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42X20x14.5. Wicker top, heavy metal frame with one shelf. Heavy table. excellent condition.

Fireplace heater. 31"WX19"H. Depth 6.5". Can use flames without heater. Less than six months old. Comes with remote control.

Orange. The Lotus chair was designed by Paul Boulva for Artopex Co., to be used in the 1976 Montreal Olympics. 23.75LX25WX28.5H. There are a couple of scratches on the seat. In good vintage condition.

I had the symbols on this painting translated. Symbols on the right represent, Everywhere green mountain river. Symbols on the left are the date, 1970. There are two red stamps below the symbols which have faded and I am told are the artist's stamps. 52"H X 17"W. There is damage to the frame.

1989 to 1990. 12 plates of Canadian flowers of the provinces and territories. Excellent condition.

Purchased in Switzerland early 1990's. Some scratches. Man lifts beer stein, while bird comes out of door. Option to chime on the quarter hour. In perfect working condition. 9"HX8"W.

Set of 8. Pattern number 9D. 6.5"H. No chips or cracks.

Working. No manual

Mark is under glazed blue shield beehive. No chips or cracks. 5.25"H.

24.5"HX20.5"W. Artist Mary Thompson. 1990s.

Good vintage condition. There are scratches on the bottom. 8.5"WX5.5"H.

WiFi only. 32 gigs. Excellent working condition. Scratches on the back.

Stands 10". No chips or cracks.

Gold encrusted porcelain set. Cobalt blue gold gilt. Covered sugar bowl 5"H. There is a chip in the tip of lid, see photo. Creamer 5"H. Cup 3"H.

20.5"H. Purchased in Mozambique 2004.

Delinieres and Company unpainted coffee pot, hand painted in art deco style in 1917 by my Grandmother. 11"HX5.5"W at the base. Saucers and cups are Zeh, Scherzer and Co. 1881. Set of 6. Hand painted in 1917. Saucer 5"W. Cups 3"HX2.5"W at the top 1.5"W at base. A few flaws in the painting. No chips, cracks or stains. Used for display only.

Authenticated by George Sorensen Antiques, LLC. Dates between 1908-1910. Top lip of this banjo shaped vase has been ground off. It has been suggested there might have been a chip. Stands 6.5"H.

New in box. Worn once. Needs a new battery.

4"WX2.75"H. No chips or cracks. Purchased in Paris.

4.5"HX3"W. No chips or cracks. Date at top rim is 1886.

No chips or cracks. 9"H.

The mark has 1 dot to the left of the crown which dates it at 1892. Shape number 544. 3.5"H. No chips, cracks or wear.

8"WX3.5"H. No chips or cracks.

Cobalt blue on cream. Stands 8.5". No chips or cracks.

2.5"HX1.5"W. No chips or cracks.

The Mallard. 8.5". No chips or cracks.

Canadian Houses of Parliament. By Wood and Sons England. 10inches across. No chips or cracks.

21"WX17"H. Artist Mary Frink. 1990s.

Fujica 8 T3. Made in Japan by Fuji Photo Film Co Ltd, has 3 lens Fujinon f/1,9 (Normal 13mm, Telephoto 26mm and Wide angle 6,5mm). This model has 4 speeds (12, 16, 24, 32 FPS) with 'clockwork power'. In working order, some scratches and dents.

Sugar bowl 4"HX4.5"W. Creamer 3"HX4"W. No chips or cracks. Lid has some gold worn off see photos. Underglaze marked 1888.

Canadian Centennial. Woods and Sons England. 10 inches across. No chips or cracks.

24K gold Gay Fad Woodland Glass platter. Textured glass. 11 5/8" across. Excellent condition.

26"LX16"WX21"H. In good vintage condition. Some glass rings on surface.

Blown Cranberry glass footed open salt cellar. 3"WX2"H. No chips or cracks.

Titanium tower has no hard drive or ram, power supply not working, for parts only. Power Mac G4 Graphite and Power Mac G4 Four slot in excellent working condition. No keyboards, mice or power cords. HP laser jet printer in good working condition. No power cord and needs a new transfer drum.

Silver mark 825. Diameter of band across is 3/4 of an inch.

Egg is 7"H. Elephant carving stand 3"H. Excellent condition. Purchased in Pretoria South Africa 2004.

This lot includes: Darker Image Vol 1 1993 The Maxx Issue 1/2 with Certificate of Authenticity 1993 The Maxx Issue 1 March 1993 The Maxx Issue 2 April 1993 The Maxx Issue 3 May 1993 The Maxx Issue 4 June 1993 The Maxx Issue 4 August 1993 The Maxx Issue 5 September 1993 The Maxx Issue 6 October 1993 The Maxx Issue 7 March 1994 The Maxx Issue 8 May 1994 The Maxx Issue 9 June 1994 The Maxx Issue 10 August 1994 The Maxx Issue 11 October 1994 The Maxx Issue 12 December 1994 The Maxx Issue 13 January 1995

27"HX15"W. Artist Mary Thompson. 1990s. Not sure if oil or acrylic.

Damage to cover. Pages in good condition. Last page has bend and a crease. See photos. On the first page is a hand written message from a mother to a daughter 1937.

Hand painted porcelain. Underglaze marked 1923. No chips or cracks. Each are 5"HX3"W.

7"HX6"W. No chips or cracks.

3"WX1.5"H. No cracks or chips.

Antique pedestal Queen's Ware dish, embossed blue and cream. 6.25" W by 4" H. No chips or cracks.

Stands 5.5"H. No chips or cracks.

5"WX1.5"H. No chips or cracks.

Wood. 5"HX3.5"W each. Scratches, some paint chips and water stains.

Clear. 2"HX3"W. No chips or cracks.

Hot plate. 6.5" across. There is some wear on the surface glaze. See photo.

Blue. 3"WX2"H. No chips or cracks.

Yellow. 3"WX2"H. No chips or cracks.

One deck has not been used. Open deck in excellent condition. 1970.

Used in working order. V-Tech and Uniden.

Amber. Pattern is called Three Dolphins. 4.5"HX2"W. No chips or cracks.

3.5"H. No chips or cracks.

The Green Winged Teal. 8.5". No chips or cracks.

3 are marked 800 silver, others are silver plate. Various places in Europe. One is from Bethlehem. Trips during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Also includes pickle fork made of bone.

Clear. Pattern is called Three Dolphins. 4.5"HX2"W. No chips or cracks.

Silver plate. Teapot 6.5"HX9"W spout tip to handle tip. Lid is missing the hinge pin, some scratches and dents, see photos. On the handle of the teapot there are two black bakelite insets. Sugar bowl 3.25"HX7.5"W. Creamer 3.25"HX5.5"W.

16" diameter. 6H. Some of the mirror paint has chipped off the bottom, see photo.

Log feet. Cherubs on three sides. 4"Wx2"H. No chips or cracks.

1945. Number 2423. Overall age grazing. No stopper. No chips or cracks. 5"H.

3"H. No chips or cracks.

2.5"HX3W. No chips or cracks. Carlton Ware 1960's.

Lancing device is missing. Meter has never been used.

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