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Persian carpet. Wool. Handmade in the shiraz region of Iran. Excellent condition. Dimensions are: 5.1 feet x 7.5 feet. Category C pick up. Can be carried by one very strong person, or 2 average people.

Artist unknown. Czech folk art. Oil on canvas. Signed but not legible. Painted in the Czech republic in 1937. Guild frame. Dimensions: 25" tall by 22" wide. Category B pick up.

Assorted silverware. Category A pick up.

Hand-cut in the Czech republic. Category B pick-up. Bring boxes. Excellent condition, no chips or cracks.

Persian carpet. Large size: 9' x 12'. Significant wear. This carpet has always been indoors but in high traffic areas (living room). Category C pick up. Needs two people to lift.

Some sterling silver pieces, some costume jewelry. Strand of pearls with satin bag. Category A pick up.

Persian carpet. Some wear. Dimensions: 80" x 49". Category C pick up. Can be carried by one very strong person, or 2 average people.

Persian carpet. Excellent condition. Dimensions: 63" x 38". Category C pick up. Can be carried by one very strong person, or 2 average people.

Rosenthal Classic Rose dinner set for 6. Blue and gold accents. Includes large ceramic tea pitcher and serving platter. Category B pick up. Bring boxes.

Gold and sterling silver jewelry. Decorative gift bags. Category A pick up.

Fons record player, including supplies to clean it and remove static from the lens. Beethoven's entire collection LP's as well as other assorted big band (Glenn Miller) and Classical (Bach, Chopin) LP's. Not sure if the record player works. Category B pick up.

Walnut chairs. 5 chairs in total. Matches Lots 53 and 54. Category C pick up.

Teflon and cast iron skillets of various sizes. Large stainless steel strainer. Pyrex glass pots, three sizes (small, medium, large), with lids. Le Creuset skillet and small cook pot (Orange). Vintage copper tea kettle, fry pan and pot. T-fal non-stick skillets, two sizes, brand new and still in the box. Pyrex glassware does have some chips. Category B pick up.

Sterling silver with turquoise. Sterling silver with amethyst. Gold plated with red coral. Various costume pieces. Category A pick up.

Dimensions are: Horses (watercolour): 15.5" x 21.5", signed watercolor painting: 16" x 20". 6 smaller watercolours: 10 x 11; 12 x 11; 12.5 x 10.5; 13.5 x 10.5; 13 x 10.5; 11.5 x 15. Category B pick up.

There are 3 paintings in this lot. Traditional Czech etchings. Signed. Dimensions are: 32" x 15", 32" x 15", 19.5" x 13". Category B pick up.

Presto heat dish with flood light. DeLonghi Magnum oil filled heater (1500W). Both in good working condition. Category A pick up.

Original Aquarelle. Signed: Vieth - Wein. 1885. Framed. Dimensions are: 23" wide x 19" tall. Category B pick up.

16" x 13" (black framed etchings); 18.5" x 13.5" (framed pastel landscape); 16.5" x 13" (wood framed etchings); 12" x 16" (horseman etching). Category B pick up.

Wittnauer ladies watch (551W model) with watch pillow, box, and extra links. Sterling silver necklace with Austrian crystal pendant. Also includes various costume silver necklaces and bracelets; ceramic jewelry box. Category A pick up

Original. Oil on canvas. Wood frame with brass accents. Dimensions of oil on canvas (wood frame): 30" tall x 23.5" wide. Second Antos Frolka framed painting: 21" tall x 23" wide. Category B pick up.

Sofa chair - solid wood with purple upholstery. Coffee table: 42" long x 19" wide x 20" tall. Small child's chair, all solid wood. Child's chair has a few white paint speckles. Sofa chair is awkward to carry. Bring help. Category C pick up.

Walnut dining room table ONLY.  The chairs are in lot 55  This table has 2 leaves, each is 12". Dimensions: 50" long x 38" wide x 29" high. Matches Lot 54 . Heavy. Bring help. Category C pick up.

ATLANTIS 250-BK Handheld Two-Way VHF Marine Radio. Tasco binoculars. Wind-up flashlight. Pedometer. Crystal powered weather radio. Category A pick up.

Rosenthal Classic Rose dinner set. Dinner set for 8. Some pieces missing. Includes large serving trays, gravy bowls, sugar bowl, cream pitcher. Category B pick up. Bring boxes.

Mugs from all the Canadian Provinces, with emblems and gold plated rim. Wooden statue of swordfish. Assorted collectibles. Category A pick up. Bring boxes.

Glass top patio table and wrought iron chairs. Also comes with 2 bright red seat cushions (not shown). Category C pick up. Table is a bit awkward with the glass top, bring help.

Brand name ladies outerwear. Jackets by DKNY, Miss Sixty, Lotus Wear, Descente, Segoe and Eddie Bauer First Ascent. All are size small, and are in excellent condition. Category B pick up.

Karel Dlabola limited circulation paintings. There are 4 paintings in this lot. Dimensions are: 14.5" x 12 " for each painting. Category B pick up.

Framed, original watercolour. Signed. Czech artist. Painted in 1958. Dimensions are: 30.5" wide x 25" tall. Category B pick up.

Framed bird lithographs: 12" x 19.5" Small watercolours: 10" x 14" Large watercolour: 24" x 20" Category B pick up.

Mikasa Fine China - dinner set for 6. Category A pick up. Bring boxes.

Jetboil backpacking stove, in working condition. Tennis racket, tennis balls, baseball glove, bike lights (working condition) free weights and resistance bands. Category A pick up.

Walnut Armoire. Matches Lots 53 and 55. Dimensions: 50" long x 17.5" deep x 30" tall. Category C pick up.

Brass rooster. Wooden turtle change holder. Various collector pins. Collector plates (ceramic). Wrought iron figurines. Pinecones from California. Category A pick up.

Karel Dlabola lithographs and Tom Thomson (not an original, but a very convincing print on canvas) framed paintings. There are 5 paintings in this lot. Dimensions are: Tom Thomson: 24" high x 29" wide. Dlabola lithographs: 16" x 19", 14.5" x 17", 24" x 19", 25" x 20". Category B pick up.

Toaster, Krups kettle, Black & Decker coffee/spice grinder and big boss grill. All in good working condition. Category A pick up.

Hand made solid wood office desk. Tons of storage. Dimensions: 60" long x 31" wide x 29.5" tall (28" to underside of table). Office chair is leather, reclines, on rollers. Both items are in excellent condition. Desk is heavy. Bring help. Category C pick up.

Solid wood bookshelf. In excellent condition. Dimensions: 84" tall x 48" wide x 12" deep. Bookshelf is heavy. Bring Help. Category C pick up.

Two solid wood and glass coffee tables. 6 sided. Large one is 38" in diameter. Smaller one is 23" in diameter. Sold together as a set. Heavy. Category C pick up.

Genuine red coral, purchased in Hawaii. Hematite beaded necklaces - native jewelry. Category A pick up.

2 upholstered chairs. Solid wood. Excellent condition. Category B pick up.

Includes wooden spoons and spatulas, rolling pin, carrot/potato peelers, meat thermometers, hand held blender, spatulas, garlic press, wood salt and pepper mills, knives, pizza cutting tool. Category A pick up.

There are 4 framed pieces in this collection. Czech metropolitan print dimensions: 24.5" x 17". Karel Dlabola landscape lithographs: 10" x 11.5", 13" x 14", 10.5" x 13". Category B pick up.

Assorted pens, pencils, hi-liters, rulers, erasers and calculators, all in good working condition. Category A pick up.

Set of 8 glasses - Verona - still in box, never opened. 4 small cognac sippers. 8 glass dessert plates with 12" glass pie dish, oven safe. Other miscellaneous glass bowls for salads. No noticeable wear - Dessert dishes do have some dishwasher wear, nothing a little CLR won't fix! Excellent condition. Category B pick up

4 wine glasses, still in box. Two wine bottle openers, assorted wine corks. Manual vacuum pump to remove air from opened wine bottles, includes two corks. Martini ice container with gold accented rim and ice tongs. Ice container does have some wear. Category A pick up

Necklace is a custom designed sterling silver necklace from Amity designs on Granville Island. Never worn. Category A pick up.

8 wine glasses. 4 martini glasses. 5 cognac glasses. Category A pick up. Bring boxes.

Sofa chair. Matches Lot 52. Dimensions: 34" x 34". Very good condition, no wear marks or tears. Category C pick up. Heavy. Bring help.

Vintage brass lamp and LED desk lamp that clips to a table or desk. Both in working condition. Category A pick up.

Includes coffee carafe, travel mug, two Aerolatte milk frothers, two milk steamer pots, one porcelain tea pot with lid. Category A pick up.

Ceramic bowls of various sizes. Wooden bowls of various sizes. Ceramic pie baking dish. Various wooden and ceramic serving platters, cheese serving platters, cheese knives. Glass tea set (4) with cork coasters. Ornamental tea pot holders. Category B pick up.

Various beaded costume pieces. Category A pick up.

Some beaded. Some silver. Silver bangles are in good condition. Category A pick up.

Various beaded and costume pieces. Necklace in leather case is designed by Ragnar. Category A pick up.

Includes stainless steel knives, forks and spoons of various sizes, as well as a few sterling silver pieces. Ceramic coffee mugs, water bottles, ceramic bowls of various sizes, salad spinner. Small strainers of various sizes. Category B pick up.

Computer desk and office chair. Desk is in excellent condition. Solid wood. Table dimensions: 42.5" long x 21.5" deep x 29.5" tall. Hutch dimensions: 24.5" tall x 40" wide. Office chair has adjustable height. Good condition. Computer desk is awkward to carry. Bring help. Category C pick up.

Denby dinner set for 4. Missing 2 dinner plates. One of the two sugar bowls has a chip on the lid. Category A pick up. Bring boxes.

Assorted glassware. Set of 6 small wine glasses. 2 sets of 4 small wine glasses. 6 champagne flutes. Category B pick up. Bring boxes.

2 seater couch. Matches Lot 51. Dimensions: 6 feet long x 3 feet deep. Good condition. One cushion has a tear, but it is not noticeable until you remove the cushion from the couch. Couch is heavy, bring help. Category C pick up.

Dimensions: 23.5" x 14.5", 28.5"x 16", 16" x 20" Category B pick up.

Collector plate, glass swan statue, orchids, coffee table books. Note that the front covers have some wear. Category A pick up. Bring boxes.

2 green glass mead cups - oversized. 4 cognac glasses. 6 beer glasses. 4 small scotch sippers. Category B. Bring boxes.

Six shells for baking crab cakes. Lobster claws with garlic butter dipping bowls, ceramic hand-painted fish serving dish. Steamer. Cheese grater and rind grater. Meat thermometer. Category A pick up.

4 Spanish coffee glasses. 7 champagne flutes. Misc. beer and water glasses. Category B pick up. Bring boxes.

Leather sofa. 3 seater. Category C pick up. 84" long x 38" deep. There is some discolouration from sun exposure. Heavy. Bring help.

Canon PowerShot S70 digital camera. Comes with battery charger, battery, USB transfer cable and carry case. Camera is in good working condition. Category A pick up.

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