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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Bose radio from 1980s. Working per seller, needs some cleaning

Sears typewriter constellation model. Possibly from 1940s or 1950s.

34"X18"X34" tall. 4 drawers. Top and edges worn. Scratches all drawers open and close.

83"x32"x13" deep. Bookshelf only. Some wear and scratches on shelves.

Polaroid land camera model J66 with carry case. Case very rough. Brownie bullet II camera color and black and white . Polaroid color pack II. Brownie reflex synchro model. Brownie target six-16. Airequipt unaware if anything is in working order.

Very worn. Scratches, varnish worn. 3 Shelves.48" tall. 20" wide. 16" deep.

Sofa table brown wood. 54" 16""x 28" tall. Scratches, some water marks. Lamp, table runner and candlesticks included. Drop leaf table 32 " round with leaves up. 25" tall. Scratches and worn slightly around edges. Both leafs do drop and stay up as desired.

Very damaged top surface. Water rippled, varnish worn. Drop leaves do work. Scratches.

Plastic rake, garden hose. Croquet set. Plastic goggles. Work glove, garden tool

15.5"x13.5"x27" tall. Dark brown cherry wood. Small water mark on top and knick on front drawer. Some knicks and missing varnish on edges, small scratches.

72" x57"x29" Table with benches attached. Vinyl surface, metal frame, Small amounts rust on frame

Smaller table 24"X18"X20.5" tall. Legs loose, Scratches . Handle ornamental no drawer. Larger table 24.5"x20.5x21.5" tall. Drawer opens. Scratches on surface and wore edges.

Working covered wagon light. Miscellaneous pottery. Small framed covered wagon photo. Hanging pottery chime.

Punched tin electric lantern. Coleman battery lantern . Wooden shelf16.5"x 12", one drawer opens other stuck shut. Maybe with syrup. Toll painted metal pitcher. Berks County Dutch cigar box broken lid off. Nothing tested.

Metal dry rack, wooden folding rack. Bucket with clothes pins, iron rival brand. Ironing board metal frame top cover ripped stained. 2 Purex almost full. 2 All brand half full, Gain 2.5L almost full. Niagara spray starch half, Clorox bleach

20 pack Scott toilet tissue. Ajax dish soap. Facial tissues, Ziplock gallon freezer 15 bags. 2 packages Scott naturals flushables.

Saw. Rubber mallet. Weller soldering gun, do not know if works. Drill bits. Tool box rusted in bottom sears craftsman 18"x8"x9".

35" tall x9 inches deep. Dark brown cherry color. Few scratches on top surface. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

36"x18" x16" tall. White fabric with some pilling and very light small discoloration. Legs dark brown cherry with some scratches and small chips to varnish

6 assorted lamps, all work per seller.

Table dark cherry Color. Scratches on edges and legs, worn varnish on side. 59.5"x36"x30" tall. Table has removable leaf 12 inches wide. 4 chairs with scratches on seating surface and backs

2 pieces of calico royal Crownford cat bowl and plate. Various other China is used condition. Blue small pitcher on top shelf chipped on bottom edge. White pitcher and bowl with crack line and chip. Brown corner shelf 55" tall x 19" wide.

Ladder back chair. 42" tall and 18" wide. Wood painted over with white paint. Metal frame chair with plaid seating surface 40" tall. Seating 17"x15"

Frames, 2 matching wall candle sconces, 2 small battery clocks, 2 wall clocks. None tested.

Multiple baskets, wooden bowl. Pine cones. Wooden candlestick. Pine cone mug

Case of safe heat sterno style, Sterno stoves. Matches. Stainless steel cookware

Table runner 52"x 12". Rectangle 35"x13", square 30"x28", square 35"x 33", 27" round, 39" round, doily 9" ecru color. Others white or cream

The seat is 23" high. Chrome frame. Folds.

23" tall, older, worn with some paint spots

2 snow shovels, bottom edges worn. The one has a Rusted metal strip at bottom. Size 8 garden shoes. Snow Joe to remove snow from car. Broom. Bushel basket. Small terra cotta pot. Plastic watering can

Soaps shampoos Fixodent, toilet paper, peroxide, Pads, hair dryer. Curling iron, hand sanitizer. White green yellow towels. All used. Tissues. Lotions. All items some new and not opened and others half full.

Wicked top. Green metal stand. 10"x10" x28" tall. Small area where wicker fracked at edge.

Metal frame, glass top. Off balance. Frame dusty. Plant Stand white metal some rust on top. Table 24" 20"x 24" tall. Plant Stand 11x11"x27" tall

Panasonic approx 20 years old. 20"X11"x 13" deep. Has some dark discoloration on inside at door closure. Untested.

Pfaltzgraff plates, bowls, mugs. Worn some scratches chips. Discolor. Glasses. Paper products. Plastic storage containers. Ziplock bags. Foil. Matches. Glass bakeware.

Assorted flatware. Stainless colander. Electric hand mixer . Hand can opener. Ladle. Small crockpot. Stainless stock pot. Nothing tested.

46"x28" X 17" tall. Oval. Dark cherry color wood. Wear around edges. Some knicks and scratches on surface.

Stemware. Crystal plate. Candleholders. Vase

30"x14"x15"tall vinyl dark brown storage. Hassock 17" round X 13" high. Brown vinyl. With wear and small burn circle on top.

2 pillows with blue floral pillow cases. One blue white sham. Blue small flower twin comforter. Light blue patchwork design bed spread. All used. Comforters thin and some pilling and faded from washing

Round top not original, Wobbly. Damage edge of top. Table top 22.75"x 27" tall.

4 matching tables, 2 with heavy scratches on surface, 2 better condition. 23.5"x17.5"x 25.5"tall. Cherry Color wood. One additional lighter wood.

Assorted corn kitchen ware. Tins. Rooster lamp, untested. Platter in back is plastic. Items dusty, Needs cleaning

AT&T cordless phone works per seller. Bell telephone. Electric small fan, 2 calculators, Thermometer RadioShack, Trail camera power button works but unaware how to use to know if working order. DVD player (power turns on, couldn't test to see if totally works). VCR tape rewinder.

Square metal frame folding table. Surface with paint and scratches.30.5" square top 27" tall. Brown metal folding chair. Some paint and scratches on Chair

Bell Howell 9 band world receiver. RadioShack shortwave broadcast DX-375 am fm stereo. Sony Walkman cassette. GE cassette recorder. Nothing tested.

Mostly Christian cds. John G Elliot, gospels, Charlie Daniels, Michael card, Charlotte church

85"x 75" knit cotton throw blanket. Some loose threads. Small white paint like stain at edge. 90"x 63" green cotton knit throw blankets with some thread pulls. Full bed sheet set. Polyester, light mauve with floral embroidery edge 2 pillow cases. Flat sheet, fitted sheet. Triangular shaped throw knit for shoulders brown color, 72"x33" and a full size flat sheet celery green polyester material.

80x58" dark green table cloth 68"x53" red satin like stripe tablecloth, 65" round burgundy tablecloth, 59"x44" red cotton tablecloth with white and dark green small dots. There is some fading in center. 71"x50" red white gingham pattern tablecloth. 63"x43" throw cream colored background. Burgundy and dark green design. 3 red fabric placemats. 63" round white cloth tablecloth with white square pattern sewn in. 2 curtains panels 36" long 27" wide white with green ivy and green stripe at bottom edge. 2 curtain panels 35" long 28" wide white with sunflower design along bottom half. One of the panels has green stain on top along rod pocket. 3 red cloth placemats. Some small stains.

Celery green material faded. Worn. Wood frame wobbly back. Rust on folding bracket

90"x84" tapestry, colors could be faded or needs washing, a patch and small hole in center, buffalo design throw 68"x 55" worn, seaming on edge torn, 2 rugs 40"x18" and 40"x 26". Both worn faded. 2 small tapestries

48"x 12.5"x 44" tall shelf unit. 6 shelves. Could me made of plywood or particle wood

Brown wood, green paint sprayed on front and side, 3 shelves inside, 20"x 16"x 48" tall

Assorted pots and pans. All used. Some scratches. Some worn

Sofa 76" long X 37" deep, 3 cushions all have a thread bare area. Arm upholstery soiled, piece of skirting loose. Chair 35" wideX33" deepX38" tall. Some thin upholstery on arms and minor pilling.

Coffee Table 45"x21"x15" tall. End Tables 23"x16"x19" tall. Rustic wood. Scratches and worn but sturdy.

79" longX35" deepX33" tall. Rustic wood frame with upholstered cushions, the backrest had to be sawed off to get out of house. Wood frame with age and scratches

Chair wood frame 33"x33" 33" high. Rocker wood frame 33.5"x34"x34 " tall. Rustic wood. Upholstered cushions in good shape for age. Wood frame had to be altered and repaired to move out of room. some wear but solid

32" Sony Trinitron tv late 90s. Does work. Remote control included.

Full sized metal bed frame. Serta perfect sleeper, few loose threads on edges. Boxspring with material frayed at bottom edging. Light celery green fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillow cases included and pink and light green floral print, bedspread and shams included. Mattress optional. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Candelabra, vases, Plate Winchester Johnson bros England, candles

View sonic 17GS monitor. Gigabyte technology hard drive looks like accommodates hard disc and compact disc. Keyboard. 2 speakers. Modem "2wire" home portal and printer HP photosmart 7450. Nothing tested.

54"x22"x29.5"tall computer desk and vinyl computer desk chair. Desk frame black metal, tan brown wood-like surface. Black vinyl chair seat area 16"x18".

20"x12"x16"tall shower bench. Small port a potty, toilet paper holder in lid, uses plastic liners 14" round, 14" high

Fashion mate by Singer sewing machine 362, unsure if works. Does not have cord and no foot pedal

Does not work, 59" tallX23Xwide. 21.5" deep. GE brand

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