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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Have not been check for gold or silver. Large assortment.

Working condition NOT known.

Still works fine, has external floppy drive & CD drive with cable. Computer comes with mouse. Set up with Windows XP . Case to carry all.

8 feet x 5 feet 7 inches

Large assortment of watches (untested).

Two vintage typewriters, one Underwood and one Remin, untested, with 3 books.

Total of 11 pieces, no chips or cracks.



Assorted necklaces and pins along with box

6 foot long x 9.5 inches wide, 15 inches from floor.

2 rings full

2 wringers plus seeder

Beveled edge Mirror is 39 inches x 27.5 inches with out the frame

New Coleman cooler, kettle, Coleman Quick Lite heater, fold up stool, tripod, gardening container, sleeping bag is new ever been used.

55.5 inches tall, 20.75 inches wide, top shelf 20 inches x 7 inches, second shelf 20 inches x 9 inches, third shelf 20 inches x 11.25 inches, bottom shelf 20 inches x 1.5 inches

Spoons, letter holder, pink depression bowl, cornflower cream and sugar as well as a dish, red heart art glass.

Large assortment of Cherished Teddies, some have boxes.

Oil lamp, assorted bubble edge glass

52.5 inches x 17.75 inches. Mirror is in 3 pieces

Including Limoges, Staffordshire and Royal Albert. No chips or cracks.

Garden Claw, saw, shovel, pump and others

Majority are mint, some have light hinging.

44 Piece Dinner set made in Poland called "Favelina"

8 books on Antiques

Necklaces and pins as well as a mirror

2 candle holders, 3 footed dish 7.25 inches, 3 section dish 9.5 inches x 7.75 inches, 4 section dish 14.5 inches x 7.25 inches , no chips or cracks

11 books on Antiques

Boxes of thread, zippers, lace trim and more.

Large assortment, new.

What you see is what you get, the Paragon has a crack and chip, all the rest have no cracks or chips.

2 large pieces. Green strip is 66 inches x 114 inches, the multi color is 108 inches x 118 inches, many smaller pieces

2 vases, basket and large vase

Selection of books on Antiques

Set of 6 bubble edge glasses, divided bubble edge dish, salters, candle holders, go chips or cracks.

Adorned with palm trees and butterflies. 35 inches in dia.

Bubble gum machine (not tested), clown cookie jar (has been fixed), 3 lamps, picture and Jackson's book.

Car opening tools, pin kits, old some new locks, security rings and other pieces

Assorted set of wrenches from 3.3 inches to 1.25 inches

Black & Decker saw. Working condition NOT known. Level, hand saws, brace and bit etc.

Schumacher charger to 6 and 12 volt batteries. Working condition NOT known.

Including Royal Albert and Aynsley. There is one Petit Point with no chips or cracks, the others have damage. There are 2 cups with no saucers and 2 saucers with no cups.

Another large assortment of Cherished Teddies, some have boxes.

From floor to top of seat 13 inches

3 chamber pots, 2 with lids. Green one has no lid. No chips or cracks.

Burroughs and Remington Rand (not tested)

Tool box filled with tools.

Red box full of tools.

We have 3 sets of 4, no chips or cracks.

Total of 11 pieces, no chips or cracks.

Large chip free and no cracks on this 14 inch platter

Vases, baby bottle, Sadler creamer, Asian tea pots, brass letter opener, shoe horns

Assortment of Old Foley items. No chips or cracks

2 cabinet lights (working), axe, srewdrivers, hand tools.

Books, glass.

Total of 16 scarves, hanger not included.

Craftsman tool box with tools.

Doc oval base is 4.5 inches x 8 inches, the chair is missing the top of the back, the rest of it has no chips or scratches

Working desk light, Carlsberg ash tray, small metal pot, Starbucks mug, Redhackles Scotch Whisky pitcher, Black & White pitcher.

Assortment of China, Norman Rockwell "Loves Harmony Bell", clock (untested), large white vase, Famtree cups and saucers (9 cups 8 saucers), Wedgwood Richelieu creamers and platter.

4.75 inches to 6.5 inches in height

Floor to seat 18 inches, over all height 42.5 inches

3.5 inches vice, lantern, horse shoes, clippers, power supply etc.

Assortment of china, small pitcher, vase, plates and dishes

Clock (not tested), assorted plant pots, round leather neck collars with 2 collars, covered butter dish.

What you see is what you get all is one lot. Coke, Crush, POP, Pepsi and more.

Tried it and it still works.

2 Hold Howard mugs, 2 Cherished Teddies, bell, moustache mug, large bowl and others. No cracks or chips noticed.

11 assorted Fonts, need cleaning

Tray of pins. Necklaces and pins with box

Large collection

Brief cases, screen, hot plate (not tested).

Wooden tool box with assorted hand tools.

Assorted tools with box.

Pictures, small vase, cat, candle holder, wooden cats and other items

Mugs, vases, clock (working condition unknown), china dishes.

Assorted pots, mugs, trays, coffee pot of metal ware. Comes all together in large blue container.

Set of Luster ware, 6 cups and saucers, cream and sugar, oil lamp, A&W mug, 4 plates with roses on them as well as 8 salad plates with roses on them, Holt Howard salt and pepper. No chips or cracks.

Set of Oakwood dishes, 8 plates, 6 cups, cream and sugar ( no chips. Or cracks), desk bell, mirror 16 inches x 13.5 inches

Horse, large vase, orange covered container, pitcher and dishes.

Clock (not tested), 10 Avon President's Club plates.

Small covered foot stool, candle holder and lamp

Selection of Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books.

Has a lock & keys. 22 inches high, 12 inches x 12 inches. Has shelves inside

Wood bowl is 9 inches dia. 5.25 inches high. Pumpkin is 7 inches wide, 5 inches high

A number of the beer bottles are still full, not fit to drink, only selling the bottles not the contents.

7 Yard sticks, level, door bumpers, door chimes (not tested)

Resource material

Large bowl 13 inches dia., platter 15.75 inches

Hot glue pots, letter paper holder, Daniel Dakota Quartz clock (Working condition NOT known), rulers etc.

Beach tool box filled.

32 inch umbrella, Blue Mountain swan, salters, Moose Lake plates (6), salt & pepper, clock & other items.

Dust masks, iPhone covers, screw driver, assorted hardware and tools.

3 sets of 2 along with some extras

Assortment of picture frames and wall hangings.

vase, large bowl, serving platter and dishes

8 fonts, need cleaning

Assortment of plastic and metal plate stands

Salt and pepper cats (plastic), small vase, egg cup, planter, mugs

Total of 24, mix of colours and fabrics. NOTE: the holder does not come with them.

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