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You can enter a new max bid at any time by entering a bid greater than your current high bid.
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You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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CCM System X2 Revenge boys bike, some rust and wear

Size 3, 60, 36, 36, 36 and 31 packs assorted brands. 1 pack of 100 Pampers size 2

9 Clear white storage bins with attached black lids, some wear

Tour Edge golf bag, 3,4,5,6,7,8 and wedge Ping Eye Red Dot irons and 9 Dynamax iron

5 Solid brand speakers, untested

2 Boxes of 10lb each white packing paper

New Penalli pen set collection, 65 piece refill set, with wear on box

HP and Acer, no batteries and Dell laptops all untested plus assorted cords that may or may not match.

2 boxes of 6 each ultra thick clear Packing tape, SS-580

2 Montreal Canadians Toques, XXL Team Canada Jersey, no rips, tears etc. and McDonald's mini Stanley Cup Trophy

Black Samsonite hard suitcase approx. 18X26X9. Item is new and never used but has some scuffs on the outside.

Large bag of knitting yarn, at least 50 partial and full rolls, knitting needles and other sewing items

2 New Pampers Baby Dry size 4 diapers, 31 pack and 96 pack

Binder full of hockey cards and some loose ones. Approx. 360.

2 New Circo Steel stock pots with lids. 8 and 16 quart, box says 3 pots, 2 pots only missing the 12 Q, wear on box

New Variations 6Q chafing dish, wear on box.

Box of 12 pair, Blue Ray blocker Tru lens sunglasses, UV 400m

2 saws, sledge hammer, axe and large squeegee

50th Anniversary Cinderella Carriage musical snow globe, working. Plays So This Is Love, needs 2 AA batteries for it to snow

Battery cables, shift knob, 4 tire tread depth gauges, tire pressure gauge, jack stand, cup holders and more

2 Table Lamps, working

White Panasonic 1200W Inverter Microwave, NN-ST642W, clean and working

Polaroid DVD player, powered up, no further testing and 30 DVDs in original cases pictured plus 3 with no cases, no bootleg

Vintage Brass serving tray with folding wood legs, some markings but origin unknown, needs polishing

New Home Studios stoneware dinner set in distressed box, 4 each dinner plates, side plates, bowls and mugs

1 serving bowl, 10 rice bowls, 10 smaller bowls, 10 small spoons, 5 plates, 2 small platters, 1 large spoon, 2 square plates, 6 shallow small dishes, and 4 tiny shallow dishes. New in damaged box with markings in Chinese, set may be incomplete

2 Binders of assorted software plus box of vintage soft discs including some PC games circa 1986, untested

Pens, holders, tape, staples, punches, clips, cash box, binder, pencil sharpener, scissors, envelopes, elastics, and more

New Korkers Ultra Ice Cleats

Case of approx. 50 orange and blue kids homework bags

2 Nintendo 64 and PlayStation consoles, Nintendo Gamecube, Gameboy, 2 Wii games, 2 PC games, Nintendo DS Band Hero and assorted cords and controllers that may or may not match in a bin, all untested

Factory Refurbished Creative External Sound Blaster Extigy UL, PN70SB009003005, in box, untested

1 box of 100 Staples slim CD/DVD jewel cases plus 2 pack Sony DVD-RW

3 heavy duty and 1 regular dust covers, 10X20

2 Sealed new Uniden FRS440 Ecotrek 2 way radios, 2 mile radius, untested

New Newcom Webpal TV/Internet interface, box inside is sealed, untested

Box of New Hollywood sunglasses

9 Boxes of 12 each pens, 5 black, 2 blue and 2 red

Striped Tub Chair with removable washable cover, no tears

New 24" tall and approx. 8" wide bamboo lamp with green shade, working

Approx. 80 sheets assorted sandpaper

2 cassettes, 3 VHS, 2 CDs, 1 Album, 1 book and 1 magazine of Elvis

New Addonics model AAMD25CS pocket mirror hand drive, untested

New P/N 05K8921 IBM ThinkPad 390 DVD/FDD Bay Drive, untested

3 sets of 4 each crystal glasses in different styles. 1 Mikasa, 1 Crystal Clear and 1 Cristal D'Arque. New in boxes with wear on boxes.

Wind Machine floor fan, working

2 boxes of 100 each Gemex page holders PP2119

New in box Toastess S.S. citrus juicer, tested working.

New Walther Crystal pedestal cake plate in box with wear

New The Art of War Book by Sun Tzu with traditional Chinese book binding

Mirror, metal hanger, metal ship plate, tea box, candlestick and new IKEA mesh hanger

10 New Suntuff sunglasses in mountable hard cases

45 CDs in original cases pictured, assorted genres and 2 CD holders

New Mastercraft Socket set in case, unused but marks on outside of case

5 new Pacease King sized mattress bags

New Sears Craftsman Shopdust vac system, untested

New in sealed pack Sterno Professional Culinary Torch, ST06003, untested

Candlesticks and Platters in silver plate and other metals with other assorted items

5 new single mattress or box spring bags, 39 X 9 X 96

New Powmax LP-6100X Series ATX Switching power supply, untested

4 wheel carpeted dolly

Unknown brand kids bike, brakes don't work and tear in seat

New 3M gel mouse pad with wrist rest

11 snowmen, 6 angels, 1 cross and Russ trinket box, all new

11 small plastic baskets, bottle brush, mop head, fire alarm, untested, shower curtain liner and measuring cups are all new. 2 dust pans, 2 plastic baskets and iron, working are not new.

Case of 4 rolls Platinum Max 65 hand film

DW996 DeWalt 1/2" adjustable clutch hammer drill with battery and charger, working

Tool Box with assorted scissors, hand tools and partial socket set

New Polaroid iZone digital and instant camera combo, untested

New 3 packs Geographic business cards 250 each, 1 pack Avery business cards 250 each, 1 pack of 5 Avery magnet sheets and 1 pack of Avery 750 address labels

5 New Champion locks

2 new 24 can Coors Light backpack cooler and new Dickies insulated lunch cooler

2 XL bags of packing peanuts

Hammers, wrenches, saws, sockets and more in a plastic tool carrier

New Atlantis 28cm heavy lead crystal vase in box with wear

Wrenches, clamps, screwdrivers, Allen keys, punches and more

8 assorted hand saws

3 Switches and assorted switch plates and box of 10 Matsushita switches part 8610, new untested

20 roses and other assorted new flowers, approx. 50 pieces in total

Box of 11 new plastic punching bags

Clik 40 iOmega drive for digital cameras, new , untested

Mastercraft Maximum 1/4" cordless impact driver, 14.4 volt model 54-2859-8 with battery and charger, working

Security and work lights, untested

12 D-Ring tie downs, 8 model 59114 and 4 model 59109

5 cell phones, 1 Blackberry with charger, powered up and working plus Garmin GPS, others. All untested.

Over 20 everyday household items. Batteries 2016/17 insulator kit, coin wrappers, lock, plumbing and more. All items new

20 New Reusable bags that say The Storage Spot

New Polaroid Photomax photo scanner and software, ITEUECA3KC4E, untested

New Dynex cords, AC power, USB 2.0, Ext. cable X2, serial modem, DV1 to V6A cable and more, all untested with some wear on packages

Milk crate full of ropes and some straps

Wicker and iron plant stand

2 desk lamps, working, credit\debit machine, adding machine, labeler, price tag gun, paper rolls and more. Everything powered up no further testing

Over 100 pieces of silverplate cutlery, 21 forks, 12 dessert spoons, 24 knives, 15 spoons and 3 servers in same style marked 800 and various other pieces marked Oneida, EPNS and Rogers Bros. All have some tarnish

Mickey bank, Jelly Belly candy machine, musical jewel box, 6 barbies, dinosaur, Disney picture, all working

New Vialta multi-function DVD player model Vi200-FR, DVD, MP3, CD, Karaoke, Internet and more, untested

Box of Bibles and children's stories

6 packs of 100 each Gartner brochure paper, all same design

6 new sets of Life Brand anti-nausea bands and new Sabona copper wristband size medium

Halloween costumes and accessories, some new

Large variety of assorted screws, nails, nuts and bolts

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