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2 dressers:38" x 24" x 29" Shelves: 30" across Beds: 78" x 62" x 42" (extra legs so they can be 2 separate beds) Armoire: 60" x 30" x 20" Desk: 65" x 29" x 20"

62" x 47", used but excellent condition.

All hand painted gold decoration on these antique French lamps with ormolu bases. Both have repaired handles which hardly detract from this matching pair. See pics for details.

19" across by 2"5 high Bombay Company.

73" x 64" age consistent wear, one hinge damaged.

Everything you see here on the shelves.

22" x 18" x 7.5"

2.75" to 10" size range. Snuff bottles, pair celadon green vases, Greek bottle (?) and Immortals figurines. See pics for details.

22" x 30".

28" x 41"


1980 and 1981, signed in Margins.

33" x 22" x 15"

24" x 16" 40" x 25"

Everything you see here - Including old Sterling Silver handled carving set in Birks bag. Approx. 31 pieces, servers, boxed set of knives, etc.

3" - 8" size range, in excellent condition with wooden stands.

29" x 27" x 14".

45" x 45" x 30", adjustable comfy chair.

77" x 23" x 20".

93" by 127" fine condition. See pics for details.

Love Seat 52" x 24" x 31" Chair 33" x 30" x 26"

Staple repair to compote, 10 plates are 8" in diameter.

B&G plate, Dresden covered serving dish with underplate (small chip), antique Mason's covered entree dish, antique pink jug from washstand set. Everything you see here.

29" x 18".

41", adjustable brass floor / reading lamp.

Rex (Lladro-like from Spain as well) Boy in sleeper with re-glued head, large Lladro has broken hand as seen in photos, 8.5" -14" size range.

Fretwork plate and server.

Everything you see here.

Flowers of the month excellent condition.

20" high by 22" across.

79" x 50" x 12" Interior halogen lit top quality display cabinet. Tempered glass with fully adjustable shelves. Displays nicely from all sides, has smooth sliding glass doors. (Please not that the cabinet is sold EMPTY, not including the items inside it in the pics.- This is for the cabinet only.) Note that it is very large and heavy, please bring a truck and able bodied movers when picking up.

5.5" - 8.5" Bells, candlesticks, everything you see here.

Cobalt blue Limoges shoes with gold Fragonard decoration.

Approx 27 pieces, Royal Albert, blown glass. Everything you see here.

Hammersley & Coalport

10" diameter and in excellent condition, antique piece.

29" x 22".

60" x 28" x 52"

Veronica, Marie, Janet and The Duchess' Dress (RW). Excellent condition.

3.5" - 1" apples and cut glass open salt

2 tiered 40" x 18" x 28".

Everything you see here.

Everything you see here, in excellent condition.

6.25" HN 1619, only issued by Royal Doulton between 1934 and 1943. In excellent condition with no cracks, chips or crazing.

Royal Albert plates, Willow gravy boat, green glass plates, everything you see here.

Everything you see here. Sugar bowl missing lid.

41" x 18" x 21" one rush seat is damaged, the other 5 are fine.

As is condition, 5" and 6". See pics for details.

32" x 24"

36" x 24".

Vanity 72" x 34" x 19" Mirror: 43" x 32" x 3.5" Night tables: 21" x 24" x 16" Dresser: 72" x 29" x 19" Headboard: 82" long (Lamps sold separately)

All are in excellent, rarely if ever worn condition. Everything you see here.

18" x 27"

17" x 32". Original slug tray, with original old HAMILTON marked chrome hardware. Excellent condition, see pics for details.

Vintage Limoges pedestal cake plate, marble rolling disk both 12" across.

Everything you see here.

Old 8" diameter opalescent glass with fruit pattern.

20" height.

26" height with faux cacti.

Everything you see here.

China and bric a brac, Wades, miniature doll tea sets, everything you see here.

79" x 32" x 38" 59" x 32" x 38" Used but excellent condition, no tears.

Excellent condition 7.25" height each.

3 cake plates, compote, vase, 2 decanters, covered dish, candlestick, stir stick.

2 trays, large dish, compote, covered serving dish.

24" x 8", original watercolor portrait, professionally framed.

2 prints, 2 aquatints, signed 5" - 10"

5 eggs and 1 mushroom, 4" - 8"

Everything you see here.

Silver overlay cake plate, various serving dishes, crystal (chipped) vase.

5 ceramic pieces have some repaired damage. See pics for details.

Including antiques, pressed glass, brass, etc.

Assorted plates and saucers.

Wood carved, Foley, everything you see here.

Great condition, was a guest bed.

Rolling cart: 31" x 26" x 16" Baker's rack: 57" x 30" x 13"

Chinese mud men, Modernist teak cheese keep, pewter plate, etc. Everything you see here.

Pair antique figurines, one with repaired head (see pics). Also 3 rose bowls, 2 Capodimonte and the other Denton China. These have the usual edge chips to petals.

Everything you see here

Rosenthal, Bailey Brown covered tureen, German nutcracker.

14" x 20"

Vases, enamel bowls, everything you see here.

Everything you see here.

8 pieces everything you see here.

Everything you see here.

32" x 24". See pics.

Hammersley plates, Noritake demitasses plus Limoges.

Tart dish, glass plate, plus everything you see here.

Candles, and candleholders and vases, everything you see here.

Antique Cloisonn

Compote, 3 tier dish, satin glass vase, everything you see here.

Copper urn, glasses, compote, cross and olive glasses (one is chipped) everything you see here.

5" x 5" stand included.

Everything you see here.

72" x 23".

Everything you see here.

Silver plated jug, entree dish, marble shakers, everything you see here.

Vintage Chinese plate 9", with adjustable display stand lamp, in polished brass.

10" mint condition and floral arrangement.

Everything you see here on the shelves.

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