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Vintage Canada Post sign - approx. 8.5" x 11" Pickup category A

Prototype globe (rare, if not one-of-a-kind), wind-up music, autumn leaves and glitter, no bubble Pickup category A

Pirates of the Caribbean snowglobe. In original packaging. Blower and pirate skeleton movement. Plays "Yo Ho". Approximately: 7'' Tall to top of globe (9” to top of mast) x 8.5” long base (9.7” overall) x ~6.5” wide. Pickup category A

Antique grain (?) chest from Mongolia, camphor wood (smells of camphor). Approximately 56" wide, 22" deep, 34.5" high Pickup category C

Craftsman 9 HP, 24 inch snowblower. Untested at time of posting due to a desire to forget snow for a while. Was blowing snow this past winter. Some rust and electric starter doesn't work. Pickup category B

Brave snow globe. Princes Merida with bear. Disney music & motion snow globe, never displayed in original packaging. Pickup category A

Whirlpool dehumidifier tested and working at time of auction posting. Pickup category B

Disney's Finding Nemo snowglobe, aquarium from dentist office, plays "Tiny Bubbles". In original packaging, never displayed. Pickup category A

Five Sesame Street garden gnomes made of resin. Cookie Monster, Bert, Ernie, Grover, and Elmo. Ernie's hand is smashed. Never displayed outdoors but stored in shed so they need cleaning. Pickup category B

10 cards total - 9 possibly from original series, 1 from 2nd series Pickup category A

Disney Store S.S. Pooh Winnie-the-Pooh snowglobe. Musical - plays "Winnie the Pooh". In original packaging, never displayed. Pickup category A

Disney's Sleeping Beauty Maleficent snowglobe. Rare, Europe exclusive (from Disneyland Paris) Broken wing has been repaired. Comes with original box and packaging (box has wear). Size is approximately 11"H x 4.5"W x 6"L. Music activated by wind-up key on the base, plays 'Toscata and Fugue in D Minor' by J. S. Bach. Pickup category A

Untested. Pickup category A

Fourteen Star Trek TNG lot of figurines. Picard, Riker, Troi (x2), Worf, Data, Geordi, Q (x2), Lwaxanna Troi, Guinan, Benzite guy, Barclay, Darmok guy. Includes figurine accessories and some cards from package. Pickup category A

Disney Store Peter Pan snowglobe. Large, lights up and has blower, plays "You Can Fly". In original packaging, snowglobe is missing one support peg. Untested at time of auction posting. Pickup category A

Peter Pan snowglobe, music and potion - Peter Pan flies around Big Ben when wound and music plays "You Can Fly" (working at time of auction posting). Wear and chips. Please note that I broke Michael Darling's head off after photographing globe so it comes in a separate envelope. Pickup category A

Waterfall bed frame, fits double mattress. Made by Victoriaville Furniture Ltd., some scratches Footprint of bed is approximately 36 inches tall (at headboard), 58 inches wide, 87 inches long. Fits double mattress. Pickup category C

Classic Winne-the-Pooh snowglobe. musical - plays "Winne the Pooh". In original packaging. Never displayed. Pickup category A

20 gallon aquarium setup and aquarium items. Tank, heater, filter, and lid are all new. Pickup category B

Two Chinese-style storage baskets with lid. Approx. 15" x 11" x 10" Pickup category B

41 Monkees 1967 cards, 9 Buck Rogers with 1 sticker, 1 Roy Orbison card Series F No. 62 Printed in Holland Pickup category A

Four Star Trek: The Next Generation figurine lot. In original packaging. Lieutenant Commander Data, Riker with torn shirt (hawt!), Riker DS9, Lieutenant Commander Lafarge Pickup category A

G.I. Joe Infantry Trooper figurine. Sealed in original packaging. Packaging shows wear and damage. Pickup category A

Vintage binoculars in case, clean, writing on case latch. Pickup category B

Curved wooden church pew, shows wear, removed from Bradford United Church. Approx. 36.5" tall, 108.5" wide (measured tip of curved edge to opposite end), seat depth is approx. 15" Pickup category C

Star Wars Collector Plates - 3 Star Wars collector plates by the Hamilton Collection. Plates come with original packaging. Pickup category A

Queen bedframe. Metal, brown color. Pickup category B

Black and chrome. Tested and working at time of auction posting Pickup category B

Peter Pan Diamond Edition Blu-ray, Oliver and Company 25th Anniversary, Annie DVD Pickup category A

Coleman Polylite cooler. Stains, shows wear. Pickup category B

6 prints - Flowers, still life Pickup category B

Three pairs of vintage cowboy boots. Note wear. Pair 1 - Tony Lama, unknown size. Pair 2 - Tony Lama, "8" imprinted on inside. Pair 3 - Rio Bravo boots, size 12. Pickup category B

Vintage billiards counter, 11 cues (missing tips), and 1 rake Pickup category B

Three storage bins with lids. One blue Rubbermaid Roughneck bin, two GSC bins. All used exclusively indoors. Pickup category B

Keystone 825 EF camera (untested), Lomography 360 degree camera, Lomography special edition Diana camera "Take My Heart". Pickup category B

10 rolls of film. Various sorts. Pickup category B

1990 Collector tin with crayons, Pooh candles are intact but stinky. Pickup category B

Soviet military coat and budenovka hat. Wool. Pickup category B

Pine. Scratches. Sturdy. Approx. 19.5" x 23" x 32" tall Pickup category B

Lord of the Rings Gollum snowglobe. In original box and packaging. Never displayed but has been stored on its side so some glitter has hardened to one spot. Some gloopy clumps in globe from age. Measures about 7" x 7" at the base and 5" tall. Pickup category A

Wooden school desk and chairs. Light coloured chair needs repair (approx. 31" high, 17" wide, 16" deep), desk has chip (approx. 25" wide, 19" deep, 14" high), chair with desk is sturdy (approx. 12" deep, 13.5" wide, 25" tall), other chair is approx. 14.5" wide, 28" tall and 14.5" deep. Pickup category C

Some pieces broken, imperfect. Pickup category A

Large aquarium castle. Measures approximately 13 inches wide x 6 inches deep x 10.75 inches tall (at pinnacle). Pickup category B

29 Elvis 1978 Boxcar trading cards, 46 cards from unidentified (1977?) set Pickup category A

3 "The Great Muppet Caper" glasses, 1 "Ghostbusters 2" glass (with Slimer!) Pickup category A

Two Mary Frances purses, 1 unnamed, 1 "Remembrance" note wear and some staining. Pickup category B

Alabaster glass with brushed nickel, 12" diameter, 4.5" high, never installed, in original box. Pickup category B

Four framed prints - Winter girl, woman feeding livestock, kids with sleds, boy with cow Pickup category B

4 matching light beige curtains from IKEA. Chrome tone grommets.

Dart board & five darts. Note wear. Dart board case is cracked. Holes. Pickup category B

Vintage nightstand. Approx. 16 inches wide x 14 inches deep x 25.5 inches tall. Pickup category B

Vintage Tupperware Tuppertoys, dog is incomplete, 2 extra tails. Note wear. Pickup category A

Vintage 1951 paper wall calendar. ""The Orillia Hardware Co. Ltd." Calendar months intact, plastic holder. Approx. 20" x 9.5"

Return of the Jedi cards. Mix of original cards from 80's and newer cards. Over 100 but incomplete set. Lots of duplicates. Some wear. Pickup category A

Vintage silverware storage box, damaged, scratched. Smelly Pickup category B

Waterfall dresser made by Victoriaville Furniture Ltd., some scratches Dresser portion measures approximately 51" wide by 18" deep, mirror approximately 31 inches tall Pickup category C

Wooden shelves. Pine is approx. 3 feet wide x 4.5 inches deep, Oak is approx. 4 feet wide, 5 inches deep, 6 inches high at tallest. Pickup category B

6 picture frames Pickup category B

Antique pince nez spectacles with case. Shows wear Pickup category A

Rona brand. Measures approx. 5" x 6" x 7", tested and working at time of posting, heat smells like dust

Bar height stool, painted grey over bright orange paint, some scratches, imperfect but sturdy. Seat height approx. 30 inches from floor Pickup category C

Ski-doo brand sled with rope pull, GT snow racer (rusted in parts) with rope pull, both imperfect but functional Pickup category B

Painted end table. Shows wear. Very wobbly. Light (flimsy). Approx. 2 feet wide x 17.5" deep x 28.5 inches tall Pickup category C

Misc. packing materials - styrofoam, poly bags, bubble wrap, craft paper for wrapping, packing peanuts, etc. 1 box biodegradable packing peanuts, Pickup category B

Nine fairytale figurines Pickup category A

Vintage willow or wicker basket. Approx. 2 feet tall (floor to top of handle), 9 inches diameter at base, 15 inches at widest. 1 part loose but handles intact. Pickup category B

Shows wear, tested and working at time of posting, no screws for sides but still works, some original sheets. Pegs come in a Poppycock tin! Pickup category B

Metal keys, heavy for size. Modern reproduction key ring Pickup category B

2 colourful seasonal flags Pickup category B

Two woven chairs. Note wear. Wheeled is sturdy, approx. 24"x22"x37" with seat approx. 18.5" from floor. Stationary chair needs repair, approx. 17"x16"x36" Pickup category C

Tall bookcase. Wear as shown - stained at bottom from old carpet. Approx. 3 feet wide x 7 feet tall. 6 shelves. Particle board, not solid wood. Pickup category C

Old school Christmas lights & Hallowe'en stake lights. Pickup category B

Four Mary Poppins collector plates by Knowles. 3 plates have original packaging and documentation as shown, 1 without packaging or documentation Pickup category A

I used it as a flower stand. No idea what this thing is. Pickup category B

5 tins - 2 Hudson's Bay, 1 Canadian Honey, 1 Lazzaroni & C. Amaretti, 1 Walkers Chocolate Mint Pickup category B

Kierstead plates. "Tobogganing" and "Ice Skating". Original box, packaging, and documentation included. Pickup category B

Pickup category B

Chicken print, sugar shack print, mirror window Pickup category B

Fluval edge aquarium with gravel and heater. White, 7 gallon (?), has no glass top lid. Needs good vinegar clean. Filter, heater, and LED lights working as of dismantling before auction posting. Needs new filter media. Pickup category B

Canada 1999/2000 Holograph Stamp from Canada Post. Tin has rust, paper wrap damaged, stamp undamaged. Pickup category A

Two large bags from the Disney Store. Star Wars: The Force Awakens bags have Rey, Finn, BB8 and Chewbacca on one side, holographic Imperial bad guys on the other side. Each bag approx. 16" x 20" Pickup category A

Silver (plated?) necklace, needs narrow neck to sit properly. Triplet opal (?), shiny stones with names I don't know Pickup category A

Printed with "The Globe Furniture Co. Ltd. Waterloo Ont." Measures approximately 2" wide at top, 1.75" tall Pickup category A

Bissel Shark floor cleaner. Untested at time of auction posting Pickup category B

VR Tech phones - 2 portable handsets, 1 base with answering machine. Untested at time of auction posting Pickup category B

Shows wear, grey/green pot has crack Pickup category B

Three parts from vintage/antique lighting. Pickup category B

Insignia brand laptop charger. 90 watts, surge protection. Never used. Untested Pickup category B

Le Creuset cruet set, glass coasters, ceramic cup, small ceramic pitcher Pickup category B

Misc. painting items - roller handles, sponge for wallpaper, plastic scrapers, trays

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