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This lot has 12 pieces of Minton Bone China, made in England. Pattern Ancestral S 376. Sold as is. 4 dinner plates 10.5 inches, 4 salad plates 8 inches, 4 dessert plates 6 inches.

2 table lamps. Table Lamps Brass color. In working order. Patina and some scratches. Sold as is. 12 inches high. light bulbs different sizes.

Oil on mansonite , signed lower left Emile Fournier. Frame 37.5 inches by 27.5, painting 30 inches by 20 inches.

This is an oil painting on mansonite, signed lower right, difficult to decipher. About 33.5 inches s 23 inches. Sold as is.

Acrylic on canvas by Majorie Moeser Singed on lower right. Artist name card attached verso Titled Illuminescence II on name card Scratches on frame. Sold as is. Dimensions 24 inches by 32 inches.

Original Watercolor and ink wildlife painting. Signed twice on lower left and middle left Thomson Double mattes. Minor scratches, damage on frame. Sold as is. Frame 24 inches by 21.5 inches. Matt window 17 by 14.

Murano glass vase. 12 inches H. sold as is. some scratches.

Acrylic Painting on Canvas Board Signed Peter Tozer July 09 Scratches on frame. Damaged. Sold as is. 16 inches by 20 inches.

This lot has 3 items. One Swenden Mat Jonasson glass sculpture, 3.8 inches H. signed and label. Two glass sculptures by artist Linda R. Fraser , Australian, signed , 2008.

H Matisse Lithograph, open edition Signed on plate H. Matisse titled Paula, Avril 50. 25.8 inches by 19.5. No certificate. Sold as is.

2 Limited Edition Color Etchings Artist Alexander Dimitrov. Signed on lower right. Titled lower center numbered lower left, Cathedral, 91 of 120. Titled Breeze, 47 of 120. Frames have some scratches. Frame 12 inches by 14 inches, Matt window around 6 by 8.5, one is bigger. Sold as is.

Etching by artist Hermann Gattiker , Swiss born 1865 , died 1951. Pencil signed and inscribed lower right and inscribed lower left. Dated 1930. Frame damaged, 17.1 inches by 13 inches, Image 10.2 inches by 7.2 inches . Sold as is.

This is an original watercolor by listed Canadian artist Owen Staples born 1866, died 1949. Artist signed lower left. Frame 20 inches by 24 inches, image 10.8 inches by 15.5 inches. Minor handling marks on frame. Sold as is.

Gullaskruf glass bottle vase designed by Arthur Percy, Sweden. Sold as is. About 19.5 inches tall.

Mix lot of 925 silver and other metal. Bulova curve rectangular mechanical watch, back with monogram, damage. Bulova Accutron, not working, crown comes out, damage. One pair of silver cufflinks. One pair of metal man playing golf cufflinks. One Italy 925 bracelet, one 925 ring with star face, two 925 spoons, four commemorative coins. Watches damaged and not tested. Sold as is.

Vintage metal and glass table lamp, uses small lightbulb. About 15 inches H, base 4.5 inches by 4.5 inches. Some rust. Sold as is.

Oil Painting on mansonite Signed on lower left N.E. McGriffin 1952. Scratches and damage on frame. Sold as is. Painting 21 inches by 20 inches. Frame 24 by 23

This lot has 2 items. One etching, signed lower left E. M. Thompson, 1914. Frame 14 inches by 18 inches. Scratches on frame, foxing on etching paper. Matte window 10.3 inches by 8.3 inches. One ink drawing, signed lower right H.J. Newman. Label verso titled On Norfolk boards. Scratches on frame damaged, 9.5 by 12.3, image 4.8 by 7.5. sold as is.

Acrylic on canvas by French artist Michel Cordi. Signed lower center, M. Cordi. Painting 16 inches 20 inches, frame 17.5 by 21.3. Scratches on frame. Sold as is.

This lot has 4 items . One champagne glass signed, 9.5 inches high. One Poland crystal decanter with box 10 inches high to stopper. One art glass vase 8 inches high. One St Clair Joe art glass candle holder 2.8 inches high, molded mark. Sold as is.

This lot has 18 items , various sizes pottery plates styled by Dorothy Thorpe of California for Crown Lynn Potteries New Zealand. Pat. 486. Few pieces without markings. Used, some scratches. Sold as i

2 items. One Oil on canvas board, one Watercolor Oil on canvas board signed on lower left. Signed Ray Cohen and titled Jerusalem. Watercolor signed on lower right John Coleman Single matte. Scratches on frame. Sold as is. Ray Cohen 7 inches by 5 inches. Frame 9.8 by 8. John Coleman , Frame 16 inches by 12.5 inches. Matt window 10.2 by 7.

This lot has 4 items. One metal alloy vase designed by Karim Rashid for Studio Nambe, 1994. Marked, scratches, 8 inches H. One enamel on copper cat signed at back BREN CANADA. 5 by 5 by 1.5 inches. Two pewter goblets by Lois Betteridge, Fredericton Canada 5 inches H. Used, scratches. Sold as is.

This lot has 4 items. One art glass bowl, signed, 3.5 inches H. One vintage Murano zebrato art glass bowl, 2.5 inches H; diameter 6.6 inches, minor scratches. One pen and paper holder cork and metal. Some minor flaw on cork. 6 H. One Decor wine cooler, 1980 s. Marked In the permanent collection of The Museum of Modern Art New York. 15 H, 8 W. some scratches. Sold as is.

Oriental Jar with a seated foodog lid. No marking. Sold as is. About height is about 21 inches to head of foodog. Diameter of the rim of jar is about 6 inches

Bowling bar set, chrome, gold color bowler. 6 glasses. Inside rusty. sold as is. About 12.9 inches high.

This lot has 5 items. One Wood sculpture signed. One Bronze sculpture Owl by artist Siggy Puchta signed . One Ceramic figurine Goebel. One metal Bell. One metal box marked at bottom Etain DArt, also signed on lid. Sold as is. Wood sculpture 5.8 inches, Bronze Owl 2.2, Goebel figurine 4.3 inches, Bell 4 inches, Metal box 2.8 inches.

Bowling bar set, plastic, gold color bowler. 6 glasses. some scratches, sold as is. About 12.9 inches high.

4 Art Glass Vases. 2 signed, 2 unsigned. Sold as is. Tallest 11 inches, Lowest 7.5

Lithograph. Open Edition. Signed on plate on the lower right. 1 35 MCE Dealer for M.C Escher Glass broken in lower left corner Scratch on frame. some Foxing. Sold as is. No certificate. Frame 30 inches by 24. Paper 19 by 20.

This lot has 5 Items. Murano, Italy glass. 2 paperweights. One signed Rika Howes 01 The other is unsigned. Scratches on Murano glasses. One air bubble burst on blue Seguso bowl, manufacturing burst. Sold as is. Dimensions, largest Seguso is about 9 inches wide.

This lot has 7 items. 1 Rosenthal Studio line Wellington plate designed by Tapio Wirkkala 11 inches. Scratches on the plate. 1 small dish by Willow Hall Sold as is.

Nude Acrylic Painting on canvas Signed on lower right Chartrand Scratches on frame Sold as is. Frame 24.2 inches. Painting 20 inches by 16 inches

Lithograph. Singed on lower right in pencil Jacques Lalande. Numbered E.A. lower left Tape marks at upper margin One brown line at upper margin. Scratches on frame. Sold as is. No certificate. Frame 22.4 inches by 28.5 inches. Lithograph on paper 19.5 by 28.5.

This lot has 2 items. Both are hand made glass sculptural paperweights, marked. Small 3 inches H, large 5 inches H. Sold as is.

Barbini, Murano, Italy glass bowl. Scratches at the bottom inline with age, sold as is. About 11.4 inches long , 7.8 inches wide

Limited Edition Serigraph by Agam. Pencil Signed on lower right. Numbered lower left 100 of 245 Serigraph damaged. Not mounted. Not framed. Sold as is. Dimensions 33 inches by 28.8 inches. no certificate.

This lot has 30 comics, Superman, Ironman and others. No serious damage. Sold as is.

This lot has 8 items. Two cloissones, snail and box. Box lid damaged and scratches. One Fan tel game, incomplete, old dirty and damage. One pottery bowl, signed. One brooch by People, Legend of Christmas Rose. One spoon, Winnipeg 1904. One spoon. One fork damaged. Tarnished. Sold as is.

This lot has 5 items. One Chalet glass bowl ashtray 4 inches H, 11 inches long from angle to angle. Four glass animals, Kosta Boda cats is about 2.5 inches H.

Watercolour by artist Aivars Zandbergs , American Latvian. Titled verso 2003 Unframed. With double mattes. Matt has minor damage. Wrapped with plastic paper. Sold as is. Watercolor 8.8 inches by 12.5 inches, Matt 16 by 20.

This lot has 6 items. One Carlton Ware. Made in England. Crazing about 5 inches H. Five hand painted and signed plates , Italy. Chips at rims. Sold as is. Largest 11.8 inche

Acrylic on Canvas board Signed on lower right. Scratches on frame. Nail holes along the 4 edges of canvas board painting. 24 inches by 20 inches. Frame 28 by 24. Sold as is.

Abstract ink drawing on paper, signed lower right dated 79. Scratches on frame. 21 inches by 26 inches. Matte window 13.8 inches by 18.8 inches. sold as is.

This lot has 2 items. One black pottery signed at the bottom DONA ROSA SB COYOTEPEC OAXACA MEXICO. Minor scratches, 8.2 inches H , 6 inches W , 2 inches deep. One stoneware pottery vase, signed GHITA 96. New Brunswick artist, Ghita Levin. Graduated from Halifax and Nova Scotia college of Arts and Design, 9 inches H. Sold as is.

This lot has 4 items. Two ceramic mid century pottery vases by Maurice Savoie, Quebec, Canada. Marked: Sial 2, 10 inches by 3.2 inches by 3.2 inches. . Two painted ceramic pottery bowl, one small one large by artist Mary Rose Young, U.K.. Small 2.5 inches H, diameter 5.8 inches, 1991. Large 2.5 H, diameter 9.8 inches , 1990. signed. Sold as is.

Hand made, hand painted, ceramic sculpture, Toronto Blue Jay jersey with elephants ,signed Atwood. Ears of elephant on the sleeve broken, missing. Sold as is. About 12 inches high, 13.5 inches wide, 5 inches deep.

Acrylic on Canvas framed with glass. Signed lower left Nathalie Vachon Frame has some scratches. Sold as is. Painting 19.5 inches by 15.5. Frame 32 by 26.

Acrylic on canvas. Signed lower right, 2002. Verso signed titled. Scratches on frame. Frame 24 inches by 32 inches, painting 15 by 23.5.

Original pencil drawing, signed and dated 1955 lower right. Paper shows browning. Frame 22 inches by 20 inches, image 14.2 by 13.2. Sold as is.

A pair of Nude art glass goblets. One signed Paula V. 05, the other monogrammed PV. Artist Paula Vandermey studied glass at Sheridan college, Ontario. About 7.8 inches to 8.8 inches high.

Bronze Plaque of a Gentleman, darkened and green patina. Sold as is. 18 inches by 16.4 , diameter of plaque 12 inches.

This lot has 2 Items. Chinese oval plates. Two cranes plate is hand painted with Chinese writing. One with hairline crack under the glaze. Color of glaze turned brownish under one plate. Sold as is. 16 inches by 11.5 inches.

This lot has 4 items. One glass pitches by Kjell Blomberg designed for Gullaskruf, unmarked, 11 inches H. One Glass with applied gold design. Some gold faded 8 inches H. Two Kosta Boda glass candle holders, marked. Candle wax remain in the glasses, 3 inches H. Sold as is.

Watercolour by artist Katherine McCraCKEN, Initial lower left K.M.C. Born 1844. Frame 18 inches by 14 inches, image 9.8 inches x 7 inches. Sold as is. No certificate.

hinese painted wood panel, 13.5 inches by 24 inches. Right leg one small flaw damage, some minor scratches and cracks. Sold as is.

Sculpture by artist Andrew Pawlowski, Polish Canadian. Lives in Toronto. Sculpture signed with monogram at lower back. Stone and metal. Steel head and neck is movable. Have photo of artist holding the sculpture. Sold as is. About 22 inches high, 7 inches wide. Please note, the photo of plates are not included in this lot , they are included in the lot 12, a mistake uploaded the photo but do not know how to delete it. sorry about that.

Oil on cardboard Signed on lower right Rod Lore Dated 68. Scratches on frame. Sold as is. 14 inches by 18 inches. Frame 18 by 22.

Still Life Oil Painting on Wood Panel Signed on upper left. Painting darkened. Frame damaged. Frame 8.5 inches by 6 inches. Painting 7.2 inches x 5 inches.

Oil on cardboard, signed lower left. Stamped verso. Frame scratched and damaged , 19 inches by 17.2 inches . Painting 14.4 inches by 13 inches. Sold as is.

Mosaic style painting, paper collage on canvas. signed verso on lower bottom. Artwork 14 inches by 10 inches. Frame 17.5 by 13.5. frame damaged. Sold as is.

Oil on Plywood Innocenti Signed on lower right. Frame has scratches. Sold as is. Dimensions 13.7 inches by 10 inches.

This lot has 4 Items. Oriental Japanese and Chinese pottery. One bone pen holder. Sold as is. Dimensions, Vase 10 inches H, Plate 8 by 5, Incense burner 2.5 H Pen Holder 5 inches H.

Acrylic on canvas by artist Trish Harding. Signed verso on stretcher, 2011. Studio UFO name card attached. Ryan Stiles Golf classic 2011. Unframed. 24 inches by 18 inches.

This lot has 2 items. One painted iron or metal sculpture on wood base, label at bottom Made in Denmark. 13.5 inches H, base 4.2 by 4.2 by 1.8, some scratches. One glass vase marked Karim Rashid Ritzenhoff glass vase. Paint loss. Sold as is.

France, Marie Paule Rigodon doll. On acrylic stand. Dusty, palm with glue marks stains. Painted scene on forehead. Sold as is. About 23 inches high, doll itself is about 16 inches high.

4 Pieces of Art Pottery. Ceramic stoneware. Amity Pottery Melissa Mills. Judy Weeden Salt Spring Island, B.C. Stoneware Plate Ruth F. Roussel, Quebec Nord Stoneware. Sold as is. Judy Weeden vase 9.2 inches Amity Melissa Mills 10.8 Ruth F. Roussel plate 11.5 diameter Nord stoneware 10.2 diameter

This lot has 6 items. Four glass plates, signed Davis, about 7 inches W, some scratches. One wood carving Haida or Mexican style totem, 9 H some minor scratches. One bronze crocodile, about 13 inches long, patina. Sold as is.

Girl Reading signed A. F. Hamilton Oil on Canvas Mounted on plywood. Unprofessional mounting leaving some air pockets at upper right. Frame has scratches. Some damage. Sold as is. Painting 18 inches by 24 inches, Frame 22 by 28

This lot has 2 items. One blenko pinched glass vase, unsigned, unpolished pontil. One glass decanter, unpolished pontil. Missing stopper. sold as is. Vase is about 9.5 inches high, decanter 10.8 inches high.

Glass hanging light. Metal hardware rusty. Sold as is. About 7 inches high, diameter at rim is about 24 inches.

Wood carving sculpture by Mexican artist Jose Pinal. Signed lower bottom, also impressed made in Mexico at the bottom. Some age and handling marks. Sold as is. About 9 inches tall.

Nude sculpture. Unsigned. Not very sure of the material. Heavy. 2 holes at the back. Bubbles all over. Sold as is. 12.5 inches Height, 6 inches Length, 5.5 inches Width.

Original ink drawing Signed and dated lower right 82 . 1. 10 Paper shows browning. Scratches on frame. Double mattes. Frame 24 inches by 29.5. Matt window 16.2 by 22.1. Sold as is.

Lot of 5 Items. Occupied Japan pumpkin teapot spout damaged. Inside teapot crazing The largest pumpkin has writing on it, but faded. The largest and the medium size lidded pumpkin have no marking. The rest marked made in Occupied Japan. Sold as is. Dimensions, Teapot about 4 inches high.

Atlas of Canada 1957, minor water stain upper left. minor damage at edges. Sold as is.

This lot has 6 items. Mid century lamps, for suspension ceiling. One double sided lamp about 10 inches long. Five individual lights about 5.inches in diameter. Minor scratches. Sold as is. Not tested.

This lot has 7 items. The largest is Sheffield Reproduction two handles tray 25.5 inches by 15 inches. All items are either silver plate or bronze or other metal. One coffee pot lid damaged. All other items with minor to serious scratches. Sold as is.

This is a photograph, signed verso on backing cardboard. Photographer Scott Johnston, 1998 2 of 25 Time after Time. Minor scratches on frame, 19.5 inches by 24.6 inches. Photo 12.7 by 18.5. Sold as is

This is a photograph by Scott Johnston, signed on the matte lower right, verso on backing cardborad signed and dated and numbered 1998, 1 of 25. Frame has minor scratches damages. Matte damaged. Frame 22 inches by 29 inches , photo 14 by 21. Sold as is.

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