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You can enter a new max bid at any time by entering a bid greater than your current high bid.
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A max bid is the highest amount you are willing to pay for an auction item.

In response to other bids, the auction system will automatically increase your bid in the smallest increment possible (up to your max bid amount) in order to maintain your lead position.

To get a max bid you simply enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay into the bid form just as you would any other bid. If your bid is more than one bidding increment above the current high bid you will get a max bid unless another bidder has a max bid in place that is higher than the amount you enter.

At the end of the auction, the winning bidder pays only the lowest winning bid possible. That means that you can win an auction item at a price less than your max bid amount.

Your max bid amount is kept confidential from other bidders.

You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Retro floor lamp, floor to ceiling adjustable height.

2 unique Chairs from the Art Shoppe in Toronto. Have been reupholstered. Cream yellow with red and blue specs. Measures 24X19X27.

Two mid-century modern arm chairs. From the Art Shoppe in Toronto. Have been re-upholstered salmon tone material. Coordinates with couch in lot#3. Measure 29X32X34. Good condition, no noticeable wear. Includes two throw pillows.

Table (note the table is slanted) measures 36"x56" with lazy Susan and umbrella. Four regular chairs and two swivel rocker chairs. Six coordinating cushions and matching hammock with pillow. Note there are not ropes to hang hammock. Comes with an oversized canvas cover that covers all chairs and zipper access.

Table lamp, large. Measures: 17" diameter and 40" high

In working condition. Needs cleaning. Includes vintage ice cube trays. 24x23x52". In basement, bring dolly and help to lift.

Four Piece Unique Desk Set. In curved teak type wood design. Note: considerable wear and tear. Includes desk, two 3-drawer cabinets and chair. Together desk measures 60X30X29. Cabinets measure 15X30X29. Chair measures 17X16X33.5 Located in lower level. Large item! Please bring extra help, dolly and tools as buyer may even need to remove a door to exit.

Single Bed mattress 38X75X21 and box spring. With frame that is adjustable to single or double size. Foam topper and mattress cover.

Untested. Measures 17" diameter x 50" tall.

26" Hitachi flat screen TV. With remote and HDMI cables as well as a monitor adapter.

Folding handle and collection bag. In working condition.

Purchased from the Art Shoppe and reupholstered with tan coloured fabric. Coordinates with lot 1. Includes 4 throw pillows (small mark on pillow).

Two retro plastic lamps. Measure 7X10"high. Can be set on table or hung.

Full size wheel barrow. Shows rust it no visible holes

Table measures 44X44X7.5. Four chairs, one that swivels. Measure 22X30X40. note: rust one table edges.

Includes 5 pots with lids and 1 frypan. Also included: knife block with assorted knives and stainless steel pot steamer. Note: wear on some pots.

Two garden chairs, oak and green metal. Each Measures 24 x 21.5 x 29.5"

Solar Wishing well measures 19X19X37. Three garden statues, hummingbird stake, techno candle holder

6 fabric upholstered Chairs, beige in colour. Note: some scuff and wear on bottom of legs. Each Chair measures: 18X18X31

Teak looking wood End Table. Coordinates with lots 2 and 6. Measures 27X32X25. Note: Scratches

Double bed frame and headboard (black) includes box spring and mattress, quilt and 3 pillow shams, white flat and fitted sheet and 2 blankets. Note: mattress is dated and worn, 2 areas are a bit ripped at handles (doesn't affect wear).

With remote, untested. TV stand not included.

Wall hanging wrought iron with hurricane oil lamp. Measures: 30" from top of wall bracket. Hurricane lamp 5.5" diameter at base x 13"high. Teardrop 22.5"H.

8 glass baking pans, vintage covered casserole dish with metal serving stand, 3 cake pans, cookie sheet, aluminum roasting pan 8x14, 3 broiler pans and more.

Wood carved 3 dimensional art, painted canvas background, carved frame. Each measures 25x5.5x42

White Corelle. Includes 4 platters, 11 dessert bowls, 27 saucers, 14 cereal bowls, 16 large plates, 16 medium plates, 13 small plates, 16 coffee cups (3 different styles), cream and sugar bowl.

15' Super Giant home & auto washer brush, 2 corn brooms, 2 rakes, weed pullers, garden shovel, axe, saw, dust pan, sledge hammer. Hose reel holder not included.

Resin deck box measures 45X18X23. Hinged lid

Canvas painting signed by Cardo. Measures: 61 x 41

HaussMann shop vac, 2 Gallon, tested.

Includes amplifier, tuner, turn table, Cd and cassette deck. Also includes 2 remotes and record cleaning brush and cloths. Measures: 41X15X45

Vacuum comes in original box with attachments.

See photos for details of sizes and numbers of boxes.

Includes light and chain. Measures 9x9x32, not including chain.

Metal garden plant holders, in the shape of two boys and a girl. Each measures 11x30"

Assorted Kitchen Items include: memory foam mat (measures: 20x39), waste can, storage bin, stool, dish rack and drain tray, lamp and more. Red checkered bag not included.

Large tray 20x13, large round tray 11.5 diameter, oval tray 6.25 x 13. Assorted smaller dishes including butter dis with glass insert and covered sugar bowl. Slightly tarnished but has been well kept.

Two metal filing cabinets measure 14.25X18X24.5. Spring loaded pole magazine holder. Measures 13" wide by 93" high (adjustable). Comes with garbage cans.

Many vintage decorations including glass balls in original packaging, 2 silver poinsettias in urns (measures 24" high), wrapping paper, indoor lights and more.

2 garbage cans with lids, corn broom, compost bags, garden spade, hand saw, axe, rake, garden shovel, hoe, plastic snow shovel.

6 garden statues. Made of resin or plaster. Some paint peeling but cute regardless!

6 metal plant hanger stakes. Measure approx 42"-62" high.

Black night stand with 2 drawers and top glass protector. Measures: 23.25X16X22. Matches Lot 68.

Black night stand with 2 drawers and top glass protector. Measures: 23.25X16X22. Matches Lot 66. Slight chip on top drawer and top left at front. See photos for details.

Sunbeam iron, full sized ironing board, 3+ boxes Ivory Snow, 1 & 1/3 bottles Fleecy, bleach and more.

Plant fertilizer, bone meal, Wipe-Out, Round Up, Windex, ant traps, garden hose attachments, garden gloves, manual clippers, spades, small garden rake and hand tools, tent pegs, wall anchors, lock & key sets, and much more.

Two metal tripod bird feeders approximately 40"high. Metal trellis is 56" high and 18"wide, plant hanger is plastic with metal hanger approx 54" high.

Assorted cleaning products, may be partially full/used. Cupboard not included.

Clay pots and bases, watering can, 3 metal plant stands, foam kneeling pads and more.

Resin Solar Lighthouse is 25"tall. Crane planter is about 52"tall. Two metal flag spikes, metal fish (note rust). Plaster frog.

Tuscan - British Columbia Dogwood, Shelley, Foley, Colclough, Staffordshire, Sutherland and more.

Two wood dressers that have been faux painted. With plexiglass protectors on top. Measure 30X16X29 each. Shows wear.

Assorted Crystal Cornflower Set: includes 24 Goblets and 8 side plates measuring 6" diameter.

57" tall, chad fold out tray which needs some reinforcement with nails or screws.

Teak looking wood Table with 2 slide out extensions. Measures: 36X47.5X29 closed. Extensions measure 12" on each end. Includes quilt pad table protector. Note: blemish on top table and scratch on one extension. Coordinates with 6 Chairs in lot 12. Come to pickup at Category C time-slot.

Assorted driftwood with metal butterflies and wooden birds.

Large assortment of towels. In a variety of sizes and blue, yellow and mint green tones.

Anti-gravity chair shows sunfading on colour. Two white resin stacking chairs, three side tables. Note: discolouration *3 bonus clamp on umbrellas!

Title: Eleuthera Bahamas. Signed by Hughes. Measures: 19X24

Glider measures 25.5x28x37, has extra fabric piece from when it was recovered. Brown collapsible footstool with storage under removable top, 16x16x16, 2 lampshades 13.25 diameter basex9" high.

Panasonic radio cassette player (radio works, cassette not tested), answering machine (untested), untested batteries, telephones (untested), VHS tape rewinder (untested), and assorted electronics.

Assorted tools, 3/8" Mastercraft drill (untested), level is 24" long, plastic tool caddy, drill bit set, old metal tool box, caulking gun and more.

Teak looking wood coffee table. Note: blemish on finish on top. Measures: 20X60X16. Coordinates with lots 2 and 4.

3 copper butterflies suitable for wall display. Each piece is signed. Eight butterflies in total.

3 piece driftwood decor set. Note scratches.

Two relatively new pillows and 3 throw blankets. Small extension cord.

Three new never opened Bed pillows, one good clean pillow, two yellow square throw pillows, one floral decor pillow and 3 grey throw pillows

Two wine racks hold 24 bottles each, measures 30.25x9x19.5. Two serving trays 19x13.25, one large ottoman measures 24" diameter x 14.25"H, one towel rack 21.5x4.5x2.5.

Scott's AccuGreen 3000 fertilizer spreader, Scott's Turf Builder Pro lawn food, Scott's Turf Builder fertilizer, potting soid, storage chest included. Some are partial bags.

Two fold up lawn chairs with carry bags, two side tables (note staining), small tote 6 cooler and two clamp on shade umbrellas.

Mid-century modern teak looking side table. Measures 16X26X22. Magazine holder style base. Coordinates with lots 4 & 6. Note: minor scratches

Cutlery, scissors, wooden spoons, serving utensils, Glad wrap, sandwich bags, new meat thermometer, and more. See photos for more details.

Two springform pans, 2 Bundt pans, 4 small meat pie pans, glass casserole dish with metal serving bowl and lid, meatloaf pans, square cake pans, Regular sized cupcake pans, small cupcake pans and more.

Assorted light bulbs, Rubbermaid step stool, tall garbage can, buckets, 4 bars of Ivory soap, cleaning supplies and more.

Includes 17 decks of cards, 12 + 4 puzzles, Roll-O-Puzz puzzle mat and more.

Two extension cords, paint roller trays, rollers, stir sticks, 2 rolls of plastic (for covering while painting), and more.

2 cushions 47x18x3, 6 cushions 17x17 with ties for securing to chairs.

Mega Boss model. In working condition. Includes attachments.

Bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths. Note Wear on some items.

Each unit includes 2 drawers. Measures: 14X15.5X29.5

Miscellaneous toiletries (some may be partially used), mirrors, brand new shower curtain, Conair hair clipper set with accessories and 2 hot water bottles.

4 wicker chairs with metal frame. All chairs have broken/damaged wicker, see photos for details. Some loose pieces underneath as well. 16.5x18x36.5

Two tables measure 14.75x14.75x14.75 each. In good condition.

Sewing boxes and supplies, knitting needles, craft supplies, decorative stones, acrylic paints, measuring tape and more.

Small (hand held) fertilizer spreader, fertilizer sprayers, 2 sprinklers, bungee cord, foam kneeling pad, car wash brush (attaches to hose), garden gloves and more.

Long handled sponge and squeegy, bucket, car mats, mesh divider for car, assorted screws and nails, timers, 4 hanging brackets, knee pads, funnels, WD 40, oil, mouse traps, shower head and more.

T-Fal Tradition Safe2 pressure cooker, glass baking pans, covered casserole dishes, Tupperware condiments server, new egg poacher for microwave, storage container with rack and more.

Three paintings. Seagulls 17"x 30", Vases 15" x 35", Cityscape 15" x 36"

3 cases of assorted albums, 3 cases of assorted 45" records. Plus 2 additional empty cases for 45" records. Also includes a record - disc washer kit.

3 Wall Hanging Candle Holders - measures: 39", 31" and 23" and Wall Sconce/Vase. Black metal.

Assorted Towels sets: bath, hand and wash cloths.

Hanging macrame lamp with dial switch, in working condition. Also includes coral, sea shells, pottery, driftwood and more. See photos for details.

2 wardrobe boxes, 2 large boxes, 2 medium boxes, bubble wrap, tarps, reusable shopping bags, brown rubbermaid container (no lid), black tote and more. Note one wardrobe box is slightly gouged on outside, but not torn through.

Includes: 9 piece Knife Block Set, Vintage Better Homes Cookbook, Salad Spinner and Hamilton Beach Micro Food Processor.

Assorted Towels plus table cloths, 1 throw pillow, assorted hand towels and a mix of aprons.

Assorted placemats, tablecloths, fabric napkins, and more.

Brand new massage shower head and assorted bathroom items. See photos. Includes acrylic containers, and variety of soaps.

Tea towels, oven mitts, knife block set, 2 Retro divided serving dishes with lids plus black plastic decor ball

Bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths. Plus assorted plastic and wire hangers.

Assorted Towels: bath, hand and wash cloths. 2 pillows, 2 double bed duvet covers (green multi-print), assorted pillow cases and 1 toilet seat cover.

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