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Swarovski Crystals All etched with Swarovski swan No box or certificate Sorry I don't have more detailed images No damage

Swarovski Crystals All etched with Swarovski swan No box or certificate Sorry I don't have more detailed images No damage

Genuine Swarovski Crystals One is missing a certificate but is etched on the bottom and all have a box

Spoon collection 3

Spoon collection 1

Small containers, eggs, & other random items

Teak chair

Crystal (or glass?) figurines Similar to, but not Swarovski The butterfly may actually be Swarovski. I have a box for it but I couldn't find the Swarovski swan etching

Sculpture around 5 pounds carved from stone

Bound books Sherlock Holmes Agatha Christie O Henry Charles Dickens Robert Louis Stephenson Raymond Chandler Leather binding

Silverplate tea set Plenty of "staining" or "oxidation" See images Hinge has come off on both pots

Spoon collection 2

Pedal exerciser Resistance can be varied

Painting, framed I'm afraid I don't have accurate dimensions About 2 1/2' x 3'

Spoon collection 4

Jars and vases

Radio walkman (2) and transistor radio Untested but may work Sold strictly for retro appeal

Various items mostly of glass Shoe is ceramic Green ball is carved of something jade-like but it could be plastic

Curio cabinet, corner display unit Height: 72" Deepest part: 26.5 inches back to front Full width: 36" Contents not included Solid wood 2 functioning lights inside

Various ceramics

Crystal (or glass?) figurines Similar to, but not, I don't think, Swarovski

Cotton bedspread Seems like it could fit either a queen or double bed Sorry, no measurements One image shows a stain

Doll house Hand made Contents are very old (not sure how old)

Pair of sculptures Mother and child (bronze?) Woman's face (comes with a black base (not shown) I don't have accurate dimensions but the face is about 12" tall The mother and child is maybe 22" tall Kerchief

Metal sculpture and stone sculpture Stone sculpture is a candle holder

Spoons, knives, plates, etc Some mother of pearl in the spoon, I think

Magnifying mirror, jewelry box, "grabber" Light works Some staining on front and base of mirror (see pictures) Grabber is made in Germany Jewelry box has a small area on the right where some stain has rubbed away

dishware collection

Ceramic vases and pots

Ceramic vases and pots

Large wooden carving (Dominican Republic) Again, I don't have accurate dimensions Maybe 3' tall

Four porcelain figurines 3 Chinese

Glass vases

Various ceramic containers


Ceramic figurines

Random collection of things

Asian themed collection Some figurines, some small Chinese vases Two "grass" figurines don't necessarily fit the theme

Bedspread Queen size No dimensions available Third image intended to show detail does not accurately depict colour

Boxes, bottle & cups, candle holder

Large sea shell and other items Conch, small mirror, eggs, ceramic bunch basket of flowers, glass ashtray, metal turtle, small mirror, ceramic bell and box, match box

Ceramics Figure in straw (?) Cigarette case in plastic

2 statues 1 in wood 1 in metal I think from the Dominican Republic

Ceramic containers

Random containers Pasta is strictly decorative (do not eat)

Collection of items in silverplate There is "staining" or "oxidation" (see images)


Wall unit with drawers I'm afraid I don't have accurate measurements Best guess: Height: 84" Width: 36" Depth: shelves: 12" drawers: 18" Comes with glassed-in clock

Asian ceramics Some Chinese (front and back left) Some Japanese (back right)

3 Sculptures 1 Inuit sculpture Non-Inuit fisherman has some small chips at the bottom (see picture)

Various figurines

Dining table and 3 chairs Solid wood 10" wide leaf insert 40" diameter without leaf Height: 29 1/2" Chair height: 36"

Animal sculptures/carvings Dog is of a heavy dense ceramic or stone Tawny horse is of ceramic Reddish horse looks like wood but is of plastic, I think

Various ceramics and plates Foreground shows ash tray for armrest Black ceramic in back right is to cook Corizo using firewater Black boat has a small chip on tip (see image)

Pair of storage cabinets Height: 72" Width: 30 1/4" Depth: 17"

Plates with supports

Angels Translucent angels are candle holders Box is porcelain Angel lying flat is broken and glued together in the middle. It can by hung from a wall

Candle holders Sorry I don't have more images

Candles and candle holders The tall elaborate item is a candle made completely of wax

Glassware Some of the colour has come off on some of the glasses

Crafted by Walter of Wabash Dining Room table comes with two leaves that are separate and can be inserted in the middle Length: 71" Each leaf adds 20" to length Width: 42" Some corners chipped at the bottom Some fading on the top of the table in areas

Espresso coffee cups Set of 8 2 additional cups

Tea cups Set of 6

Cushions Lots of cushions

VHS player and two DVD players Sony plays BluRay Untested


Ceramic jar & bowl, gift box for wine, musical wall decoration, ceramic sculpture, stained glass sculpture. Please ignore image of clock as it's not included in this lot

White plastic storage shelves and drawers, laundry hamper

Complete 1969 encyclopedia Britannica with its own bookcase

Large glass casserole and two cake molds

5 White bookcases Bowed from many years of supporting heavy books but otherwise fine

Sculpture Sitting figures are of painted metal

Reader's Digest Collection Condensed books Marble book ends

Glassware Some of the gold on the beer glasses and brandy sniffers has come off

Shelving unit / Magazines Comes with 225 National Geographic magazines from around 20 years ago About 1'x3'

Sofa Camera shot shows marks not on the sofa itself Length: 76 1/4" Height: 33 1/2" Depth: 37"

Small wall shelf, corner shelf, spice rack, stained glass, marble ash tray, coasters, rooster, Tommy Hilfiger photo wallet

Boxes and soft case for glasses

Wooden side table

Wicker chair

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