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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Older tea wagon with 2 side drop leaves, rub bar casters, minor age ware to bottom shelf.

Excellent Condition, Coin operated. Incl key. Tested. Stereo sound with 4 speakers, full selection of 45s. Includes some literature. Extra vinyl available in lot 5. 36" wide x 23" deep x 46" high. Large item! Please bring extra help, dolly. Come at END of Pick up time - after other items removed in order to get out of building.

Burgundy w cream boarder 88x62, cream centre w burgundy edging 89x 63, green note wear 47x64 All rugs very clean

6 sided wood and glass display cabinet. Double doors, 2 glass shelves. 21X41 Note minor damage to one corner.

Ltd Edition signed works by Martha Henrickson: "Revisiting #11", "Icefield Parkway II" , "Old P.R. Dock ", "Eye In The Sky", "Prince Rupert Dock", "Between BC and Alberta", "Inside Passage", "Way To Prince Rupert". 6 are 9.5 X 13, 2 are 13x9.5.

Electric waterfall over rocks tested, 15x15x29, 6 foot light weight coat tree - note some screws missing

Get your Nickels and quarters ready for this 1970's original coke machine. Tested. Model USS-12-96, Serial 122879, 7.5 amps. 28" wide x 23" deep x 68" high. Large item! Please bring extra help, dolly. Come at END of Pick up time - after other items removed in order to get out of building.

Lawnmower. 4 HP Lawn-Boy, serial 179B0336 Model CS19ZPNA. Owner reports working order fall 2015

Smoked Glass topped coffee table 22X8X15, two matching end tables 22X22X15

Stand alone hammock. 88" bed area. Total length 190 inches. Good condition.

100% top grain large leather ottoman 24x30x18. Excellent condition.

Approx 150-200 feet polyethylene rope.

62" largest paddle, York River Paddles, Peterborough ON 54" bow paddle, Upper Canada Company stern paddle 54"

Coffee pot, tea pot, serving tray, cream and covered sugar bowl, all stamped Marlboro EP-BM 409

32x43 Black framed wall mirror with bevelled edge. Modern

35X15 2 grey window frames note one frame has no glass, 15x20 off white pane, note bottom panel cracked.

Tool box with a variety of scrapers, files, saws, blades, wrenches, screw drivers, exacto knife, and more.

Main grill with side burner. On wheels. Note slight rust. Untested. 65X22X48.

1.25 inch Mariners cotton rope at least 100 feet. Heavy, bring dolly.

Carmen Romero 33/135 12x9.5, "Girl with Flowers" 36/135 13.5 X 9.5, "Carolina" 46/135 14 X 9.5. "Water Lily" 37/135, 12.5x 9.5, "Brazilian Dancer" 34/135, 12 X 9.5

East lake Walnut 35x23x31. Match with lot 147, 148, 153. Excellent Condition

Collection of tea cups: Demi tasse, miniatures, candle, Adderley brooch, Thorley bone china small chip. And more.

Stained Glass window pane 29.5X23, note wear to frame

Les Chochetons signature Unclear ( Franiers?) 18x11, Paris Etching Society N.Y USA, Oil on Canvas Sailboat scene 14x18

Miro print, 33X22. Note damage to frame. Smaller framed picture labelled Crummock Water, 13X21

Stained Glass table lamp with pull switch 28" high tested, 16" diameter + 3 table lamps with missing parts and numerous shades.

Durex Industrial 2.5 hp, 4800rpm, 13amp, 115volt. Untested.

1950s suitcase, all buckles, snaps entact, small framed pictures.

CN Poster 21x25 framed

Swivel slipper chair, new upholstery. Excellent Condition.

Tea Pot, platter, candy dishes: EB Foley 1850 "Glencarry Thistle", Royal Crown Derby, Paragon H.M. The Queen &H.M. Queen Mary

Artist "Jimmy", on canvas, 32x55 including frame, and 2 lights, tested.

Framed Oil on Board "Peggy's Cove" by Albert Cloutier for CNR 24x33. Note damage to frame and on picture.

Floor Lamp w fibreglass shade needs plug, metal floor lamp untested but missing shade.

Wooden toys with wheels

2 wooden folding deck chairs, night table, 15.5X12.5X24

Kirby Heritage II Turbo Vacuum cleaner with all accessories for vacuuming, shampooing carpet. Untested.

Meccano Set with instruction booklet.

White brand portable sewing machine untested, with variety of new material, patterns.

Spring based side chair, old wooden case. 9X30X21

Various tea towel linens no stains or damage found, small table cloth with flower pattern. Large swath of material suitable to drape in decoration for a wedding - approximately 100 feet.

Oil on board, wear to frame 29x41.

Over 100 45s, including Elvis Presley, Moody Blues, BJ Thomas, David Foster, Juice Newton, Boney M, The Judds, The Bangles, Abba, Nat King Cole. Condition unknown. Good match to Lot 6

McCulloch Titan GHT 30 Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer. untested

Bifold white door. 79.5X31.5,

Various Brass pieces, candle sticks, clock untested + 2 small oil lamps with wicks, globes.

Skip-Bo, card shuffler, decks of cards, uno, pick up sticks, and set of Crokinole pieces (no board).

Variety of kids books

24x8x30 3 tier press board bookcase, 20x12x19 stool.

Fold up in good condition.

Iron untested, laundry hamper, 2 new wall mount mail boxes, 2 X 72X32 champagne coloured window coverings, 3 sections white quarter round, clock untested.

Gas Powered Weedeater. untested.

Children's toys: Older dolls, paper parasol, chalk board, ukulele, recorder.

Lot of plate sized quilted China dishes protectors with foam separators.

Fishing reel with leather case, (note wear to case), portable weigh scale stamped Pecks Warranted Spring Reliance.

GE floor polisher. Tested. clean wool pads. Model CS11, Serial 05072252, 115 volts, 3 amps.

Spats, 42" leather belt, fire irons, white kidney shaped dressing table with drawer, iron items. Note heat lamp BOX only (empty).

Large blue and white oil lamp without chimney, 3 small night table lamps, one with plastic Tiffany style shade. Note, red lamp base has very short cord and needs extension cord to be plugged in.

Walnut wood. Excellent condition. 49x 23x 36. Match with lot 147, 146, 153.

Walnut Eastlake Chair. Excellent condition. Match to Lot 146, 147, 148.

Roulette table with felt board and chips. Portable Rummikub set with instructions.

Sandwich board durable plastic, 35" tall, 24" wide.

Smallest swing mirror 31X24, second swing mirror 25X36, static mirror for back of a dresser 38X43.5

Male and Female bed pans in very good condition.

Soapstone carving Walrus by stone raft, Buffalo, sold salad tong set, shoe care set, wall clock untested, portable magma sonic CD player untested, wooden nutcracker, deco bowl and wooden decorative item with one broken piece.

Variety of older games/pieces: checkers, board, marbles, pick up sticks, decks of cards, note chess pieces incomplete.

Plant stand, Outdoor Beer/Ice bucket, Corn pot. Note lid does not fit tightly on corn pot

2 sizes of meat grinders, + hand crank grinder attaches to table vintage

15X22, Ani Papyrus Guarantee Certificate on back. From Egypt. Held in glass, but loose.

Dark brown Ottoman 20x16x13, Large brass chandelier with 5 lights

Various crystal pieces including cream and sugar, candy dishes, vases, candle sticks, plus silver plate candle abra.

Bar set up items: liquor dispenser, Coors light jugs (2) and 3 matching glasses, single and double measure metal shot dispenser, 6 shot glasses.

Variety of glass bottles, 2 books on bottles

2 touch lamps tri-light tested, 24" tall, 2 night table lamps 8 " tall, tested.

Outfit the whole team with over 20 mini sticks!

Numerous items new in original boxes, vases, glass coaster set of 8 plus more.

Various Kitchen utensils, pressure cooker, Pyrex, old beater and more.

2 antique brass horns, amber apothecary bottle, plus more.

Eastlake Walnut. Match with lot 146, 148, 153. Excellent Condition .

4x 1.5 L Coke bottles full, plus Coca-Cola stamped carrier.

BM and Canadiana Pottery pieces in perfect condition

Jardin brand new 'old stock' patio umbrella only, no base. Note: does not include table.

5 fancy tea cups, + liqueur glasses and more.

Stuffies + sewing notions.

Glasswares, fedoras, picture frame and more.

Variety of brand name Hockey Sticks (note, small carpet not included)

Silver Plate Coffee Caraffe w stand, 4 silver accented coffee cups stamped Italy, serving trays, serving spoons, covered butter dish.

Coleman 3 burner portable stove with stand. Untested.

Numerous ink wells and stands, 3 men's watches, Silence cloth (items sitting on pad) 19x36.

Mixed lot including salt & pepper shakers-not all pairs, note red dressed salt shaker has been repaired, snow globe, amethyst rock,

Children's puzzles, games plus seasonal decorations. Note unconfirmed if all games puzzles complete. New in bag padded cover for old fashioned toboggan. Fisher price pieces and more.

Shot Roulette game (note one shot glass missing), train phone untested, Marilyn Monroe calendars from 1990, 1991 (some writing inside, unformed antifreeze can, old magazines note damage to magazines.

Model canoe, black walnut dish, metal picture stand, glockenspiel untested, and more.

Hand made Lap quilt, 78s, glassware.

Wall Mirror with etching in glass, 24x24

28x48 canvas by Wally

29x44, Perce Rock on Board. Signature illegible.

Milk bottle, variety of long neck bottles.

2 large, 4 small goblets, 6 ashtrays all marked Viking Plate EP Brass, covered aluminum serving bowl w Pyrex insert marked Buenilum, made in USA, Oneida Community serving spoon in original box.

Coca-Cola Accessories. Perfect to decorate a bar area. Variety of new Plastic glasses.

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