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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Rare 1914 British Columbia porcelain auto license plate (only 6688 were manufactured). See link for history http://porcelainplates.net/britishcolumbia_archive.html. See pics for condition

Antique 1930's Junior GSN Toy Index Typewriter, in near mint condition and in its original box and with all instructional paperwork. 7 1/2"L x 7 1/2" x 4 1/" T. See pics for condition of typewriter and box.

Twenty-three highly collectible keys including Corbin, Yale & Towne and others.

Brock derby bowler hat. Marking states British Empire Medalists Wembley Exhibition 1924. R. H. Miller. 11" long, 8" Wide, 5" High. Unknown size. See pics.

Art Deco style Standard Broadcast Delco radio. 7" H x 10' L x 6" W. appears to be Bakelite. Untested.

Thirteen pharmaceutical bottles of various sizes. Tallest 6" with lid. Various manufacturers including one Pyrex. See pics for others. One purple tinted small bottle. One measuring flask. Most in excellent condition.

Two damaged thin 14K gold chains. 17" and 18" respectively.

Vintage Marca 2 row Accordion button box C F Accordian Hohner made in Germany. Excellent condition. No rust, no damage. Needs repair to one strap. Beautiful sound. See pics.

Original Painting by A MCKAY. Great colourful condition. See pics.

Vintage coffee grinder made in West Germany. Hand painting. In great condition. 5" x 5" x 9" x

Three vintage teacup and saucers in great condition. Pink Jackson & Gosling, Grosvenor England, Aynsley England, Paragon England.

Roll of 40 Canadian 1973 quarters in good condition but not graded.

Three lamps. Two 21" tall. One 11" tall. all working and in good condition.

Three vintage teacup and saucers in great condition. Green and Gold rim Aynsley England, Pink and Gold rim Paragon England, Marigold Paragon England.

Vintage Rummy game in faux leather case. Includes all 106 tiles, 4 trays and holders and instructions. Good condition.

MACK truck bulldog chrome hood ornament design patent No. 87931

Vintage three piece Birks, Sheffield England carving set. Knife fork and sharpener. All three pieces have antler handles. In original box. Used condition.

Georg Jensen Silver Salt and Pepper Set #629 - Gundorph Albertus Design. Brand sign (George Jensen & Wendel A/S) used from 1945 to 1951 for items that were sold in Copenhagen, Denmark Designed by: Gundorph Albertus (1887-1970) Measurements Height: 2 1/8" Stamped Denmark Sterling, 925 S, 629B

Highly collectible vintage Royal Albert Heirloom bone china England teacup and saucer. Cobalt Blue. In excellent condition.

Ridgway Potteries England Queen Anne (Turquoise Flowers Pattern), Coalport England "Cairo". No chips or cracks. See pics.

Twenty records from various artists. Vinyl in mostly in good to great condition.

1970's clock with two figurines (possible Capodemonti) with brass and granite or granite like base. 13"H, 15"L, 7"W. Untested.

Rare Antique Pickle Bottle 1800's, Rowat & Co. Glasgow RegD No 13/2762. Aqua Greenish Blue. Four paneled Cathedral shape. 9 1/2” High 3” x3” base. great condition.

Highly collectible piece picked in interior B.C. Early 20th Century "The Irving Cigar" box. Bright colours. Revenue stamp. See link for more info https://www.historymuseum.ca/cmc/exhibitions/tresors/cigares/cigarbox005e.shtml . See pics for condition.

Twenty-five pairs of earrings, fifteen rings, 15 brooches.

Regency England, Aynsley England, Royal Stafford England, Crown Staffordshire England (England's Bouquet). No chips or cracks. See pics.

Lot of over 150 (82-83) Opee-Chee hockey cards. Varying conditions. Not graded. See pics for condition.

Small Arms ammunition box (Canadian Industries (1954) Limited) for Loaded Shot-Gun Shells. In excellent condition. 14" long, 9 1/4" wide, 9" tall.

Vintage Marcasite Sterling Silver bracelet with purple glass or possibly Amethyst.

Set of fourteen Royal Albert teacup and saucers. Good condition.

Vintage wall telephone. In good condition. Untested. Heavy. See pics.

Original 1960's Green Lettering "COCA-COLA" Wooden Crate. 19 1/2" L, 10" H, 12" W. See pics for condition.

Two vintage bellows including a wood leather brass sail boat fireplace bellows 19"L and a wood leather three brass button bellows 17"L. See pics for condition.

Five items. Chain is 24" long. See pics.

Mid 20th Century Dansk spider cast iron candle holder.

Ten vintage collectible items including mid 20th century children's metal drum, alabaster ashtray, Art Deco ashtray, Lucky continuous spray gun, Dream portable transistor radio, Soehnle scale, quasar calculator, souvenir US capitol thermometer, Dansk Design pieces. None tested. See pics for condition.

Vintage Sessions mantle clock with metal horse on metal base. Untested.

Fifteen vintage toy cars, including Dinky, Londontoy, Matchbox, in various conditions. See pics.

1960'S Royal Doulton Figurine entitled WINSOME HN2220. Excellent condition.

Vintage bakelite General Electric alarm clock radio. Clock works but no sound from radio. 6" T, 5 1/2" W, 11 1/2" L. See pics for condition.

Royal Albert teacup, saucer and plate. American Beauty. See pics for condition. No chips or cracks.

Vintage RCA Victor radio. Model c503. Untested. See pics for condition.

Beautiful colourful , 21" by 27" original painting. Frame in excellent condition. See pics.

1930's Niagara Falls motion lamp. Lights up but motion cylinder not working. Gold gesso plaster over wooden frame. Original wiring. In great condition.

Six silver plate pieces including a beautiful glass casserole, two candy dishes, entrée platter and two fruit platters. See pics for condition.

1889 Singer sewing machine accessory parts in oak puzzle box. Parts in mint condition. Box in good condition. See pics.

Thirty-Six blue meat ration tokens form WWII. Excellent condition. See pics

Five vintage locks with keys, including Yale, Corbin, Kamp (no key), See pics for condition.

Twelve bottles including a rubbing alcohol and J R Watkins pharmaceutical bottles, two Old Style beer bottles, two liquor bottles, one large Victoria Brewing Co. beer bottle, two Coca Cola bottles and three pickle bottles. See pics for condition.

Royal Vale England, Royal Albert England (Tea Rose), Bone China England, Windsor England. No chips or cracks. See pics.

Early 1900's H B sterling silver pocket watch chain with Cornelium and bloodstone spinner FOB. See pics for condition.

Early 1900's E. Ingraham wood mantle clock. Untested. See pics for condition.

12" B. A. & S sterling pocket watch chain.

Chevrolet "heartland" logo hitch cover plug cap. Some wear. See pics.

Nine silver pieces including earrings, napkin holder and rings. See pics.

Vintage E.T. (in his adventure on earth) metal tray with attached metal stand. In great condition. See pics.

Large old antique brown & beige Blue Crown # 3 stoneware pottery bean crock jar 7" H x 9" W. Skey Tamworth 6.5"W x 10.5"H has a chip on lid but otherwise great condition. See pics.

Scrap book with dozens of mostly Used Mid Century Christmas, Easter and Valentine cards. All in mostly great condition. Some military. See pics

Sixteen necklaces.

The Beatles at Carnagie Hall magazine in great condition, Rave magazine with obvious used condition. One page loose.

J&G Meakin Hanley England gravy bowl, Royal Winton Grimwades England sugar bowl, H&K Tunstall England creamer and sugar bowl. Creamer has tiny chip on lip.

Over 100 match boxes, most with matches, from around the world. Various conditions. See pics.

1991-92 National Ballet of Canada magazine with Karen Kain autograph in front cover 42 other autographs by artists inside. See pics of some of the autographs.

Forty-Five bracelets.

Four Canadian dollars. 1972, 1982, 1074, 1984. Ungraded.

Eight clocks including a marine themed Reel Sound clock. Untested.

Nine items as seen in pics. Some in unopened original packages. All untested.

Over 150 coins from all over the world. See pics. Ungraded.

Three belt buckles including Harley Davidson, Dickies, brass Egyptian ruler. See pics for condition.

Five pieces including two antique ones with gargoyle handle ends. See picks

Twenty-Two Guitar magazines from the 80's and 90's. Mostly in good condition.

Twelve vintage bottles of various colours and designs. Excellent condition.

Wagner barber's leather Razorstrop, Portland Oregon, USA. Picked in British Columbia. See pics for condition.

Twenty-Three magazines from the 80's and 90's. Mostly in good condition.

Three Shovels including a Folk Art shovel 20" L, one antique Neverbreak shovel 24"L, one comedic shovel15"L. All very old and picked in B. C. See pics for condition.

Four Canadian dollars. 1968, 1982, 1984, 1984. Ungraded.

Five wind-up clocks including German Emes deco folding alarm clock-Mercedes leather, Polaris, German art deco Foreign clock, German West clock, Westclox Silver Bell clock. Untested.

Ten items including two German beer steins, two plates, four vases and a teapot and bowl. All in great condition. See pics.

140 antique and vintage postcards and Christmas cards. Majority not used and in mint condition.

Seven Used purse. See pics.

Three plates including 22K gold plated, Nautilus plate. Beautiful pink James Kent, Staffordshire England souvenir plate. Mason's Ironstone England Royal Commemorative plate. See pic for condition. No chips or cracks.

ANTIQUE Sterling Silver Victorian Clothes Brush. 6" x 3"

Four Canadian dollars. 1980, 1984, 1982, 1970. Ungraded.

Four Canadian dollars. 1973, 1982, 1980, 1984. Ungraded.

Seven champagne glasses and twelve wine glasses made in The Netherlands. No wear. See pics.

Seventeen toy cars, including a Gobots PSYCHO Future Machine car 1984 robot Transformer, five Tonka. See pics for condition.

Vintage Sadler England embossed lattice panels floral sprays coffee/Teacup. Great condition

Zone bowling ball, 10lbs. Great condition. Beautiful colours. Jessica's ball.

Scrap book from the late 19th and early 20th centuries with newspaper clippings on USA military. In good condition. See pics.

Thirteen Sophie Kinsella books books. Five Hard cover. Most in excellent condition. See pics.

Sixteen pieces including two vintage highly collectible Duraline England 1967 CN coffee mugs. See pics for more info. All in good condition.

Four vintage buttons and fourteen St. John uniform buttons, badges and brooches.

Lot of cars, some model, some metal that are incomplete or damaged. Box of model parts. Sold as is. See pics

1975 American auto repair manual and 1980 Oldsmobile Service manual. Used but good condition. See pics

Vintage Comical Half Toilet Figurine with "For My Half Asses Friend" on the side with a flower design. The lid flips up and has a little guy trying to get out of the toilet. Measures 2 3/4" high 4" wide. Excellent condition.

Unused NBA All Star ticket, in mint condition, from 2016 game at Air Canada Center February 14, 2016

Ten cocktail glasses with advertising. See pics for various companies.

Thirteen glasses most with advertising, including Harley Davidson Cycles, 007 Thunderball. Included highly collectible green Coca Cola glass.

Religious items including four hard cover books (two antique), trinket box and more. All in excellent condition. See pics.

Six vintage ceramic box lids in various conditions. See pics.

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