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You can enter a new max bid at any time by entering a bid greater than your current high bid.
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Your max bid amount is kept confidential from other bidders.

You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Union Stoneware Co., Red Wing, Minn. Small chips near rim. 9.75" high x 9.5" diameter. 1 piece.

Gray lock box 11.5x5.75x3.5, no key. Gigantic lighter by Idealine, 4.25x1.5x6.5. Small pocket knives, cuff link and anniversary pins, Zippo lighter 8 pieces.

Vintage John Deere posters in good condition. All approximately 25.5X17.5. 6 pieces.

Car in box still has batteries in it. Condition issues on rear wheels. 16" long. 2 pieces.

Includes instruction for ironing onto fabric. 85 pieces.

A print by the House of Art, N.Y. Titled Daybreak, vintage and slightly faded, 13X21, frame shows wear. Also a print done for Edison Mazda titled Enchantment.18X13.5, shows expected wear. 2 pieces.

Buddy "L" Quality Toys, built by Moline Pressed Steel Co. 24" long. 1 piece.

Politically incorrect but historically significant. 28X22 is the largest. Lest we forget that this type of advertising was once acceptable. 7 posters.

Small chips on handles. 11.75" high x 8.25" diameter. 1 piece.

Penguin Cygnus, Bentley, Park, Ronson, Thorens Swiss Made, Zippos, goldtone with Harley Davidson logo. 8 pieces.

Set of 3X2 leather bound works of Shakespeare with wear. Set of 10 American history books. A leather bound Dickens Christmas Carol and more. 40 plus books.

Olds trumpet. Folding metal travel music stand. Herb Alpert and Al Hirt on vinyl. Sheet music. 8 pieces.

Includes instruction for ironing onto fabric. 75 pieces.

Devon Pottery, Moorcroft, Vermont Maple Orchards, unmarked. Smallest 3.75" high, largest 6.75" high. 9 pieces.

Aluminum and glass vintage grill has two control plus. Cook and keep warm with this tabletop appliance. 11X17 griddle. Has glass drip tray attached. 2 pieces.

Tea pot, tray, creamer and sugar bowl by Rogers. Pitcher is silver on copper. Expected wear. 6 pieces.

Includes instruction for ironing onto fabric. 98 pieces.

Wallace silver plate punch bowl with ladle and 8 cups. 10 pieces.

One is No. 293 Griswold Crispy Corn Stick Pans model 930A, made in Erie, PA. 2 pieces.

Vintage arithmetic register, Child Guidance Mechanical Locomotive No. 8200, mechanical clown with hat broken off, and Cocoa Puffs Child's Make Believe tent. Also Child Guidance Mechanical Bulldozer, good condition. 5 pieces.

Starr X stationary screw in metal bottle cap openers. Two openers, one in box. From Brown Mfg Co. 2 pieces.

Includes instruction for ironing onto fabric. 50 pieces.

36X18 metal pieces with wear. Untested.1 piece.

Amethyst bracelet marked sterling. Diamond-shaped amethyst pin, costume. Silver bracelet with green, black, and purple enamel, 925 Mexico. Small metal trinket box with blue and orange stones and filigree design. "T" children's initial ring, 10K GF. Gold and black flower necklace, 1-20 12K GF. Gold tone flower lip on earrings, c. BSK. Three pins. Wooden music box with hand painted lute on the top, plays Doctor Zhivago, made in Italy. 11 pieces.

Plastic etching of schooner, signed by Alice Fauteux. Top, handle and pin in great condition. 1 piece.

Canon film advance knob loose. Kodak used Verichrome Pan 828 film. Mego used Verichrome Pan 120 film. 3 pieces.

Jug 9.5" high x 6.5" diameter, chip on the rim. Crock 7.25" high x 7.75" diameter. 3 pieces incl lid.

6 cups, at least one with chip, 8 saucers, 9 bread plates, 6 dessert plates, 7 dinner plates. Georgetown Collection, Wedgwood Devon Rose, made in England. Some of the decorative painting is differently spaced on different cups. 36 pieces.

Parade belts, pins, lighter, pocket knife, knives in sheaths, book on the history of the Marine Corps, patches, canteen, canvas pouches. 23 pieces.

10x17x13. Possibly homemade. 2 pieces.

Includes a covered casserole in silver plate by Andovers P Co EPNS A1477 2. Also a pierced silver plate bowl by Reed and Barton 5362, and a metal pierced cake plate and a platter. 5 pieces.

Butter server with rest for a spreader, covered, glass insert intact, by Vanbergh Silverplate, NY, quadruple plate 324. Also mirrored cake stand in quadruple plate 216 19 by Eure... Co. Also a cake stand by Leonard. 6 pieces.

Sand and gravel supplies no 4. 6 in original boxes. One duplicate. Some with condition issues. 13 pieces.

Parker Brothers game of Prediction, and a Ouija board. Expected wear. 2 pieces.

Games such as Password, Yahtzee, Jeopardy, Game Of The States and Life. Good condition. 5 games.

Old fashioned, heavy type enamel clam boil pot, perfect for steamers or lobsters or a 'boil'. 12.5 diameter, 15 high. Good condition. 3 pieces.

Chip at base. Glaze cracks only, vessel in very good condition considering age and that it was actively used to cook sauerkraut. 12.25" high x 11" diameter. 1 piece.

11x14x3. Chicago Ill. Includes magazine page with Q and A section on item. 1 piece.

Petite Princess and Little Hostess brands. 12 boxes.

National School Slate Company natural slate with wood frame and ledge. 21x26.5. Also box of chalk.

Burgundy leather, two woven straw basket style. Some molding on leather. 3 pieces.

Rucksacks with extra straps, duffle bags, green and navy blue. 6 pieces.

Imperial Champ "Feel the Felt" brown fedora, Kleinhaus Co. brown with feather. Vintage Mallory hat box has condition issues. 3 pieces.

Scalloped Canape dish with glass condiment dish and spoon holders by Pilgrim, a Paul Revere bowl by EAL 17, a 16" Rogers tray, and a 15" scalloped tray by Towle. 7 pieces.

With Improvised Sliding box. Patented April 1905. For cabbage. Expected wear. Vintage. 3 pieces.

Navy and white hats, white straw with navy ribbon by Mr. John Juniorette. Navy straw pillbox by Adam, Meldrum and Anderson Co. Vintage Jordan Marsh hat box has condition issues. 5 pieces.

F.B. Norton Sons, Worcester Mass. 11" high x 7" diameter. 1 piece.

Missing black dot in left eye of both. Stamped "Copyright Sept 14, 1887" on back of each. 9x27x26. 2 pieces.

Includes wood carving 21.5X9 with ALddes carved on the back, very little wear, also a 3 compartment wooden box 9.5X10.5X4.5 with wear, and a larger wooden box from Dylar's Spring 16X12X12. 3 pieces.

Includes a town map for 1888, in wooden frame with wear. 20X24. Also a rather tattered and stained but fun poster. 30X20. 2 pieces.

Cast iron bacon press with wear particularly on the handle area. Coffee grinder made of cast iron and wood with dovetail detail. Expected wear. 2 pieces.

10 pairs short white fabric or crocheted gloves. 2 lace mantillas, one white, one beige. 7 pairs stockings, some new with tags. 19 pieces.

Elgin, West Germany. Linden, violet 1969 in original box. Linden, brown leather case with glow in the dark hands, some wear on back. 3 pieces.

Big Band and Marching Band albums. Band hat. Patriotic drum by Noble and Cooley Co. with sticks. 6 pieces.

Label inside. Epiphone 1158 No. EC25. Comes with "How to Play Guitar" on vinyl. 4th string needs to be restrung. 2 pieces.

Andirons 13" high. Also shovel and fork wrought iron fireplace tools. 4 pieces.

2 boxes of new coffee mugs with animal themes in blue and white. French animal names. Made in Japan. 8 mugs, good condition.

Large assortment of marbles of all kinds, over 200 of them. Also a suede and a leather marble bag.

Metal toy shooting range with a baseball and clown target as well. Expected wear. Untested. 2 pieces.

Straw purse, silk scarf. Universal Stewardess steam travel iron in box. 6 pairs gloves. Black net stockings. Two pairs of Polaroid Cool-Ray Sunglasses. Sewing kit and folding scissors. 12 pieces.

Smallest 4.75", largest 7.75". 6 pieces.

Brown Dam, Meldrum and Anderson Co, tan straw with fabric bow "Genuine Panama" by Colby, tan hat with brown velvet ribbon and trim, tan with ribbon. Hat box has condition issues. 5 pieces.

Pink and tan wool hats, one by Eva Mae. Vintage Macy's hat box has condition issues. 5 pieces.

Amtrak conductor's hat and Brighton Volunteer Fire Co. hat. 2 pieces.

11" high. 1 piece.

4 new boxes with 2 per box. 2.5x2.5x5. 9 pieces.

3.5", 4", 4", and 5" long. 4 pieces.

9.25" diameter x 10" high. 1 piece.

Label inside. Model No. K 7020. With guitar case. Some wear on neck and keyboard. Missing the 1st string. 2 pieces.

No label inside. Reinforced steel neck. Paint peeling on keyboard sides. 1 piece.

Brown suede fedora. Wool patchwork made for LL Bean by Hanna Hats, Donegal Ireland. Black felt by Bayview Cap. 3 pieces.

27.5x16x7 and 24x15x9. Some rusting. 2 pieces.

33" long. 1 piece.

Includes openers from Knickerbocker, Iroquois, Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Hotel Statler and more. 10 pieces.

3 portraits, largest is 26X21.5., looks to be a colored photograph of a gentleman, with the frame showing chips and wear. Also included is a full length figure of a little girl, a print titled Pussy Willows. And a portrait of a girl, appears to be a print, with wear on the edge. 3 pieces.

Includes a Scan o Matic, a Remco Science Kit Mechanical Heart and The Visible Man by Renwal. 3 toys, good condition.

Rectangular 11 inch baker with 3 assorted sized pie plates and a loaf pan. Also 2 newer and 5 vintage custard cups. Good condition. 13 pieces.

Vintage oak bread box with metal removable liner, 13.5X18X18, with carrying handle. Expected wear. Also a vintage Saltine Biscuit Tin with wear, 9X8X7. 2 pieces.

Gold tone and silver tone pocket watches, most with condition issues. Hampden Watch Co., glass and face coming off, also broken ring. Admiral, cracked glass face. Elgin, missing glass face. A W Co. Waltham, missing glass face. Elgin, missing glass face, engraved "RRW." Endura, on chain, missing hands, in box. Hamilton, in window with travel box, engraved "S.S.H." Gold tone with magnified lid. Silver tone made in china. 9 pieces.

Smallest Red Cross 1918, approx .5" diameter. Largest Midwest Electric Mfg. Corp., 3.5" diameter. 52 pieces plus mounting frame.

Footed lighter, belt buckles, patches, cigar box. 17 pieces including cigar box.

Harp with stand, tuner tools, and music. 1 piece.

Not all pieces present. Some rusting. Incl miniature cast iron souvenir pan from the Farmers Museum in Cooperstown NY. 8.35x4.5x8. 8 pieces.

Truck 12" long, hitch 10". 2 pieces.

Includes mattress with vinyl cover - needs some cleaning. 18.5x30x28. 6 pieces including canopy and pegs.

New in box. Instructions included.

4 assorted Aqua colored polka dot glasses, two Atomic themed tall beverage glasses and a Bloody Mary Pitcher. 7 pieces.

Hamilton Beach Scovill Drink Master Milk Shake machine, in box, used but good condition, untested. Also 9 plastic Raffiaware ice cream bowls by Thermo Temp and a print by Ron Crawfield of a Baskin Robins, framed, with damages frame and wear. 13X16. 11 pieces.

For Olympia Brewing Co and Coca Cola. 26.5X17.5 good condition. 2 pieces.

7 wooden boats including a coconut hull boat. Tallest wooden boat is 19 inches high. Includes a model of the Mayflower with sails and rigging. Untested. 10 plus pieces.

Model No. 4269. Uses D batteries. Wood like plastic. Includes a roll of wire and instructions.

Includes Tinkertoy set, American Logs and small Tinkertoy set. 3 sets.

Painted wooden wagon, 12 inches long with a wooden pull has seen many years of fun. Buddo rocking horse is missing its dowel and has wear. Wood and possibly fiberglass or pressed board. 14 inch high seat. 22 inches high. 2 pieces.

15.5" square x 33" high. 1 piece.

Largest 8x6.5, smallest 2.5x3. Some duplicates. 24 pieces.

Small case that holds tie tacks and pins, shaving mirror, shoe horn, pocket knives, Zippo key holder, sunglasses, silver plate whiskey flask, cigar box. 30+ pieces.

18x16x26.5 table, bottom shelf 9" high. 17.5x9.5x18 magazine rack. 2 pieces.

3 wooden, possibly homemade. 1 metal, missing wheels. All approx 7.5" long. 4 pieces.

New in their plastic sleeves, 60 forks, 29 spoons and 1 knife. 90 pieces.

The Ideal Train Set made of wooden interlocking pieces. Also Tycopro Electric Racing System. Cars have headlights, untested. 2 pieces.

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