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Antique French Canadian dough box, 2 pieces including lid. 31 W x 16. 5 D x 29 H. Est over 100 years old and shows great vintage wear, burn marks on the wood top are from the dough being so close to the fire. One end shows some splitting please see pictures. Note - large and heavy. Pick up C

Beautiful oak dining room table with pedestal base was in use until recently. 28 H x 45 diameter with four legs on the base and in nice vintage condition. Has minor repairs underneath. Note: Large and very heavy. Pick up C

3 x 89/90 OPC sets, Parkhurst 1991 sealed wax box, 10 x 90/91 Upper Deck Series 1 sets, 90/91 Upper Deck Series 1 sealed wax box French , 90/91 Upper Deck English sealed wax box , 4 x Team Canada 1972 sets in binder pages, 2 x 90/91 Upper Deck Hi Series in binder, 4 x 1988 Esso All Star sets in pages plus 4 albums, star player binder A-G w/400 cards, 30 x 90/91 OPC Red Army Insert sets Fedorov RC, 6 x 1990 Score Young Superstars 40 card factory set, 4 x sealed 1990 Score Rookie and Traded 110 card factory set Pickup C

Lot of 13 limited edition numbered 1990s pewter belt buckles featuring cowboys. There's buckles for Gene Autry, Hopalong Cassidy, The Lone Ranger, Buck Jones and more. All are numbered on the back and were produced in very limited numbers, check out the intricate detail work on the front of the buckles. One Gene Autry buckle is 190/200. pick up A

Antique wooden trunk - black, very old and shows great vintage wear, wood appears to be cedar. Missing lid, was used by my parents as a toy box in the 1960's. 35 W x 17 D x 13 H. Note - large and heavy. Pick up C

Nice 1970's B. C. hand carved KWAKIUTL OWL wooden face mask signed by artist Basil James. Striking Pacific Northwest mask is 10 tall x 7 W and appears to be carved from red cedar. Back of the mask is signed in pencil: BASIL JAMES - GILFORD ISLAND - KWAKIUTL OWL. Shows minor wear and a few nicks on the front, otherwise very nice. Pick up A

THE BEATLES LP's in clean scratch-free condition! Includes 1962-1966 double album on Apple label Canadian pressing , 1967-1970 double LP on Apple label Cdn. pressing plus the classic 1966 album Rubber Soul Capital ST 2442 Cdn, pressing . Check the photos, the vinyl is in beautiful condition and ready to enjoy! Pick up A

Interesting lot of approx. 1, 500 - 2, 000 old advertising/promotional pencils in a vintage leather briefcase. Pencils are grouped alphabetically and look to be from the 1940's-60's with many old Ottawa companies represented and lots of others from across Canada and the US. Most of these groupings have not been taken apart in years, who knows what's in here. Pick up A

Interesting lot of 24 Postal Stationery Postcards from 1882-1915! The majority of these old postcards are from the 1880s and 1890s, all but one are Canadian and all are used. Condition varies, please see photos. Pick up A

Large antique wooden rocking cradle from Eastern Ontario, 40 W x 14 D x 28 H and shows great vintage wear. Has four holes carved into each side of the cradle. Note - large and heavy. Pick up C

Antique French Canadian dough box, 2 pieces including lid, 24 W x 15. 5 D x 28. 5 H. Est. over 100 years old and shows great vintage wear, burn marks on the wood top are from the dough being so close to the fire! Lid has no trim on 2 of 4 sides, 1 side is missing approx. 6 of trim. Note - large and heavy. Pick up C

Antique round dining room solid oak table on a cast iron Singer sewing machine base missing one wheel . Table is 45 in diameter, approx 30 H. Some of the wood on top is a bit loose and needs some repair, but still fine and very functional. large and heavy. Pick up C

Classic Rock LP lot all clean vinyl with no scratches. Includes Eric Clapton 1972 Best Of double LP, Roxy Music 2 different, Bryan Ferry, David Bowie, Carole King, John Hiatt. Pick up A

Old wooden storage box with handles plus latches is 20 W 17 D 12 H , fairly primitive and may be homemade. Hinges have been replaced and is missing hasp, needs a few repairs but is functional. Nice dark green paint color with some age wear. Copper kettle with removable lid and spout shows great patina, 8 diameter and 11 H. Pick up C

Lot of 25 Tumbler glasses in boxes 1970's w/designs on them. 23 x 12 oz. tumblers in boxes approx. 5. 5 tall , 21 sealed boxes, 2 open plus two x 13 oz. Swedish Modern Tumblers in sealed boxes. Boxes stamped Made in the USA and are bilingual. 2 glasses in opened boxes are colored blue and green w/nice scenery on them, I assume the rest of the sealed ones are similar. Pick up B

REDPATH SUGAR Wooden crate - in nice condition w/no cracks and great bilingual color graphics on all sides of the box. Dimensions 16 W x 11 H x 11. 5 D. Pick up B

Very old cast iron tools. Gurney of Hamilton GIANT cast iron scale, complete w/hook, handles plus levers, weighs up to 100 lbs and is very heavy, 4 W x 38 H, two 27 H cast iron pokers with finials on top, very old, 2 old weigh scale parts from Hamilton, both weigh up to 44 lbs, 1 Gurney Co, 6 W x 1 D x 17. 5 H, some wear and a bit of warping, 2 Chapman Scale also shows some warping, otherwise very cool. 6 W x 1 D x 17. 5 H. Giant cast iron grate, has been painted black, 26 W x 1 D x 20 H, plus round iron piece of unknown origin. Pick up C. large plus heavy

Antique wooden trunk with lid - orange/brown color, not sure of the age but it's very old. 37 W x 17. 5 D x 18. 5 H with nice side compartment inside and shows great vintage wear. Wood on lid shows some splitting from age, there was once a latch and looks to be a replacement lid that fits nicely over the trunk. Note - large and heavy. Pick up C

TERMINATOR 2 T2 Stickers packs, STAR WARS 3-D Playing cards, STAR WARS Galaxy Topps part set 1993, ALIEN 3 complete set 1992 Star Pic, JURASSIC PARK Topps 1993 set plus magazines and Topps comics 1, 2, 4, GI Joe 1991 set in binder pages, VETTE SET 1st Ed. two sets 1991, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles sealed wax box Pro Set 1992, The Sandman 1994 Skybox 1-90 in binder, Rowena Fantasy Art by PPG 1993, Fangoria Starlog Communication 1992, 1991 Topps Desert Storm set in binder plus wax box, 1991 Pro Set Desert Storm set in binder plus sealed wax box, plus over 3, 000 mixed cards including Magic and Pokemon Pick up C

Classic Rock LP lot all clean vinyl with no scratches. Includes Stevie Wonder, Richard Thompson 2 different, Eric Clapton, Genesis, Foreigner, Sex Pistols, Pete Townshend/Ronnie Lane. Pick up A

5 Vintage metal cigarette tins: 2 x Player's, Export A, plus 2 x MacDonald's. Some wear/discoloration on some but all are functional. Firestone tire ashtray, gum dipped Firestone Balloon tire is made of super hard rubber with yellow glass ashtray in the centre and Firestone logo. Tire shows a bit of warping but this is still a very cool 1960's advertising display piece. Approx. 5. 75 in diameter x 1. 5 H. Pick up A

Antique soldering iron from The Distillery District in Toronto, dates to the early 20th century and was uncovered during renovations to the Distillery District when it was redeveloped 20 ago, weighs a couple pounds and makes an incredible display piece. Very old wooden toolbox/tool carrier, 24 W x 6. 5 D x 15. 5 H with nice handle. Pick up B

1 Nice antique black wooden toolbox/tool carrier with handle 31 W x 10 D x 7 H, shows nice vintage wear, plus old wooden washing machine piece at least 85 years old, it fit inside an old wooden washing machine tub. Still very functional and would be great for holding plants or paper. 19 W 18 D 22 H. Pick up C

BATMAN Trading card sets in binder pages in Nr Mt condition: BATMAN RETURNS 1992 Topps set plus 10 inserts w/custom binder, 1992 OPC set plus 10 inserts, 62 doubles, 1992 Zellers set plus > 1, 000 doubles, 1992 Topps Stadium Club - part set 63 plus 7 Batman mini ball games 1991 plus 19 cards plus stickers => 1989 Batman set. Pick up B

Antique wood and metal horse hames - mostly wood with metal, 37 W x 7 diameter, very old and heavy. Antique wooden catch-all drawer with 11 compartments, 42 W x 9 D x 2. 5 H, very old. Pickup B

Set of 4 pine hallway hanging paper holders, nicely finished and in different sizes: 1 10. 5 W x 6 D x 11 H, 2 7. 5 W x 5 D x 13 H, 3 8. 5 W x 5. 5 D x 14. 5 H, 4 6. 5 W x 4 D x 12 H. Pick up B

3 x antique wooden maple syrup molds from the Eastern Townships in Quebec, used during maple syrup season. All are missing the wooden slats that go into each notch in the wood, otherwise very nice. Dimensions are: 1 45 W x 7 D x 5. 5 H, 2 56 W x 5. 5 D x 4. 5 H, 3 54 W x 5. 5 D x 4 H, all show great vintage wear. Large plus heavy. Pick up C

1 Vintage Antique wood and metal tobacco cutter mounted on 1 1/4 thick block of wood, 13. 75 long x 8. 5 W with 11 blade apparatus and large cross on top of the blade. Very sturdy and heavy w/nice grooves in the wood under the blade, 2 wood and metal tobacco cutter mounted on wood block - approx. 12 long x 6 W with 10 blade apparatus. Original owner customized it by adding layer of wood under the blade for a smoother cut. Blade itself reads PAT AP FOR . Both cutters show great vintage wear. Pick up B

Lot of 90 gently used golf balls, would be perfect for beginner or budget conscious golfer. Nice mix of white plus coloured balls. Pick up B

NASCAR card sets in Nr Mint condition and binder pages: 1989 Crisco MAXX Nascar Set => 2 sets, 1991 All World PPG/Indy Car set plus 80 extras, 1992 AC/Delco Nascar Winston Cup set, 1995 Press Pass VIP Gold set, 1995 Press Pass VIP Blue part set plus 1995 Press Pass optima XL part sets, 1995 CLASSIC Finish Line set JEFF GORDON - 6 cards plus 1:64 scale stock car in original package. Pick up B

2 x vintage clay Meerschaum pipes: 1 has paper stamp GOUDA HOLLAND GOEDEWAAGEN PIJP with thin stem, 5 long x 1 3/4 H, 2 floral design on bowl, thicker stem 4 3/4 long x 1. 5 H. Both pipes are used but in good shape with no cracks or damage. Pick up A

Old Marconi Radio Model 449 w/nice wood finish - radio plugs in OK and power comes on, but you just get static. A friend with radio knowledge looked it over and believes the tubes are fine but it may need capacitor replaced. 15. 5 W x 10 H x 6 D. Pick up A

Classic BEATLES scrapbook from 1964/65 during Beatlemania! 50 page scrapbook is packed with newspaper and magazine articles plus photos almost exclusively from 1964 plus 1965 when Beatlemania was rampant. There's also two BEATLES trading cards and an article on how Ottawa high schools were dealing with young men who showed up with Beatles haircuts! A great piece for any fans of the boys from Liverpool. Pick up A

Vintage Canadian pins: 1 Bank of Montreal Coat of Arms lapel pin - 1930's/40's and in nice condition, beaver on log over top the Bank's coat of arms w/script Concordia Salus' and a native Indian on each side, approx 2. 25 W x 1. 5 H and pin is intact, 2 Royal Canadian Corps of Signals Officer's 2 tall bronze tie clasp badge w/motto Valor Versutus Vigilans on script and gilt silver colored figure in centre, approx. WW 2, 3 Two Air Cadets of Canada WW 2 brass collar badges with pins on the back, one is missing part of the pin on the back, 4 nice old brass pin with beaver plus crown on the front, 2. 75 W x 3. 25 H. Pick up A

Lot of 50 Quebec Carnaval Bonhomme de Neige figurines 1963-2013! Includes some mint in package, all w/original string and most in great condition. Issued every winter and are tied to the pull on zipper of ski jacket. Years with in brackets: 1963 3 , 1969 4 , 1973 2 , 1978, 1979 2 , 1981, 1982, 1985 3 , 1988, 1986 3 , 1987, 1989 4 , 1990 4 , 1991 2 , 1992 3 , 1993 3 , 1994 3 , 1995 3 1997 4 , 1998 3 , 2013. Bin is included. Pick up A

Tool shop lot: 6 x drywall/painting trowels, large and small wire brushes, large primitive wooden mallet, 3 x clamps, large and small T-Squares, 2 small pry bars, sash lift, 4 x metal files, The Gater Sure Lock Gate Latch unopened package, Lee Valley Tools latch plus handles, ivory caulking tube unopened, Rapid Start High Power Ballast 120 V . 73 AMP Energy Saver, Ryobi zippered case no tool , black tape, other misc. Pick up C. heavy

Vintage Cool Mid Century Bakelite Pennwood Flip Electric clock in nice working condition. Mid-century precursor to the digital clock shows hours, minutes and seconds flipping by. Has been tested and works fine, comes with original cord. 8 W x 4 H x 4 D, in nice working condition with small cracks in lower left corner only, otherwise fine. Pick up B

8 x vintage CROWN plus IMPERIAL clear Glass jars dating 1930's-40's w/glass lids and screw-on metal closures, all in nice condition with no cracks or damage! 5 x Imperial 'Gem' plus 'Jewel' Pint Size jars, plus 2 x Quart size 9 tall Crown jars. Large jars have the date 1948 stamped on the bottom, 3 of the small jars are stamped 1936, 1944, and 1947. Plus one green Imperial Gem bottle with green Jewel lid. Pick up B

Lot of 11 vintage movie lobby poster reproductions each individually shrink wrapped with backing boards. See photos for names of movies. Size of each poster is 11 W x 17 H, lots of Bowery Boys posters here. Pick up A

25th Anniversary Set 1991 complete Series 1 set plus 149/161 Series 2 in custom binder plus 400 extra cards, STNG 1st edition 992 set minus 1 bonus hologram , Skybox Star Trek Edition Master Series 1993 set plus 400 doubles, TV Guide Farewell to STNG 1994 special issue, 1994 Star Trek Generations comic book from movie, 1994 set Ltd. Ed. Star Trek Stardiscs plus 99 extras, Star Trek Fan Club ltd. ed. print, 5 issues Fan Club magazine 1993-94 incl. 1st issue, fan club application, 1993 STNG Hostess 50 mini cards from potato chips. Pick up B

Vintage Steampunk Original Robbins Myers 16 Oscillating Fan. Nice original classic electric fan is in great working order. Very powerful with a big motor, very stable w/heavy cast steel base about 14 lbs . Manufactured in Brantford, On. Very attractive vintage logo, can be set to oscillate or hold position, 3-speeds controlled by switch on base, est. 1930's-1940's. Pick up B large plus heavy

Antique wooden nursing cradle from the Gaspe region, est. over 100 years old. 36 W x 29 D on base, 18 D inside x 20 H. Back in the day parents would touch the bottom of the rocker portion with their foot to rock the cradle back plus forth. Hooded cradle has a nice rustic look and shows great vintage wear. Note - large and heavy. Pick up C

Bell and Howell Director Series 7 x 35 binoculars in great working condition. Specifications are: Field 6. 8 degrees, 258 feet at 1000 yards, 7 x 35, magnesium coated, Field 118 Metres at 1000 M. Pick up A

1 Ikea wooden shelving unit - 4 shelves, 30. 5 W x 21 D x 59 H, will be disassembled for you, 2 finished pine bookshelf, 2 shelves, 37 W x 11 D x 53 H, great for books or pretty much anything. Pick up C

1 1920's cast iron sewing machine base/treadle with dark colored wood on top, and name RAYMOND. 30 W x 16 D x 29. 5 H on wheels with drop down 9. 5 shelf on the end. 2 1920's cast iron sewing machine base/treadle with light colored wood on top, 28 W x 16 D x 29 H. Put a piece of wood on top of these and you instantly have an amazing table or desk. Both are large and very heavy. Pick up C

6 vintage pinback buttons, all in excellent condition w/diameter noted: The Lone Ranger 1950's Sunday Herald and Examiner giveaway 1. 25 , Hopalong Cassidy plus Topper 1940's 1. 75 , Gene Autry Sunbeam Bread giveaway 1940's 1. 25 , Roy Rogers and Trigger 1940's 1. 75 , Superman 1976 2. 75 , ODEON Movie Club For Young Canadians pin 950's 1 . Pick up A

Daphne Odjig 1967 lithograph Dog Team at Rest No. 1 Canadian artist of Aboriginal ancestry 1919-2016 has work displayed in National Gallery of Canada and is recognized worldwide. From series of 17 ink drawings she created in Northern Manitoba early 1960's Series of the North. 13 W x 9 1/4 H, mounted on a black cloth background, shows minor yellowing from age, otherwise fine and would look great in a proper frame. Pick up A

1 Fuller Canada Combination Open End/Box Wrenches rack w/vibrant red and cream colors, minor surface wear only plus great condition all around. 16 W x 4. 5 H x 3. 5 D and 7 hooks, 2 Fuller Canada Super Quality Open End Wrenches sign w/nice red and white colors, some surface wear, paint stain on Q and tape stuck near the end. Otherwise fine and a great display piece to hang anywhere. 16 W x 4. 5 H x 3. 5 D with 6 hooks. Pick up B

Both metal scythes are very old and stamped with the plant they're used to cut down plus AUSTRIA: 1 30 W x 3 D at widest point, stamped 30 plus 65 w/small tree, 2 has decal sticker MACLEOD'S QUALITY , 28 W x 3 D at widest point, w/small plant stamp, both scythes show great vintage wear. Giant wooden antique piece is free standing and looks like a pair of tweezers! Approx. 5 W x 4 D x 28 H, may be from a ship or a farm tool. Pick up B

DVD lot of 41 from 1980's to today, all play great! Plastic bin is also included :- Pick up C

Two 1928 La Persse NHL hockey players Jimmy Ward and Leo Gaudreault on newspaper stock. Small bit of writing on each one and they show some light creasing and wear. 11 W x 17. 5 H. Pick up A

Singer sewing machine accessories in boxes and more: Buttonhole Attachment, 160623 for Class 301 Machine, 160809, Ball bearing hand operated Pinker, The Puller Pleater for English Stockings in box never used, antique upright 'Pin It' skirt hem marker in great shape, 3. 5 W x 4. 5 D x 20 H. And finally, a Singer machine pedal and cord, in working condition. Pick up B

4 boxes of Kraft size 4 Bubble Wrap Mailing envelopes, 25 count per box. 3 of the boxes are still sealed, you get 100 bubble wrap mailers in total. Pick up B

1950's Quebec tourism guide in nice shape, 1950's Pyrenees France travel guide, touch of wear only, Illustrated London News 1948 Royal Silver Wedding edition, some wear and tear but intact, Illustrated The Royal Wedding in Pictures 1947, some wear and tear but intact. Pick up A

Nice 84 long hardwood vintage skis with gorgeous honey color. Comes complete w/bindings and unique pointed tips at the end of the skis. 7 foot long skis date from early 20th Century and would look great hanging on the wall in your cottage, chalet or bar. Shows wear from age but otherwise fine. Pick up A

Guardian brand hard plastic bathtub grabber for post surgery recovery, clamp this on the side of the bathtub and use the grip to get in and out when you're recovering from surgery. Only used a few times, 8 W x 2 D x 8 H. Pick up A

Baseball items new and old: 1 Babe Ruth/Lou Gehrig 33 1/3 record 1955 The Greatest Moments in Sports Sounds and Voices Gillette in original cardboard sleeve, record shows show scuffs plus scratches, How to Play Baseball by Joe E. Brown 1951 double LP on RCA Victor w/5 page booklet inside, cover shows some wear and tear, records show scuffs plus scratches, autographed 8 x 11 baseball photos no COA : Mike Greenwell, Todd Zeile, Eric Davis, and Ben MacDonald. Pick up A

WCW plus WWE Wrestling cards: 1991 WCW sealed wax box of 36 unopened packs, 2010 WWE RUMBLE PACK , 1991 WCW complete set 1-162, plus 1991 WCW approx. 500 extra cards. Pick up B

Unusual large elephant vintage Cookie Jar made in Japan! Super old grey, pink plus green colors on this old 2-piece cookie jar. Bottom of the jar is stamped Japan , est. 1940's or 1950's. 12 tall jar shows some surface wear, staining on inside rims and crack on the bottom, otherwise intact and fine. Pick up B

Lot of 11 rock CDs, all play great. Includes The Mission, Pet Shop Boys, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Big Audio Dynamite, and 3 x compilation CDs. Pick up A

1947 British Temporary Identity Card from U. K. National Registry, 1947/48 Ration Book from Ministry of Food, both items show some curling due to age otherwise fine and intact, no ration book coupons removed, 1950 Germany Currency Control Book => foreign travelers brought currency into Germany, one entry, 16 page booklet approx. 6 x 3. 5 and in nice shape, 1946 Emigrate by Air Now to Ontario-Canada British brochures - 3 x 8 page fold out brochures from U. K. government, 9 x Canadian government booklets 1944-46 re: state of Canada during and post WW 2. Canadian Affairs booklets published by Armed Forces, NFB of Canada and other depts. Excellent condition, minor creasing and handling wear. Pick up A

Various nice small antiques: 1939 New York World Fair folding pocket knife w/mother of pearl handle and 2 blades- wear on image on handle, 2 tall glass bottle Bordens Milk, Opal Standard chrome lighter made in Austria by Champ, no wick, primitive homemade wooden noisemaker, folds open, mother of pearl pocket knife no markings , 1968/69 Verdun city metal dog tag, Boy Scouts Expo 67 plastic badge top missing part . Pick up A

Tea service lot: 6 Evesham Vale teacups and saucers plus 2 cups, 2 Evesham Gold tea cups and saucers, Evesham Tea Pot chip in spout , cream and sugar. Pick up B

2 Glass decanters, assortment of 9 wine glasses 6 stemless including 2 from Boldt Castle and 4 with etched snowflake pattern, and 7 dessert bowls. Pick up B

Framed oil painting of Rocky Mountain scenery in the winter, signed by artist P. Arnott. 37 W x 1. 75 D x 25 H. Frame and paper back show a bit of wear, otherwise fine. Pick up B

50 science and mechanics mags from the 1940s-1950's. Check out the covers in the photos, lots of classic images from the space race and 1950's cars with hours of great reading guaranteed. 50 issues total: 34 x Popular Mechanics 23 w/cover , 12 x Popular Science 9 w/cover , plus 4 x Mechanics Illustrated, all with covers. This lot would appeal to any fan of the TV show The Big Bang Theory . Pick up B

BIG LITTLE BOOKS lot of 6 from 1930's-40's pub. by Whitman: KING OF THE ROYAL MOUNTED 1938, TOM MIX AND THE HOARD OF MONTEZUMA 1937, The Shadow and the Ghost Makers 1942 , Donald Duck Off the Beam 1943, BUCK JONES and THE ROUGH RIDERS 1943, DICK TRACY VS. CROOKS IN DISGUISE 1939. Books show some wear but all covers and pages are intact. Plus 3 more books that are missing a cover: Jane Arden and The Vanished Princess, Little Orphan Annie and The Ancient Treasure of Am plus Abbie An' Slats. Pick up B

Douglas Adams paperback So long, and thanks for all the fish 1985 2nd edition signed from estate sale, no COA , Philip Jose Farmer 'Dark is the Sun' 1st ed 1979, Robert Shockley 'The 10th Victim' 1979, Frank Herber 'Direct Descent' 1980, Isaac Asimov 'Murder at the ABA' 1976 cover corner wear , Isaac Asimov hardcover 'The Golden, Years of Science Fiction 4th Series' 1982 signed from estate sale, no COA , J. R. R. Tolkien Trilogy The Lord of the Rings 1978 paperback in slipcase - 1st Canadian Boxed Edition 12th printing . Pick up A

Crystal bowl, gravy boat, ceramic serving tray, espresso stove top coffee pot, brass decorated bowl, 2 sets of red salt and pepper shakers and more. Pick up B

1 vintage gigantic empty 1970's Canadian Club Whisky bottles! A 3. 79 Litre bottle from 1979 includes pump and pouring spout on top, in great shape w/minimal wear, 26 tall, B 133 1/3 oz bottle from 1979 on custom metal stand, bottle swings back and forth! Some writing on label but otherwise very cool and swing works great, 21 tall on the stand, 2 4 x older small COKE green glass bottles, no breaks or cracks, 3 hundreds of vintage stir sticks and swizzle sticks from Ottawa, US and around the world including a few from Playboy! Lots of vintage ones from Ottawa restaurants and bars from the 1960s and 1970s. Pick up C. large

Hardcover sports books and more: Orr on Ice by Bobby Orr 1970 h/c with dj, Bobby Orr-My Game 1970 h/c, Baseball American 2009 h/c with dj, Celebrity Sports Legends - Ultimate Hobby Guide by Joe Orlands h/c with dj, Maple Leaf Gardens 50 years of History by Stan Obodiac 1980 h/c with dj, Canada's Magnificent Marathon by Mark Sutcliffe h/c with dj, Montreal Canadiens battery operated clock works! , 16 H x 11 W, and Montreal Canadiens All-Century Team laminated lithograph 16 W x 5 H. Pick up B

Very old framed photo of child wearing furs, approx. 7 1/4 W x 9. 5 H, old framed foldout black and white portrait of couple from Quebec City studio, size folded out approx 9. 5 x 11 : Polaroid Impulse instamatic camera, works but needs film replacement, very old Burke and James Ingento Color Filter Series B in original holder. Pick up A

1950's British game LOTTO complete, 1940's Box of Noma Christmas lights in original box, Holland Che-Cri Cheese Crisps metal box 1970's, Thinking Man's Golf board game by 3M from 1967 complete, 1963/64 National Ballet of Canada program, metal cookie tin with lid 10 in diameter x 4 H, vintage woman's hat made by Chez Bonnee of Detroit, size 8 diameter x 2. 5 H. Pick up A

Proctor Silex coffee maker, complete and works fine, Bialetti stovetop percolator w/handle, 7 H, 14 H percolator complete with cord and all parts and works, works, 2 piece Dutch Oven, 20 W x 9 H x 15 D, Sanyo microwave oven early 2000's works well and has programming capability , 21. 5 W X 16 D x 12 H, great for home or cottage, Studio Nova 'Garden Bloom' 7 saucers, 1 small plate and 1 large plate w/floral design, fancy cheese plate 10 diameter plus matching cheese knife, Pampered Chef Mezaluna cutter, plus finally a 15 tall metal chicken for some fun kitchen decoration. Pick up C. large plus heavy

19th and 20th century hardcover books some w/dust jackets as noted. Wild Animals I Have Known Ernest Thompson Seton w/200 drawings. Copyright 1898, 44th impression 1925, 354 pages, Slips of Speech John H Bechtel 1915 USA printing copyright 1895 226 pages, Currier and Ives - Printmakers to the American People Harry T. Peters 1942 USA, The Birds of America John James Audobon 1937 UK printing 494 pages, Mr. Britling Sees It Through H. G. Wells Macmillan Publisher NY 1917 copyright 1916 7th printing, Quentin Durward Sir Walter Scott Herbert Strang's Library UK 287 pages yr ?, Robinson Crusoe Defoe - Nelson's Sixpenny Classic series with dust jacket 1882. Pick up B

Rock LP lot all clean vinyl with no scratches. Includes Mike Batt, John Martyn 2 , The Hometown Band, Flying Pickets, Bobby Bare, Cameo, Celine Dion. Pick up A

Giant Electric Mfg. brand iron from Montreal, model 182, 110 Volts w/wooden handle. Some oxidization on surface, no cord but very cool and very heavy. 'Fiery Feather' by Gorgie Mfg brand from Youngstown Ohio , 400 watts. Comes w/original cord and it works! Some oxidization and wear but otherwise fine. Pick up B

Copper colored metal trunk w/lid, shows some age wear and bending but top fits on trunk, 18. 5 W x 12 D x 10. 5 H, makes a very cool display piece. Wood plus metal wagon wheel is very old and heavy, one metal ring has slipped, also an excellent vintage display piece, 13 H x 7 diameter. Pick up C. heavy

The Life and Times of Queen Victoria Vol. 1 library copy w/portraits and historical photos 300 pages, The Sugar Creek Gang Digs for Treasure Paul Hutchens 1948 USA printing, FAUST Johann von Goethe - Cameo Classics 1930s edition, The Courtship of Miles Standish A Poem by Henry W. Longfellow - illustrated by eminent artists, 152 pages plus , Chicago, yr?, Eben Holden A Tale of the North Country Irving Bachler 1900 Harpers 431 pages, EXPO 67 pub. by Thomas Nelson and Sons 1968 w/custom case - paper loss on back of case, book is in superb condition. 367 pages, bilingual text on all pages, very large!, Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates Mary Maps Dodge A Story of Life in Holland Goldwater Publishing USA 245 pages stain back cover. Pick up B

Gladstone The Man and His Work Frank Wakely Canadian printing, copyright 1898 w/illustrations, 384 pages, The Story of a Bad Boy Thomas Burting Aldrich w/dj, Red Star Classics version by Goldsmith Publishing, USA printing 250 pages w/illustrations, Jim Davis John Masefield, Every Child's Library version w/dj, published by Saalfield, 1926 245 pages w/illustrations, a few pages have creasing, The Land of Little Rain - A Story of Hopi Indian Children Muriel H Fellows w/dj, published by Winston 1936 USA printing, 122 pages with color illustrations, The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe Daniel Defoe Red Star Classics version pub. by Goldsmith w/dj, 252 pages, yr?, Tongues of Flame Ernest L. Thurston w/dj, Young Heroes Series, pub. by Saalfield 1934 250 pages, The Walton Boys and Gold in the Snow Hal Burton, pub. by Whitman 1948 1st ed, Canada: The Foundations of its Future Stephen Leacock 1941, The Wonder Book of Why and What! 1921 edited by Harry Golding with color plates. Pick up B

Solid wood 2-piece china cabinet plus hutch w/glass doors and lots of room for dishes and cutlery. 2 doors on the bottom w/one full length shelf inside, 3 shelves on top and one long drawer for cutlery. 48 W x 16 D x 72 H, top portion is 40 H, bottom is 32 H. In excellent condition, shows only wear on top of the base and on top shelves but is out of sight once assembled and dishes are in. Would be great for storing your china or showcasing your collectibles. Pick up C. large and heavy

Watford U. K. vintage laundry return box with leather strap. Two-piece box est. 1940's or 1950's and was used to bring laundry to plus from the Watford Laundry. Made of heavy duty waxed reinforced cardboard with leather reinforcements on the ends and leather carrying strap, plus plastic slot on the side for owner's name plus address. A unique piece of British history from a city best know for Elton John. 24 W x 12. 25 D x 6 H. Shows a touch of wear and staining but not bad, otherwise fine and a great display piece. Pick up B

Lot of 9 soft and hardcover books on the Land Down Under: A Short History of Australia 1964 , The Australians 1972 , The Maverick Guide to Australia 1988 , Over 40 in Broken Hill 1992, The Australian Way of Life 1953 w/dj, The Northern Territory Picture Book, This is Lake MacQuarrie, and The Wonder Book of Australian Animals. Pick up A

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