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Vintage Patrick Nagel Print and glass vase from early 1980's category A

Never worn - bought in the 90's and kept in storage. All tags still on. Slight discoloured spot on white shirt that would likely wash out. Category B

Never used. Professionally framed. Category A

"ONE SPEAKS, ONE LISTENS" rare. 38inches wide x 25.5 inches deep. Has been framed under glass and in storage for 20 years. category A

Beauties of the Red Mansion, Rare Heirloom Porcelain, Music from the Song of The Lark Category B - bring packing material

Silver and chrome. Top slightly mottled. Easily folds to about 3-4 inches wide. Category A

Works great. Bought in 2010 and in storage the last three years. (current house has a built in microwave) Category A

Mint condition porcelain collector plate. Still in original box, comes with documentation. Category B - bring packing material

48 inches long, 34 inches tall. Category A - heavy

Circa 1950's, signed Leon D. some canvas stretching on BW paintings Category A

Mint condition porcelain collector plate. Still in original box, comes with documentation. Category B - bring packing material

From Bloom to Blossom by Sara Steele. 40 inches wide x 23 inches deep. To see more of her work go to sarasteele.com Has been framed under glass and in storage for 20 years. category A

Category B

9 inches tall. no chips or cracks. Category B

Wood frame with printed paper shade. 11 inches x 4.7 inches. Category B

Jointed, made of plastic with hinged joints held together by string. May be original dress. Category B

Casio Keyboard with cord, manual, and music books category A

This stained glass window was saved from a house being demolished in Vancouver. There is a crack on the top left pane (as you are viewing it on the photo) I have included a close up. 26 inches x 24 inches

7 wooden leaf shaped salad bowls & 9 wooden charger Plates Square Vintage 1970s, wear from use but no chips or cracks Category B

Montana MT 102N Guitar. Handmade in Romania. Needs new strings. Category A

1922 US Silver Peace Dollar Category C

Never used - still in box. Sells for 149.99 https://seagullpewter.com/collections/8x10-frames/products/pf-304s category A

Currey and Company Seashell Grotto Chandelier. This 6L light Chandelier from the Grotto collection by Currey & Company will enhance your home with a perfect mix of form and function. The features include a Natural Shell finish applied by experts. Width: 27.00 in. Height: 27.00 in. Weight: 18.00 lb. Finish: Natural Shell Material: Wrought Iron/ Shell Category C, Bring packing material and box.

Approx 20 inches tall. Can hang on a wall. Has battery operated clock. Category A

handmade pottery cookie jar well crafted, heavy base. About 7 inches tall. Category B - bring packing material

Category C

3 wardrobe boxes with bars, twenty 18in x 18in x 26.5in moving boxes (total 23 boxes) Category A

Explorer Bear - Russ Amram Bears From The Past Fully Jointed with Hat Vest and wooden basket for fish 15" Bigfoot category A

About 13 inches tall. Has been in storage since 2002. Category A.

black, no rust, no bends. Category C

Three colourful garden fairies - butterfly, dragonfly and ladybug. Never used. Fragile. Category B - bring packing material

Bevelled mirror. no cracks or chips. Very dusty! Category A.

(with decorative twigs) 30 inches tall approx 13.5 inches wide, 41 inches in diameter

Some wear, could use some oil I think, but no chips or cracks. Category B

Has all 16 CDs & workbook.

Coleman propane camp stove, 2 air mattresses (one double), Coleman sleeping bag, soft sided cooler. Category A

Never worn. Missing backs for earrings. Category C

Toaster oven, iron, electric knife, juicer, ice cream maker. Untested. Pick up Category A. Bring box & packing material

Vintage (1970's) appears to be Pierre Cardin, gold and rhinestone (or crystal?) necklace. category C

Mint condition - Never used. Two pockets. Category C

Never worn Category C

picnic/barbeque baskets for holding burgers, fries etc. Natural wicker. 2 decorative baskets with black metal trim. Rustic metal double-spiral candleholder with gold tones. The Spiral is a sacred symbol that represents the journey and change of life as it unfolds

Never taken out of box (till now). Category B

American Standard Freedom 90 Propane Furnace. Energy Star rated 91 AFUE (Most efficient is 96.6) Came with the house but we decided to switch to a larger natural gas unit during renovations. This one is a downdraft. Base of stand is rusty, it has been on a porch undercover, covered with plastic and on wood planks to keep it off the ground more. Untested. Below is info I found on Freedom 90 furnaces. Overview of the Freedom 90 The American Standard Freedom 90 is a single stage gas furnace that offers up to 92.1 AFUE. Some models of the Freedom 90 are Energy Star rated. Available in both upflow and downflow configurations, the Freedom 90 has 11 models in a variety of sizes, with capacity ranging from 2 to 5 tons. The heating capacity of this unit is as high as 113,000 BTU. Additional features of this model include: a multi-speed blower, heavy insulated steel cabinets, an aluminized steel primary heat exchanger and a stainless steel secondary heat exchanger. The system also offers the option of using 100 percent outside air for combustion to help increase the unit's longevity. Category C

Category C

Lots of stuff in here - don't even know what it all is. Bring box. Category C

Category A

Never used. Engineered to deliver power and speed while you conserve energy. Designed for body boarders, body surfers, and snorkelers. Size S (4 to 7)

Set of two handmade bowls Category B - bring packing material

Large botanical print with frame and glass. category A

never used Category C

Category A

no chips or cracks. made by Cinderwood similar items at https://www.cowbaymudroom.com/gallery#/images/gallery/19-n889870111_2210124_311.jpg Category B

Still in original package. Category C

Basically 2 pieces of plexi, front is bevelled, that you can sandwich prints etc between. Bolts are adjustable and has plexi hanging bars centred on the back so they are hidden behind the print. You could also put flat fabric items in them. Approx. 24 x 30 Category A

box of books and Ikea wire shelving (contents not included). May have some spare parts to offer too. Category C

Never used. category C

Vintage red enamel bow earrings with rhinestones (pierced) category C

Set of 6 Embroidered Chinese Placemats Royal blue and gold with matching napkins & chopsticks New in package. Category B

My grandparents travelled extensively so I am not sure of the figure's origin, likely the Congo or Australia. The rubbing is coming off the board along the edges. Suspect it is Mongolian. Category A

Sitting Duck 1982 Michael Bedard lithograph poster 31.5in x 23.5in, mounted on foam core and in yellow enamel frame (no glass). Some scuffs and one small tear in pink background. Category A

3 wardrobe boxes with bars, ten 18in x 18in x 26.5in moving boxes and ten 18in x 18in x 24in moving boxes (total 23 boxes) Category A

6 Hotwheels motorcycles, 4 mascots from 2010 Olympics, skipping rope and 2 novelty jets. category A - bring box

Never used or removed form package category B

Category A

Category B

Category A

Blinds are about 36 inches widened 5 ft deep - both grass, one is more green, the other more golden brown. Shelves can be stacked or you can add hanging hardware. Category A

Pasta maker, lead crystal, glass vase and coasters

Belonged to my grandmother - don't know much more. Category C

never used Category B

Vintage pierced earrings - gold metal with imitation emeralds and rhinestones. category C

Potato ricer; ice cream scoop; plastic glasses, cutlery and plates, divided serving dishes with covers. Category B

4 Mascots as new with tags. Kites never taken out of packages, Krinkles lightly used.

Category B

Finely crafted pottery vase in muted tones about 7 inches tall Category B - bring packing material

has crackled finish but no chips or actual cracks in the vase. Excellent condition. Category B

About 4 inches long - very light. category C

Category B

Overall good condition. Very dusty, some rust where one of arms join - see photo Category A

No chips or cracks. Appears to be handmade and hand painted. Terracotta. Approx 18 inches across. Category B

Approx 9 inches tall. no cracks or chips. Category B

terracotta - from Mexico. About 10 inches across. Category A

No chips or cracks in vase, napkin rings are older & tarnished. Category A

Turns on with no problem. Has been in storage locker. Category A

Category B

Approx 4 inches tall. Category B

fresh out of package (last one shot separately) Category B

1953 some wear on spine as shown Category B

by Sara Steele. 30.5 inches wide x 23.25 inches deep. To see more of her work go to sarasteele.com Has been framed under glass and in storage for 20 years - some marks in blue border. category A

Lots of stuff in here - don't even know what it all is. Includes Bin. Category C

About 6 inches tall. One small chip - when I was photographing them (grrr) Category B

Mask is not polished like the bowl is. Bowl has a chip in the nose of one face. Category B

Category A

Two sizes: regular letter sized and A-10 (holds a letter folded in half). Both 100% recycled, Genesis Husk colour. https://www.thepapermillstore.com   Category B

Approx 12 inches x 12 inches. Category A

Vintage 1980's FITZ & FLOYD Ceramic Zipper Vase 7 1/4" TALL Category B

Dog & devil picture or place setting holders, piggybank looking for a plug, Disney book and a Cybershot camera. Piggy bank needs some TLC but how could resist his face. Category B

Celtic knot wall plaque and handmade raku hanging vessel Category B - bring packing material

Category C

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