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Vintage Barbie Case from 1964 with vintage dolls (not barbie) and clothes for barbie dolls. The case has a latch that is broken, and some spray paint on it. Some of the clothes are Mattel, some appear handmade. As is.

Pair of antique/vintage Royal Nippon Nishiki vases. The vases are hand painted and feature poppies and gold gilt details. They are done in an oriental moriage style with some raised areas. They have cobalt, pink, green and orange colouring. There are gold accents. The vases are in good condition, but they show some age related yellowing to the tops (interior), crazing throughout and there may be wear to the gold, but I cannot be sure. There are no chips, cracks or repairs. They stand at 10 1/2 inches tall and 5 1/2 inches wide. They are stamped with the Royal Nippon globe stamp on the bottom and 88/341. The globe stamp was used from 1906 until WWII.

Japan 7035. Lefton Blue Bird coin bank 6 1/4" tall. Rhinestone eyes. Small chip on the third feather colored in, not very noticeable. Vintage blue cat cookie jar is missing the handle, has some marks on it and crazing. Made in Japan.

Very large mid century modern Italian greyhound/whippet dog statue with a collar. These statues were made in the late 50s to 60s. This one is made in a Hollywood Regency style. It is made out of ceramic or terra cotta. It stands at 36 inches high, 20 inches deep and 12 inches wide. It is signed Jock Mitzle on the bottom. It does not have any chips or cracks. It is about 50 lbs, so bring help to carry out. Items in the last photo are not included, they were used to demonstrate the size of the statue. Would be good for indoors or outdoors.

Two cast iron still banks. The bear is antique. It is a two piece cast still bank, in the shape of a standing bear, about 6 inches tall. It shows some wear to the cast iron, as shown. The pig is about 3 inches tall, painted in gold. The paint may be original. This bank was originally made by A.C. Williams in the early 1900s. Both banks have coin slots.

Four vintage bird planters. 1. Pink stork, Japan stamp. 2. Two robins, marked Rubens original. 3. Large pink cockatiel, 10". 4. Small pelican planter.

Antique Underwood Standard No. 5 typewriter, in good condition (no rust). Untested. There is part of an old sticker on the front that could be removed. Has an Underwood Elliot Fisher, Toronto, Canada stamp in red on the front. It is dusty.

Vintage piano lamp brass and marble. Lamp is working. Small clock. Clock is heavy brass, untested.

Four vases and pottery jug. Hand crafted blue jug marked England. Handmade Raku vase has the appearance of being rusted. All are 7" and under.

Royal Doulton Impressions Figurine, shows a few tiny chips to the flowers in her hair. Otherwise excellent condition. No 4193 from 1999. Modelled by Parsons. Box shows some wear.

Five cast iron banks and one statue. The elephant in the front is a vintage mechanical bank. It shows some rust to the patina as shown and but does not operate smoothly. It is about 5 inches tall. The back left bank is a reproduction trick pony mechanical bank about 6 inches tall. The middle back horse is a vintage polychrome cast iron Chinese tang dynasty horse. It is about 9 inches tall. The back right monkey is a black cast iron still bank/doorstop. It is about 9 inches tall. Very minor rust. The last is a black vintage still elephant bank in good condition.

Large retro pottery table lamp, with orange shade. Bought at a vintage shop in Toronto. Working.

Red vintage telephone table. 29" wide, 12" deep, 25" high at table. 16" high at seat. Table measures 15" by 11 3/4".

Set of 6 Silvercrest milk glass bowls or fruit nappies. Could be Fenton. 5 inches in diameter. Good condition.

Three good condition mid century ceramic planters. Kangaroo measures 7" tall, 4" wide. The Whale is 5.5" tall x 9" long, glossy finish. The Bulldog has painted gold highlights and measures 6 1/2" long, 4 3/4" high.

Lladro Figurine called "Thinker Little Boy", in matte, no glaze. No. 4876. Shows minor dirt, that may be able to be cleaned. No chips or repairs. Retired in 1993, 8.25 inches tall.

Vintage pewter tone metal owl ice bucket. Shows some wear and scratches, no bucket inside for ice. Head does not line up completely with body. Stands at about 12 inches tall.

Two small vintage cast iron still banks. One is of a scottie dog that is painted white. It does not have a bottom. The other is of a girl in a green dress (shows some paint wear). They both stand at about 5 inches tall.

Five sets of cups and saucers, bone china. Royal Stafford, Royal Standard, Paragon, Royal Consort. No chips or cracks.

7 crystal wine/martini glasses. The four glasses on the left are Waterford, three of them have the watermark. The pattern is Alana. They have light haze and water stains around the top. Some also have very faint small scratches. Tried to show this in the photos. There are no chips or cracks. The martini glass is Mikasa, another is marked Italy, and one is unknown. They are 6-7 inches high.

Pair of California Pottery Hedi Schoop planters. This is a Dutch boy and girl, or man and woman. They stand at 10 and 9 inches tall. They are both in good condition. There may be minor imperfections, but no large chips or cracks.

Three vintage planters. 1. Purple bull planter 5 1/2" tall. 2. Boy eating watermelon stamped Interco. Made in Italy. 3. Vintage red bear, made in Japan 5 1/2" tall. Punch jug made in England "Melba Ware" 6" tall. All are in good condition.

Shelley China lot of 6 pieces. One cup and saucer set and 4 bread plates. All in good condition with no chips or cracks, but some crazing on some pieces, and faint marks on some of the bread plates. One yellow mark of discolouration as shown.

Two antique Ironstone Pitchers. The green ombre and gold pitcher is Royal Ironstone China by Alfred Meakin. It is embossed with acanthus leaves and shell ribbing. It has gold spray along the top. It has a large chip out of the spout. It shows other very minor wear. The other white pitcher is stamped Ironstone China, Royal Staffordshire Pottery, Wilkinson Ltd. England. It shows some wear on the inside. It is from the later 1800s. It shows crazing under the glaze and a crack/chip near the bottom. It is in otherwise good condition. They are both about 12 inches tall.

Lot of four vintage nursery planter + one ceramic figurine. 1. Vintage Japanese porcelain crying baby with pig figurine. 2. Narcoware lamb planter 3. Lefton Baby with teddy bear. 4. Relpo stork carrying baby. 5. Shawnee blue pig planter measures 4".

8 Books: 1. The World of Chas Addams 2. The Art of Robert Bateman 3. Cockatiels for Two: a book of cat cartoons by New Yorker cartoonist Leo Cullum 4. Catmopolitan (Humour) 5. The Illustrated Cat: a Poster book by Jean-Claude Suares (some loose pages) 6. Animals in Art (loose from binding) 7. The Art & Life of Georgia O'Keefe by Jan Garden Castro 8. Georgia O'Keefe

4 Books 1. Femme Fatale by Serge Normant 2. The Art of Vogue Photographic Covers by Valerie Lloyd 3. Vintage Fashion by Zandra Rhodes 4. Hair Style by Amy Fine Collins

Set of Barratt's Delphatic White, blue rose dishes. Comes with four bowls, four dinner plates, one platter, one creamer, two cups and saucers, three side plates and four smaller finger bowls.

Birks Monogrammed Brush and Mirror, with E monogram. Mirror shows wear and silver is tarnished. The brush shows the Birks marking. The mirror does not.

One cast iron mechanical action coin bank, named Dinah. The lever on her back raises her hand to her mouth and her eyes turn back into her head and turn white. She has "Dinah" impressed on her back and J.E. Stevens 1890 Pat 103 embossed on the bottom. The bank stands at 6 1/2 inches tall. She has very minor wear to her paint and some rust on the bottom mostly.

Two cookie jars. The first is a Warner Bros Sylvester & Tweety cookie jar made in 1993. The second is a cat with a fish in its mouth, made in Japan. Both are in great condition.

Miniature brown leatherware Royal Doulton mug/tankard with silver rim and silver crest. This antique mug would have been made sometime between the late 1800s and the early 1900s. It is made to look like real stitched leather. It shows some small chips around the bottom and near the handle. There is a sticker mark on the side of the mug and a small area of discolouration on the silver rim. The mug stands at 4 inches tall and is stamped with the Royal Doulton stamp on the bottom as well as the numbers "4980". The registered number is 138799. The crest on the front is orange.

Small antique imari or Gaudy Welsh patterned teapot, made in England. Crazing and some staining inside.

7 Art Books: 1. The Art of National Geographic: A century of Illustration 2. Graphic Design History: a Critical Guide by Johanna Drucker 3. Dreamscapes: Exploring Photo Montages by Andre Gallant 4. Flowers, Flowers, Flowers Andy Warhol 5. Mackintosh by Tamsin Pickeral 6. Angels & Fairies: the World's Greatest Art 7. The Cats' House by Bob Walker

Two cookie jars. The clown wears a sinister expression, overall shows some wear. It is heavy relative to size. The car is from the 1980s, made in China and is in good condition.

Crown Ducal Teapot and cups & saucers set, in cobalt and gold with pink roses. The teapot is small and the cups are suited for espresso. This could also be a child's tea set. The set shows crazing under the glaze. and a few blue marks. There are 6 cups and 5 saucers. There are no chips or cracks.

Antique hoop back chair with cane insert. Shows some minor wear.

Victorian enamelled clear glass pitcher and 3 glasses set. White and gold floral embellishments. The pitcher is about 11 inches tall. The glasses are about 5 inches tall. Good condition. No chips or cracks.

Three cookie jars. 1. Vintage ginger bread house made in Italy. 10" high 8" deep and is marked NCC on the bottom. 2. Enesco Bambi Cookie jar made in 1950s a Disney Bambi & Thumper are in the foreground. There is a small chip on the deer's ear. 3. Sears Merry Mushroom from 1970s 11" tall with lid, 7" wide.

Three vintage made in Japan planters all in good condition. Running dog planter made into a pin cushion measures 6" long 4" high. Dog with cart is 5 3/4" high. Both dog planters have gold painted accents. Running elephant and dogs are all heavy for size. Four fun anthropomorphic egg cups made in China from 1980s.

Vintage ceramic bookends. 1. Lion heads with sticker marked Chase. Hand painted. 2. Tigers bookends 1950s. Measure about 5 1/2" tall, 4 1/2" long and 2" wide. Both sets are in good condition.

1950s Jamar Figurine wearing blue lace dress and knitted hat. About 10 inches tall.

Vintage retro wood table. Shows wear.

Portmeirion Botanic Garden four cup teapot. 7" tall. In good condition. Light crazing, light stains inside.

One vase designed by an artist with metal and glass accents, matte finish approximately 8" tall. The other is round with etched designs, glass is thick. Both are in good condition.

One Hummel figurine called "Hello", 124/0. Full Bee stamp. has a chip on the front collar of the jacket as shown in the photos. No other issues. One smaller Goebel figurine of "Little Drummer", 240. The sticker with the name is peeling off. Otherwise in good condition.

Small antique threaded white over cranberry footed creamer. One of the feet on the creamer is chipped.

Smithy the blacksmith tin toy bear, vintage. Made in Japan. Lights up, does not hammer, missing a tool from the left hand.

Oil landscape, illegibly signed in the bottom right corner. The painting is set in a gold wood frame with the maker on the back. There was an article in South Coast Today that described the history of the framer, Manual M. Alves and states that he moved to a shop on Middle street in 1922. The frame shows some wear to the paint in spots and has some areas of pink paint spots. The frame measures 27 inches long by 17 inches high.

2 Vintage posters. One celebrating wine, the other olive oil, could be hung as is, backed with cardboard. Small print is plaque mounted. All ready to hang.

All of the books are in good condition and show little to no wear. Insides are clean, covers may show light scratches or wear. Lot includes Star Wars Comics, Star Wars Complete Cross-sections, Doctor Who - The Visual Dictionary and Halo Encylopedia.

2 DVDs and one VHS set, all sealed. Star Trek Animated Series, Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, Star Wars Triology VHS.

Flower Pot Made in China. About 10-12 inches high.

Two cookie jars. First: is of a beehive. It is in good condition. Second: Dress cookie jar is marked Jars Ala Mode, Hand Painted Faience, Seymour Mann. It is in good condition. Measures 10" tall, 8 X 7 1/2" at the base.

Three vintage planters. 1. Leopard in jungle. 2. Donkey with cart 9" high 9" long, made in Japan. 3. Squirrel and tree, Sylvac, Made in England, 4 1/2" high. Vintage rhino bank from 1950s, 5" long 2 1/2" tall. In excellent condition with original Japan makers label on the bottom.

Two vintage planters: 1. Stanfordware Pink & Black Rabbit Planter. There is a small crack towards the front of the hole for the plant to go in. Measures 5 3/4" tall. 2. Vintage rooster planter made in Japan. Ceramic figurine goose and chicken.

Lladro figurine, boy shepherd with goat, 4506. It does not have the Lladro sticker on the bottom, but this was purchased as a Lladro and it is marked made in Spain on the bottom. The original sticker came off over time. Approx 10 inches in height. No chips, may show very minor wear to the matte colouring.

Royal Doulton, The Helmsman figurine, no 2499. The head was broken off and repaired. Barely noticeable except for a few spots around the neck.

Vintage Denon Compact Disc Player (model DCD-1500 II) and Aiwa Stereo Double Cassette Deck (model WX 220). Both are untested.

Star Wars C-3PO: Tales of the Golden Droid, Masterpiece Edition, Limited, Collector Figure and Deluxe Illustrated History. Never been used or displayed.

Doll Parts as shown.

Two vintage cookie jars with missing lids. Minor marks to the faces of both. Minor crazing. Miss Priss Kitty, ESD Japan 7178 and "Miss Cutie Pie, GC Japan. 6-7 inches.

Four vintage planters Relco dog is hand painted and made in Japan. It could also work as jewelry organizer, rings etc. Matte finish on elephant, dog and girl planter. Shawnee dog with boot is 8" long 4" high. All in good condition.

Three cookie jars or canisters. Tallest is approx. 11" high and 6" wide. About 20 years old and in good condition. The maker is Dansk.

Set of two vintage duck creamers, marked Germany. There is a small crack in one and some other spots of wear. Please see the photos. One Royal Doulton Nursery Rhymes bowl (Simple Simon), shows wear and crazing.

9 books: 1. Scandinavia Living Design by Elizabeth Gaynor 2. Rose Painting by Bjorg Oseid Kleivi 3. Design Basics for Swedish Folk Art 4. Scandinavian Pained Decor by Jocasta Innes 5. Norwegian Rose Painting in America: What the Immigrants Brought by Nils Ellingsgard 6. Watercolor in Bloom by Mary Backer 7. Different Strokes Watercolor by Naomi Tydeman 8. Painter Watercolorst that Dance with Light by Elizabeth Kincaid 9. Bjorn Wiinblad 80 ar

7 Books: 1. A Wonder Book for Girls and Boys (slipcase) 2. The Road to Oz by L. Frank Baum 3. Oz Story No. 1 4. Oz Story No. 2 4. Practical Magic edited by David Robbins 5. Karen Kain's Fitness & Beauty Book 6. Speeches that Changed the World 7. The Brand New Monty Python Paperbok

Ottoman in background not included. 2 watering cans (one old, one new),Lantern, Decorative container, decorative frog with crown, old metal bowl on pedestal, 2 decorative birds for garden.

Two trays, one in a floral Italian style. About 15 inches long.

Lot of five vintage planters: 1. Madonna and child standing 2. Girl with flowers, Japan 3. Girl with red cheeks, Japan. 4. Girl in 3 Tiered Pink Rose Dress ~ 6" made by Florence Ceramics 1940s. 5. Vintage German bisque lady, missing hand.

Four vintage planters 1. Ceramic Virgin Mary Baby Jesus Planter, mid Century Napco 1958. 2. Cute Hippo Planter, Marked Japan. 3. Irish Setter with bird in his mouth planter, made by Napco Japan - Sticker still on bottom. Measures approx. 3 1/2 " tall by 4 1/2 long. 4. Oriental man.

7 Gardening Books: 1. Lois Hole's Rose Favorites 2. Health Secrets of Plants and Herbs by Maurice Messegue 3. The Gardener's Life: Inspired plantsmen, Passionate Collectors and Singular Visions in the World of Gardening 4. Zen Gardens by Erik Borja 5. Grow Wild! Native Plant Gardening in Canada by Lorraine Johnson 6. 1001 Pelargoniums (aka Geraniums) 7. Canadian Wildflowers Through the Seasons

Large tray with painted bird. 15 inches in diameter. Good condition.

Four vintage cookie jars. A lion, a cat and a bulldog. The lion is made in Japan and the bulldog is marked 8981 Japan. There are a few imperfections and some crazing on the first three cookie jars. The pig has noticeable crazing and major damage in the back which was repaired.(please view the photos).

First planter: glazed ceramic is signed Walter Wilson and is from the early 1950s, maybe earlier (Pasadena, California. Measures 8" tall, 5" wide & 4" deep. Good condition. Second: Girl 8" tall and made in Occupied Japan. Tiny chip at back of hat.

Lot: Vintage, hand painted medium sized planter, made in Italy. Marjolein Bastin (Hallmark) Bird house music box. Decorative lidded ceramic container marked "Mexican Sunrise" Giftcraft. Microwave, dishwasher and ovensafe. All in good condition.

Light purple glass whimsey pipe. Over 20 inches long. There is some discolouration as shown in the second photo. These pipes would have been made at the end of the day when glass blowers could experiment with their own creations.

Eleven Wade figurines: Little Red Riding Hood, Hedgehog, Three Bears, Hippo, Humpty Dumpty, Old King Cole, Wolf, Grandfather Clock, Goose preening, Puss in Boots, Alligator. Some writing on bottom of pieces. Some chips and cracks.

Lot of 12 Christmas ornaments, including a sock monkey ornament, a jack in the box, a dog with little dangling feet that move, etc. Ceramic Xmas tree with light fixture. There are also Christmas playing cards.

Japanese paper lantern style lamp, never been used.

Crystal Glass Religious Figurine. Celluloid Kewpie style doll in flapper outfit. Vintage pin cushion half doll purse.

Vintage Helen Hutula (Tat-L-Tale) cookie jar with non-functional voice box. Her pointed finger is broken and missing and she has a chip on her nose. There is crazing as well as a crack on the rim inside. One of the photos shows the inside of the head. American Bisque Owl cookie jar has marks of discolouration. Both are about 10-11 inches tall. There is also a Kookyk-Egg cookie jar by Green Products, Cleveland. This cookie jar shows wear and crazing as shown. It is missing the lid.

Two vintage puppy dog cookie jars. The dog with the blue eyes is marked McCoy and has cracks to the lid and the back of the bottom. It has crazing inside. The Hound Dog cookie jar has a crack to the lid and a chip to the left ear (in the photos).

New brie baker, red ceramic. White two cup ceramic teapot in good condition.

Christmas tree skirt to go around the bottom of the Christmas tree with reindeer and pom poms. The outer rim is faux fur. Also included are a set of strung wooden beads, that can be placed around the skirt.

Set of 11 Christmas ornaments, small to medium in size. 5 are blown glass ornaments. Some are vintage, purchased in New York.

Framed photograph by Brian (cannot make out the last name). Purchased at Toronto One of a Kind Show in 1990s. Fantasy photo montage.

Natural history sea urchin print in heavy mirrored frame. Medium size.

Cedric Deslaux Dark Lens hardcover book in good condition, with some very minor wear to the cover at the edges and corners. Great book for a Star Wars fan. Books showcases the artist's interpretation of Star Wars through photos. Dark Lens Over the years, many artists have interpreted Star Wars in ways that extend well beyond anything we saw in the films. One of the most unique and intriguing interpretations that I have seen is in the work of Cedric Dessau, who has cleverly integrated Star Wars characters and vehicles into stark urban, industrial - but unmistakably earthbound - environments. As novel and disruptive as his images are, they are also completely plausible." George Lucas

Complete Series of Borgias on DVD. Seasons 1 and 3 are still sealed. Season 2 is opened but discs are in good condition.

1930-1940s large composition doll with red hair and blue sleep eyes. She is wearing a knitted dress and she has leather booties on. She has a barrette in her hair. She may or may not come with the hat. She has a few cracks to the composition on her face/back of neck and some chips to her hands. There are some marks on her legs. Her body is made of muslin and straw stuffed from what I can tell.

Three vintage Madonna planters 9, 10 and 7 inches tall. Madonna on left with halos is circa 1960, American Bisque. Measures: 9" height, 6.5" wide. The holders (inside) show some dirt. Otherwise all are in good condition.

Three planters are Madonnas with child the fourth is a Madonna alone. The first one is 1959 Samson Import 6" tall. All are made in Japan and in good condition.

Set of Capodimonte floral candle holders in various sizes, small to medium. There are chips and repairs, some are not photographed. Some have stamps and some do not.

Set of Capodimonte floral candle holders in various sizes, small to medium. There are chips and repairs, some are not photographed. Some have stamps and some do not.

15 inch tall Marie Claire glass vase. Thick glass no chips.

One Aynsley Art Deco Poppy and Wildflower patterned plate, and one Clarice Cliff plate with a slight discolouration.

Four heavy espresso cups and saucers made in Portugal. Good condition.

Lot of 10 Christmas decorations. The three santas are all made of wood, the tallest is 20 inches while the other two are about 10 inches tall. Also included is a star shaped twig/berry tree topper, a gold star twig ornament, two branch balls, a gold eucalyptus wreath, a small wooden sleigh and a wooden basket filled with pinecones and fake fruits.

Included are two faerie Christmas ornaments (one boxed) as well as two tins with a faerie design. One Dept 56 Snowbabies Christmas ornament and a Snowbabies figurine with a penguin and snowman.

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