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32GB iPad 2 with red iPad case, black iPad case, USB cord for IPad 2, mobile Bluetooth keyboard for iPad 2, and USB cord for the keyboard. The keyboard and iPad both work and were tested working together. The iPad fits into a slot in the keyboard to use like a laptop. The keyboard locks onto the iPad for storage or the black iPad case can be used for storing keyboard separately. Red case is worn and has a lot of cat hair on Velcro and felt parts. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

16GB iPad 2 with neoprene sleeve, orange carrying case, earbuds, and USB cable. Everything works. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Wii with Just Dance 3, Guitar Hero with guitar, Wii Fit Plus with board, 2 remotes, and 2 nunchucks. All work. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Wire shelf 25Wx12Dx27H", wires 1.5" apart. 6 Thirty One organizing products, all never or rarely used. Your Way Rectangle 14Wx9Dx7.5H" in Turquoise Cross Pop. Mini Utility Bin 8Wx8Dx10H in Patchwork Paisley. Your Way Cube 12.5Wx12.5Dx12.5H" in Taupe Gingham, monogrammed 'Odds n Ends'. Flip-Top Organizing Bin 9Wx14Dx7.5H in Taupe Gingham. Hang-Up Room Organizer 13.25Wx33.5H" in Grey Pin Dot. Hang-Up Family Organizer 13.25Wx33.5H" in Taupe Gingham, monogrammed 'Family Plan'. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

2 chairs. 12x12 ft picnic canopy in green carrying case. Softball glove and softball. Recreation balls. One-man pup tent. Fold out table. A bike rack for car. Water float. 1 single air mattress. Army 1 man sleep mattress. Tarps. 2 coolers. Tote bags. Air compressor. Coffee pot. Car floor mats. Backpack. 2 hiking packs with water bottles that fit around waste. Unopened tabletop BBQ grill-it-kit. One-man sleeping bag. Golf balls. 2 2-lb hand weights. Frisbee. Snow sled. Rope. And a few more odds n ends. All untested. Most used a lot. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Book collection including authors Judy Blume, Michael Crichton, John Grisham, Dean Koontz, Nicholas Sparks, all of Left Behind series, all of Twilight series, all but one of Harry Potter series, and more. Some college textbooks and coffee table books. Come to pickup at Category C time-slot.

Red ball gown, size 6, never worn, Small pick on back (pictured). Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

16GB iPod Touch 2nd Generation with charger and earbuds. The earbuds and iPod work. The 'quick charge' side of the charger works with the iPod but the 'standard charge' side does not work with the iPod. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

42Wx19WxDx32H chest of drawers with glass top. Has some scratches. Has chipped spots on back legs. Contents not included. Top drawer has a missing handle. Come to pickup at Category C time-slot.

5 Thirty-One Products, all never or rarely used. Suite Success Tote 18Wx7Dx13.5H comes with double handles plus detachable shoulder strap, two exterior pockets, three main interior compartments, center compartment has two flat pockets and one zipper pocket. One side side compartment has thermal lined zipper pocket, two mesh pockets and two side elastic pockets. One side compartment has padded laptop sleeve, two elastic pockets and three pen pockets. There is an interior lobster claw, back pocket unzips and slides over rolling luggage handle. Lot also includes Littles Carry-All Caddy 5.5Wx5.5Dx6H", Organizing Utility Tote 15.5Wx6.5Dx10.25H", Mini Organizer 8Wx4Dx7H, and Fold and Go Organizer with Notepad. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Trading cards and promotional materials by SkyBox from 1990's, and some comic books too. Includes Disney, Marvel, DC, Star Trek, car racing, football, basketball, baseball, 1992 Olympics, Harley Davidson, and more. Full inventory listing can be viewed and downloaded from https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B17pPjt5EEM-V0U1OUc5WEczNVk/view?usp=sharing . The numbers in the pictures correspond to the box numbers in the inventory listing. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

A wide variety of pliers and wire cutters, mallet, ruler, ring sizer, tweezers, needles, manual wire twister, automated wire twister, pasta machine for working polymer clay, toaster oven for baking polymer clay, food processor used with polymer clay, necklace mandrel, ring mandrel, bracelet mandrel, circle shape mandrel, mandrel holder, clamp for holding wire while using automated wire twister, wire jigs, sandpaper, and more. All untested. The cork board 48Wx24H" the pliers are mounted on is included. The table 33.5Wx18Dx27H" the pasta maker, mandrel holder, and wire clamp are attached to is included. Come to pickup at Category C time-slot.

Sterling silver wire in a variety of shapes and gauges. All are pictured with labels and a comprehensive one page inventory listing is at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZqVebSauR5sTVzsCOtscnRPVJ0ow_xHgduKwtUJtkuQ/edit?usp=sharing . Measurements are approximate, calculated using measured diameter and number of circles formed by the wire strand (rather than uncoiling strand and measuring length). Come to pickup at Category C time-slot.

4 Thirty-One Products, all never or rarely used. Retro Metro Weekender 21Wx11Dx17.25H" in Patchwork Paisley. Organizing Utility Tote 15.5Wx6.5Dx10.25H". Round About Caddy (waterproof shower caddy with mesh bottom) 7.5Wx7.5Dx8H" in Sea Plaid, monogrammed 'Shower Power'. Timeless Beauty Bag 11Wx24H" (pictured opened and closed). Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

10k gold, size 7. Sapphire is 6mm long, 4 mm wide. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

24x48 Heavy Duty Steel utility Wagon. Has dirty tires and chipped paint but the wagon is still up to the challenge functionally. Lot also includes a clothes hamper filled with towels. Also includes rags and some misc cleaning supplies. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

10 Thirty-One products. 2 Every-wear Wallets. 1 Soft Wallet. 2 Icon Coin Purses. 1 Timeless Wallet (unopened) in Black Floral Brushstrokes. 1 Vary You Wristlet in Grey Quilted Dots. 1 lanyard. 2 Wristlets. All were never or rarely used except the multi colored polka dot Wristlet which is soiled. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

23Wx16.5Dx58H". Contents not included. Come to pickup at Category C time-slot.

This lot is a collection of finished and unfinished jewelry made by the seller. The two pink and black flower print cabochon were made by the seller using polymer clay and then wrapping in sterling silver wire. There are matching beads if you want to finish off a necklace or make earrings. The remaining pieces were 'practice' pieces made while learning, made mostly with brass wire. Stones include pearls, smoky quartz, red abalone, cubic zirconia, alexandrite, carnelian, rose quartz, cameos, and black onyx. There is a 16x8mm white cubic zirconia loose in this lot as well as a loose black onyx cabochon and a loose stick pearl. There is a brass necklace, a brass bracelet setting with no stone, an unfinished red abalone bracelet, and an unfinished sterling necklace. There are two ring settings without stones. There are a few love knot brass rings. The watch does not work. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Dell Latitude D830 (don't let the Apple sticker fool ya) with compatible docking station and laptop bag. There is no power adapter for the docking station. Hard drive removed from laptop. All untested. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Verizon 16GB iPhone 4 with blue case (attached), earbuds, earphones, USB cord and Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime premium alarm clock for iPod/iPhone. Everything works but alarm clock needs new power adapter. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

14k gold filled wire in a variety of shapes and gauges. All are pictured with labels and a comprehensive one page inventory listing is at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dr4Mj5_8IQoge35Kwot3wzXwqn3qnpvCDoxqau2uL58/edit?usp=sharing . Measurements are approximate, calculated using measured diameter and number of circles formed by the wire strand (rather than uncoiling strand and measuring length). Come to pickup at Category C time-slot.

13.75 inch gold filled wire child's necklace. 14k gold add-a-beads, most 1.25 inches in diameter, some in bags are smaller, some are dented. The Necklace the beads are on may not be 14k gold but has not tarnished in 35 years. 7 inch bracelet is 14 carat gold, has some kinks. Earrings are 14k gold filled. Ring setting is 14 carat gold size 7. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

8 Thirty-One storage totes. The colorful Easy Breezy Tote 23Wx7Dx14H" has never or rarely been used. It has two big pockets on the outside as well as pockets on the inside and a place to snap on your key. The remaining totes have been used but have no rips or tears or loss of functionality. The 2 black and 3 black/white ones measure 14.5Wx7Dx14H" and zip shut and are good for storing stuff. There is a smaller brown/white polka dot storage tote that zips shut, measuring 9x6x11". Lastly, the brown/white polka dot Square Utility Tote 12Wx12Dx9H" has a wire frame at the top that holds it open. One of the pictures shows all of the totes collapsed and stuffed into the beach tote so you can see how easy they are to store when not in use. The rest of the photos show them filled with the contents of lot 15 (not included), so you can see how much they hold. Only a few of the lot 15 items did not fit. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Costume jewelry and Jewelry Box 11Wx6.5Dx15.5H, note scratches. Jewelry box has a working wind up music box on back that starts and stops when you open and close the top drawer. Jewelry includes a bunch of unopened NC pins, handmade polymer clay jewelry with gold filled and sterling wire, a blue cabochon hand wrapped in brass and copper wire, and a handmade wire wrapped pendant. Also includes a western belt buckle and a working black watch, rarely worn, and more jewelry. There is a second watch in the lot that does not work. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

All pictured in this lot is sterling silver. 4 Sterling necklaces. The thick one is 5mm wide and 20 inches long. The thin ones are 17.75, 20, and 17.75 inches long. The bracelet is 1/4 inch wide, 7 inches long. The black and white pendant is marcasite and sterling and is 7/8 inch in height. The remaining pair of earrings, 2 pendants, and 2 rings come with extra beads (shown in black jewelry box) that are interchangeable with the ones pictured in them. The rings are all size 7 except the thinner of the two solid bands without gemstone is 8.5. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Nintendo DSi XL with 13 games, stylus, pencil bag, charger, and Nintendo GameCube bag for storage. Nintendo DSi is in working condition, some cosmetic scratches on screen. Working condition of individual games not known. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Beads and cabochons including gold filled beads, sterling beads, black onyx, cameos, lab rubies, cubic zirconia, mahogany obsidian, blue lace agate, hematite, lab emerald, red avalone, pearl, Tigers eye, o-rings, snap settings, and more. A chart with samples of 52 Semi-Precious Stones. Jewelry boxes and ziplocs. Craft storage containers. Polymer clay in an assortment of colors and powders to mix with them. Note that these clays and powders have been sitting in the wood cabinet for approximately 10 years. Also included is brass and copper wire in various gauges and hardness. There is one picture of all the wire on a shelf and then separate pictures of each opened container of wire with a label describing the wire. Note that included in this lot are 4 circular containers with stones, 2 labeled blue sapphire, 1 labeled citrine and 1 labeled garnet. These were gifted to seller and seller does not know if they are real. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

The Singing Machine STVG-500 (11x8x19") with microphone and 6 karaoke CD's. Tested with the Grease CD and it worked except that had to hold lid down because it would not latch shut. Cassette player part of karaoke machine was not tested. Also included in this lot is a Hitachi DVD/VCR combo DC-PF2U, untested. 3 DVD's included, Annie unopened, none of them tested. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

29Wx15DX16H". Some scratches. Come to pickup at Category C time-slot.

9 Thirty-One products, some never used, the rest used rarely. 2 Small Lunch Totes in Coffee and Tea. 1 Bring a Bottle thermal, 3.5Dx 8.25H". 1 thermal lunch tote 14Wx4.5Dx9.5H", monogrammed 'Yummy'. 1 cinch it up thermal 6Wx10Dx8H". 1 single organizer thermal 8.5Wx6Dx10.5H". 2 party thermals 22.25 x 10.25D x 15.25H", huggies that came with them not included. 1 Cool Case thermal, 10Wx3Dx8H", monogrammed 'Tasty Treats'. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Verizon iPhone 5 16GB with Logitech Bluetooth keyboard, earbuds, red used case (on phone), USB cord, USB wall plug adapter, iPhone wallet wristlet (never used), and Magic Bullet speaker. The earbuds and Magic Bullet are brand new, still in original packaging, have not been tested but are supposed to be compatible with this phone. Everything else has been tested and works with the phone. The phone works but suffered water damage which resulted in the following issues. It does not hold a charge well, sometimes not even an hour. Seller kept a portable iPhone battery charger (not included) on hand to compensate. Also the home button was flakey but iPhone can be configured to work without using the button. The phone has a tempered glass screen cover. After testing phone, seller reset device and upon booting back up it asks for a SIM card to activate it. This is the point it is at now. There is no SIM card in it. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Never used Thirty-One Timeless Beauty Bag, nail files (8) and key fobs (2). Plastic travel case with travel containers for toiletries. 2 Thirty-One Scarves. Red, white and black fashion purse. Knee highs, panty hose, and tights. Vanity mirror, dirty but works, can be flipped over for magnifying side, has different lighting settings and a plug on the device itself. Small cosmetics mirror monogrammed JGR. Thirty-One luggage tag. One large and one small Thirty-One cinch up gift bag. One trinket dish with top. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Sansui TV and built-in VHS player, model # COM311ADB. Lot includes 4 TV plug and play games - Ms pac-man, Simon, High School Musical, and SpongeBob. Lot includes some VHS workout videos, country music videos, movie videos, and blank videos. Tv works. VHS plug and play games work with the tv. One video tape was tested in the VHS player and it worked. The furniture that the TV is sitting on is not included. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Bookcase 14Wx11Dx42H" with scratches all over. Includes programming books - SQL Server, C#, CSS, and more. Come to pickup at Category C time-slot.

Sevylor QuikPak K1 one person (up to 400 lbs) inflatable kayak with paddle and manual air pump. Kayak was only used 3 times summer before last with no problems but when inflated for these pictures it apparently has developed a slow leak in #4 section and netting has come loose in front. Also included is a cell phone dry box that will fit an iPhone 3GS or 4. Included are 3 floats, untested. Included is a well worn adult life jacket for chest size 30-52 inches. Included are 2 beach mats. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Storage bin 34"X11.5"X31". Painting by seller's daughter measures 48x36". There are 12 8Wx10H" matching paintings (10 unfinished). Included in bins are construction paper, partially used washable and acrylic paints (finish those 8x10 paintings!), paint brushes, fuse beads, 24 fuse bead forms, purple yarn, brass fasteners, and fabric markers. Lot 37 has a matching storage bin if you need two! Come to pickup at Category C time-slot.

Kid's Storage Bin 33Wx11.5Dx31H". Thirty-One consultant supplies from 2012/2013, including 20 lap boards with pens attached, pink plastic product bags, pink ribbon, raffle tickets, unopened pack plus some more order forms, marketing materials, product cards and fabric swatches (can be used in kid craft projects). Lot 1 has a matching storage bin if you need two! Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Preston Reuther's 22 part video series on making and selling wire sculpted jewelry. 4 videos by Karen Lewis on making polymer clay beads. Books on jewelry making. (Also included are DVD copies of all the videos.). Come to pickup at Category C time-slot.

Chest of Drawers. There are some holes drilled into the side, as well as some scratches and stains as noted in photos. 15Wx15Dx29H". Come to pickup at Category C time-slot.

Lot includes a variety of kitchen items. Small kitchen appliances include two hands free can openers (one never opened), two Quick Choppers, (one still in box). DeliPRO knife for slicing meat thin. Meat thermometer, oyster shuckers. Unopened 3 set of 54x108" 2 ply tissue poly table covers. Unopened 200 pack of napkins. Glad ware storage containers, paper lunch bags. Ice trays and Popsicle molds, wallpaper scraps for lining cupboards, many cups, and more. Nothing was tested. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

This lot has a bunch of games for kids and adults alike. What you can't see in the silver tins are Dominos and a set of 10 classic games like chess, checkers, backgammon, etc. The two card decks have all the cards. Other than that, unknown if games have all pieces included. The etch a sketch works! Come to pickup at Category C time-slot.

Bookcase 12Wx11.5Dx31H. Includes books. Missing a screw cover (pictured). Come to pickup at Category C time-slot.

Nikon Coolpix S630 Digital Camera (working condition) including 8GB SIM card, battery charger, computer and other cords, a camera holder to wear on your pants or around your neck, and a larger bag to fit all the aforementioned into. Five old phones, one of which has a magicjack device attached (phone number used with it has been disconnected). Nikon S550 digital camera accessories are in the Ziploc bag, including 256MB SIM card, battery, battery charger, computer and other cords. The Nikon S550 camera itself is not included. Lastly, there is a rarely used Thirty-one Organizing Pack, 13Wx6.5Dx16H", monogrammed with 'Copeland', useful for carrying camera equipment or other electronics. The dividers can be removed and there are two mesh pockets on the side big enough for water bottles. Everything is untested except Nikon Coolpix camera and the two SIM cards. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Cookbooks, cookbook stand, jars, and 3000 sq ft unopened plastic wrap. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Dell Latitude D610 (don't let the Apple sticker fool ya) (hard drive removed) with laptop bag, extra battery, mouse, mousepad, webcam, and microphone. Mouse works, everything else untested. And a late addition to the lot (not in group pic), is a compatible docking station with power adapter. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

AT&T iPhone 3GS 16GB with black case, Memorex radio and iPhone speaker, earbuds, headphones, USB cord and USB wall plug adapter. All are in working condition and work with each other. When you place iPhone on Memorex speaker, you get message 'This Accessory is not optimized for this iPhone', but it works fine. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Ceramic beer steins, coasters, plastic flashing light beer glasses, decorative Harley Davidson motorcycle knickknacks, shot glasses, wine stoppers, a bunch of beer huggers, and more. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

JVC GR-DVF 31 Digital Video Camera in working condition. Comes with JVC AA-V20U AC adapter charger, cords, manual, 9 blank tapes, remote control, carrying case, and Ambico tripod. Also in this lot is a Kodak M1063 10.3 megapixel camera in working order with SIM card, USB cord, power adapter and camera bag. Camera has scratches. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Set of 8 coffee cups, saucers, salad/dessert plates, and matching sugar and cream dishes. 4 kitty Christmas mugs. 2 small microfiber towels. Set of 4 cloth placemats and napkins. 2 potholders. One heavily used but functional omelette pan. A cookbook put together by military families. A Tervis tumbler in good condition with two tops and a straw. A never used UNC thermos. Cake pan. Loaf bread foil pan. 6 used thermal lunch bags, 3 of them heavily used. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

8 never used or rarely used Thirty-One purses. 1 Vary You Backpack Purse. 1 Suite Skirt Purse. 1 Suite Cross N' Fold. 1 Free to Be Crossbody in Railroad Denim. 1 Casual Cargo Purse. 1 Skirt Purse with black and beige covers. 1 Free to Be Carry All. 1 Organista Crossbody monogrammed with 'JRC'. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Two chairs, a body pillow, and a rug. Red chair 26" tall, not sure if there is a weight limit but holds 135 pounds fine. Dark blue bean bag chair. Light purple body pillow. Darker purple rug (60x 84") has some lint on it. Note peace sign texture in the rug. Come to pickup at Category C time-slot.

Thirty-one pro duffle 24Wx12Dx12H" in pink lotsa dots, used once or twice, has 2 interior mesh pockets, exterior front pocket, separate shoe compartment and drawstring bungee cord. 8 lb weighted vest used once. Black Belly Burner used once. Fanny Pack with place for key, water bottle and cell phone (can squeeze iPhone 4s in it), used a lot, still functional. Arm wrap for holding iPhone (5s fits in there), used a lot, still functional. Two 1 lb Dumbbells. Lastly, a heavy exercise hula hoop that will work your mid section, believe it! And added to this lot after the 'group pic' is a never used 'Gym in a Box' exercise ball and resistance band. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

2 identical laptop desks for use in bed or on couch. They have built in mousepad on right side and a light on left (battery operated, untested) that can be folded out of sight when not in use. Legs fold down for easy storage. Functions fine, some wear. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Stock up on office supplies. HP-12C financial calculator from 80's, in working condition. 17Wx11H" bulletin board. 2 clipboards. Mini staples and staplers. Black desktop supply organizer. 9Wx24H" white plastic drawer tower, what's in it is yours. 2 totes. Plastic chair mat. Very worn briefcase with broken hinge and ink spot, scuffed on outside, opens with combo '000'. Worn but functional black audit bag. Luggage roller, missing cap on one end. A bunch of used notebooks. Never used Thirty-One Fold and Go Organizer with Notepad 6Wx9H". Black organizer 7Wx9.5H". 3 pencil pouches, many used empty notebooks, and 2 used plastic multi-file folders. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Black Japanese futon mattress, used a few times 39x78". Coleman sleeping bag, well worn with tears (see photos) but functional, 39x75". Purple snuggie. Black and white snuggie. UNC blanket, worn. Princess blanket, worn. 2 small camo blankets. Two off white throws. Camp shower, never used. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

1 HP Officejet Pro All-in-One 8600 with one Office Depot compatible magenta cartridge. Scanning, copying and printing work (fax has never been tested) BUT it has recently started getting an 'Ink System Failure' error. Thus far, removing the printhead and putting it back in fixes the problem for awhile. 1 HP Deskjet 5500 with HP Inkjet print cartridge 58 (unopened package), working condition of printer and cartridge unknown. Also included is a non-working Royal 112MX rolling shredder and the bin portion only of another shredder. Hey, they make great trashcans :). Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

CD collection including early classic country like George Jones and Johnny Cash through classic country of 80's and 90's like Clint Black, Garth Brooks and the Judd's. Lots of Christmas CD's also, and a little rock music. All the CD storage pictured is included. 3 unopened TDK SA90 cassette tapes included. Also included are a never used Rio 600 Digital Audio Player, a used Yamaha Natural Sound Compact Disc Player CDC-775, and 2 well loved Clint Black posters (22Wx29H" and 18Wx20H") from back in his heyday. All untested. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

All are used linens. Yellow with flowers is a king set including fitted sheet, sheet, two pillowcases and comforter. Disney Princess twin comforter can be used on princess side or purple star side. Beige stripe is king set including fitted sheet, sheet, and two pillowcases. The rest is a mix of various sized bed linens. There are also two standard pillows and one king pillow. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

6 pieces of framed artwork. One is a 24x20" painting on canvas, signed Burnett, frame has chipped place. Three similar 8Wx10H" floral prints with matching wood frames. A 12Wxx9H" framed floral print. A 17.5Wx13H" framed rural print. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

4 pieces. 2 silver cube piggy banks 3x3x3", tarnished. One has stickers on it. One silver 3.5" tall baby carriage, tarnished. One 4Wx2.5Dx1.5H" music box in working condition with broken latch and a kid's sticker attached. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Dell Dimension 2400 desktop tower, hard drive removed, working condition unknown. Old model keyboard and mouse in working condition with USB adapter so can be used with newer model computer. Gateway FPD2185W TFT LCD Monitor, does not work. Intellimover, working condition unknown. ZyXel Prestige 624M-11, missing all cords, working condition unknown. 2 mousepads. Empty CD case. A blank CD-RW. 4 blank CD-R's. 3 blank Zip disks. A webcam, working condition unknown. Old computer books and an unopened C programming starter kit. A pair of working earbuds. 6 adapter power strip, 3 surge protection, 3 with battery backup plus surge protection, works to plug stuff in and charge up devices when this is plugged into the wall, but when turn on power button, it buzzes loudly so battery is dead or something else is wrong. Box of paper. 3 drawers full of misc cords, cables, adapters, etc (dresser pictured is not included). Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Kid's books mostly for elementary school age. Includes entire Laura Ingall's Wilder 'Little House' series, 13 Magic Treehouse, 2 Judy Blume, 1 Junie B Jones, 1 Beverly Cleary, Harriet the Spy, and more. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

There is a vintage Lester ventriloquist doll (c. 26" tall) in his suitcase. He must have circulation issues from being cramped in that suitcase since the 70's. His limbs fell off when I picked him up! Lot has 7 not so gently loved baby dolls, including Crissy, from the late 60's/early 70's, along with extra baby doll clothes. Lot includes a variety of stuffed animals and kids' pillows. Lot includes a witch's hat and 2 wigs. Lot includes wooden helicopter, and pink pail. Lastly, lot includes a balance beam folding out to 4.5" x 105", long and sturdy enough for smaller girls to practice cartwheels, turns, and leaps. Need something to carry this all home in? See lot 14! Come to pickup at Category C time-slot.

2 silver plated water pitchers, silver plated punch bowl ladle, brass candlesticks, Godinger silver art candlesticks, Oleg Cassini Crystal Votive, glass wine glasses, candlesticks and vases. Lastly there is a brass dish, 6" diameter, 3" tall, with three legs not in group picture, but photographed separately. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

3 Christmas throws (fabric is picked), 23" tabletop Christmas tree. 29x40" Santa flag. Snow globes and knick knacks. Christmas napkins and plastic cups and invitations and the Rubbermaid bin (top cracked) they come in. Christmas tins. A bit of wrapping paper and tissue paper and lots of gift bags for Christmas and other occasions. Bags have been used before. Oh and an Easter Bunny! Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

One 4Wx8.5H" cream colored candle with floral designs and glass bottom, never lit. Many more candles and a pair of glass candle holders 3.5" tall. Some candles have never been lit. Most of candles in containers are scented. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

A lot for your kitties. A well worn carpet scratching post. A rarely used Martha Stewart cat bed. 3 stuffed animals for kitty to bat around and carry in her mouth. A wobble toy with ball inside. Stink Finder kit (untested) to find and remove pet urine odor. A crinkly bag for kitties to get in and out of noisily. An embroidered kitty calendar from 1980 (15Wx21H"), fabric soiled from years in attic. Mouse trap glue boards. Small stainless steel tin 3.5Wx4.5DX1.5H. A Thirty-One pet leash. Oh and late additions to the lot (not pictured in original group pic) are a cat candle holder 9" tall, and two 12W x 16H " paint-by-number cat paintings. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Nightstand/end table 18.5Wx14.5Dx20H". Come to pickup at Category C time-slot.

4ft artificial tree with stand. 9 ft artificial tree with carrying bag (picture in the bag in group shot) The 9 ft tree is pre-lit but has some burnt out spots so some light strands have been included in this lot to fill in the gaps. Also some of the branches hang at a different angle than others due to wear of joints that affix branches to tree. Lastly, 3 artificial wreaths approx 20 inches in diameter are included in this lot. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Bookcase. Note : Scratches and wear. 24Wx9Dx59H". Lot #5 is very similar if you need two. Come to pickup at Category C time-slot.

Bookcase. Note : Scratches and wear. 24Wx9.5Dx53H". Lot # 4 is very similar if you need two. Come to pickup at Category C time-slot.

One nightstand glass lamp, 11" tall, some wear. One clip-on lamp 9" tall, some wear. One white Advance Quartz round wall clock 9.5" diameter. One natural wood-look Bulova Quartz round wall clock,12" diameter. One blue/gray, lamp shade, 8" tall, 10" diameter, significant fading and wear. One lampshade, 9.5" tall, 14 " diameter, significant wear and staining. All in working condition. A handmade light blue corduroy pillow (some wear) 17x17". Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Wall art, fake floral arrangement with candles, fake arrangement with red flowers, fake apple arrangement, fake plant. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

4 Photo Albums, 9 frames- four 3.5x5", one double 4x6", four 8x10" two of which are solid brass hand polished and lacquer coated. An unused scrapbook kit including card stock, scrap pads, sheet protectors, scrapbook, stickers, mats, photo splits, and a paper trimmer. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Blue and gold pottery, 8" tall, says Royal Sunflower on back, no chips. Beige pottery is 6" tall, no chips. Large white basket is 18Wx23Dx19H. Smaller white basket with handle has subtle pastel colors mixed in with the white. Picnic basket, 17Wx13Dx9H" never used but has some wear from being in attic for 18 years. Maroon bucket, 23Wx18Dx7H" is a metal/plastic like material. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

2 clocks, both work. Tall one 11.5 inches is plastic. It chimes at the top of the hour. Small one 3.5 inches tall. Back of small clock says 'Shannon Crystal, Designs of Ireland, 24% lead crystal Handcrafted Taiwan'. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Singer Fashion Mate 368 seeing machine used a LOT by seller's grandma. It is well worn and pedal has a crack. Working condition is unknown. 'The Complete Idiot's Guide to Sewing' book. 'Handy Stitch' kit, unused. 'The Punch Connection ' punch embroidery kit, unused. Unfinished cross-stitch project 7x8" with loom, pattern and thread to finish it. Harley Davidson completed cross-stitch project 14x17" with pattern and leftover string, note stain above right wing. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Taupe full length trench coat, ladies size 8. Brand JG Hook. Shell is 30% polyester/70% cotton, lining is 100% nylon. In addition, there is a blue and green plaid 65% polyester/35% wool lining that is attached with buttons so you can remove when not needed. There is a missing button at the top but there are extras sewn onto the inside of the bottom that you can replace with.

5 garments total. White debutante gown worn in 1984 Durham NC debutante ball, handmade by seller's mom, a couple of stains (pictured), estimated size 6. Pink ball gown made by seller's mom in 1986, pick in fabric pictured, estimated size 6. 1984 senior high school prom dress, purple and pink, handmade by seller's mom, lots of stains on belt, a couple of stains on white top portion, estimated size 6. Wedding dress from 1997, wrinkled, stain on bow, size not shown, estimated size 6 or 8. Leather jacket from late 80's, size ladies medium, lots of rips in lining. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

2 wood mirrors, a pine shelf and 4 pieces of scrap (faux) wood. One mirror, 17Wx35H" has quite a few scrapes in the wood frame. It also has some wooden supports on the back, one attached and one not. This mirror is HEAVY. The second mirror 21W x 25H" is ready to mount on the wall. The pine shelf 35Wx7Dx8H has some faded spots on the top where items sat on it for years. Come to pickup at Category C time-slot.

3 items. A copy of the Daily Tar Heel from UNC's 2009 NCAA Basketball Championship. A poster 19Wx25H" of Durham Athletic Park celebrating 20 years from 1973 - 1993. 'Shooting for Gold 1992 US Olympic Team' poster (28Wx22H"). Olympic poster has 3/4 inch tear that has been taped on back. Both posters have some wear where they have been handled through several moves over the years. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

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