEARL LIKE: 1-8" dark pearls, 3-16" white pearls with colored bead accents.. 11-pieces "turquoise, 1-scarab.. HANDMADE JEWELRY: 1- Tri-metal cuff bracelet, 2-pairs Tri-metal post earrings, 1-Goldtone twist cuff bracelet, 1-"Purple" Flat metal extruded bracelet, 3-African glass bead on leather bracelets.. PINS: Vietnam Memorial Fund, Smiley Face, Eastern Airlines Retiree Assoc., Beatles, 4th of July... PINS/PENDANTS: 1-Blue agate pendant, 1 Crab motif on Sterling (mark on reverse), 1 Goldtone leaf with crystal accents pin, 1 Large Tiger pin (mark on back), 1-Small 10 K Gold Merry Christmas charm/pendant. 1-Pair Amber & crystal clip on earrings, 1-Pair multi jasper earrings (Sterling mark on back), 1-Pair Tiger eye & Jet round earrings (Sterling mark on back), 1-Pair Red metal wing design (L.Bott), 1-Pair Goldtone metal dangle lizard earrings (Wild Bryce), 1-Pair Turquoise and inlay hoop post earrings (Purchased at Grey Dog).. SET-Necklace & 2 pair post earrings (Goldtone each piece with diamond chip in center).. **NOTE: Quarter shown for size comparison only** Table for display only NOT INCLUDED.. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Various lenses for Nixon film camera - Camera Lenses-All NIKON Mount-all work: Nikkor-H 4.5/300mm, Nikkor-O 2.8/35mm, Nikkor 2.5/105mm, Nikkor 2.8/24mm.. NIKON 2x Teleconverter. 2 Vivitar Teleconverters 3 lens cases 2 packs lens cleaning tissues. Variety of lens hoods/shades in variety of sizes. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Darkroom setup: Super Chromega D Dichroic II photographic color head enlarger with power supply and baseboard Enlarger Lenses incl: Schneider-Kreuznach Componon 5.6/105mm, Schneider-Kreuznach Componon 5.6/150mm, and Computer dL 2.8/50mm. Lens carriers: Variety Film carriers: Variety of sizes incl glass 4x5 Darkroom Timer: Gralab 450 model (brand new-never used). Unicolor print viewing filter set. Kodak print viewing filter set. 2 cold weather camera soft housings. 1 Size Large Bazooby field photo vest. 1 small changing bag. 5 all weather dark cloths. 1 Large Reflector-gold/silver. 2 plastic developing trays. 6 film drying clips. 1 roll Gaffer's tape, Photo enlarging kit including power pack - Super Chromega D Dichroic II photographic color head enlarger with power supply and baseboard. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot. NOTE: Equipment not used in years, stored-in working condition last use in 90's.*** NOTE: Print case behind enlarger IS NOT included. Accessories camera weather protection reflector. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

14 k gold men's ring approximate size 8 to 8.5 Stones in both are called opal doublets. Certificate of authenticity included. **NOTE: Copy of appraisal incl. Done 1984 when gold=$450/ounce.** 1-Men's 14 K Gold Opal doublets ring Size 8-8.5 (dimensions= 14mms x 11.20mms, 9.50 dwt) 1-Opal doublets Tietack in 14 K gold (1.5dwt)..... *NOTE: ONLY Men's ring & Tietack in this lot (NOT woman's ring showing on appraisal)... **NOTE: Table for display only NOT INCLUDED**Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

ORIGINAL HUFFY LADIES BIKE Plus: Original Huffy-Panama Jack design (36")with cup holder/padded seat.. 1-Adult bicycle helmet - NOTE: "not evaluated for compliance with current safety regulations", Bicycle chain, Cycle Leash to attach to bike for use with leashed dog.. (Bike tires just need air-works). Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

AUDIO EQUIPMENT, TAPES, RECORDS AND MORE: EQUIPMENT: Combo Phonograph/AM/FM/2 Audio Cassette decks/8Track player system with two speakers(untested), AudioVox AM/FM/CD player (6x6"/works), DigiTech AM/FM clock radio (works), Lennox Sound portable CD player (works), SONY Walkman (newer model-untested), NewTech Boombox with 2 detachable speakers (AM/FM/Dual Cassette decks/CD player-untested), 3-Portable Audio Cassette players ( AIWA, PANASONIC, SONY Walkman-Older Model-ALL Untested), 7-pairs/set of Earphones/Earbuds... 8 TRACK TAPES: Various artists like Wings, Eric Clapton, Rolling Stones, George Benson, Joni Mitchell, Seals& Crofts, (Total=55 PLUS 1 cleaning) VHS TAPES-Variety of titles INCL: Shrek, Chicken Run, Aladdin, Return of Jafar, 4- Steven Seagal titles, BIG, Red Skeleton, Goldfinger, (Total=29 PLUS 7 Blank) PHONOGRAPH RECORDS: Titles ranging from Classical/Soundtracks/New Age/Jazz/Rock (Total=73, 33 RPM records & 6-45 RPM records. **NOTE: Blue Tupperware bin phonograph records are in is only for display-bring your own container*** MORE: Show Bill/Program -Destry Rides Again, 2-BARNUM & BAILEY Gunther Gebel Williams Farewell Tour Programs/Banners.. **NOTE: Table for display only NOT INCLUDED**. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

2- John Richard Collection wooden painted with Asian bird/floral designs. Very large/heavy- (Purchased at Robb & Stucky-see invoice)Normal wear. Come to pickup at Category C time-slot.

UNIFORMS & COSTUMES: 1- STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION uniform one piece top&bottom-Adult Size -RED with 3 pips on collar(XL), 1-STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION uniform top only-Adult Size -BLUE.(XL). *NOTE: EACH STAR TREK piece incl. Federation symbol pins & Interactive Comm badges (magnetic-press to activate-Need Batteries)*, 1-Waitress/Housekeeping uniform Adult Size XXL, 1-Set Adult Size XL Green scrubs (top & bottom XL), 1-MD White Lab coat Adult Size XL, 3-Cocktail dresses ( 1 V-neck draped front, white with gold accents(L), 1 Blue sequin(2X), 1 Tahari satin cocktail dress(B&W/Size12), 1-Pendleton wool work shirt blue plaid(Adult L), 1-Pair Green polyester blend workpants (Adult 38), 1-Black Down Snow pants (Adult 40), 1-Camaflouge jacket (authentic with patches -L), Men's Tan Misty Harbor raincoat with liner (Adult 42Reg), Lamb shearling vest (Adult L).. MEN's/WOMEN's SHOES: 3- pairs men's shoes ( one ostrich loafer size 8, one non-slip bar work size 8, one business dress oxford size 8. WOMEN'S SHOES: (One Sam Edelman heels 7.5M, one red Bandolino heels 7M, one Tommy Girl red plaid heels 7.5M, Italian leather SMYTH BROS. B&W spectator heels 8.5M, GoGo Dance shoes 8.5M... 1- CHANEL authentic "second" leather handbag with tags and registration card, 1- Portables umbrella. T-SHIRT COLLECTION INCL: Iconic/Original Beatles, Rosie the Riveter, NAS Miramar, 2- Gary Larson).. Complete shoe shine kit with polishes/brushes/cloths. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

CA 4-Sesquicentennial Commemorative coins (each depicting different scene-ALL with genuine gold speck in design), 3-Copper colored metal Commemorative coins in plastic case, 2-SILVER Bodie State Historic Park 100 Yr Commemorative Coins.. **NOTE: Quarter shown for size comparison only** SET- World War II shell case pennies, 2- Genuine Horse shoes.. **NOTE: Table for display only NOT INCLUDED** Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

1-RCA 32" screen with remote (purchased 2015-in working condition), 1-SONY 32" screen with Remote (untested). Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

VCRs/TAPES/ CASSETTES AND MORE: EQUIPMENT: 1- BetaMax VCR (Untested), 1-FISHER VHS VCR(works) TAPES: BETA: (Total 29), VHS TAPES INCL: Special Edition boxed The Original Star Wars Trilogy, Star Wars boxed The Phantom Menace, Several workout tapes incl with weights, FitBall, and Moving-Susan Powter(Total=16) DVDs: Pirates of the Caribbean, King Kong, A Christmas Story, Harry Potter (Total=8).. CDs: CD Book-50 Shades of Grey, Several Self-help titles, OTHER CD TITLES INCL: Led Zeppelin, Ted Nugent, Grace Jones, Paul Hardcastle, Simon & Garfunkel, plus many more (Total=77) AUDIO CASSETTE TITLES INCL: 2- Tom Clancy books, INXS, U2, Van Halen, Eagles, Sting, plus more (Total=85 PLUS 9 blank tapes) MAGAZINES ETC: 18-Magazines (Sports Illustrated/AARP/West Ways/ Sunset).. NATL GEO Magazines-various months/yrs(2002-2017-Total=19).. 20-CA History, the quarterly publication of CA Historical Society-various years(Winter 1991/92-Winter 2000), CA History Publications(3)- The Way We Were(CA Indian stories/songs), Contested Eden (CA before the Gold Rush), Rooted in Barbarous Soil (CA Gold Rush era) Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Framing supplies for photo prints - FRAMES/GLASS & FRAME PIECES incl: New In Box- Nielsen& Bainbridge 8" & 10" frame kits gold round top (2 pieces each kit), 12" black round top frame kit (2 pieces), Nielsen & Bainbridge glossy black round top design frame pieces (Total= 196 pieces-enough for 49 complete frames 11x14" and 16x20 sizes-each frame takes 4 pieces), 2 Silvertone round top frame pieces 10", 2 Silvertone roundtop frame pieces 14", 2 Silvertone roundtop frame pieces 17", 2 Silvertone roundtop frame pieces 24", 2 Silvertone roundtop frame pieces 28", HARDWARE-full box of hardware to put together frames, 2 complete put together Goldtone roundtop frames each 14x18".. GLASS FOR FRAMES: 3 pieces 14x18", 3 pieces 16x20", 5 pieces 16x20", 5 pieces 20x24", 5 pieces 16x20" (all glass grouped and bundles wrapped in bubble wrap).. FRAMING SUPPLIES: Box of framing accessories incl: 2 orange handle Premium drafting brushes, 1 box Archival quality mounting corners, Partial box Archival Gummed linen tape, 2 boxes Archival self-adhesive linen hanging tape (new in box), Partial box Scotch double-coated tape, Partial box StudioTac double-sided adhesive tape, 2 plastic rulers ( 12" & 16"), 1 Pickett engineers scale, 2 print holding clips, white gloves, ball of twine, 1 box Logan #270 blades for mat cutter.*** NOTE: These are all metal frame pieces-this lot is very heavy both frames, hardware & glass weigh a lot. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Flash Units: SunPak 622 Pro system with 2 flash heads, Sunpak electronic flash filter kit (10 filters), Sunpak 622 battery pack. Spiratone on camera, Focal 400 Bounce type electronic flash, Kalimar Model 171 quick flash, Sunpak Auto 211. QUANTUM TURBO BATTERY for flash units. Booklets for Sunpak 622, Sunpak Auto 211, Quantum Turbo battery, Polaroid Spectra camera. Polaroid camera back and various speed lights. Sunpak. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

SLIDE PROJECTORS & ACCESSORIES: Kodak Ektagraphic slide projector with lens (older model), 2 Kodak Ektagraphic II slide projectors... PROJECTOR LENSES: 1-3.5/102-152mm zoom lens, 2-3.5/100-150mm zoom lenses.. (All three projectors in working condition, stored, not used since 90's) SLIDE PROJECTOR CAROUSELS: 7 carousels, One stack loader and small slide file box/cabinet. 1 spare projector bulb.... **NOTE: Table under projectors, etc. NOT INCLUDED**. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Gemini Program Parchment with First Day of Issue stamp (All Gemini project astronauts signatures reproduced in gold ink along with mission), Several providence items about Man's mission to the Moon, 1-First Day of Issue stamp on Postcard, 10-RUSSIAN Space Mission Buttons (Early-Gagarin/Laika/Tereshkova).. Several small Tigris Emeralds & Black Star of India stones.. **NOTE: Quarter shown is for size comparison only** NOTE: Table for display only NOT INCLUDED* Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

UMIQUEST Big Bounce (for use on flash unit). Polaroid 545i 4x5 film holder , 1 box Polaroid Type 52 polapan 4x5 instant sheet film. Calumet roll film holder Model C2 for 220/120 roll film. General Electric exposure meter Type PR-1 for film or plates with leather pouch(works). Camera Cable Releases: 1- 10M Hama vinyl covered cable release (new in box), Kalt 20" screw lock vinyl covered cable release (new in box), 1 red vinyl covered cable release (approx.24"), Partial pak of 25 Archival 120 negative reservers(unused), 4 paks 10 each Leedal of Chicago 4x5 presentation sleeves (frosted)(unused) Luma questions Softbox. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Portable Backgammon set, small marble chess set (pieces & board), Cribbage board, Play money set for kids, Wooden boxed chess set, 2-packs Playing Cards (unopened), Bicycle Revolving Poker Chip rack with chips, Yo-Yo, BOARD GAMES INCL: Monopoly, Scrabble, Pulaski TN(monopoly type game), Domino set, Living Spaces rubber ball (almost basketball size) Some unopened. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Heiland Strobonar Seven complete strobe unit incl. instructions and guide, Graflex Strobomatic complete flash unit incl. instructions. NOTE: Each strobe unit in its own leather case . Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

EXERCISE EQUIPMENT/SPORTS: 2 Inflatable exercise balls-Oblong-26" and a Medium FitBall.., Set of Restore strength & Flexibility bands, On the door exercise band set in mesh bag, 1 belt and Sport Cord for knee/back, 1 pair adult size swim goggles, 1 pair Women's Med. fingerless exercise gloves.. WEIGHTS: Dumbbells- 2 Silvertone 3lb weights, 2 Silvertone 5 lb weights, 2 Silvertone 8 lb weights.. OTHER WEIGHTS: 1 Ortho sandbag 3 lb weight, 2 Red soft 1 lb wrist weights, 2 Blue soft 2 lb ankle weights.. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

4 Star solid state AM/FM/8 track player(non-working), Panasonic cassette recorder with microphone & power cord (works), Pair small bird watching binoculars (works-no strength noted), Full-size Pentax binoculars-12x50 5.6" with covers & case (works), 2 Video Concepts acoustic suspension speakers/AMP- 3W power-Speakers-Music power 5W, Impedance 4-Uses 4 "C" batteries (untested).. Box of old style flip cell phones with some chargers and wall cords incl: 1 AT&T flip phone, 1 AT&T Pantech flip phone, 1 Cingular Samsung flip phone, 1 Nokia, 1 Verizon Nokia (untested/non-working) Adapters binoculars cassette tape. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

1- Everstar brand portable room air conditioning unit with accessories for installation & instructions(Purchased 2014-Works). Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Glass top Entry table shows wear. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

1-Red/Pink/White Velvet tree skirt, 1- Disney Princess Christmas tree(pink) with plastic princess ornaments, 1-18" tall metal Christmas tree for bulbs/decorations, 1-ANIMATED SNOWMAN 18" tall(moves/sings/lights up-Works), 1-Asian glass ornament painted from inside(Santa motif), 1-Glass ornament made from Mt. St. Helens ash, 1-Red oblong Poinsettia decorative pillow, 4-Hallmark ornaments(3 Carousel horse,1 lunchbox), 2-Trays assorted hanging ornaments, 2 boxed small wooden Christmas tree & ornament sets, Various garlands(shiny, fake popcorn, fake candy).. LIGHTS: 3-sets 300 each Icicle lights, 1-Outdoor bush meshnet light(150 lights), Various strings of lights(mini red, old-fashioned style glass), 1-Cadiz shell multicolor star design tree topper.. 2-strings lights with snap on M&M light covers (approx.60)... **NOTE: Tables are for display only NOT INCLUDED**. Normal wear Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

CABINETS, VASES, DECORATIVE ITEMS AND MORE: *NOTE: Removed from this lot (2 items)- 1 Purple glass vase from bottom shelf Corner Etagere PLUS 1 Taxidermy Elk hoof on second shelf Solid Black cabinet.. INCLUDED IN THIS LOT: 2-cabinets & all contents shown: 1-Corner Etagere Black with curved wood shelves, 1-Solid black cabinet (used for DVDs, etc.) ITEMS SHOWN SHELF BY SHELF IN DETAIL PICS: Corner Etagere open framework) contains bottom to top: 3 small ceramic cups (1 vintage Chinese from 20's), 3 glass vases-2-8" tall and 1-4" round, 2 glass 8" tall vases (one a bud vase), Brass 10" tall vase, 2 glass (one with swirl design) tall vases, 1 Pink glass tall vase, 41 Blue & green perfume style glass bottle... BLACK CABINET for DVDs, etc: Detail pics of items from top to bottom of shelf: 1 "Fantasia" Gypsy Renaissance Alexis- Feathers, material, sequins and streamers-able to worn with the tie-on cords. This mask is approx. 28" across.. 1st shelf: Glass egg paperweight, ceramic covered daisy design egg, 1 Cadapomonte style dish marked on reverse with ITALY/V-1191 floral design dish (10x6") 2nd shelf: 2 glass taper candle holders in star design, a leaded crystal small mantle clock (needs battery), Lasing Treasures genuine porcelain display dish for American Greetings (4" chips on top edges). 3rd shelf: Genuine Imported "Ship in a Bottle"(8.5x5")-The Cutty Sark with authentication label on bottom Small Mother symbol candle, Boxed Ying/Yang sand candles. 4th Shelf: Mexican hand-thrown miniature tea/coffee set with 6 cups and saucers plus serving pieces with lids. 5th shelf: 2 decorative plates-One dark glazed ceramic with Asian design in center(9") and One blue toned glazed ceramic signed-(7")*Broken but repaired, Ceramic pink crosshatch design heart-shaped box that opens and reads inside "From the Heart". 6th shelf: RON LEE signed, Original hand-painted carousel horse on quartz block(Total= 9.5x6"/Horse is 6x5"), Set of 4-Chokin plates (6") limited issue each embellished with gold rims and accents each with authentication paperwork/cert. Each is numbered and rims show Japanese characters. All from the Hamilton Mint with limited firing days/issue. 4-Black Asian style display stands.. MORE: Original (in working condition) Jelly Belly jellybean dispenser & instructions(12"/ heavy metal base and top with glass dispenser).... MORE: Decorative original weeping willow painting in black & silver, Large Blue & Gold Floral design decorative planter pot (shown with and without artificial fern and flower arrangement), Wooden Asian style stand for decorative planter pot... Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

KITCHEN MISC: 1-GE Microwave (works), 1-Jack LaLane's Juicer (works), 1-Presto pressure cooker (works), 1-Red electric Wok (works), 1-Cuisinart food processor with 4 blades and other attachments (works - NOTE: "some models were recalled due to blade issues, please see website for free replacements"), 1-Hot water chafing dish (works) . Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

1-Craftsman gas lawnmower with grass catcher & red plastic gas can (works), 2-Weedwackers (untested) & roll of line, Toaster oven(untested), Bissell small spot cleaner machine(untested) Come to pickup at Category C time-slot.

1- Wall hanging decorative macrame hanging on natural wooden dowel, 1- Orange macrame plant hanger with ceramic bead accents, 2-70's style Purses (one denim, one macrame).. LIGHTER COLLECTION: Scorpio, Zippo & other lighters PLUS Zippo guide, Small tobacco tins, CRAFT ITEMS: Dual Temp glue gun & 27 glue sticks(works), Floral foam. Black sequined material remnant, stencils,mini sewing kit, bottle of sand... Mason jars.. **NOTE: Tables for display only NOT INCLUDED** Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Leather carrying bag included, Bar-Rimmer, Ice scoop, Bottle opener, drink books, 2-WATERFORD crystal Irish coffee mugs. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Standard window size scrim with diffuser cloth. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Some Tupperware pieces. Napkins. 1-Full set (4 each) Fiesta stoneware dishes, 1-Full set flatware/dinnerware(Silvertone twist design), 4-streamline steak knives, assorted napkins, several non-matching coffee cups incl. Original Laurel Burch cup, DISH DRAIN: Dish drain, 1-Tupperware cake holder/carrier, 1-Tupperware rectangle container, various small Tupperware pieces.. 1-Rubberized oven glove... **NOTE: Tables for display only NOT INCLUDED**Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

BATHROOM - DECORATIVE AND MISC: 2-Square two shelf 12" shelves/28" tall Tables, Memories II bathroom digital scale (needs battery), Turbo hand glove massager, 1-adjustable height shower stool, Collection of miniature perfume bottles/many still holding perfume (Dior, Il Bacio, Opium, etc. - NOTE: "scent may be diminished"), 1 full size glass Lolita Lempicka perfume spray bottle, 3-handheld German shower heads (1 each-beige, white, blue), Pink lace embellished towel set with hanging toilet tissue holder (1-each bath/hand towels/washcloth), pink/warm tone shower curtain with 2 sets shower curtain hooks (1-beige plastic, 1 silver/gold metal), AVON glass ( round, heart-shaped dish, heart-shaped container, octagon container)... AVON (powder box, lotion dispenser, wax Asian figure, Goldtone horned unicorn bottle, Goldtone round topped bottle, Small frog solid perfume container..... 1- HOLMES portable room heater, 1-HeatStream room heater (Both work), WICKER: 1-wicker framed with fake flowers mirror, 1- White waste basket, 1-Large (18" long)White basket with handle and decorated with roses, 1-Large White Swan basket (29" long). Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Plastic table & chair, 4-pairs garden gloves, 1-8x10 foot tarp(New), 2-Bird feeders, 1-Bird waterer, 1- RED/White medium cooler, Decorative Yard Stakes(2-Metal fish & 1 Dogs), 1-Pair Sorel Boots with liners(Size 8), 1-Pair Bolle ski goggles (New), VARIOUS GARDEN PRODUCTS INCL: Partial bags of Potting Soil/Amend, 1-Jug grass replacement seed (New), 1-Jug Preen (New)Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Photographic Instruction and Art Books: 2 VHS educational tapes-The Power of IDEA and Sight & Insight. BOOK TITLES: Saltzer's Zone System Calibration Manual, Photography magazine & Kodak info. on Dye Transfer Process, Hedgecoe & Knopf's The Photographer's Handbook, Grill & Scanlon's Photographic Composition, Grill& Scanlon's 25 Projects to Improve Your Photography, John Shaw's Complete Nature Photographer's Guide, SLR Photography, Beaumont Newhall's History of Photography, Kodak series-Mastering Composition, Best of Photography 1991 winners, Sam Haskins's November Girl (nudity), Spring Photo poster, variety outdated Bodie calendars. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

DRILLS/BATTERY PACKS: 2-Power drills and battery charging packs (Untested), Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

GLASSWARE & BARWARE PLUS ACCESSORIES: 1-Glass punch bowl set (11 cups), 2-Serving dish/bowls (one with grapevine design), 1-Large glass salad bowl, 1-Plastic wood grain look ice bucket filled with bar accessories (strainer, pistil, coasters, etc), GLASSES INCL: 3-SCHNAPPS egg glasses, 1-Lolita Boxed Birthday celebration Martini glass, Black stem wine glasses (3), Black stem champagne flutes (3), Martini glasses, Marine logo mug with pewter insignia, 4-Glass water glasses with floral design, 1-Tea/Juice glass pitcher. **NOTE: Tables for display only NOT INCLUDED** Normal wear. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

2-Carry on size luggage pieces (one blue, one floral design-in good condition), 1-Sports Illustrated fleece blanket, Variety of Backpacks(Large REI, JanSport & others), Several Duffle bags (Large Grey REI & others), Selection of Fanny Packs, 2-Folding Luggage carts, Small green folding camp stool.... This is a large lot, lots of items* **NOTE: Tables for display only NOT INCLUDED** heavy wear. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

1-Black, Wood tone topped L shaped desk, Several Push Button phones/cords, SHARP FAX machine (untested), HP FAX machine(untested), Plastic office organizer stacking trays, 2-Computer keyboards & mouses, Calculator(needs battery), Office supplies(Writeable CDs, Post Its, scissors, etc.), Small Silvertone trashcan Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Sears LifeStyler 2100. Untested- seller says "it works". Come to pickup at Category C time-slot.

Most paperback. Various Titles/Subjects incl: SELF-HELP-Your Erroneous Zones by Dr. Dyer, Conceptual Blockbusting, Think & Grow Rich, Women's Bodies-Women's Wisdom by Dr. Christine Northrup, Dare to Lose by Shari Lieberman, The Calorie/ Fat/Carbo Counter, REFERENCE: Roget's Thesaurus, CA an interpretive History, Myths of Greece & Rome, The Closet Cultivator by Ed Rosenthal, Complete book of Sexual Positions (Nudity/Suggestive), 2-Books on Acting/Audition process, GOLD RUSH ERA TITLES: Trip to Bodie Bluff, Mono Diggings, The Mother Lode (auto trip of Hwy. 49), 2-SIGNED Anne Seagraves-Women of the Sierra & Soiled Doves, MORE: John D. MacDonald, Michael Connelly, Michael Crichton, Linda Goodman's Sun Signs, Tarot, The World of the American Indian (Hardcover), The Enchanted Hill (story of Hearst Castle-Hardcover) TOTAL=62 items **NOTE: Table under books NOT INCLUDED**. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

1-Pink ceramic glazed Dinosaur cookie jar, assorted decorative kitchen towels & oven gloves, Numerous wooden & plastic serving trays/dishes, 3-Silvertone serving pieces (1-Large round platter 18", 1-Oneida Chip & Dip platter 11.5", 1-Scalloped edge small dish 8"(Belco-silver plate on copper), 3-Easter baskets (woven), 2-Small Longaberger baskets... **NOTE: Tables for display only NOT INCLUDED**Normal wear. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

1-Roadside Auto Emergency kit in Yellow plastic case, extension cords, string of clear round bulb lights (works), box of assorted light bulbs, twine & tape, 1-9V battery flashlight (needs battery), wall sconce light, Gallery style picture light, Frosted lightbulb decorative light, large round paper lampshade with lizard finial (18" diameter)..Untested. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot. Untested Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

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