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This antique settee/bench is handcarved wood in Mahogany colour with floral upholstery. It is 39 inches wide. It has a few scratches. See photos. Timeslot C

This acrylic painting on canvas board is custom framed in coordinating frame. By P. Cornforth. 23 x 28 inches. Timeslot B

Retro arm chair with teak arms - has bluish grey cream upholstery (some wear but still in good condition).Timeslot B

This pair of oil paintings on paperboard are pastoral landscapes similar to British painting of the 18th and 19th centuries. They were acquired from a 200 year old house and are a pair that coordinate with each other. Each is in a frame 14 x 22 inches. Timeslot B

Acme Dress Form - antique - for designs measuring: 36-44 inch bust, 29-36 inch waist, 39-48 inch hips Timeslot C

This large monoprint was done in 1974 by this Canadian artist. It is mostly fields of blues and linear elements. It is 21.5 x 40 inches and framed in a metal frame.Timeslot B

This umbrella table folds down to occupy less space when not in use. It is black papermache lacquer on the top embedded with a mother of pearl chess/checkers pattern. It has a small lacquer design near base of the stand. The edges of the table have had repair but are chipped in places. Final photo shows one such repair. purchased directly from the set auction of the former television show "Coppers" by BBC - Info. package provided with this item. Timeslot C

Ball Parlour chair in Mahogany coloured wood - with blue velvet seat. purchased directly from the set auction of the former television show "Coppers" by BBC - Info. package provided with this item. One wood chip missing. See photos - Timeslot C

Antique Jug and Basin - Jug is blue and gold on white ironstone. Basin is gold on white ironstone. Crack in basin inside of it. See photos Timeslot A

This solid wood headboard fits both double (54 inch) and Queen (60 inch ) beds. Timeslot B

This antique parlour chair is handcarved wood in Mahogany colour with needlework upholstered seat. It has a scratch. It matches lot 1 and 2. Timeslot C

This comes from the estate of a jeweller who closed shop in 1973. The original price of 198 is still on it. It has four condiment trays in fine lead crystal with a silverplated footed tray. It s Made in England by Cavalier crystal. Needs polishing but otherwise in excellent unused condition. Timeslot A

Size small -medium womens coat in black lambsskin and fur cuffs and collar - black satin lined Timeslot A

Top has glass doors and shelves in smokey glass and bottom has closed cabinet. Separates into two sections for easier transport - bring assistance as on third floor 32 wide x 76 inches high x 18 inches deep on bottom and 19 inches deep on top. Timeslot B

Solid wood china cabinet with insets of lighter wood and filigree of wood on inside of glass - has three shelves - has some wear and scratches. See photos. 5.5 ft. tall, 38 wide, 15 inches deep. Timeslot C

Two lengths of antique nails. Each is numbered with a raised numbers cast into the nail. Timeslot A

Antique wood - maple coloured - with Rose needlework on seat. purchased directly from the set auction of the former television show "Coppers" by BBC - Info. package provided with this item. Timeslot C

This small print of a musical theme is custom framed and autographed. It is by the Artist Dumas and signed 1994. It is 16 x 12 inches framed. Timeslot B

Brass bed warmer with wooden handle 37 inches long. Timeslot B

8 x 10 inch graffiti art by Ottawa artist; Poirier, 2005 - Paint on canvas Timeslot A

This antique hand carved chair has inset of bird's eye maple and is in good condition for its age. It has an upholstered seat. It matches lot 5 purchased directly from the set auction of the former television show "Coppers" by BBC - Info. package provided with this item. Timeslot C

This rug is handhooked from fabric strips on burlap. It is 44 inches in diameter and has a hand tied fringe. Timeslot B

Women's small mink mid length coat - cleaned and treated with suedite treatment. - 1 worn patch on sleeve - see photos Timeslot A

This seascape is an original oil painting on canvas in a solid wood frame. By Gisela Keller , 1969 it is 33x 27 inches and has a scratch and some wear. See detail photos for painting effects. Timeslot B

Wooden Antique Lawn/Carpet bowling set with 10 Bins and 2 Balls Timeslot A

Antique mirror has silver finish and hand carved design on top arch. 17 wide x 32 inches high. I flaw in bottom of mirror glass. See photo. Timeslot B

This mirror has beveled edges and is for mounting on a wall. Timeslot C

This retro. basin and jug is full size and has been made from greenware glazed with decal of yellow flowers. Timeslot A

Oak wooden pieces for woodworking or other crafts - two baggies of assorted pegs/people shapes Timeslot A

Vintage tin picnic basket with wooden handles and plastic dishes

Landscape painting in custom frame by Chas Murray - Watercolour scene. 25.5 x 24 inches .Timeslot B

2 floor doll house - tintype - with blue on white outside and red and colour scheme inside - 19 x 6.5 x 16 inches. Timeslot B

These two pairs of kid leather gloves are Very small for women with long sleeves - opera length gloves. Timeslot A

Luncheon set in traditional porcelain for weddings, German, 5 cups, 6 saucers, 8 dessert plates - 5 inch, 5 luncheon plates - 8 inch. Timeslot A

Stetson Hat is Made in Canada and labelled Playboy II - browns with feather and metal pin. Seems to be never worn. In original box. Timeslot A

Antique hand woven wool throw has hand hemmed edges. See photos as some fading. Timeslot A

This painting by California artist, Radisha. His work is seen at This is watercolour of two figures in tones of burgundies and ochres. It is matted and framed. It is 24 x 20 inches. It was painted in 1986, Timeslot B

Two hotdog plates in original box and one on its own. Ceramics with blue glaze. Timeslot A

Set includes: demitasse spoons, teaspoons, spoons, soup spoons, dinner forks, dessert/salad forks, knives and seven serving pieces- Cutlery in good condition and box has some wear and scratches. Timeslot A

Large Abstract Artwork in Browns and Ochres - Mixed media on stretcher bars - 29 x 59 inches - unsigned.Timeslot B

This antique chair is handcarved wood in Mahogany colour with needlework upholstered seat. It is in very good condition. It matches lot 1 and 3. Timeslot C

This Japanese ink and watercolour painting features a scene of women bathing and laundering clothes. It is framed and signed and stamped by the artist. It measures 10 x 19.5 inches and is framed in a metal frame with glass and matting. Timeslot B

Eleven antique semi-porcelain soup bowls with Ford mark from Burslem, England Timeslot A

This antique hand carved chair has inset of bird's eye maple and is in good condition for its age. It has an upholstered seat. It matches lot 4... the needlework is slightly different coloured burgundy. purchased directly from the set auction of the former television show "Coppers" by BBC - Info. package provided with this item.Timeslot C

One bride doll and one Tara doll (in peach coloured long dress) . Timeslot A

These are hobnail milk glass lamps. Two have matching milk glass shades - one has a glass shade from an oil lamp. All are electric - untested. Timeslot A

This painted umbrella table has some wear on top. It has a rust red border with floral scroll designs solid walnut coloured wood in the centre. It folds up when not in use to use less space. purchased directly from the set auction of the former television show "Coppers" by BBC - Info. package provided with this item. Timeslot C

This matching set is in textured polyester and white faux fur.. Retro. winter jacket and hat. Timeslot A

City Tobacco - King George Navy tin. Timeslot A

Antique and vintage key blanks and keys in retro. tin. Timeslot A

Authentic Tibetan prayer rug with shaved woollen design - handknotted 18 x 18 inches . Timeslot A

2 chocolate molds, 2 recipe books, bamboo cat dishes, fabric-grey burlap, 2 new coffee travel mugs, new set of cookie cutters - LOVE, reading glasses case - ceramic planters in retro. colours, more Timeslot A

This muffler has a built in change purse, is silk lined and has lambskin on one side and jacquard silk on the other. It is chocolate brown in colour. Timeslot A

Oak wooden pieces for woodworking or other crafts - six baggies of assorted parts. Timeslot A

USB powered laptop cooling pad - barely used Timeslot A

Three baggies of craft supplies - jingle bells and wooden pieces (some painted) Timeslot A

1968 stamped Ken Doll - with clothing and various accessories. Timeslot A

Christmas outfit for 18 inch dolls. Timeslot A

Two floored house with finishes inside and out of the era it is from. 25 x 8 x 15 inches. Timeslot B

This lot has a Tintype garage with a more recent repro. two door car. Timeslot B

2 floor house with classic colour scheme. 23.5 x 9.5 x 17 inches. Timeslot B

Handmade rug with cardinals and blue and green foliage on light grey. Back is burlap which is sewed and hemmed. Red fringe around the rug which is 32 x 43 inches. In good used condition. Has been washed by hand. Timeslot B

Diverse styles - some framed, some mounted - 2 x 3 inch Timeslot A

This box contains 45 molds including: horse, other animals, sutumn, lollipops in different shapes, valentines, baby shower, 40th , 50th, and one Christmas mold. All vintage some used some unused - varied condition Timeslot A

Cooper plated teapot has blue on white china handles. Timeslot A

Tommy Armour eco Cavity 845 clubs: 3, 4 , 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and putter C groove putter Wilson Staff 1881 putter Cleveland Driver no. 9 SL290 3 xtra handles case has two clips in good condition. Third one is broken Timeslot C

These two pieces of pine trim that have been milk painted in Indigo Blue. Timeslot C

This is a Marlborough plate teapot with a dark wooden handle. It has a fine etched design on it. Matches lot 192 . Timeslot A

Silverplated items in various condition, 4 pewter napkin ring holders, 4 silver coasters, 4 silver plated lids, 1 wine bottle tray, two serving trays for veggies Timeslot A

These floral teacups are by the same porcelain maker from Germany. They feature muted floral designs with embossed edges and gold lustre trim. Timeslot A

Eight matching 9 inch dessert/luncheon plates and one serving plate - 11 inch by Meakin china of England - Embossed border with fruit motifs in the middle - plums,raspberries, peaches, etc. In excellent condition Timeslot A

1 in french and 1 in English - Published in 1915 and 1918 Timeslot A

Includes: 48 x 48 inch hand crocheted lace tablecloth - white with pearl drops at corners, 12 varied lace doilies in different sizes and colours - Mostly offwhite or white. Timeslot A

1 game board - Coca Cola game board of Health - 1934 1 vintage Snake and Ladders game board 1 Pinocchio Game - vintage 1 Baby book - vintage unused 1 Sherlock Holmes book Monoprint on paper - leaves Timeslot A

Matches lot 52 - Coffee pot, cream and sugar with engraved designs. Malborough plate Timeslot A

Lois straight cut jeans in size 32-24 still have tags on them - unworn Timeslot A

Great wedding decor for serving cupcakes and other desserts - Aluminium three tier dessert tray with embossed wild rose design. Timeslot A

Silver plated toasting glasses in a set of 8. Similar designs on the stems of each glass. Rogers silverplate. Timeslot A

Untested Marble tabletop lighter with brass lighter insert. Timeslot A

This authentic Tibetan handknotted rug is 16 x 16 inches . Timeslot A

"Twin Brides" - Two identical bridal dolls . Timeslot A

This lot includes: seven glass ornaments - pinks,whites,yellow, three yellow satin balls, four hand done cross stitch ornaments. Timeslot A

Includes: four glass ornaments, three plastic drop ornaments (blue, red, green), two green retro. elves, a plastic snowman with snow ball in its stomach and gold foil bird ornament Timeslot A

Includes: Three Barbara Streisand, one Simon and Garfunkel, one Peter Paul and Mary, one Kenny Rogers and "the Highland Fling" Timeslot A

Includes: Sadler teapot with handle repair needed, Server tray with handles - glass with silver foil, Set of antique Japanese landscape salt and pepper, 1 Wedgewood Royal plate, 1 ginger jar in blue and gold, 2 spoons, 1 crystal vase, 1 creamer, 3 assorted china plates for desserts with metal handles, 1 modern glass footed bowl Timeslot A

1 hand quilted Christmas runner is 28 x 28 inches, Two unused machine quilted hotplates with insulated material inside. Timeslot A

11 colours of paint and two copper coloured outliners for painting on china and porcelain by Pebeo Timeslot A

This brass lamp has three candle style lights and one central milk glass lights. It is missing the cord and needs upgraded wiring. Timeslot C

This Retro Barbie Doll case with Mattel trademark has some wear on edges. Timeslot A

Polyester shirt - Kmart brand with pattern in greys and oranges on black - size 15.5 neck. Timeslot A

These three pairs of kid leather gloves are Women's small with regular length - two off white one mocha coloured. Timeslot A

This lot includes a midcentury modern angel tree topper (60s) and six matching mercury glass tree ornaments in shape of magnolia seed cones. Timeslot A

Three bottle condiment set with silverplated carrying tray Timeslot A

These candle sticks have had the no tarnish finish applied and have scratches and missing finish. See photos...approx. 9 inches high. Timeslot A

This vintage drum table is solid wood. The top needs oiling or refinishing. It s 24 inches in diameter and has two doors that open to the storage space below. Timeslot C

Solid wood record player/radio by Philon (untested) Needs oiling of wood which is two tones. Timeslot C

Two iron table top display easels with fleur de lees on top. Timeslot A

Lot of six silverplated champagne flutes some are engraved with monograms/initials Timeslot A

Silver plated water jug is 9 inches high and 9 inches wide. Timeslot A

Camper with plastic chair - Camper is plastic and vinyl. Two rips on edge of dashboard. Dated with Mattel mark - 1971 Timeslot A

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