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You can enter a new max bid at any time by entering a bid greater than your current high bid.
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A max bid is the highest amount you are willing to pay for an auction item.

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To get a max bid you simply enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay into the bid form just as you would any other bid. If your bid is more than one bidding increment above the current high bid you will get a max bid unless another bidder has a max bid in place that is higher than the amount you enter.

At the end of the auction, the winning bidder pays only the lowest winning bid possible. That means that you can win an auction item at a price less than your max bid amount.

Your max bid amount is kept confidential from other bidders.

You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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3 pieces 68.5 in, 4 pieces 72 in, 6 pieces 41.5 in, sold as is

Green material, dark wood prayer stool, sold as is 38in. high X 16in. wide X 15in. long

2 paradigm reference high definition speakers and metal stands, tested works but sold as is condition

Combination ironing board step ladder Come to pickup at Category B time-slot. 45 inches high x 16 inches wide .

Size small mink coat, sold as is condition

Reel to reel with speakers, tested works, sold as is condition

1958 Zig zag electric sewing machine and table, tested works, knee push pedal not a foot pedal, sold as is condition

Round wood table 26 inches round, 27 1 2 inches high .

10 colored Prints, R Ackermanns series 185

13 historical Hudson Bay prints 20 inches x 16 inches , 8 Ben babalosky Rideau canal prints 20 inches x 16 inches .

Includes tools, sold as is condition

With case and microphone

1 144 scale size, unopened package, sold as is condition

Alexis multi mix 12 FireWire, sold as is condition

21 assorted dolls, some are Vanessa collection, sold as is condition

2 8x14 in jewelry dressers

Campbell house field, tested works, sold as is condition

Item tested item works, sold as is condition

1 4ft tree, 2 wreaths 18 in. X 20in. , glass candle holder, Christmas balls and trinkets

7 piece marching band set, tested works, sold as is condition

10x50 binoculars with case

Train set with tracks and characters

37 sets of record collections, each book contains multiple records, sold as is condition

Future mobility, with tray and headrest

Battery powered, tested works, sold as is condition 16in. high X 8in. wide

7 pine shelves, approx 8x17 in

Powered subwoofer, tested works but sold as is condition

40 witch magazines 2005 to 2009

With package, sold as is condition

Wildwood Oneida communities reliance plate, 6 forks, 9 teaspoons, 9 tablespoons, 6 knives and wood case, sold as is condition

1 oval wood mirror 17.5x22 in, 1 oval wood glass tray 16x26

Wood and leather folding rocking chair 35 inches high x 23 inches wide x 27 inches long .

2 mounted Wayne Gretzky posters 22x34.5 in , 24x36 in, still in cell phone

22 assorted frames 1-21 in. X 16in. 2-15in. X 12in. 2-14in. X 12in. 2- 11in. X 13in. 1-10in. X 12in. 4-8in. X 10in. 6-7in. X 5in. 1-9.5 in. X 7.5in. 1-7in. X 7.5 in. 1-5.5in. X 4.5in. 1-7.5in. X 7.5in.

14 assorted, lamb Collection

3 figurines 12 in high, on stands, sold as is condition

2 bottles, sold as is condition

4-paperback set 8 inches x 5 inches and 1 hard cover 8.5 inches x 7 inches illustrated lyrics

6 framed paintings and prints, from 11x14 to 17x19 in, sold as is condition

Glass sudoku set with packaging

Arthur Wood 5726 Chamber Pot

6 bears sold as is condition

10 various glass vases, sold as is condition

3 tables, 30 in size, tables slot together for assembly and disassembly

1 strato, 1 coronet slide projectors, sold as is condition

2 games with packaging Rummoli-plastic tray, 150 playing chips and instructions included, playing cards not included , One eyed jack Vinyl game board, 2 decks of cards, playing chips and instructions

9 assorted suitcases, 1 sacisibo, 1 laurentian II, 1 Riviera 2 jet-stream, 1 escort, all zippers work, sold as is condition

3 237 ml bottles, 2 Montreal grey cup 2001, 1 1999 leafs cens, sold as is condition

2 23x46 in Prints

4 PlayStation 2 , 1 Nintendo game cube, sold as is condition

The curse of the carné's hold, a roving commission, all but lost 3 columns

3 complete magazines, 15 covers and some random text sections, sold as is condition

4 London news 1972 or older, 2macleans 1965 or older, 2 the Saturday evening news 1973 or older, 1 look 1961, sold as is condition

8 50 watt type merit shielded pot light cases, 1 150 watt light Oliver pot light and casing, sold as is condition

12 various paintings, 1 wood 16x20, 1 18x24, 4 16x20, 1 18x14, 1 12x16, 1 11x14, 1 10x12, 2 8x10

Burgundy and grey colour, sold as is condition

American chopper 1.5ltr plastic jug, monster jam monster truck poster 22.5x34 in

Flowered pot with spout and stand 10in. high X 7in. wide

Assorted blinds green, 5-34 in, 4-28.5 in

3 computer desks, grey top, 30x48 in

27 porcelaine or glass, sold as is condition

16 magazines , Time 1-2010 2-2011 1-2012 , National geographic 2-2014 3-2015 , Life 2-2012 1-2016 , People 2011 , Nascar illustrated 2015 , Legion 2015 , Hockey news 2012

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