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You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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approx. 21" x 8.5" - untested c/w key

Fisher boy statue - concrete - hat has been repaired NOTE: Item is HEAVY - bring help for pick up/loading

(1) Coleman stove (1) Coleman propane heater * good condition (1) Tackle box Coleman units are untested

Hand painted wooden chest/cabinet with stand. Brass hardware, Made in Hong Kong No. 82/593. Note: damages, chips as seen in photos . 21" x 13" x 17.75" overall dimensions including stand

8 Maistos scale 1:18 - police bike box is torn 6 Maistos Harley Davidson Cycle Town All boxes have been opened

Ansonia Mantle clock - broken glass- untested - 11.5" x 14") Sangamo Clock - untested - 11" x 6.5" Brass Display Telescope Bombay Co. 19"

Authentic HD WWI Trench Lighter Reproduction HD cigarettes with a few in the pack OCC clock untested, HD coffee unopened and more

Trout lamp (white shade) - 24" H - like new - tested and working (Litex) Hooked fish lamp - 30" H - like new - tested and working (still has tags)

10 packs of turntable needles - various styles

Antique ginger beer bottles - as marked - various conditions

Gumball machine approx.- 15"H x 8" Globe Marble collection - jar is 8.5" x 6" w - 128 fl.oz.

11 individual packs (1) 5 pack trucks All boxes have been opened

Nintendo NES with 7 games Console is missing its power cord and is discolored. Untested Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Jackal, Festers Quest, Duck Hunt (X2), Destination Earthstar, Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers. All games are untested

various conditions

Light shades 10.25"D Leather bag approx. 14" x 8" x 7.5"

Loon by M.Stone 8"x3.5" Pintail by Hummel 9.75"x4.5" Small unmarked 4"x2"

Melissa Etheridge autographed microphone. Comes with certificate of authenticity by U.S. Trade Discount Inc. IACC Member

Sitting lady Tall gnome gnome/wheelbarrow

License plates

Six cast iron pans - various conditions - some rust - (2) 10", (3) 8", (1) 9"

8 Dayton cans 1 Budweiser Sturgis Rally 1 Harley Sturgis Rally 3 Harley cans, some empty some full

Satsuma floor vase 24" H x 12" D (@ mid-section). No chips or cracks

Wooden Red Wing Orchards crate. Whitby ON. 22" x 13" x 10". Note: damage to upper wood plank, shows signs of age

Good condition #2 9"x 9" #4 12"x12"

90" x 24"

Various sizes and styles Salt & Pepper set Wood skull has movable jaw

Older sword Made in India 32" Blade 4" Handle

in used condition

Hand painted ceramic eggs 5"H x 3"D no chips or cracks - marked on bottom (one barely legible) Snuff bottle with case 4"H x 2"W like new Plate 4.5" D marked on bottom Shadow Box Art 6" x 13.5" x 1

Large 27 inch Pepsi Cola bottle cap metal sign. Made by Stout in the USA (some paint loss / scratches)

2 Male figurines 3 Motorcycles, 2 wood, 1 Coke can Scuff mark on rear fender of large bike

Slot machine 16" untested Stamford Art Coca Cola mirror 18"x13"

1 Port Perry Ont. 4 O'Keefe's Beverage Toronto Various conditions

A Christmas Story Collectors Edition - open box - factory sealed pieces

Harley Davidson collectibles 2 coffee mugs no chips or cracks 4 inch candle, 3 ford F150 toy trucks Poker chip from Daytona HD, Bag of coffee

Over 500 liquor labels - never been on affixed to bottles - some natural curl due to age - wine, spirits, etc.

Hand painted ginger jar with lid and carved wooden stand. Marked on bottom. No chips or cracks 10" H x 10" D

Made by Bombay Co.

some rust

10 miniature bikes various scale. In original packaging. From a personal collection all boxes have been opened. Cheerio bike box is damaged.

Tasco binoculars - "fully coated" model no. 108R 8-20 x 50mm Good condition. Comes with carrying case.

Brass oil lamp marked "Lampe-Pigeon" Note: some dings. 7" x 3.25"

"Supertest" dispenser - not tested - 21" x 5.5" "White Label" ceramic pitcher - no damage - marked Wade - 6.75" x 8.25" Novelty slot machine - spins - electronic component not tested - 4" x 3.5" x 6" Seven various shot glasses Kilkenny glass in box

Missing some pieces - players are made of metal

38 Total - 3 in hard plastic covers

37" x 25" Wood

Lot of assorted Polly Pockets, some my littlest pet shop, mostly Polly Pockets. - played with - incomplete sets

Old tin truck made in Japan by A1 Asakusa 13" x 4 " x 4 " Some rust spots, license plates have red markings.

Whittner Metronom & Yorkville music stand

Wood box 18"x12" & wood working tools Stanley plane 20"

Retro Admiral TV 12" Screen - tested (powers on but no longer receives outdated signal)

Pair of wooden snowshoes - suitable for display (straps not tested) 42.5"

28" Stanley No. 2 wooden level Siegley Plane - rust, aged Unmarked Plane (blue) - minor surface rust Square (unmarked)

Hamilton Beach milkshake machine - tested and working Pyrex cookware (good condition) 8" & 6"

Wooden briefcase 19" x 14" good condition Candlestick phone - made in Singapore - untested

Carlos Delgado 4 Home Run Commemorative baseball bats

Eversonic MC-2 Boom Box Muntz Model S520 Turntable Kenwood KD-291R Turntable Sears Turntable NOTE: All units are untested, as is note scratches on Plexiglas covers

Sanyo M9716 Sanyo M-W2K Strauss - wood case radio - Korea - built in lighter Panasonic RE-6277 RCA Victor no model no. - loose backing All radios untested

Brass hand painted bowl - India Nirvana belt buckle Grinder - base is damaged Planters glass jars C.I.L. .22 Cal empty boxes - vintage - 2.5" x 1"

Curved glass, Mirrored back, 2 Glass shelves Measures approx. 22.5 X 12.5 inches

Vintage Action Maid Coffee Mill - Lg Tim Hortons Thermos - Stainless carafe - Toastmaster coffee grinder (tested & working) - Tim Horton's cups (note:: some wear)

Intellivison game console & games - 16 assorted games - console and games untested - hoover force & boxing have no controller card

1 poly resin eagle with candle 7 inches tall 1 brass measures 10 inches tall wing span 10.5 inches

Folding sewing box (missing screw) Folding coat hangers Japanese music box (working)

Various conditions

Knife display case (shadowbox) three panels, hinged, glass front. Measures approx. center panel is 35.5 X 18 inches, side panels are 32 X 14.5 inches

Wood crate - old jars, Crown, Gem

Wicker trunk with hinged lid approx. 23X16X15 with some wear. Metal umbrella stand 24 inches tall 10 inch opening, rust in bottom, some dents, small umbrella

Assortment of fishing tackle , empty vintage Rapala boxes, six packs of hooks, scale, mini tackle box, blue metal tackle box(rusty). A couple of the lures are wooden and hand painted

Bowl (5"D x 5.5" H) & Set of 6 cups (3.5"D x 2.5"H) Unmatched Bowl 7"D x 3"H) no chips or cracks

26" H - tested and working - note small cracks on a couple panes - nice etching on the raised panes

14" Bar Tools - Vintage - Made in Japan 12" Brass authentic porthole mirror - Made in Holland

Bric - a - brac tin bank eye glasses in metal case Inuit ceramic 12" x 7"H Sony walkman *new flip top calendar knife

Stanley 702 clamp, Stanley small wood planner Record 0220 small wood planner 54 inch pipe clamp Porter Cable router Untested

Very nice nautical map of Rice Lake to Buckhorn Lake through the Trent waterway

Framed Art 26" x 38" note: wear on top of frame

Flat containing an assortment of dollhouse accessories made by Farrow Industries. Most packages are sealed, some open product.

11" Bertani Brass Pump 12" wood duck Brass change tray - England 12" wood chair 1974 Beaver candle & more

18 packages of various milk bottle tops - some packs contain multiply units

Bradford Exchange collector plates - 4 Hockey - 2 Baseball all have certificates of authenticity and boxes

Three signs (still sealed) 12"x8" (made in China) Two blue jays cans Grey sweater Men's(L), Pink sweater (M), Tip-off 93' (L?)(stain), Sweater (M/L) (couple spots and minor discoloration)

Made in England Adhesive residue on weigh plate of scale

Four older propane lanterns - no globes - rust Small propane lantern by Escort Primus Grasshopper single burner propane stove in box Coleman measuring can (rust) Two packages of wicks 6 packages of mantles (open) NOTE: Everything in this lot is untested

RC Fat Boy Untested - needs battery terminal replaced Motorcycle clock - untested

Harley telephone with original box Tested working need jack cord Damage (broken) front fork

Asian nesting jewelry box with handle. Black lacquer with inlay top. Hand painted Note: minor chips 6.5 " x 4 .5" x 9"

GE table top radio untested 12"x7"x8" note: scratches and scuffs and damage above knob

Lipton Snowboard - never used - rust around the edge. 60"

hand painted houses 26" x 7" & 20" x 7" j.v. reed metal dust pan white wicker basket 16" x 9"

34 Total - various conditions

Blue Glass boot 9.5" (heavy) Shadow box 12" x 8.5" Johnnie Walker red toby - chips and cracks & more

Vintage cigarette making machine unknown if complete, Cigar boxes, 4 metal packs, Camel soft and hard pack, Leather pack holder and cigar case, 2 pipes. Players box various conditions

Antler handle steak knives - excellent condition - Eaton's of Canada 31 pc. W.M.A. Rogers sectional oneida LTD

5 blades 24 inches 10 inch globe with remote control Fan works remote untested

Collapsible sled for easy storage. Metal handle

NOS assorted

Magic Cloth & Euroclean Magic Mop - new in package

Vogue round tin, Miranda's Dream 1970s reproduction of 1920s tin, Winchester

4 Piece set of wooden kitchen canisters- Tea, Coffee (6.5"x5.5"x4.5") Flour and Sugar (6.5"x5.5"x7") Made in Canada - Baribo-Maid

GSW copper kettle 12"x 7" ( loose knob on lid and some dents ) Blue & White enamelware graniteware pitcher 10"x 7" (normal wear)

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