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Metal Travel trunk. 43x23x18 in. Sold as is condition

6060 bullet nosed-express. Mini chefs express. Mini chefs sealed box. Sold as is condition.

Ironstone staff offshore England. Vase 13.5x8.5 in. 9.5 in high pitcher

16 metal pencil sharpeners

Includes tray. Sold as is condition, untested.

Set with case, cutter, level, 8 blades and manual. Tested works. Sold as is condition

Animal soapstone carving

Wind up clock. Appears to be brass. 10.5 in round. Works but sold as is condition

Tyco cattle car & depot, Tyco lighted freight station, Tyco hopper car unloading set, Tyco 24 trackside signs and poles, all Tyco HO scale, life like whistle stop, Lionel electric train accessory, all items untested and sold as is condition

Mother of pearl set. Lighter untested. Sold as is condition

3 pieces of Inuit art carvings. 2 soapstone, 1 wood. Sold as is condition

Wood acoustic guitar, includes soft case. 16x41 in. Untested. Sold as is condition

Tested works but sold as is condition

Wood dart case, dart board and set of darts. 20x21 in. Sold as is condition

Inspiron 1525 laptop. Laptop Works. Battery is dead, needs to be plugged in to work. You will need an activation key for windows 7. 10 gig hard drive. Sold as is condition

2 solid wood oval end tables with floating glass tops and a pull out drawer. 28x21x21 in. Sold as is condition

Atlantis pro series stainless steel double sink. 33x22 x9 in deep. Includes grill and plugs. Sold as is condition

Large variety

24 sets of records, 1 box of records. Sold as is condition

Transit Level, plum, case and instructions, untested.

Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley framed pictures. 14x18 in. NO verification of authenticity for any item. Sold as is condition

Otaku plastic model. 1/12 scale. All items in sealed packaging. Sold as is condition

Sesame Street toy house and 4 accessories

4 Replica wood chairs. 17x18 in seat. 42 in high Chair back. Sold as is condition

10 various pieces

40 pieces, 4 serving bowls, 2 serving plates, 2 candy dishes, 8 dinner plates, 8 desert plates, 7 small bowls, 1 sugar bowl, 8 teacup saucers

Round Wood table. 21x31 in. Sold as is condition

3 silver locking door handles. 3 non locking. 1 missing some hardware. 6 total all working. Sold as is condition

Child's plastic rocking horse 33x23 in, and a Spartan wood child's sled 29x21 in. Sold as is condition

11 dinner plates, 6 bowls, 9 tea cups, 1 creamer. Sold as is condition

2 Zajecar and 1 Mats Jonasson

All zippers work. Sold as is condition

2 ken Zylla Prints with commemorative stamp 24.5 x 20.5 in wood frames. Sold as is condition

Pride fully functioning lift chair. Beige 26x29 in. 38 in high at back.

3 Star Wars dispensers, 1 Spider-Man dispensers. All work. Sold as is condition

Tested works. Sold as is condition

12x20 in wood display case with 11 Figurines

2 DVD sets. Trenches WW1 5 DVD sets. The war machines of WW2. 10 DVD set. Tin collectors case. DVDs not tested.

13 decorative Mugs

Lorex DVR recorder model L20451 14.5x12.5 in. Works, but Sold as is condition

14 frames for 4x6 Prints, 2 frames for 5x7 prints, 6 frames for 8x10 prints, 2 frames for smaller than 4x6. All sold as is condition

Wood handled hand plainer for timber. Grass shears. Plainer 26 in x 9 in. Sold as is condition

JVC receiver. Tested works but sold as is condition. 17x 14.5 in x6 in high

15 various pieces

Fancy 147 Firefly snowboard 58x11 in. Sold as is condition

Total of 9 suitcases, 2 Jet Stream, 2 Strandelino, 1 Carson, 1 Concept, 1 Jetliner, 1 Globetrotter, 1 Samsonite. All zippers work, sold as is condition

2 toy story, 2 planes, 1 Mickey Mouse Dispensers. All work. Sold as is condition

1 Foley China, 1 Queen Anne, 1 Royal Albert teacup and saucers

2 22x18.5 in, 1 22x12 in, 1 14x18 in, 3 13x17 in, 1 12x15 in, 1 11x14 in, 1 9x11 in, 4 small

1 Royal Albert, 1 Royal Stanford, 1 Japan teacup and saucer

Solid wood rocking chair. 17in round seat x32 in high. Sold as is condition

Fuel helmet and bag, size small. NO HISTORY available. Not checked for current safety standards, not verified for use on the road. Sold as is condition

2 Kaiser vases, 1 - 4.5 in wide x 9.75 in high, 1 - 3.25 in wide x 7.5 in high. Sold as is condition.

Big sky carvers. Wood birds on plaques. Each statue 8 in deep x 6 in high. Sold as is condition

Dark blue wood trunk with metal hardware. 36x20x21. Sold as is condition

I focus Litepro 580 projector. Tested works, but sold as is. 1 spare used bulb. 50 inch portable projector screen silver background

Shoe polisher kit with box 4 heads. Tested works but sold as is condition. Box measures 10.5 x 6.75 in

Mink shawl. Sold as is condition

7x7 in x46 in high wood statue

1 12x16 with mat, 2 14x15 Jogetu, 6 8.5x12.5 B Smith, 2 8.5x11 Gingres

MR Hockey print of Gordie Howe. 19.5x23.5 in

Keyboard tested works. Battery powered

15.5x12 in crystal vase, and 6 glass vases various sizes

35 VHS tapes in set.

Size 9.5

8 book set on philosophy. 10 book set Jewish

Olympus fe 180 digital camera with case and 513 meg xd card. Yashica mg1 Camera and lens. Petri 7 s camera and lens and case. Blacks a50 flash. Sanwa 140m flash. Sold as is condition

2 French dictionaries. Sold as is condition

14x14 in Stuffed Elvis puppy. Buckle plays "are you lonesome tonight"

Tall slim vase 4x10 in high. Made in England. Round vase 6.5x9.5 in high. Label says made by hand. Sold as is condition

2 cabbage patch dolls, 1 Anne Geddes doll

1 17.5x24.5 in, 17.5x21.5 in, 1 16x19 in, 1 9.5x11.5 in framed prints, 3 17.5x17.5 in framed water colour

1 plate, 4 bowls, 3 cups, 1 tea pot

Monchichi at the fair, Spirograph, Downtown abbey, Trixie Belden paper doll. Sold as is condition

Ansel Adams 1994, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, calendars

Battery powered clock works. Sold as is condition

1 26x32 in; 1 24.5x30.5 in; 1 21x25.5 in, all with frames. Sold as is condition

6 pieces, all approx 3x4 in, table leg broken on one table

Price Kensington cottage butter dish. 2 egg holders and plate

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