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Your max bid amount is kept confidential from other bidders.

You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Heavy, solid wood. 50X37X30. Has been protected w plastic cover - note small marks in surface. Table size can be changed.

Electric pressure washer and wet dry vacuum. 1700psi, 120 V. Tested.

Prototype designed by a Peterborough nurse. Solid, heavy. Entire cart 24X17X36, 2 removable enamel trays. 21X15X1. Cart has 4 wheels. Needs to be cleaned.

Debutante Enchantment Bavaria Germany. Set of 8, dinner, luncheon, side plates, tea cups/saucers, oval platter, cream and sugar, vegetable bowl. 2 white condiment trays. Please bring boxes and packing material

Solid wood 16X42X30. Slight wear on surface.

Dolly, 2 containers windshield washer de-icer, trouble light.

12 inch Wood lathe, BD jig saw, 12 chisels for lathe 2 not visible , BD Mouse sander, wood turning book. Tested. Wear typical of use.

3 decorative bird houses. Excellent condition. approximately 8-10 inches tall.

Briggs and Stratton 205cc engine, 24 auger. Working.

Metal floor lamp 6 ft tall, wood turned w glass shade floor lamp 5 ft tall. Tested. 2 wall mirrors.

39X17X30. Note some wear typical of use. Solid wood.

Main section 17X42X30. Each drop leaf adds 18 inches to surface area for a total 53x42x30. Brass 3-claw pedestal legs. Note one bracket broken replacement included w table . Some marks on table surface.

Dovetail construction. 32X19X44. Note wear and scratches.

1 Sunbeam, 2 B and D hedge trimmers and electric chain saw. Working condition NOT known.

Approximately 50 1L mason jars.

Collapsible work bench.

Single door 29X15X37, note marks, scratches on surface, pine knot holes, wear.

Variety of yard accessories, metal birds, cast iron duck, ceramic wind chimes, copper red hat wind chimes, candle holders and more.

Digital photo frame, and numerous frames 4x6 to 8x10, some photo books.

Holds 10 bottles. Model KWT10BN 10X20X21. Excellent Condition. tested.

71 in tall floor lamp, black metal, 18 in table lamp, white metal. Tested.

Seed spreader, weed puller, spray can, 3 electric weed Wackers, Yard caddie with racks, hoe, leaf bags. Note Working condition NOT known.

8 legged wood stool 28 inches tall, heavy grey metal stool 18 in, and darker wood taller stool 24 in. Note paint chipping on grey stool.

Dingy, paddles, 2 portable lawn chairs, Swix waxing system for cross country skis. Note Dingy has not inflated/tested.

Bunnykins Set of 3, 6 Tea Cup/saucers Royal Albert, Hen covered bowl. No damage. Please bring boxes and packing material

Solid wood, heavy. 15 inch diameter seat, 15x15 base, claw foot adjustable height.

Spade, garden shovel, snow shovels, come-along, extension cord, limb lopper.

Lightly used. Tested.

2 micro furnaces, metal laundry rack w wheels, 12 inch table fan. Tested.

Gas powered, Model Y26CO. Working condition NOT known.

16X20 Oil by M Harrison. Harrison was taught by the Group of Seven. Category A.

Cuisinart Food Processor and accessories made in France, Osterizer blender, and Hamilton Beach Grill. All tested. All have wear typical of use.

Opera Glasses 2. 5 from Birks, antique field glasses embossed Pocket Field Glasses Bardou and Sons Paris. Wear typical of use, good field of vision.

Some square nails, dovetail construction 26X15X49. Wear typical of old hand made piece.

Solid wood 28X18. 5X31, dovetail construction. Wear and scratches typical of age.

20 inch deck, 148cc engine, side discharge. Note signs of wear, grass discharge cover missing. Working condition NOT known.

1500 PSI, 1. 5 Gal per minute. Working condition NOT known.

Used in a garage 35. 5X17. 5X32. Note wear and marks on surface.

2 complete oil lamps w wicking. Extra oil.

5. 5 HP, 13 Gallon. With hose and attachments. Working. Filter needs to be replaced.

Letter sized 2 drawer metal File cabinet with keys 15X18X29. Metal Cash box, paper supplies, keyboard, calculator and more.

Pinwheel, Cross and Olive crystal stemware plus more. No chips no damage. Please bring boxes and packing material

24X5 Made in Germany, working.

BD circular saw, BD sander, Craftsman Belt Sander, heater for stripping paint . Working condition NOT known. Wear typical of use.

Salt Cellar, salt and Pepper sets, tincture bottle w embossed print- [illegible]for the teeth breath . wear typical of age.

Signed Lee McNulty 54. On Canvas 24X30. Note plaster frame cracking, some plaster missing.

2 small rugs, 1 larger 5x7. Brown tones very good condition. Pet free smoke free home.

W drawer 40X25X31. Note some chips along one side of table top otherwise very good condition.

Soapstone Carvings. Both 4X2X6. Note slight chip in fish fin. Category A.

Metal, new 12X33X33.

Approximately 50 CDs. Classical, Il Divo, Celine Dion and more.

Blankets, towels, table cloths, napkins. Appear to be in good condition.

Chairs are in good condition. One chair has had upholstered seat replaced.

Artificial tree with 500 prestrung white lights. 2 christmas moose Stuffies, 2 thanksgiving/Halloween outdoor decorations.

3x 4 inch crockery containers, 1x 6 inch crock. Note all have chips. One 4 inch marked MFG. 2 wood yard sticks. 3 glass peanut butter 'bear' jars.

32/100 Signed Lithograph by Arnulfo Erich Stegmann -mouth painter. 19x13. Details on reverse.

Johnson Bros Autumn Delight pattern chinaware including vegetable bowl, potato covered bowl, cream, sugar, tea pot, 2 medium sized pitchers. 2 11 inch rectangular china platters not of the same pattern or make. No damage.

Covered serving dish. 12 inch long x 8 in wide. Stamped Limoges Alanternier Co. no damage.

Toys appropriate for younger children, completeness of sets unknown. Toys are in good condition. Clean.

With battery charger, battery and case. Working condition NOT known.

At least 5 tea spoons are sterling. Note tarnish.

Set of 8 large and small spoons, knives, dinner forks. Note only 4 salad forks. Note some handles discoloured over time likely from use.

7 dolls. 16 inch head and torso doll embossed A Reliable Doll w some clothing, Red doll approx 20 in tall. Most of the dolls eyes open and close, articulating arms and legs. The dark skinned doll has connectable arms/legs but fixed eyes. Notable wear to dolls typical of age and usage. Doll in red dress has damage on face.

Password, Trivial Pursuit, Yahtzee, cards, including an older game without original box called Finance , contains metal place markers, wood dice, wood houses. Completeness of games unknown.

19 inch model PLV16190. With remote Tested. Sharp VHS tested.

Numerous Zippers, Velcro to fasten to bike.

Two framed pieces made in 1958 16X13. Some wear. Description on back. Category A.

Mops, cleaners, container w drawers and towels/rags.

Variety of hand tools and protective equipment - vest, gloves, eye guards, helmet, 2. 5 gallon gas container. Note all items show wear and use.

13 new rolls of black mohair yarn, baskets, craft supplies.

Set of 4 Czechoslovakia CMR Altrohlau. Cream and Sugar, 4 cups/saucers, 4 dinner, 4 luncheon plates. Hand painted, signed by Stella Cordner. 1926 Note one saucer has small chip. Please bring boxes and packing material

4 inch diameter hand blown orange and green glass ball.

3 small umbrellas, Coleman cooler, Protocol suitcase w 2 wheels and extendable handle.

BD 180mm Circular saw, BD utility finishing sander, Cummins Maxaw 728 Magic Pivot Delux 6. 5 inch Saw. Note signs of wear Working condition NOT known. Dusty, typical of use.

German made Glockenspiel w key. Not working appears to be overwound. Royal Winton Grimwades Old Cottage Chinz pattern bowl. Note tarnish on lid.

2 x 5inch stained glass sun catchers. Note ear of cow is loose. 2 Crystals connected w 30 inch silver herring bone necklace - note crimp in chain. me diamond shaped crystal - loose.

5 chairs. Including adjustable office chair, upholstered side chair and wood kitchen chairs.

Includes Kyles Scottish Lyric Gems, originally signed Dec 29th, 1891. Plus other music books. Wear typical of use.

Bath Towels, hand towels, variety of materials used for quilting/sewing.

Children's books, fiction and non fiction. Bookcase not included.

1999-2000 stamp and quarter set.

Framed 3/50 Nori Peters 22X17, set of 6 new Cuba espresso cups, travel souvenirs. Category A

4. 5x2 Listerine bottle stamped Listerine Lambert Pharmacal company. Knife and spoon vase, china salt/pepper and small vase, medium sized china pitcher note handle crack, 2 heavy hand blown coloured glass ashtrays.

SEFX65 system w speakers tested. Camera Maxima Zoom 105 XL untested.

2 of the same 1976 Catalogs. Never used, with outside cover.

Loads of Womens accessories. Handbags, clutches, silk scarves, mitts, throw blankets, afghans. Does NOT include table.

Stockings, ornaments, wreath, Stuffies, crackers, gift bags, name tags and more. All in very good condition.

Canister Vacuum w 2 beaters and hoses. Working condition NOT known.

DeLonghi H250715, Honeywell HZ-680C. Have been used in garage. Need to be cleaned. Working condition NOT known.

Fitton Parker company, 4 drawer 32X18X42. Slight wear. Bring help for moving it is upstairs.

Vacuum works well however wheels will come off.

With mantle. Note crack in globe. 15 inches tall. Untested however owner reports working.

Model PLV1516 w remote. Has PC monitor hook up. Tested.

Large, heavy, 60X24X48 removable section on rollers 72X29X22 and chair. Note some wear to chair. Bring tools to dismantle and help for moving unit is upstairs.

2 decorative pieces, Royal Vienna salt shaker. Note chips, wear. Category A.

Small wall hangings w blessings/sayings. Category A.

Folk art sign, box and wood frame, tea light candles, pottery vases or candle sticks and more.

Signed Pottery vase by Patty Petkovich, old rectangular bottle and more.

Salt grinder, sea salt and cook books. wear typical of use.

Tupperware Storage and serving containers, bar accessories, acrylic trays.

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