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Tested and all lights work. 24" round. Chain and ceiling cover look original.

Tested and working of the following - Phono and Radio. Might need cleaning and/or tune up

Printer comes with 4 rolls of filament with two still sealed. Note, this was tested when it was purchased a couple of months ago and it worked with no issues. I was getting it for a project that I was planning on doing but that fell through and never ended up needing this or using it. So as not to waste the filament or mess around with the machine, it has been left as it was when it was purchased. I tested the power supply only at the time of these pictures. Below is a link if you wanted to buy this printer right now (in a different color but same model & year:

Two working Sawyer's Viewmasters with tourist scenes in 3D Kodak Kodachrome. No cracks in the Viewmasters lever works as it should.

These working pair of brass & marble lamps are 20" tall and feature "cherub" figures on the post and lions as a legs below a marble base. Please see pictures.

Advertising piece in a wood framed Canada Dry clock.The clock works and the face is glass and the frame is wood. It is 14" x 10 x 2.5"

Headphones are over the ear and work as they should. Cord in complete physical shape, no tears in ear pads.

Luggage has been used and shows signs of such for it's age. Please see pictures for physical condition. One has tape residue on top. All clasps work and the smaller one can store inside the larger one. Hinges and clasps expand to allow over stuffing of a suitcase. All work. Measurements as follows: 30 X 20 x 10 and 28 x 17.5 x 9

Poster is 21"x 17, "Vote Mad" Sticker is 17" x 4", "Campaign Headquarters" is 16" x 7", large button is 2.5" round, & small button is about 1" long. Note, the t-shirt is a child's small. It is not for an adult. All paper products have creases or folds and the poster has a couple of small tears in the side and pin holes in the corner. The frame is included in the auction. Please see pictures for condition

Lot includes a Vivitar V3300, Ricoh KR5 Super, filters, 70mm lens, assortment of other lens, camera bag and lens case

Working double mid century eyeball desk lamp. Both lights work independently and swivel. Please look at the pictures as one of the hinges has been repaired but doesn't alter the functionality of the light but needs to be noted. 22" H (taller light) and 15" H (shorter light) while the base is about 7" across.

Working condition. Barely used. See pictures for physical condition.

Powers on but untested further than that. AS-IS

Craftsman 10" radial saw works. Blade angles and locks properly. Tested by cutting a piece of wood. Lift knob raises and lowers the top properly and as it should. Blade slides smoothly. Small dent in top but this does NOT affect performance in any way. Includes pictured Freud blade.

Handle pulls, numbers pop out, paper wheel turns, when you push buttons, it appears to change numbers but there is no ink so unable to test any of the adding functions of the machine.

Print is 40.75 x 28.5. I don't speak Russian but I believe this is from Lenin era propaganda. Not sure who the figure is from. Please see pictures.

Oreo store display. It is plastic and is about 16" x 13" x 13". All parts are there. No cracks.

Cast iron floor stand ashtray likely made by Lincoln with removable brass ashtray insert that has crab/lobster reliefs. This art deco style stand has nudes in the stand and the handle. There are cigarette and pipe holders on the stand and has a nice patina overall. This is 19" tall to the tray and 24" to the top of the handle.

Felt slouch hat from the Australian forces. Has a brass rising sun pin affixed to the side. No rips or tears. Made by Fayrefield in Melbourne. It is a 7 3/8 size

Bicycle lamp that uses oil. Circa 1920s. Might be missing pieces like the front glass. Has mounting bracket and both side "jewels".

Both lights work. 15" tall. Please see pictures for overall condition.

Working vintage National sewing machine REX model. Foot/knee pedal moves the needle. The case is a little tattered but the clasps work fine so it can be stored and carried. The machine has it's original cord, knee/foot pedal, various attachments with original box & instruction book. Please view pictures for better picture of condition.

Never used shovel and pitchfork. Tags still on and made by Blackspur and Uniontools respectively.

Player turns on, records, reels turn, lights up. Heads need to be cleaned so unable to test properly. All parts that should function do. Comes with both reels in pictures. Take up reel is metal.

Works properly. Dials out & rings in. No tears in cords.

Teak chair with no breaks or cracks. Works as it should. Folds properly

Lot includes The Beatles, The Who, Rolling Stones, Happy Days, Welcome Back Kotter etc. Please see picture. Also includes Rolling Stone lips patch. NOTE: Pictures listed are different angles of the same lot so you can see close ups of the pins. Some pictures overlap. First picture is what you get

Lamp works well. Push button to turn off and on. Fully straightened, the lamp can reach 19" high but it is bendable so this is just the maximum. The light head is about 4" deep and the opening where the light goes in is about 3" round.

Fire helmet with liner. Shows number and initials of department (don't know which department this is from). Looks to be constructed of fiberglass. Please see pictures. Glass mannequin head is NOT included in this lot.

Project piece needs paint but drawers work fine, all original drawer pulls present and ironing board intact. There is a small chip in the formica top (pictured). Please view pictures for condition. 36"H x 30"W x 18"D

Clock works well and keeps accurate time. Made from a wooden airplane prop from 1943 and has a waterfall base. 19"x 11"x 4.5"

Two working stage spot lights with attachments to hang them. I has some rusting but light and all latches work fine. Comes with one light bulb. Lights are 15" long and 8" opening. The clamp adds about 5".

Unsigned piece but it looks to be a Krosno pedestal bowl. It is 12"H and the bowl is 12" round. No chips or cracks.

Lighter and clock are untested and been used for display only. Made of metal and plastic, it looks like a rocket mounted in a holder that is a 4 inch half-globe of silvered lucite. Height 7 inches. Created during the global race to space and Sputnik era of world events around 1960. Base takes 2 "C" Batteries to operate and lighter needs butane. Battery compartment is clean and free of any corrosion.

Have three newspapers from the Globe & Mail from the 1969 moon landing. July 17, July 21 & August 1. Please see pictures for condition. Some folds and yellowing.

Underwood 150 typewriter in working condition. Keys as well as all the various features (margin guide, caps lock, shift, tab etc.) work properly too. Has the original warranty display on the side.

Kirby Heritage II with accessories and original Kirby caddy. The extension hose has some damage but still works fine. As well, the power cord has been repaired but this has no effect on functionality only aesthetics. Since the Kirby is modular and still in production, replacements can be purchased online for cheap. Everything works well including the lifter for carpet depth, the roller and the change head mechanism. You can use this vacuum immediately. Please see pictures for what you get in the way of accessories.

Used as Fax machine phone. Has dial tone, will dial out, receiver cord exposed but still can hear tone (see picture)

Electric lamp to look like the antique oil lamps. This was not converted but made this way but is still older, likely from the 70s, maybe 60s. Works as it should. Glass chimneys are intact and have no chips or cracks. 25" to top of handle, 17" to top of lights & base is about 5" round.

Pair of green end table lamps. The green part is porcelain and has no chips. Both lamps work fine and shades are original. Lamps are 27" tall and the shade is 16" at it's widest round.

Silver Yamaha Natural Sound AM/FM Tuner CT-610II. All the gauges work properly including the signal strength and the FM Tuning and the knobs move smoothly though the "FM Tuning" lamp is out. To clarify, this is a tuner only and will require an amplifier to play your components. This will work in conjunction with an amp though. Designed to work with amps with no tuner.

Lamp is all wood except for outlet and cord. Works as it should and lights up. No cracks in shade.

Earthenware vase made in Egypt with metal stand. No chips or cracks. Please see pictures. 17"H with stand (12" vase only) x 6" opening

Clock is of the Art Deco style though no markings for year. It is functional as the hands move, chimes go off and the door closes but it is missing the inside pendulum so it does not keep proper time. This will need to be replaced. Structurally, there is no cracks or nicks in the wood. Please see pictures.

Light was used in a store as a ceiling light and has an adjustable base so that the pole could move. All metal except the glass shade under the marine type grate shade cover. All parts are removable. The light head and the swivel base both unscrew from the pole so that it can be used in many different ways. In it's current configuration, it is 36" long. This could not be tested.

Untested. See pictures for physical condition. Has strobe sensor and sync cable.

Has three compartments for foil, wax (or other paper) and cling wrap. Also in this lot is a picture called "Clam At Rest" by Brien Foerster. It is 10" x 8" frame with the picture itself being 4" x 5.5"

Unopened boxed set featuring Peter, Lois, Stewie, Brian, Meg and accessories. Also includes an unopened Mort figure.

brass floor lamp that has a glass shelf in the middle and a 50s stitched shade. It even has a spot for, and comes with, a pot near the base. Light works properly and the tube holding the light detaches from the base. It's about 53" to the top, and 22" to the glass shelf. The shelf itself is around 14" round. NOTE!! PLEASE READ!!: THE TIN VESPA IS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS LOT. I was trying to show the glass shelf. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE THE VESPA SHOULD YOU WIN THIS LOT.

Metal housing, plastic face. Corner is chipped off (see pictures). Light works well. Some fading in graphic (see pictures).

Has metal housing and clock face is glass with a bubble glass cover. Light works when plugged in and the clock DID work until I took it off the wall to take pictures of it. Unsure what is wrong or if it is an easy fix as it worked before I removed it from the wall but now only the light works. It is 15" square.

Untested, used as display only. Missing end off cord but could be repaired as cord is intact to the speaker. 8"L x 5"W x 3"D (5"with the hanger).

Working Telefunken Concertino HiFi 205. Tested FM, Phono & a tape deck. See pictures for physical condition. It's 27" x 7" x 7"

Art glass free form centrepiece bowl. No chips or cracks. 16"L x 9"H

Vintage kit, seems complete with aroma testers, cards, box and cover. Serial number #9484

Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey with tags. Never worn. Size is adult large.

Keeps time, alarm and radio works as well as the light which illuminates the numbers.

Multi terrain roller skates. All straps and adjusters work well as do the wheels. Everything works as it should. These are adjustable and are adult size large (US men's size 7 to 12 or US women's 9 to 13 ). These are designed to fit with your shoes.

23"H x 9" x 9" at it's widest points. Shelves are all there, doors open and close properly.

Comes with original cushions from the period. No tears. Chair is sound. Dimensions are 28"H (12" to seat) x 25"

Looks to be early 20th century driving gauntlet type gloves. No rips or tears. Snap is loose on one glove. Size is 9.25" x 4.25" for the glove portion with fingers. The Full glove is 15.5"

Chair is sturdy, rocks smoothly and can be used with no issues. Has woven leather string seat and wooden slat back. Seat is secure and been tested to 190lbs (me).39"H x 28"W x 31"D. 17"H to the seat.

Included in this lot is a Wedgewood table lighter, vintage tin hand blender, USB can cooler and plaster car model. Everything is complete and/or working.

Symphonette Slumber Center works properly. Clock, alarm, radio and light all work as they should. Light has telescoping arm that slides well.

Clock is working and keeps proper time. No cracks in face or cover. Brand display also in good condition with no cracks. One of the small mugs at the top of the clock (pictured) is missing a handle.

Has the number 2 embossed at the top. Please see pictures for physical condition. 15" tall, 9" wide

Light works as it should. No chips or cracks. 7" tall, 8" at it's widest opening.

Lot includes two wood framed pictures on velvet. One abstract and one of a flower. They are both 11.5 x 15.5 for the picture and 18 x 22 for the frame size.

Unsure of the age, chair is made of wood with fabric padded seat and back. This is original to the seat and has no rips or tears. It is 41.5"H x 19"W x 19" D. It is 18" to the seat.

Late 19th, early 20th century folding portable Gleason Embalming/Medical Table. This would be display only as the slats for the table are buckling a little and might not support weight. Folds and unfolds properly, head rest moves to different positions and legs & wheels are in sound shape.

Industrial heavy glass cover. It was marked "hurricane proof". 10"H to bottom, Outside opening 3.25", inside 2.5"

Frame is 18x20 and the print display is 7x10

Advertising clock for Snap On Racing. Clock works and keeps proper time. Measurements are 22" x 10.5"

Two zip lock sandwich bags full with glass marbles. Marbles are of unknown age but many are, at least, from my youth, 40 odd years ago.

Three boxes with 2 matching bottles. The bottles and boxes that match are Creamalin and Sani-Brown. Flavedrin is the box only. Please see pictures for condition.

Includes regular bag as well as suit bag. All zippers and clasps work. Never used.

Couch shows some wear and has small tear in seat (pictured) as well as some "bumps". Frame and springs in good condition. Re-cover and use. Please look at ALL pictures.

Headset worked last time it was used but have only tested and confirmed that the headset charges. No other recent testing has been done. Comes with base, headset, power cord and line wire. See pictures

Working Sears Celebrity electric typewriter. New ribbon is needed as this one is almost out of ink. Can still see faintly enough to test typewriter. Works as it should. Comes with hard carrying case.

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