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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Has been removed from wall and all wall mount parts included.

Identical to lot 63.


68" tall, 11" deep. No key.

Size 10. Good condition.

Flask and salt/peppers.

Includes bumper, stuffed animals and framed poster. Bed 55x30. Current safety standards not checked, not verified for use with infants or children.

Many on stands.

26x26x31. Note wear.

19x22x32. GE.

Table 60x14. Mirror 22x34. Note wear on table.

Twelve. Royal Albert, Royal Grafton, Paragon, Aynsley.


Some porcelains including Anne of Green Gables, fabric and Barbie type.

Coffee urn, chafing dish, platters, photo frame, water jug and more.

8 sweaters. Sizes medium, large and extra large. Grey, yellow, mauve, red, pink, green. One new cream coloured scarf.

Leather, lace and fabric gloves in various colours. Purses and wallets.

Size 10. Lining is quite stained.

Bags, hair products and tools, perfume and more. Clinique. Dolce and gabanna. New Danny co Avanti blo n curl.

Royal Stafford, Radfords, Royal Albert and more.

Hammers, saw and more.

Jiffy steamer, step stool, floor fan, track light.

Small drawer. 48x14x32.

Totes, pushes evening bags, sun glasses and cases, wallets. Some new.

Roughly 11x10. Black.


Gaoler Toby mug, Atwood ceramics, picture frames.

Table 16x24x22. Lamps 14" and 20" tall. Note wear,

7 or 8 of each piece. Mainly Rogers Bros. case from 1942.

Tote bags, evening bags and more.

Stonehenge Midwinter. Note wear.

34.5x77x17. Three shelves and one drawer. Excludes contents.

Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, purse, hankies, pins

Two empty frames 16x20 and 18x20. Large floral 29x25. Plus smaller.

New sheet sets (twin and king) ,towels, table linens and pillows. 5 shelves.

Coffee table 42x25. Note wear.

Cushion attached. 36x15.

Milk glass top. Measures 45x18x30.

33x19x24 each. 3 drawers. Note wear.

Sizes 6 to 7. Never worn. 11 pairs.

Fabric headboards. Mattresses optional.


15 sets. Royal Albert, Royal Vale, Queen Anne, Royal Stafford and more.

Wall having cherubs, wall mount candle holder, small florals. Note wear.

Four figures in original packaging.

14 knives in two sizes.

Rummy, Trivial Pursuit, Othello and more.

Red cushions showing wear. Side table is solid wood 21" diameter with glass top

Mirror (17x24)two framed pictures, gold trash and Kleenex, and black bath mat.

Costume necklaces, earrings bracelets. Silk flower pins,, belts and more.

Small 18" tall, 18" wide with crystals. Larger one has no crystals. 21" wide, 18" tall.

Glass topped table 22x36. Lamp height is 30 inches.

96x145 approximately. 95% wool. Needs cleaning.

Six. Match lot 13. 43" tall.

Six Tuscan Fine English Bone China trimmed in gold. Four Royal Albert white.

From Italy, Mexico and local.

Green bowl roughly 20x10x11.

Black with drawer on wheels 16x19x23 and round side table 18.5 in diameter.

51x50. Note canvas is not flat.


Fans. 50x19. Signed Franco.

Note wear.

2 duffel sand one rolling carry-on.

Includes Bunnykins dishes.

Cleaning supplies, wicker hamper and baskets, tins ,new dish drainer and plastic organizers,

18x18x29high. Footrests. Note wear.

54x25x37. Black with gold pulls. Two off but included. Roller section does not open. Note wear.

Several sizes and styles.

Custom made. 9'x11'. 95% wool. Note wear and needs cleaning.

54x36. Note mark.

Two 36x78, two 38x31, two 22x31. White.

29x36 each. Note marks on fabric.

BBQ tools, holders and dear planks, plastic serving platters and bowls and plates. Plexiglass fish platter,

3 partial boxes.

Sliding stand for TV. Matches lot 2. Same dimensions and Color.

78x31. Note wear.

78x19.5x33. Matches lot 12.

48x30open. 26x30 when leafs down. Note wear.

Carving board, cookie sheets, baking items, roaster, pie plates, Cuisinart and Hamilton Beach carving knives.

Set of 8 dinner set. Crystal wine, parfait and liqueur glasses, Blue Jay tumblers.

3 shelves. Novels, children's and health,

Wine, tumblers, decanters and more. 3 shelves,

New picture frames, coasters, platter, napkins and more,

Ranging in size from 19x27 to 41x32,

Matches lot 1. Light grey. 2 adjustable shelves. Top not attached. Bottom 60x21x30. Top 60x12x51.

White. 72"x38"x30". Note wear.

Cement statue 24" tall (Mexican?). Platter and bowl. Paper mache fruits. Floral arrangements.

On wheels. 90x36. Matches lot 55. Note wear.

Pinwheel platter, ice bucket and more. Minor chips in large candle holder.

Matches lot 45. 66 x 35.

From Czechoslovakia.

One shelf.

12 pieces,

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