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This loveseat has dark teak arms and a stringer bar across the back. It is 88 inches long x 30 inches deep and 32.5 inches high. It was in a basement room and the kitties decided to use the upholstery as a scratching post. Nice piece, wood has typical age wear but needs re-upholstery.

one floor holder for 3 guitars (guitar stand) one floor holder for 1 guitar (guitar stand) one music stand adjustable from 37" to 48". for sheet music, great for either sitting and playing or standing. Brass look to it. Not antique. Also included are a book of guitar chords, a first musicians book, a book of guitar tunes and a ear training Berkley manual as well as a guitar strap from Long and Mcquade and a soft padded guitar bag from Absolute Music in Hamilton (all zippers work fine, but one is missing the zipper tab. I have replaced it with a pull). Bag has a padded handle and a backpack style shoulder straps. As-is.

Currently un-usable wall hanger violins. Also included are some currently unusable bows, broken, maybe good for tomato stakes in a musical garden. No idea if any of these can be made playable. The violin in the cardboard box has no strings . The two violins in the cases seem to be less than full-size, so small wall-hangers. One case is empty. Previously used as wall hangers/decorative items. All as-is.

Mother and child portrayed in a signed soapstone carving. Small in size 4 inches by 2.5 by 2.5 and well crafted. Does not appear to have any damage. See pictures. Signature is difficult to read in pictures: might be Cigas Galt C 98 (??). As-is

This is an older IKEA pine coffee table. Dimensions are 47 width x 27 depth x 18 height ( inches) It has a number of scratches on the top and some dings on the legs. Very sturdy. as-is

older Walser Biel case and tarnished I.YOKOHAMA, Japan flute (yellow case interior) and older Artley piccolo, has some corrosion on keys and inside mouthpiece (blue case interior). A training book for children included. Not tested. As-is.

This single bed folds up for storage and is on wheels. It has spent most of its life waiting for a guest to sleep on it. So, rarely used, and guests have said that it is comfy. Includes a storage cover. No sheets. In closed form it is 44h x 32w x 12 deep. It is on wheels. as-is

Parting out an estate collection of cards. Note that completeness has not been verified. not sorted since pulled from estate, as-is. Includes 18 smallish boxes of cards labelled as follows: (Again not verified) 1. 91-92 score Canadian complete 331-6--, 2. 91-92 score I Canadian extra 3. 91-92 Score I Canadian Complete 1-330 4. 91-92 score I Canadian complete 1-330, 5. 91-92 score I Canadian complete 1-330, 6. 91-92 Score 7. 91-92 American score. 8. 92 note complete Don Russ 9. 91-92 score (bilingual) Canadian not sorted. 10. 91-92 score American to be sorted 11. 91-92 Pro set Platinum I complete 1 to 150. 12. 91-92 Pro Set I 1-319 Missing numbers list inside. 13. 1991 Proset Set I and Set II left overs 14. 91-92 Upper Deck 1-500 Incomplete with list 15. 91-92 pro set I and II incomplete, need to be put in order 16. 91-92 OPC Bowman 17. 91-92 Score II Canadian 331-600 complete 18. 91-92 OPC complete. Note that all 18 card boxes will be in one moving box labelled Lot 61.

This set is incomplete and comes with a list of the missing cards. it also comes with a number of Wayne Gretzky cards including his assist leader card, record breaker card, art ross trophy card, hart trophy card, power play goal leader card, goal leader card, and Andy Moog and Chris Chelios. as is

Parting out an estate collection of cards. Note that completeness has not been verified. This OPC Hockey set contains the Bossy rookie card. Many of the cards are encased in soft plastic protectors. as-is

Pine quilting frame. Used condition but I never used it. Unknown if it is complete. I thought I would use it to finish a king-size quilt, but never got to it. As-is. Dimensions are 103 inches long, top rack is 22 inches deep and base is 22 inches deep. They are offset as seen in the pictures. Unit can be taken apart, bring wrenches. it also collapses to lean against a wall. Made by the Grace Company.

This is a complete set including rookie cards for Yserman, Cam Neely and Pat Lafontain. It also includes some great Wayne Gretzky cards. As usual it is as-is.

A Bushnell Ensign 7 x 35 with case. A set of Carl Wetzlar 7 x 35 Navigator with case. Both from an estate and untested. as-is

Ok, maybe not for good but here is an Elvis tin, Elvis Life magazine from June 1990, 14 Elvis collector cards and some tunes (cassettes) and tapes (VHS) from the master himself. as-is.

Canadian military badges and pins. note that two of the badges are missing each one lug on the back. See pictures. As-is

This unit was used to clean carpets before selling a house. Has sat for a while gathering dust. Did a great job at the time. Not tested. As-is.

This binder of cards includes complete sets for 86-87, 87-88 and 88-89. Overview of the binder pages are shown. Also includes the complete 86-87 OPC Hockey leaders miniature cards. Great way to see your collection. as-is.

The bench is leatherette and dimensions are 58 in wide, 19 inch deep, 17 inches high. has been in a house with cats and there are scars on the unit. The scratches on the leatherette do not show up much on the pictures, but they are mainly on the top. as-is

These cards are in a binder. Appears to be complete.

These cards are in a binder. Appears to be complete. As is. Pictures are only of a selection of binder pages.

Parting out an estate collection of cards. Note that completeness has not been verified. not sorted since pulled from estate, as-is. Includes 1. Two big handfuls of unsorted cards that all appear to be from 90-91 2. 90-91 OPC Rookie Cards (many in sleeves) and 90-91 OPC Money (?) cards also mainly in sleeves. 3. 90-91 pro set complete 4. 90-91 Bowman Set1, set 2, needs completion 5. 90-91 Pro Set incomplete Pro 1 and Pro II 6. 90-91 Upper Deck complete 1-400. 7. 90-91 Upper Deck 401-550 complete 8. 90-91 Upper Deck 1 to 396 9. 90-91 Score Canadian 1-440 (Lindros Rookie in protective case) 10. 90-91 upper deck leftovers 1-396 11. 90-91 UPPER DECK COMPLETE 1-440 12. 90-91 UPPER DECK COMPLETE 1-440. Three binders containing: 1. 1990 Score premier edition NHL Hockey 2. binder with multiple leafs (at least 7) of 18 cards each 3. 90-91 OPC hockey cards (looks complete but not verified) all cards will be packed in a moving box for ease of transport. as-is

This box includes: tray of assorted sized rings with large clear stones (no idea if they are anything other than costume jewelry, but suspect that these are all fakes intended to look like the big diamonds that women crave...supposedly), box of magnetic jewelry, two huge remote controls and one more moderately sized. Some led lights in various colors. small bag of baseball cap lights, belt with dollar sign buckle and other misc. stuff. Most of the contents appear to be still in the packages, and with all due respect to dollar stores - may come from an older version of such a shop.

Canadian military badges. These badges are all tang back. there is also one little pin. as-is.

Parting out an estate collection of cards. Note that completeness has not been verified. not sorted, as-is. Includes a shoe box and one card box of unsorted cards. Also includes cards for the 91-92 and 90-91 Central Red Army .

two Otagiri mugs with horse designs (unmarked), three orange Pyrex dishes, glass butter dish, four highball glasses (unused), two windup clocks, one in package (nextec), one westclock, two old glass bottles with lids, two denby dishes for baking, five glass Rubbermaid glass storage containers with lids, two blacklight light bulbs, electronic scale (new in box), shot glass, little blue jug. all as-is. packed in a moving box for ease of pickup.

This impressive and ferocious looking tiger was in my mother's home for years as a surrogate for a pet. It has a wire frame and fake fur as a coat. It stands about 18 inches high, 32 inches long and will likely give a scare to your dog, cat and or spouse. Substantial, stand-alone piece. Head is about the size of a cabbage but nicer looking. Collar has lost some of its bling and his paws are a bit upturned.

Lampe Berger - contemporary issue - not old, and has never had oil in it. In original Lampe Berger box. The air purifying system is called Air Pur System 3C. Oil is available in Ottawa stores. As-is.

This unit comes in a case with an instruction manual. Model: Underwood Golden Touch. Case is solid but the corners show wear. Lot smells a bit musty. Not tested, as-is.

Parting out an estate collection of cards. These appear to be mainly from the 92-93 and maybe some few from 94 season. One box is marked as 92-93 Parkhurst complete 1-240. Note that completeness has not been verified. not sorted, as-is.

Looks to be black steel. Four wood fireplace implements and a rack. Stands 30" tall, 18" wide.

This 2 cube moving box contains the following card packages annotated from the original collector as follows: 1. 1991 DonRuss Diamond King set 2. 1988 Diamond King, DonRuss set 3. 1990 7th Inning Sketch with checklist which shows that the set, while impressive is not complete. 4. 1990 Topps and 400? doubles (probably indicates that these were doubles from the collection and not necessarily from this lot) - see other lots in sale. 5. 1991 upperdeck 1-700 in order 6. 1991 upper deck not complete but substantial. 7. 1990 DonRuss, 2nd set (from estate, not necessarily from this lot) 8. 1991 DonRuss Doubles 1 ser (annotated by original collector, not necessarily reflective of what is in this entire lot). 9. 1991 Score Baseball. 10. Incomplete upperdeck baseball ( seems to include a range of years 1988 through 1990) 11. 92 Upper Deck assorted (large number) (note: seems that collector may have picked this up at a garage sale and did not get around to sorting it) 12. seems to be a Hodge podge of cards - collector has sorted and a number of the cards are in hard plastic sleeves. a section includes rookies. Years appear to include 88 through 91. 13. (In yellow plastic bag) - OPS 1990 500 to 792 baseball and small box of Score 1990 Rookie and traded card set player cards and magic motion trivia cards.

This Hilkka painting is 9.5 h by 12 w inches. The frame outer edge is 17.5 h by 19 w inches. The painting represents a field fence in a stormy day. There is one blemish which I tried to show in the pictures. It looks like at some point the canvas was poked and a little tear resulted. Not that obvious unless you really look for it.

CCM Stepper machine (not a powered unit) and misc. free weights including 2 x 1 lbs, 3 x 10 lbs, 1lb glove like weights, 1 lb ankle weighs.

Believed to all be Canadian military badges. As-is

Think of this as the surprise box. I guarantee that this box will contain two binders of baseball cards sorted as the others are in this auction. Both binders contain set of Don Russ cards. I will also add an assortment of baseball puzzle cards. Most of the other pieces are still in card format (i.e. not punched out to make the puzzle). The file box will be reasonably full and you should have fun going through the items. I will include one 8x12 picture of a famous hockey player and some smaller boxes of cards that are all at least 15 years old. Ok, to make it more interesting I added another binder of baseball cards bringing the number to three, a box of unsorted hockey cards and some football cards in 3-ring binder sleeves. I have added a photo of the packed box for inquiring minds. As always as-is

This dryer has not been used recently as there was no place for our friend to install it in her most recent apartment. She says it works but I have not tested it. Label indicates that it was manufactured in 2002 and it has Energy Guide info. This Samsung brand dryer is 23.5 inches wide, 23.5 inches deep and 33.25 inches high. It is a 9 amp, 240 VAC unit. as-is. Two person lift and probably fits into a small SUV. Bring help.

International and Canadian hodge-podge of military badges. As-is

Includes: wooden inbox (dusty and has a label partly removed on one side), two pen holders, one dual, both with marble bases, Gulf logo white dot sheaffer pen (works) and envelope opener, two brass coin trays, address book and birthday date book (both unused) , ceramic bell, box of long matches, small Celtic harp decorative wall hanger, wine bottle opener, electric paper shredder, 5 china mugs (royal albert, royal castle and royal Grafton), 1 cat mug, set of three carved cats (see no evil, do no evil, hear no evil).

Ten Canadian military badges. One of them appears to have a penny stuck to the back. as-is.

Canadian military badges and others of unknown origin. As-is

These pins are mainly related to Canadian involvement in the Olympic games. as-is.

These cards date from the late 80s and early 90s. Some packages are unopened and ready for a new collector to enjoy. This is a grab box created from misc. cards from an estate. Yours to discover.

This banker's box of four large binders includes two of 1990 Topps cards and one of 1991 Upper Deck cards. The fourth binder includes a lot of 1990 Upper Deck cards. They appear to be complete sets, at least all the pages are full and the previous owner indicated that they were complete. Easily hundreds of cards in protective sleeves. All four binders will be in a single banker's box for ease of transport.

Fully functional with remote, serial number LN22B360C5O. Television.

These are from the Nursery Rhyme collection. No obvious cracks or nicks. as-is.

Rough leather carrier with lenses and photography related filters and associated misc. accessories. I have no idea what the purpose of these items might have been. NO CAMERA and certainly not digital plug and play . As-is

Lampe Berger style air purifier - contemporary issue - not old, no box. Has the same type of burner that is included with a Lampe Berger. Not maker marked. As is.

two used books: Canadian Cap Badges of World War II (Chris Brooker), and Aircraft recognition for the ground observer, AF Manual 335-10 Department of the Air Force, note, appears incomplete but booklet starts on page 41 (with a glossary of terms. ) and finishes on page 172 American?.

Four binders that include: 1990 Don Russ Diamond Kings and MVP - looks complete 1989 Don Russ Diamond Kings and MVP and a Warren Spann puzzle still in the card forms - looks complete 1991 Don Russ Diamond Kings and MVP (not complete, places in the sheets are annotated with missing cards - looks like maybe 15 or so may be missing 1991 Tops cards, looks almost complete. sleeves have placeholders for the few missing cards. Cursory look indicates two or three are missing. Four binders are in a bankers box for ease of transport. as-is

these pins include export A, hard rock cafe, MacDonald, airbus, coca cola, as-is.

blazer badges civilian and some military cloth patches. as-is

If you ever want to brag about where you have traveled...or not, these souvenir pins and badges can show the world where you have been. Mainly Canadian locations but a few international. some duplicates. as-is

older machine, has not been used recently or tested. Needs a cleaning and probably a regulation by a sewing machine tech. My mother in-law loved this machine, but I never have used it.. Quilting publications (three): McCalls Quilting, Quilt in a Day (log cabin), New Quilting

This is the first of two that have been sitting in the basement since the VHS craze took over from the Beta format. As-is. Not tested.

This is the second unit, also been sitting in the basement since it was taken out of service when this format was discontinued. As-is. Not tested.

total of three, one Straus bros company farm merchants, National sportsman fob, moose and rifle pin from West Germany. Look to be quite old. as-is

Newfouland and Labrador Confederation anniversary medallion, Joseph Smallwood, Father of Confederation, Commemorative Medallion, roughly 3 and 3/4 inches in diameter, as-is

These are puzzle cards. Most are still in card form. A number have been sorted into complete sets but left as cards and others are loose. However, for your additional enjoyment there are a number of unopened packages that could contain that elusive treasure. as-is

These are definitely not the standard of care of 2017 but they could give the heath care provider in your life some interesting reading. Four flats of books. While not overly musty, they do show signs of improper storage and humidity damage. Unknown if the multi volume sets are complete. Includes: 8 volumes of System of Medicine, ed. Allbutt, the Macmillan Company, 1905 publication 7 volumes of Keen's Surgery, Surgery its principles and practice, volume 1 is dated 1905. vol 4 is missing and the other volumes here are from different dates (e.g. vol 5 is printed in 1909), with different bindings, all hardcover. Surgical contributions from 1881 to 1916; ed Rutherford Morison, dated 1916 (2volumes) Pye's Surgical Handicraft, ed Clayton-Green, 1916 Genito-Urinary Diseases, 2 volumes, Watson and Cunningham 1906 a few other books on Pediatrics, Diseases of the Eye, and Appendicitis. Same vintage as the other books above. all as-is.

Books include: Ontario High School History of Canada 1914, pen and pencil marked by student. Age wear and ink stains on cover. Ontario Public School Geography 1922, age wear, contains colored illustrations. Fables De La Fontaine, (in French) Gustave Dore (illustrator) published by Phidal 1993 and Esquisse de Rome Chretienne (in French) Format Petit in-folio no copyright or print date but is large format with a marbled accented cover. Life Magazines are March 92 (life after death), special issue January 1992 (1991 in pictures), August 1989, (Woodstock where are they now?)January 1990 (Year 1989 in pictures) and January 1989 (88 in pictures) all as-is

Lampe Berger - contemporary issue - not old. Marked as Lampe Berger both in the glass underside and in the rim of the cap support. Has a faint odor of oil on the ceramic wick. No box. Includes a Lampe Berger booklet. As-is.

this lot includes smurfs buttons, Stanley cup championship bottle caps, Newfoundland patch, Nova Scotia patch, as-is.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police, some duplicates in this lot. Includes of note: Namibia Contingent pin, Yugoslavia - Croatia contingent pin, 125th anniversary pins. RCMP Tournoi Hockey Tournament 1985 and others. as-is as-is

Metropolitan insurance company long service medal (about an inch in diameter written on back Stirling), Browns Bread Limited, B of RT member 30 years screw back B0 RT member 25 years screw-back, Ottawa-Carleton 15 years, Ottawa-Carleton 10 years, as-is

Spoon: Canada 1939 Royal Visit, Coronation Jun 22, 1911 King George the 5th , King George the 6th,/Queen Elizabeth, very tiny booklet recording events during the reign of Queen Victoria, as-is

Three sets of glass panel doors for Ikea Billy bookcases. These doors are beech in color. Missing some hinges which are available from Ikea. Each door panel is 15 3/8 wide by 761/2 inches tall. as-is.

These seven purses, some beaded, some velvet, are great accessories for a retro evening out. Also included is a pair of shoes (and only one shoe form) that grandma said were from the 40"s. Who knows? she thinks I am still 12. They look to be a size 6 or so and if you have a slender foot are probably still wearable. as-is.

New, old stock, fluffy hot water bottles (2), set of onion and potato bags (2), Deluxe bathroom organizer (4), Crazy quilting wallet (2), and other small miscellaneous items. As-is.

Parting out an estate collection of cards. These are football and basketball cards. Appear to be mainly from the early 90s, small stack from the 80s. Not sorted. As-is.

Includes two candles with Ukrainian style overlays, 2 wood candle holders, salt and pepper shakers, sugar bowl with lid and creamer both marked Kronester Bavaria, flower vase un-marked. Dusty but appear in ok condition. As-is.

includes Little league Oakville, LL Ontario, LL District one, South Ottawa etc. . as is

Two pins one Bradley First Air and Air Transat - as is

a lot of pins from health care association such as the Canadian Association of Hospital Pharmacists, Canadian Mental Health Association. As-is

Brett Hull collectable medallion and other pins. As-is

Daughters of the empire, knights of Columbus, DVA, Ambulance, Legion, Canadian Legion, mason, some of the pins are very very small. note ruler not included, as-is

one from Thousand islands, two from St-Andrews Scotland, as-is

Rockliffe, Ottawa, Montreal , Vernon G Cardy Bonspeil, Vancouver, Swiss Curling association, Germany, Canadian Firefighters, 1946 Beaver curling club Moncton NB, Governor General Curling Club, 1966 Quebec International bonspeil, . Fifteen pins in all, as-is

Military including artillery, royal Canadian air force. as-is

Includes a complete set of OPC 90-91 hockey cards in a binder. Also included is a roughly 14 cm stack of 89-90 Ontario hockey league collector cards - 7th inning sketch.

Old plastic carton full of mainly old 78's, includes some old opera favorites. Most are out of their sleeves. One "book" of 78's.,a few old LPs, including everyone's favorites of Lawrence Welk and the Peterborough Teacher's Choir. Bunch of 45's including the Chantelles and the Four Tops. None of the records have been checked for play-ability. As-is.

Used Vegetable and Rice Oster Instant Steam Cooker AND Osterizer 8 speed blender, Not tested, As-is.

British Columbia Centennial '71 Pioneer Medal, and two pins, one general and one for breast cancer awareness. - as -is

Pins reflecting the places and times spent enjoying the ski hills, example include gray rocks ecole de ski, gray eagle. Saalbach, Mont Tremblant as-is

includes PSAC, Teamsters, Canadian Labor Congress, Aladdin lamp (?), umbrella (?)j as-is

from police and fire departments, couple of City of Ottawa FD, Some of the buttons are maker marked J.R. Gaunt Montreal, as-is

includes misc. police pins (OPP, Ottawa) and a couple of patches. as-is

Two boxes of sorta sorted Desert Storm Collector cards - date to the early 90s. looks they include some duplicates of various groupings. as-is

Two: How to host a murder, and battle of the sexes. Used, as-is.

Nine drawer dresser with mirror. May be press-board with veneer. It has kind of a craftsman look. I think it originally came from the Brick. We got it second hand. Holds a lot. Dimensions are 60 inches wide by 17 3/4 deep by 40" high. The mirror bolts to the back of the dresser and it is 40 inches high by 37 inches wide. Just moved it into the garage for ease of pickup. Unit has some minor wear. Has 8 drawers and 1 hinged door in the middle. As-is.

New, old stock, includes wavy hair rollers, a couple of compact travel brushes, garlic saver, sandwich saver, soap dispenser (empty), taco holders. as-is

Ottawa, Gatineau pins, one of each

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