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Single row Seed drill. Rusted.

Roomba self propelled vacuum tested. Small pedestal table 12X12X24, 2 TV trays in stand (note 2 missing), old, large leather briefcase, wall clock, magazine rack, folk art decorated wooden tray.

Lighthouse Poster (stapled to wall), old school desk w storage drawer, wood painted storage box. Furniture shows wear indicative of age.

Lap/display quilt 32X32, marbles, pick up sticks, Crokinole w pieces, crayons, paints/brushes, Christmas wrap, wreaths, crackers and more.

Wrist watch (engraved on back), untested, variety of costume Jewelry, matching 15" silver coloured necklace and 7" bracelet, 10K gold ring with stone, Mood Ring. Purses, clutches, beaded bags and more. Note some purses have stains/discoloured.

Display is in 2 pieces. 3 Reindeer on Elevated stand 60" x13 feet, Santa in Sleigh 60" X 8 ft. Note break to last reindeer at "back ankle" that is in the set of 3. Wear. Pick up time slot B

3x5 ft wrought iron bicycle with 3 stands for flower pots. Match to Lot 39.

Eskimo brand toboggan, note damage, Leader brand Tricycle, Wagon, kid sized wood chair, wood rocking horse, old ironing board, plus parts of a horse drawn harness. Note all items show wear/damage indicative of age.

O Gauge locomotive (heavy) w 2 cars, track, railroad crossing set up, building, bridge. Untested.

2 steel troughs. 1: Elevated 10ft long X 17 wide X 20 height, 2: 56x12x 7. Note rust.

3x4 wrought iron bicycle w 3 spots for planters. Match to Lot 38

Various baseball helmets, Sherwood goalie hockey sticks (3), and men's skates (Eu size 50). NOTE: motorcycle helmet not included.

33x82 1.5" wood storm door w glass panes entact. 1 small window 1 pane (of 6) missing. 23x28. Wear

Canadian Coins include: 3x silver dollars, 4x Fifty cent pieces, variety of Centennial coins, 1x1960 quarter, older pennies. American Coins include: 4 X Fifty cent pieces, quarters including Worn 1927, dimes, nickels, pennies. Approx $11 total.

A total of 5 window frames 2x (72X32) one is missing glass panes, smaller windows 2 X 32X35. 32X29 window frame has no glass panes and damage to side as shown.

Complete set of Ironstone, 8 Dinner/dessert plates, tea cups, 7 (blue) water glasses. Microwave/dishwasher/oven safe. Made in Philippines.


Power washer tested. Simonize.

36" Toshiba flatscreen TV + DVD/VHS player, various contemporary DVDs, TV stand. Tested.

Each 51" long. One wrought iron and wood, second solid heavy duty plastic. Note wear. White discoloured.

3 Crokinole boards, Eaton's Playfair typewriter, weights, portable hair dryer. Working conditions unknown.

63" and 48" old wooden down hill skis Note rusted bindings, paddle 62", casting rod and reel (marked ocean city 1582) Note tip of rod broken, reel seized.

Older public school Desk with ink pot holder 25X19X28.5, chair 14X14.5X28X5 both solid wood. Staples brand paper shredder tested.

7x 2" tall figurines of (2) Bluebirds, Blue Jay, Goldfinch, Cardinal, Robin, Chickadee,

100/500 Edwin Matthews "Evening Reflections" (Victoria Hall Cobourg ON Canada. 24X29), small Keirstead framed print 15X9

40 High x 17 depth. Working condition NOT known. Note wood is split at top of "L"

16" triangle dinner bell w pipe to ring. Note rusted.

Three drawers of table cloths. including 3 hand crochet doilies 1x12", 2 X 8"- note some stains/discolouration.

2 hose caddies. One w hose, length unknown. Other caddy has small wash basin.

Uniflame BBQ w warming unit. Tested. Note grill needs to be cleaned. Propane tank included. BBQ apron and utensils new.

Primarily Christmas season items. 2 Shelves. Ceramic Christmas tree untested.

Lone Ranger, Gene Autry and more from the 50s, 60s, including a Bible from 1893.Note books are worn. Variety of games. Note: whether all games are complete is unknown.

Antique horse drawn plow. Note rusted. Bring help for moving.

Sleigh, witch, Santa each approx 3 feet tall, pigs (1 painted 1 not) 30" tall. 2 Brown deer 53". 3 small unpainted pigs. Pick up time slot B

2 large metal wheel barrows w pneumatic wheels, Note one wheel flat. Variety of yard implements, tomato cages. Pick up time slot B

$22 in Canadian one and two dollar bills. 8 X One dollar bills, 7 x Two dollar bills.

Variety of older board games including Hangman, Pentathlon, Tiddly-Winks (unopened), Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly. Note only contents of Monopoly game were checked. Monopoly is COMPLETE with all cards, and original 10 metal game pieces.

Canadian Butter Ontario Crate, Childs "Serenader" guitar (note 1 gear missing for strings) w case (wear does not close properly), music stand, and new (unopened) Roman Candle holders.

Trellis, Wood crafted Donkey w wagon, 2 children figures, bird feeder and more.

Wood Desk 40X26X30, w chair 15X32X15. Needs cleaning. Note: drawer sticks and handles broken. Wear on surface, damage on back of chair and base.

Hi-fi/turn table 68X16X27, mantel clock floor lamp. Working condition NOT known. No key for clock.

Planks, boards including a rectangular beam 9x6 X 7 feet, and plank 11 inch wide X 2" at least 11 feet long. Note some boards have nails protruding.

13 sets of salt and pepper shakers.

China Cabinet: 30X15X70. Contents not included. Bring help for moving.

Matching 2 person chair 40x21x39 and side chair. In excellent condition. Match to lot 107.

Variety of Children's games including Clue, The Great Turtle Race, Bingo, Bed Bugs, Yahtzee, Battleship, Snakes and Ladders, and more. Completeness of games unknown.

6 metal indoor chairs, 2 smaller chairs. Some wear.

Metal spiral plant stand 51" tall. Numerous small decorative pots.

Canada Goose, Common Loon, Mallard, and wood loon.

Kodak "Holiday Flash" Brownie Camera, Diana-F Flash camera with original box and instruction manual plus other camera. All untested.

Hand Scythe, large 2 man hand saw 65" blade, 28" hand saw, push grass mower. Note All rusted.

2 small bird baths, wrought iron plant stand, numerous large pots - most plastic.

Reliable Plastics Co Foster Hewitt Hockey Game and original box (worn). Metal players move. Note puck is missing.

Old toys, wicker basket of unopened Dolly Clothespin kit, Halloween masks, and more. Note: clothing/fabric shows discolouration typical of age.

Scarves, gloves (size M), Fur lined hat (XL) all new.

Enclosed Feed / Storage box 49X25X30, 5 feed tubs 19" diameter, 2 chicken water stations

Arm Chair w red upholstery 22X21X40. 2 solid wood chairs: 20X20X40.

22X22X36, chair and rocker. Note some wearing of veneer on back of rocker. Match to lot 106

1936 phone directory, 1970 post card, Cooking flyers.

Mattel Merry Music box (working), tin drum Note rusted, Fisher Price "TV" (working), 3 blackboards, and more. Well loved toys.

2 oil lanterns Note Rusted, 3 cookie tins, shoe rack.

3 metal livestock bells appear to be size for goats. Plus knick knacks.

3 levels: Casserole dishes, tea pot, cake taker, gravy dish, a variety of glasses and more.

BMP Vase, variety of ashtrays, lighter. Cat and horse are not stamped. Note Cat has broken ear.

Michael Jackson "Thriller", David Cassidy "Rock Me Baby", Shaun Cassidy "Born Late", Elvis "Love Songs, Joan Jett and the Black hearts, Kiss, BJ Thomas and more. Working condition NOT known.

3 Stand alone Santas, Faux Fireplace decoration, and more.

Christmas outdoor lighting including projection kit. Working conditions Not known.

Letter holder, office supply holder, 2 wine bottle holders. All 11" to 12" tall, 6 total.

3 headboards, 2 foot boards. No frames/rails. Could work as decoration or scrap metal. Note all painted, paint worn, chipped.

Matching Waltham Vegetable platter 13" diameter, large vase and dish. New.

2 levels of decorative items and cut glass vases.

Tote of autumn decorations, seasonal Santa and snowman figures plus more decorations.

Sunbeam 4 slice Bagel toaster untested, Toastmaster brand Electric Kettle - untested. Note wear on kettle spout.

Full set 8 Christmas dinnerware. Dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. Note, does not include small bottles at edge of photo.

Drawer full of everyday utensils, cookbooks, flatware. Plus white thermos, water pitcher and scented potpourri container tested.

3 levels of cupboard. Electric carving knives, can opener, electric hand mixer, small food processor, Deep fryer plus small casserole dishes, Tupperware. All appliances untested.

Large table suitable for crafts 39.5X59X29, 1 leaf 17.5". Note wear, chipped at centre. Four heavy solid wood side chairs W ornate inset pattern. 21X44

Set of 10 flatware with case.

1976 Baseball Card Nolan Ryan and Tom Seaver. Note slight watermark in corner of card otherwise in good condition. Mini Sports hockey stick, pucks, new golf glove, Tees and soft ball.

Home made table 96X30x29 set up. When collapsed 48X30X6. Very Stable when set up,

Black & Decker electric fry pan, roasting pan. Note: both show signs of use, need to be cleaned. Untested.

Antique high chair, Lego toys, rocking chair, Stuffies, step stool. NOTE: ride on wood rocking toy is NOT included.

21X26 unique picture.

3 tables: Pedestal coffee table 28X18X17. 3-toed brass feet, glass top. NOTE top surface needs refinishing. 2 matching end tables wood, 28X18X21, note water damage on one table. 2 table lamps: 16" white ceramic, 28" green metal w harp. Note white shade damage.

Variety of gnomes, planters. Some clay based, some plastic.

3 portable, collapsible lawn chairs (2 w bags, 1 bag missing), 4 foldable chairs, 3 matching, 1 like new with side table. Total 7 chairs.

69X17X34 Note one board broken at end.

Knife block and 8 knives, also partial set of knives in box (missing 1 knife), crock with lid note chip beside tape, 4 piece ceramic canister set.

Wood bear carving, 3 ducks in flight porcelain.

Admiral Radio, Note damaged exterior/cracked box + not working. Tin picnic basket, tin lunch pail. Note both have significant wear

4 pinballs in this table top pinball game. Note requires batteries for lights -untested, back of battery enclosure missing, backing discoloured otherwise everything works. Styrofoam 24" glider still in original packaging.

Wicker hamper and basket, bathroom items, including old enamel pot note wear. Towels, materials on shelves note wear.

Pens, calculators, 3 hole punch, date stamp/ink, cross silver pen (etched w "Carl Brown"), Sheaffer pen/pencil set, stapler, pencil sharpener, rulers, paper clips, markers, tape and more.

Kitchen Pro Breadmaker. Untested.

Diane tools and kit including hammer, screw driver and bit, measuring tape, scraper, pliers, Allen keys, and bag. Hexagonal tool box with some tools.

McCullough weed whipper w blade (note rusted, untested), Weedeater XT-200 untested, JobMate hedge trimmer untested, metal dolly, gas can.

Dishwasher cleaning pods, 1/2 full dishwasher detergent, various cleaning supplies.

Variety of silverplate items. Coffee and tea urns, cream/sugar/tray, 2 candelabras, 2 wine glasses, tray. Note some have tarnish, wear.

Wooden Canes. 34". 1 carved.

Perfect Seal, Corona, Crown, Mason stamped jars, Note some glass lids missing.

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