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You can enter a new max bid at any time by entering a bid greater than your current high bid.
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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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2008 Red Buick Allure CX. Low KM's -103,000 km. Has winter tires on rims installed, and 4 summer tires on rims included w nice hub caps. 4 Door Sedan, 6 Cylinders, 200HP, anti-lock brakes, power windows/locks/steering. Theft deterrent system, lots of leg room (fits person up to 7 feet tall) and trunk space. Some dings as per pictures - driver side mirror crack, one minor rust spot, small back bumper crack, dent in rear passenger side door. It is our current family car, runs well, but due for an oil change/tune up. Only 2 owners. Used Vehicle Information Package and features, including wholesale/retail value, included in photos. Car sold as is.

In good working condition, this package is complete and ready to play with all cables, cords, memory card, remotes needed. 16 games including some rare titles. Also includes X-Box DVD Movie Playback kit.

Very nice piece of jewellery in good condition. 14k Gold.

About 50 lbs of free weights and bar.

Neat tin toys, track, launch and main Cragston Dog Shuttling Train. Untested.

Includes Toshiba Intel Celeron Laptop and AC charger, Targus Laptop Bag, Targus Laptop lock new in box, Altec Speakers, Logitech Headphones, Allsop Laptop stand. All in good working condition (quick operating).

Includes 25 Pieces/Tools. Tools and metal toolbox in good condition. Vintage Cummins model drill turns on and works. Saws, hammers, foldable ruler, screwdrivers, stakes, and more. See pictures. Large sturdy metal toolbox with side carrying handles. Two very old small storage tins.

Nice table and chairs, all fold up easily for storage. See pictures for tag on chairs, good condition.

Marbles in good condition. See pictures.

DVD Player is small and compact, perfect for storage or trips. Works well. 22 Children's DVD's include Dora, Max and Ruby, Diego, Thomas, Bob the Builder and More. See pics for titles.

Mirror is quite old with wood finish/carving around the outside edges. Measures 33 inches tall, 21 inches wide. In nice shape for age.

Just in time for the snow, a nice yellow and black GT Sno Racer w pull rope, brakes. In good condition.

Lots of tools included. Saws, wrenches, staple gun, strainer, hooks, drywall tools, many screw drivers (including tiny ones), caulking gun, pliers, more.

Hot wheels and other brands. See pictures.

Includes 15 tins and 4 jars. The Chambers Candy Company (England), and many others of different size and vintage.

The BetaMax Machine comes with the original manual for SL-300. The machine turns on well, but likely requires a tune-up given the age. Comes with original Sony Remote Control, 75 Beta Recording Tapes, and Beta Scan Control Unit.

Game is in great shape for age. Complete with original advertisements and pieces.

Record your old LP's, tapes, to MP3, CD, iPhone/iPod. New in Box.

One box is 13 inches tall, the other is 10 inches tall. Both 2 feet wide, 11 inches depth (deep). Boxes have some holes for handles.

Includes eclectic tools such as 5 inch vice, foldable electric screw driver, Mastercraft Boa Constrictor in packaging, pliers with bent nose, and more!

Has 3 shelves, stands about 4.5 feet tall.

7 Vintage Car Mirrors and 2 additional parts. Metal and glass, they swivel. Can be used for Restoring/Collectors items. 4 of them are side mirrors, 2 are rear view mirrors, the 7th is unknown. Appear to be quite old.

In good condition, the cart/bag has wheels and folds up nicely for storage. Clean inside. See pictures.

One is metal - Canadian General Electric, the other is plastic, Royal Sovereign. Both work well.

8 Michael Jordan Basketball Cards in plastic wrap, 1 collectors edition scrap book and two VHS tapes featuring Jordan.

Chalk Board would look great hanging on a wall. Step 2 White Board stands up on its own. White Board about 3 feet top to bottom. Chalk Board about 2.5 feet top to bottom. Chalk Board has metal trays for chalk storage at bottom.

December 1969 National Geographic is the Moon Landing Edition. Very cool inside look. 1995 Beckett has Gretzky on the cover. See pictures. Some wear.

Includes a folding travel iron, a small ironing board, and a luggage/suitcase stand. All fold up into a nice small package for travel. Good working condition.

Untested. Worked last time we put them up.

Various pieces including water jug, tea set, pickle plate with glass compartments, trays. 1940's and other dates.

Bracelets, Necklaces, and extra jewellery boxes.

8 Sesame street books come in a nice package with Elmo on the front. Dr Seuss Books great for children. See pictures for titles.

Three 44S Fence Spikes. Install Quickly. About 3 feet length into the ground.

In sealed plastic envelope with thin cardboard backing. Adventure Time Comic #1 Collector.

In good condition. See pictures. NOTE: Item has not been checked for current safety standards.

Great for a table top or hanging on a wall. Solid wood. Measures 2 feet top to bottom.

Big Pipe Router, Key Boards, Vintage Mice, Computer Fan, More. All untested.

Cool early 2000's item in box. Specs in pictures. Untested.

In good condition.

One is a foot riser, the other two stand-alone. One tin stand-alone has a picture of a dog. Believed to be from the 70's. See pictures.

Mostly Disney, Land Before Time, Shrek, More. See pictures for all titles.

One (1) - 32 inches across Two (2) - 22 inches across All of them are 4 feet in length when extended fully.

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