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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Zither measures 19* 13. Violin is 22.5*8. Ukuleles measures 21 inches long. Guitar is 42 *17*45 and was purchased in 1969.

4 sets of wooden and metal skates

Purchased November 2014 . Never used.

Robert Bateman "Dark Hawk" is number 531 of 950 frame is 37*27. Cardinal by Robert Bateman is 15 *16. Note fame condition

Large teapot stands 9 inches tall. Small teapot stands 11 inches tall. Brass pot measures 7 inches across and 3.5 inches tall. Note condition

Two sets of wagon wheels 1 one measures 42 inches across and the other measures 38 inches across note condition

Good condition

Delivered December 9th 2014 and used until January 18th 2015 for only 30 days sadly. Never used outdoors. Plastic coated rims; quick-release axles; adjustable footprint; extra cushion cover; solid seat; some paint damage on outside wheels. Note seat condition.

Box shows wear.

In working condition

Grindley Creampetal dinner set for 12. Some pieces missing. Good condition

Wall mounted kitchen cabinets were mounted together as one. Purchased in 2006. Adjustable shelving. Easy to remove doors. 30x13x42 inches

Largest measures 20 * 15.5; flower one measures 18*14 and the small white one measures 15.5 * 11 inches

1 damaged

Wooden frames 13 * 11 inches. Norwell frame is 15 * 11. Note condition,

Old dresser Mouse lived in bottom drawer. Only damage to that drawer. 41x18x70 inches

31 day clock has the key. Others are battery run. 31 day clock is 35.5 inches tall, 13 inches across and 5.5 inches deep.

In working condition with manual.

In working condition

Lantern stands 14 inches tall. Small lamp stands 9 inches. Lunch box is 10 inches long by 9 inches tall and 5 inches across. Extinguisher is 13 inches long and 3 inches across. Mold is 10 inches by 8 inches by 5 inches.

In working condition. Note wear.

Miscellaneous mirror and picture frames. various sizes as shown. See individual pictures for measurements.

Assorted chamber pots. note conditions.

In working condition with attachments 22.5x10x9.

Electric drill with two staple guns

In working condition. Note paint on top. 16x8x23

5 pieces. Two more were found and added into the lot. Total of 7 traps.

Phonograph is 17 inches square and 13 inches tall. Crank handle missing

Royal Doulton character plates "The Balloon Man" measures 10 inches across. Dutch plate 10 inches. Two other plates are 8.5 inches across. Christmas ornament to inches. Cedar box 12 * 4.5 *6 inches.

Assorted pieces for one.

35*16*32.Floor standing tube radio

Miscellaneous assortment of cameras with undeveloped film. Working status unknown.

Frames are 21*16 inches. Note condition.

3 electric drills . All working condition.

Three mirrors assorted sizes and conditions. Note wear.

"The market, Manchester" by f. Robson. frame is 10*14. Other is by Parsend and is not named. Frame is 12*10 inches

In working condition

Miscellaneous Black and Decker work wheel in working condition. Black and Decker 7 1/4 inch circular saw. Needs new blade. Note condition.

Set of five decorative plates. France's Kingdom of great cats Gold Signature Collection with certificates of authenticity.

All three frames 10 by 13 note condition of frames.

Decor 1086 China. Miscellaneous. Note condition of bread and butter plates. 8 Dorchester cups and saucers with cream and sugar in good condition. Depression ware pink and green salt and pepper shakers stand 4 inches tall. Note ware.

Green set note wear. Red set quite modern. Flower set 14 inches across and 12 inches tall

Bookshelf 22 wide 9 deep 38 tall. Crate 19 wide 12 across 15 tall. Magazine rack 14 and a half long 10 wide 15 tall. Telephone table stand.

Victor Reader Stratus Human Ware digital talking book player in working condition.

Two mirrors. Sizes marked on mirrors.

4 assorted masks. approximately 19 inches for 2 largest. One more mask was found and added to the lot; picture not available at this time.

Two winter scenes. Frames are 17 * 15 inches. one is signed "Ben". Note frame condition.

Charcoal is of "Tunnel Bay, Brockville" is 15 by 12 inches. "Henley" by Jan Korthals is 14*18 inches. "N.A Cram" is dated 1973. note water damage

House is unsigned charcoal. Covered Bridge is by Rudy Wapini and is 17*15; Sea side scene is by Andre Bems. Note condition of charcoal. Frame size is 20 by 16 inches

Assorted clocks-battery run. Note condition

Birdhouse is 13*10*31. White wicker basket is 16 *11.5*3. Small brown basket is 11*10* 12. . Shelf unit is 16*6*20.

Retro lamps. Working condition unknown. 1 lamp shade has broken parts 14x9x27

C. Rom Hany prints are 14*11 inches. "Flowering Garden" print by Vincent van Gogh is 11*14 I inches

The loft print is 13 by 11. Children's bedroom by Romance dated 1986 is 14 * 12.5. Large print is 22*26 inches

Wiggly bud stand 7 inches tall. Yellow vase is 11 inches. Green vase is 8 inches tall. Angel vase is 9 inches. Round rose vases are 5.5 inches. 3 tall glass vases are 9 inches. Tallest glass jar is 19 inches tall.

Assorted children's books.

Large mirror. Can be hung horizontally or vertically. Note condition 47x28 inches

note damage.

12 Wellesley cups and saucers with cream and sugar. No noticeable chips on cups and saucers. Note wear on sugar dish

Assorted books. Note condition of covers

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