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Quaker Oats "25 Yrs Service" Ring stamped Birke 10K, engraved with a name and date (1961). Thin Gold ring stamped "Bridal Wreath 14-18K". 2 10K Gold necklaces: 22" box link, 18" flat link. Heart pendent w 20" chain engraved JR, Note wear, stamped but illegible due to wear.

Hand made gliding rocking horse. Solid wood with stand. Floor to ears 51" tall, requires 72" length and 22" depth space to glide.

Westminster Grandfather clock with numerous chime settings. Working. Key to wind 3 weights. Beveled glass front and side panels. 20X13X84 Bring help to move. Must remove weights and pendulum before moving.

35095F HG model. 30X56X35 Paddles extend an additional 16" to either side of the table. Additional parts and manual. Heavy! Bring help for moving. Can be removed through double doors, and taken through (snowy yard) but very very heavy.

9 hand painted gold rimmed 8.5" wine glass set. Cranberry coloured stems, excellent condition.

6.5 " Chimney with total height 9".

24X16X64. 1987 Model WA-14, 3/4 HP motor, Serial Number 86013497. Tested.

4 steel stall doors/man gates. 2 gates: 52" long 42" height plus 2 gates 47"x42. Note rusting, need painting. Lift off mount.

Variety of Glass vessels: 2 tiered desert tray, candy dishes, candle holders, glass gravy boat w ladle, 3 vintage butter dishes (2 w covers), deviled egg tray, vegetable tray, spiral candle holder.

15" hand Mirror, beveled glass, stamped Birks Sterling. Engraved "J" on back. Note Tarnished. 8" mirror embossed flowers on back stamped Sterling. Note tarnished round mirror not well seated in frame. Third small gold coloured mirror stamped France. Note Wear on all indicative of age/use.

5x7 Note Cracking of plaster on frames, some damage to frames. Both pieces signed and marked as Original Oils on reverse.

4 dinner plates, 4 luncheon plates, 3 side plates, 6 tea cups/saucers. All in excellent condition no sign of wear, no crazing except 1 dinner plate has a fine incomplete hairline crack. Matches Lot 43, 44, 46

2 leather sections of Sleigh Bells: Brass 6' long, silver 5' long. Note some bells have rust. One group of 3 brass bells perhaps for goats.

Variety of Walt Disney, and Family movies.

Note 4 Nori Peter plates with COA "Warm Companions, Love At First Sight, Returning Home, Togetherness", 4 other plates do not have certificates.

Set of 4: dinner plates, 4 luncheon plates, side plates, tea cups/saucers. All in excellent condition no sign of wear, no crazing. Matches Lot 42, 44.

12" Cornflower bowl. Pedestal cake stand, Green coloured Glass Chip and Dip set.

Set of 2 Alfred Haddad Cutlery w ornate handles, 6 small silver skewers, 12 skewers with horn container.

4.5X3X4. Base sticker "From the unique miniature scenes of Christian G. Salz. Chrela ent Ltd. Stoney Creek, Ont", Made in Canada.

2 Wagon Wheels each 16 steel spokes, 48" diameter. Some rust, one wheel dinted. No wood.

Swiss Admiral 1.5" diameter Gold pocket watch. Working. Stamped Gold Filled, 2312016, Chain 25" w clasp.

Excellent condition, contains base in separate picture. Tested. 120V Serial number 27105D2F. 58X20X48

18X9X6 metal breadbox. Note missing hardware on latch, scratches, wear.

4 FULL sized English saddle pads, 1 Cashel half pad note tear at pommel cut out, 3 tier metal saddle rack. Sturdy construction. Note pads need to be cleaned, wear.

10.5" oval bowl Royal Doulton Strasbourg China, 2 x 12" Serving platters. 1 x RD Strausborg, 1x Royal Ivory John Maddock & Sons (Regis Gold). 2 items match to Lot 42, 43, 44. Excellent condition.

Horse sized leather Breastplate with running martingale. Made in England. Excellent condition.

2 serving/casserole covered dishes. Oven to Table safe. 12" and 10" Look new.

Heavy silver plate covered serving pan Note: engraved "EF" , pedestal covered butter dish, 2 small silver plate cups.

Wood 29X11X36. Some Wear.

3 sets of 8 Cross and Olive Crystal stemware. 1 set of 4 Cross and Olive liqueur glasses. No chips. 2 sizes of Wine Glasses (8", 5"), parfait glasses 6.5". No chips no damage.

5" Small Gravy Boat "Lord Nelson - Pompadour English China. 8" Royal Doulton Strasbourg Gravy Boat, Round bowl lid (without bowl). Candy dish. Match to lot 42, 43, 46.

27X8.5X16 "Monarch Luggage". Hunter green metal with brass clasps, leather handle. Note wear, dints, scratches indicative of age/use.

8x tea cup/saucers: Coalport (yellow), coldough, royal albert, clare and more. 3 x Royal Albert small coffee cup/saucers. All made in England. No chips no damage, no crazing. Cream and sugar bowl. 2 collector wildlife plates-Grizzly Bear, Moose by Paul Krapf.

Wash Board, marked Royal Globe Bull Dog Brand. Manf'd By McFarlane Mfg Company Ltd. Toronto Can. 12X2X24 Small mirror "Black & White Scotch Whisky" 10x11.5

Seiko Quartz wrist watch. "Quaker CAW Local 1996" watch, and Timex pocket watch - silver coloured with train etching on outside. Note: Watches are NOT functioning.

Madison House - made in England 17.5" All Purpose saddle, 4" tree -(no stirrup leathers). Second Saddle Kloster 17" 4" tree. Both saddles show wear, need to be cleaned. Note: Saddle Rack is not included in this lot.

Tea pot, 2 tea cups, cream and sugar, decorative bell and serving plate w "50th anniversary" etching visible. All new, unused, perfect condition.

Serving platters, candle sticks, covered serving dish.

6" blown glass vase, signature illegible, pewter vase, small flower decoration. Bill Loueber

2 sets of English reins, both 60" length. One set new braided reins, One set rubber coated. 2 types of bridle racks.

5 Glass vases: rectangular 6.5", cut glass 6", blue/gold made in Holland 8.5".

10 candy dishes as shown in photos, including hand painted "flowered dish" stamped in gold "KCJ" and 1 Radnor Decorative flower piece. Largest bowl 9" diameter. Some hobnail dishes, some Pinwheel pattern.

1967 Centennial Dollar Bill, Expo 1986 passport, Maple Leaf Mills correspondence.

Matching Salad Mixing & Serving Bowl set. A total of 3 large platters, 2 large bowls and 4 small bowls.

Final Eatons Catalogues from Fall & Winter 1975, Christmas 1975 and Spring 1976. Note binding of Christmas Catalogue dried, cracked, damaged, other 2 have good pages/bindings/few creases.

Soap Stone carving 3x2", etched into back "Wilma Elliott six-Nations #739". 1982 Saggashi print unframed 9X12.

4x6 Stone Carving. Carved into base "Darlene William #47"

Clock 11" tall 6" wide, stamped "copyrighted 1921 Forentine Statuary Co. , Note: Neck of statue has been broken and repaired. Crack still visible, clock does not work. Brass teapot, china teapot stamped Mahuhun ware Made in Japan.

5 vases: Green Pottery w scalloped edge 8.5 tall", Various glass vases: 11", 10.5", 8", 8". Note wear.

Catalogue copyright 1970 The Musson Book Company. Note colour has faded, some wear.

Pinwheel pattern. No chips no scratches. Decanter and 4 liqueur glasses.

6 serving trays: 17" Alfred Meakin (Astoria Shape) platter, 14" aluminum vegetable tray w glass insert, Hand Painted aluminum tray "New York", 4 part tray marked Italy note: chipped handle, wooden cheese tray.

James Kent candy dish, crystal 6" vase.

8" long, 9" tall, swan shaped cut coloured glass. Stamped Made in England.

50" leather Horse's (English saddle) girth w elastic at one end. Very Good condition.

3 silver dollars (2x 1986 + 1x 1985) + 3 souvenir tokens (2 x Ptbo summer games 1986, 1 Klondike days 1983).

11 items including Silver Plated tray, 2 silver plate candy dishes,1 decorative tea pot, 1 flower vase, with glass flower separator, 1 aluminum tray, 1 aluminum pitcher, Pewter Mug, matching china cream and sugar.

4 x Silver Plated serving trays, covered silver casserole server,

Set 8 green glasses, set 7 yellow glasses, 16" apple painted platter, Christmas plate and white plate.

10 plates: With COA 2 Rockwell, 4 Bird Series, 1 kitten series. 3 birder (cardinal, chickadee and Blue Jay do not have COA).

Cut Glass heavy 9" Pitcher, ceramic 9" pitcher (made in Portugal), Hand blown coloured Glass oil & vinegar decanter 12" tall with stopper. 2x Pinwheel crystal, small vase.

Variety of Liqueur Glass sets, plastic vegetable tray with ice packs in base, 5 Salt & Pepper shaker sets, collector plates "Woodbridge United Church 125th Anniversary, Stone United Church 100th Anniversary-both stamped 22k god, Collingwood ONT.

3 Crystal Salt Cellars w spoons made in Czechoslovakia, 2 tea cups: Holland souvenir, Rosina Bone China from England.

Lange Classic size 8. Note rust.

30X20 etched Mirror can be hung as portrait or landscape, 28X23 framed, 16/100 print "May" signed by A Cooper.

Tea Pot w copper fitted warmer/cover. 2 vintage ice cream scoops.

12" rubbermaid cake-taker, 12" tupperware pie-taker. Slight wear, both seal properly

2 Conch Shells (8", 5" long), 3 smaller shells. Necklace made of unknown substance.

4" Wedgewood ashtray, 3 old figurines note discolouration due to age, potpourri ball, small vase.

Coalport bone china Bell with Trillium, gold stamped Ontario. 2.5X2.5X3.5

1x 9" 18th century dinnerplate, owner reports 5 generations. Hand painted 7" decorative, clay plate signed by Mary Cross, Beeton, Hamilton College 1887. 7.5" Glen Loates plate.

12", 13" tall bedside table lamp set. 2 pronged plugs, long cords. Figurine colours faded w age.

A&P flyer. Pencilled date 1938. Note paper damage, 2 holes, creased and fading.

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