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Midea brand, 12000 btu, model MPN6-12CRN1-BH9 with remote. Wheels. Owner reports working.

4 fans: all working. 2 x 3 speed oscillating table fans w 20" plastic blades, 1 Pelonis metal table fan with metal 11" blades, 1x 48" 3 speed Lasko oscillating floor fan

Drawer, cupboard, 28X19X35 contents NOT included. Excellent condition.

Buffet and Hutch, dove tail drawer, 40X19X69.5. Note scratches and wear to wood. Note: Contents not included in this lot.

53X30X30 Wood dining table. Middle section recedes into table for smallest size of 42X30X30. Note water marks on surface, signs of wear. Seat cushions stained, worn.

Each end seat reclines. Excellent condition. Separates into 3 sections for easy removal. Bring screwdriver to dismantle, and help to remove from apartment (with elevator).

Multiple settings, With 2 sizes of mixing bowls, beaters. Tested.

6 items: 4 heavy pots w lids, 2 fry pans. Tivoli, Cuisine Euro-chef other pots not stamped. Some wear.

2 matching wood tables: 30X19X22, Does not include contents on table(s). Note tables show wear, need to be refinished.

24"tall x 22" diameter table set with glass center. Good condition.

60X80, weaved w backing, excellent condition, like new.

2 drawers, 22X18X32. Contents not included. Slight wear.

23X19 metal frame wall mirror.

New Laz-Boy Signature II sofa bed. Taupe coloured excellent condition, no marks, no stains. 70X36X36 Bring help to remove from apartment building.

Dirt Devil Easy Lite. Retractable cord. 120V, 12 amp. Accessories attached to hose.

Planter made in Mexico + ceramic shell.

3 suitcases: 2 50 lb (dark)Samboro, Via, 1 smaller red Voyageur. All with 2 wheels and extendable handles. Zippers were not tested.

Brushed silver colour 26" tall table lamp with rectangular shade - still covered in plastic. Tested.

Pressed Board storage cupboard with contents. Quantity within bottles unknown. Cleaning implements to right of photo are in a different lot.

2 different sets of 4 Longchamp Cristal D'arques glasses, 4 whiskey glasses, pinwheel vase, 2 large rectangular vases, variety of coasters.

24X12X18, note some screw covers missing. 2 wood collapsible tray tables 19x14x26, 1 collapsible wooden side table.

New Condition. Note: elastic attached to pillow is dried out (lost elasticity).

Upholstered, cushioned seats. Original Casters on front legs. 21X22X34. Note some scuffs and wear.

Table lamp w coral type decor 9" base x 15T, Small 14" tall table lamp 8" butterfly shade, 4" base. Tested. Small lamp needs a bulb.

3 decorative wall hangings. 35X12 each.

Moss green curtains 2 panels 48X83 + silver coloured rod. 4 panels off white curtains with embroidery, each section 48x80- does not include rod. Bring screw driver to remove brackets from wall for silver rod.

Weaved, 48X65. Excellent condition.

Ralph Lauren Pillows (2), double bed quilt, beach towels (3), double bed mattress cover, bath towels, linens. New oven mitts. Laundry hamper.

Zero Gravity outdoor lounge chair , note elastic in pillow dried out + smaller folding chair w cloth seat

4 drawer dove tail dresser. 32X18X40. Note slight marks paint on side. Contents NOT included.

Wall mirror 24x12, Old photo with tin frame, Various decorative wall art, floor rooster (heavy) (8x5x11), large framed Fred Moraan print 30x41. All items in very good condition. Note: Rooster discoloured - needs to be cleaned.

2 side chairs 17X19X34 Note some wear. Includes cushions.

Full length wall mirror with plastic moulded frame - looks like dark wood. 53X24

Ironing board, Black and Decker iron (tested) and collapsible metal clothes rack, does not include contents 87X24X78, Wooden quilt rack 30x9x30.

Portable Sears Kenmore 1310 Sewing machine w accessories -owner reports working. Sewing table- 30X16X26 (16 folds out to 32") (does not contain a machine in table).

4 items: 2 10" skillets, 8" skillet, pot x lid. Note: 1 skillet missing a handle. Some wear.

Variety of cleaning implements and pail.

Rival Crockpot, corning ware teapot, Corelle ware plates. Salt n pepper shaker, baskets, and more. Note one container with chipped lid and chipped bowl.

Conair blow driers 1 for travel, 1 large, plus Infiniti Premier flat iron. Tested.

48" Christmas tree, lights, and variety of decorations.

30X24, excellent condition.

Bundt, Muffin, loaf Pans, fire-king measuring cup, box grater, plastic red bowl set. Some wear.

Casserole dish, pots, new oven mitts, roasting pan.

Home made Tulip floor art (on linoleum 35x46), Puzzle Roll, self healing fabric cutting board 18x24. Lightly used.

Shoe shine box with waxes, creams. Conditions of creams unchecked.

Crystal, china, silver plate items, pewter tankard, decanter (note appears frosted/stained), juice pitcher, wine glasses, Knick knacks.

New Tea Towels, variety of hand crochet doilies, hand beaded pieces from Guyana, footed pinwheel candy dish, Crystal trinket dish, 2 unused lanterns - 1 tea light, 1 oil, Handmade egg decorations, Pottery dishes marked Aberle.

Table lamp 6.5 base x 28 tall. Nex tech Alarm clock radio. Tested.

2 pencil sketches of Couchaching Beach Park By David R Wick 1974. Plus 1982 framed Limited Edition print & Homeward Bound ; 14X18 by Graham Lavallin 30/2082.

Microwave, plus White Cabinet, Tupperware and plastics in bottom section, 40X30X71. Kenmore microwave with wear, needs to be cleaned. Exclude all items (china etc.) in upper cabinet.

Patterns and materials for chair cushions, embroidery projects and more. Includes Tupperware container.

Ansley salt and pepper shaker (3), BMP Dolphin, marble egg, Hand Blown Vase etched "Mdura".

Oil Lamp, new. Hand made pottery signature illegible. Blue Flag Iris Wall hanging 27X20

2 reversible table runners 48, 36", 3 red decorative throw pillows.

Oster Toaster Oven-wear, discoloured, tested. 17X13X9, Kitchen utensils-some wear.

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