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5 Limoges plates (2 only say France), and 13 assorted cups & saucers (Royal Grafton, Delphine, Spode, Royal Albert & more). Some colour wear, no chipping noticed.

14 assorted cups & saucers. Royal Albert, Foley, Salisbury, Limoges etc. (3 smaller / demitasse included in total). Some gold wear, minor crazing on one, red English cup & saucer badly crazed. No chipping noticed.

17 assorted cups & saucers. Makers include Aynsley (2), Royal Vale, Royal Stafford, Royal Albert & more. Also includes gravy boat & saucer, cream & saucer set. All not checks for condition,and have not been cleaned.

Assorted China cups & saucers. Royal Halsey, Elizabethan, Victoria, Sutherland, Lefton, Bell & Royal Albert. Not checkered for condition.

9 lbs of Unsearched / unsorted mostly American small cent penny coins. Believe them all to be USA currency.

Assortment of 10 various cups & saucers (Royal Vale & Colclough), spice rack, flatware etc.

Franklin Mint model plane, Star Trek Pez set & assorted toy cars. All sold as is.

Vintage sterling silver cuff bangle & earrings along with other assorted vintage jewelry pieces.

Large lot of assorted cups & saucers. Not all pieces have matching items. 27 cups, 25 saucers. Makers such as Paragon, Royal Stafford, Royal Vale and more.all not checks for condition, or cleaned

Large lot of loose coinage. Canadian and foreign. Some in 2x2's, some loose in vintage clutch.

Assorted Limoge chinaware. 12" platter, 6 x 8.75" plates & a 10" diameter bowl. Condition all accurate with age. No chipping noticed.

Assorted Canadian Coin sets. 3 different quarter sets, 1998 Oh! Canada coin set, 1979 Double Penny & 1995 Oh Canada!

Collector books with Canadian Large and Small one cent coins. Also 2 quarter sets, double penny set & centennial dollar.

2 sterling silver handled butter knives, matching pattern spoons &other assorted pieces, silver plated.

3 Canadian silver dollar coins in lucite cubes. 1939, 1966 & 1967. Cubes are 2" size

Limoge & Paragon cup & saucers (both with condition issues), also silver plate tea set.

5 consecutive Double Penny coin sets by Royal Canadian Mint. 1972 to 1976. 4 of 5 have COA.

Assortment of sets from Royal Canadian Mint & First Commemorative Mint. Double penny sets, Oh Canada set, nickel sets, dime sets etc.

8 assorted fashion rings. 7 marked sterling silver. Assorted sizes.

48 assorted spoons / souvenir spoons. Some marked silver. None have been cleaned.

Vintage 3 piece vanity set, compact & assorted jewelry items.

7 assorted USA mint quarter sets, Lincoln head pennies & other coins (1840-1867)

Metal tin of assorted jewelry. Totally Unsearched

Assorted fashion jewelry items. Pendants, bracelets, earrings (all pairs), rings & pins. Some sterling silver items, with silver toned tray.

Assortment of Canadian coinage, notes & mint sets. Years range from 1967-1976. Also a Shinplaster from 1923

Assorted jewelry items. Ring box of 11 rings (couple silver), gold charm, carded earrings, necklaces etc.

Beautiful silver plate tea set (Viking Plate), with footed tray, tea pot, coffee pot, cream & sugar. Also 6 stemmed sherry glasses by Mappin (England)

24 Assorted DC comic books. The Brave and the Bold (Batman), Aquaman and more

7 full place settings of Syracuse China, Coronet pattern. Includes: 8 each of Dinner plates, Soup bowls, Salad plates, Bread plates. 7 cups & saucers, cream & sugar & gravy bowl. Excellent condition. **set is in 1 box and a bit heavy**

1954 Bank of Canada Devil's Face bank note & other assorted currency items. Also 1971 silver dollar & a constitution dollar. Notes range from 1923-1986

24 rolls of assorted pennies. Believe mostly to be Canadian, not checked. Years unknown, condition unknown.

13 assorted fashion rings. 9 are marked Sterling Silver. Assorted men's & women's, assorted sizes. Tray not included.

Sterling Silver charm bracelet with a bunch of charms. Also other jewelry items (some silver) with brass decorative bowl (4.5" high)

Beautiful assortment of a fashion jewelry. Some sterling silver items. Mixed lot includes earrings, necklaces, brooches & more.

Binder of foreign bank notes. Assorted countries & conditions, in binder sleeves.

Quadruple plate silver plated tea set by Vanburgh (Rochester). Also silver plated serving pieces.

35 assorted comic books from the 1970's. Superman, Red Donja, Conan and more

Over 35 assorted vinyl records. Assorted titles / genes. Elvis, Supertramp etc. Not checked for playability or accuracy of vinyl in cover.

Assortment of Canadian coinage, mainly nickels. Also a couple Royal Canadian Mint sets & boxed dollar coins.

35 + assorted souvenir spoons. Some marked sterling silver. None have been cleaned.

Binder of Canadian small one cent penny coins. 3 Provincial One Cent Tokens & a couple others. Binder sheets of Canadian small cent penny coins from 1938-1992. Not checked for all years or condition. All in 2x2 holders

Men's sterling silver & cubic zirconia bracelet (needs minor repair). Also cuff link & tie bin / bar sets, pocket watch & wristwatch (not tested)

Assortment of Bank of Canada paper money notes. Dates range from 1937 - 1986

3 Blue Willow dishes, circa 1800's. Sizes include: 10.75 x 5.5 x 1.5", 8.75" diameter, & 14 x 11.5". Condition issues consistent with age

Assorted fashion jewelry. Some sterling silver items. Also standing stature (14.75" high) (small chip at tip)

Assortment of floral pattern chinaware. 10" Spode plate, 4 x 8" Bavaria plates, 6 x 8" Wedgewood plates, 2 x Dresden cream soup bowls & saucers. Condition accurate with age, no chipping noticed.

Beautiful glass bottom dresser jar, assorted bead, rhinestone & Crystal necklaces and other items. Some silver included.

Binder pages of Canadian 5-cent nickel coins. Years from 1938 - 1987. Not checked for all years or conditions.

Assortment of trade dollars, tokens (casino, ttc etc.) medals etc.

Stamps sterling silver charm bracelet with 9/18 charms stamps sterling. Also other assorted jewelry items, & new necklace / earring set

26 assorted comic books, 25-cent to 40-cent issues. Doctor Strange, Marvel, Wonder Woman and more.

Miscellaneous Hawk-Eye camera, assorted post cards, film reel, Lighters & calculators. Nothing checked for working.

45+ assorted souvenir spoons. Few are marked sterling silver. None have been cleaned.

Assorted Canadian coinage & mint sets. Silver coins included. Some items still sealed

Loose lot of mainly American pennies, 2 x USA $2 notes & first & last of the Eisenhower dollars

30 assorted comic books, mostly Brave and Bold. Well loved, still lots of life in them.

Assortment of fashion jewelry items. Some sterling silver pieces. All in good condition (earrings all pairs) except yellow piece is broken, loose pieces in bag.

20 assorted comic books. Either issue #1 or #2. Excalibur, Blood Stream, Outsiders and more.

Mixed lot of assorted boxed & non-boxed jewelry items. Some sterling silver. Also a child's vanity set

Large assortment of fashion jewelry, some marks sterling silver. Also assorted fashion necklaces, bracelets & watches. Comes with 3 glass dishes.

Assortment of decorative serving ware, mostly silver plate. Sterling silver salt spoon, vintage cookbooks etc.

Foreign coin assortment, some in binder. Includes some silver Great Britain coins from 1931-1941. Also some not organized into binder.

Binder of Canadian 5-cent nickel coins. 1920 - 1998. Not checked for all years or conditions. All in 2x2 holders.

Assortment of different medallions and tokens. 3 on cards from the Franklin Mint

Vintage assortment of a pins, hat pins, necklaces, watches & earrings.

40 + comic books. Super Boy, Legion of a Super-Heroes, Star Lord etc.

45 assorted comic books. Various titles, various conditions.

Assorted Canadian paper money. Dominion of Canada Shinplaster, 1967 $1, 1973 $1, 1954 ($2, $10 & $20) & 4 consecutive serial number 1986 $2 notes.

Assorted foreign monetary items. Coins & Notes from a huge assortment of countries.

Binder of assorted foreign coinage. Countries include Great Britain, Jamaica & Trinidad & Tobego.

16 assorted coin rolls, pennies & Nickels. Years unconfirmed, condition unknown.

36 bagged, and mostly boarded comic books. All Bloodshot comics.

Assortment of beautiful fashion necklaces & earrings, some new.

Over 750 collectible baseball cards, untouched. Also 6 unused albums

17 beautiful glass / crystal wine glasses. 1 pattern has 4 matching glasses, heavy pieces, 7.5" tall. Other pattern has 13 matching glasses, 5 noticed with chipping around rim, 7.5" tall

44 assorted comic books - mostly DC titles, including Batman & Detective Comics. Some bagged,veins bagged & boarded.

Assortment of mainly silver plated items. Majority of items are Lady Hamilton pattern. Nothing has been cleaned.

Royal Jackson China tea cups (7) &saucers (10), Cream & Sugar. Duchess teacups (4) & saucers (5). Royal Jackson looks never used, Duchess has some gold wear.

Huge assortment of decorative pieces. Wellington China cups & saucers, glass sherry glasses (France), other glass plates & dishes. Have not checked for condition.

Large lot of free-form & artisan jewelry items. Also pearl strands and more. Some pieces not completed. Also includes beautiful Limoges dresser plate.

2 large table books. Vintage copy of Austen's Pride and Prejudice, deck/travel clock (not tested), vintage frames, tall standing vases (1 is 14" the other is 11") no condition issues noticed.

Assortment of mainly Canadian small cent penny coins. Some in 2x2 collector sheets. Also includes 7 empty Whitman Collector books

Large assortment of vintage jewelry pieces. Beads, bangles, bracelets, brooches etc. Some pieces hand made.

Assortment of decorative toy items. Disney snow globe, TY Beanie Babie, M&am dispenser, Tweety clock & toy cars.

Over 30 assorted comic books. Some bagged & boarded. Titles include Spider-Man, Batman, Conan, Flash and many more.

20 assorted records. Children & classical etc. Not checked for playability.

Beautiful vintage free glass vase (8" tall), Painted glass vase (9" tall), & foots green glass bowl (2.75" high, 7.5" diameter, some scratching)

25 assorted comic books. Titles include Archie, Superman, Green Arrow etc.

Assorted untouched, original packages, of collectible baseball cards

Beautiful red, painted Brides basket (10" diameter x 3.5" high), oval painted Royal Bavarian bowl (11.5" x 7.5" x 1.75") & decorative door bell set. All in feat condition.

2 full wooden souvenir spoon displays. 34 spoons in all.

29 comic books. Marvel's Mystique & DC's El Diablo. All bagged, most boarded.

Miscellaneous assortment of vinyl. Not all have covers, not checked for playability

4 decorative plates. Each has issues (crazing / chipping / cracking) & silver coloured standing frame, made in Portugal. Stamped 95% (see pictures)

Vintage assortment of seeing books (Beehive mainly) and assorted nylon, still in original boxes. Also includes a few knitting needles

Mixed lot of beaded fashion necklaces & bracelets. Also vintage jewelry / music box.

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