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Red rails lift out and have brackets to add canopy poles.17X32

Protocol brand. All appears to be unused.

Unopened 50 piece writable DVDs.Family guy Blue Harvest (appears to have all cards, glasses, and disc but only one booklet. American Horror Story 4 discs, the Shallows, mixed case of family movies (some discs appear foreign). Over 20 discs in case, untested and unknown conditions.

36X48. 12" slide out leaves. Top could be refinished, we just liked the naturally distressed look.

Most books in good shape given their age. Adhesive has failed on two books' covers (pictured). A Puffin Series Published by Penguin in the 70's.



Seat is 11" high. Bike is 24" in length. Bell and Bike in working order.

Looks like it's at least three paint jobs old. Half the top flips up.23X20X15

Seems to be in good working order. Some rust form scraped paint (pictured). Working bell. Rubber handles worn.

Owl themed crib bumper skirt and pillow, diaper genie II seems to be in good working order

33X32X18. Drawers all slide freely. On casters, shows age in wear, sticker on top surface.

One small Lulu Lemon (size is difficult to read, might be a 2), one New Balance xs. New Balance letters are worn on the front (pictured).

Variety of age shape and theme

Four hats in good shape, and one with a couple tears.

Clippers turn on but otherwise untested as is. Different styles of iPod cases mostly in packaging. Packaging shows wear.

Pyrex France

Used to be shelves apparently. Beautiful designs ready to be repurposed.63X10 (at top) and 14 at bottom.

Untested. Some drawer knobs. TV wires. Ceiling hooks. More.

One rim is missing the centre decal. 225/40R18/88 Untested.

6 to 8 inches

Lamp and Baby Blanket.

Untested, but appears to be in relatively good shape.

Not sure how to judge record quality, but they look good to me.

Three converted to wooden seats. Not pictured, two more chairs that need work.

Mostly untested lot. Car plug handheld, regular outlet hand held Hoover, curling irons, blow dryer, irons. Ultrasonic Humidifier.

Saws, various nails including those for an air nailer, copper pipe cutter, small pliers, beat up old pot with wooden handle and lid.

5" and smaller



War torn beauty

8". Legs go up and down when toy is pulled

8". Appears to have magnets on feet and hands. If you're not into Harry Potter you could whittle a stick for him and call it a Queens vs RMC hockey figure.

11X9 frame

Plush Donald with tag still on 10". Plush Wall E. Plastic figures 5". Frozen purse is 9x7".



In good shape for age, showing expected wear for age in places


Lights come on and it makes the pumping noise when plugged in but otherwise untested.

Untested. 13X9

Over 60 titles. Shelf may requiring some bracing and/or repair.

The is a soft cover that did hard time. Worn, but worth it as a conversation piece.

Speed Racer has plastic blades that slide out. Robin and red convertible are Hot Wheels. Skate Board is Kid Flash from DC Young Justice. Lamborghini Gallardo scale 1/32 has a patch of hard residue on the roof, but the pullback drive action works.

Vintage lamp and crib music plush. Plush plays Disney Winnie the Pooh theme when the balloon is pulled out.

Battery Operated. Floral pattern carved on body. One tack holding the strings has a separated head.

Untested. Used in the jungles of Papua New Guinea in the early 80's

Working order. Uses batteries (missing pose chord). Headphone jack untested.

31x16". Shows wear.

Most books are in decent shape but some are showing wear. Christmas book has a damaged spine.

Not sure how to judge record quality, but they look good to me.

Very interesting piece 12"X11"

2.5" Useful tool for explaining to those who couldn't make it through episodes 1-3.


One wooden piece to hold leaf out is broken. Shows its age in places

Copyright Walt Disney Productions, made in Hong Kong printed under ear.

Box of Christmas ornaments and some ceramics. Silhouette lights untested in packaging. Wooden sleigh and Santa door hanger and roll of cotton snow. Two tree top Angels 12". Ceramic bird needs regluing.


15X8Missing a string and three felt rings for posts. Otherwise in working order. Minor crack along top of left side.

11x14 with mounting

Clubs in various conditions and not a complete set.

Disney flat sheet, My Little Pony and ALF fitted sheets.

3 albums. Not sure how to judge record quality, but they look good to me.

Not sure how to judge record quality, but they look good to me.

Not sure how to judge record quality, but they look good to me.

Not sure how to judge record quality, but they look good to me.

Chris Pronger's bringin' Hartford back!

Uses AAA batteries. Has instructions and cautionary use guidelines.

Turns your TV screen into an art Etch A Sketch. Uses batteries.

Mortal Error is first edition and hard cover. Other two are soft cover

Lovely illustrations and informative... Who says a history buff can't have it all?!

6"x10". Wheels spin. Looks like it used to have a rear fender as well but is now missing.

9.5X9. Wooden Handle

9.5X12 with wooden handle

Two chairs with some lift due to moisture.

91.5X9.75X2. Two 2" square holes and the same in circle holes. One end tapered. Much of one side was painted green at some point

60"x17.5"x30.5". Some wear (see pictures). All drawers slide smoothly.

Size has been worn off the tag (not a large for sure). Best used for dress or presentation as it's protective qualities are likely outdated.

Both are adjustable in height. The toilet chairs arms flip up and the front wheels have brakes.

2' wingspan, base is 8.5" and it is 16" tall. Rusty the garden watcher.

Two door compartment and shelf on other half. Dings and surface wear could use a refinishing. 21"x27"x19"

10.5X13. Glass is cracked and print is worn in places.

Oct 72 and Feb 74. Showing wear.

Small tear on back cover of one issue. "Will the Queen step down in favor of Charles" not looking good so far.

Appear to me to be in good shape, but I am not an authority on the matter.

Some chips on corners.

Is missing the piece (board) that runs up the middle. Ready for restoration or repurposing.

Untested bulbs... I do not own a fish tank, let alone many fish tanks. 2.5" concrete nails. Grease nipples. Shelf braces. Vacuum bags and more.

5' tall and 6' long. Was anchored to a wall for stability.

Roof vent (spins freely). Plastic edging and small bits of plastic fence. Dishes untested. Star choice dish is more weathered than bell dish.

Fore sole music

Blue Bird tin 5.5x4"

Max Weiss tin plays "Silent Night"

Know when your dog tries to sneak out or come in late.

Dimensional Garden scenes

Maple Leafs Trio 2016 (has small crease) 22.5x?, Marilyn, Drunk Monkey Hepburn in package 16.5x11.5, Camaro 11x14


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