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Up for sale is this very nice wooden early 20th century Chinese four panel screen. Each panel decorated in mother of pearl, hardstone and semi precious stones with relief scenes of cranes in a marsh and mountain landscape, the rectangular panels over square ones decorated with floral designs, the reverse panels decorated in gilt lacquer with bird and branch designs. Due to it's age and travels, there are a few nicks in the wood however, it does not take away from the overall appearance of this piece. It is 71.5 high and each panel is about 16 wide. This has been appraised at over $800

Works great, lights up, wheels spin, just like in the casino. This is a real slot machine and not a toy (well, it's a toy for adults I guess). It's about 32 x 18.5 x 12 . Lots of Japanese writing so I don't actually know what the options on the inside mean so there could be things that I'm missing but it works great for me and would look fantastic in any game room/man cave.

Lot includes seven pieces. All are untested.

Up for auction is a is a Kovacs style vintage chrome lamp. It is unsigned but it is in working condition. There are no dents or scratches. It is about 32 tall.

This lot has a portable Tiki bar. It's made of metal with a kind of ribbed rubber outside. It closes to form a barrel shape but when opened it has shelves and a bar on top. It is 32 high and 19 round when closed.

Up for auction is this very nice 1872 lap desk. Due to it's age there is some cracking but it still functions, closes and you can write on it. Has a couple of small working drawers inside as well as grooved pen storage. There is no key but it is easily replaced online. The leather writing pad was recently replaced. Please see pictures for overall physical condition. 9.5 x 13.5 x 6

This lot has a dehumidifier. Have the box, used to test power. Not tested aside from turning and ensuring fan works and powers on.

Lot includes 2 unopened Brita Aquaview water filters.

Lot includes 2 vintage Apollo 860 record players. Not tested. Parts only. Smells of smoke.

Phone is intact but is untested as I have none of the cords to it. Only comes with what you see in the picture. Will need a power and line cord. No cracks.

Vintage cigarette dispenser in the shape of a pipe. Is covered in suede with a brass lid that pulls out cigarette holders. Usually placed on coffee table to discreetly store cigarettes for your guests. It is about 10 x 6

Unused, comes in box. Removed from box to check for power only.

This record player comes with cartridge and needle which have about 5 hours of play time on it. Tested and working. See pictures for condition. Dust cover has some light swirling but no chips or cracks.

The soda stream works as it should. Comes with boxed CO2 Carbonator

Included in the lot is a vintage working cigarette dispenser that pops up when the lid is pulled. Also included are primitive Barbio Craft primitive set of bowls. There are 4 included in this set. Please see pictures.

Very nice vintage advertising piece from Borden's. There are no chips or cracks in the display and the clock keeps great time. The frame is wood and the display is nice and clean. Dimensions are 20 W x 10 H x 4 D.

Lot has a vintage chrome gooseneck eyeball desk lamp. Chrome is in good condition with no chips or dents. Light works as it should. Note: The gooseneck portion of the lamp does not articulate and stays in the position that you see it in. It's about 14.5 high, the base is about 6 round and the shade is about 4 long

Lot has two plastic beer advertising signs. Brands are Miller and Schlitz. The Miller sign is about 13 x 6.5 . The Schlitz is 17 x 9.5

Two older blow torches with brass body and wooden handle on one. Larger one is 12 tall to the top of the torch. The base is 5.5 round. The smaller one is 8 tall and the base is 4 round.

This is a fully re-purposed turntable that was at the end of it's line and instead of chucking it into some dump, I have created a fully functioning, working clock with a quartz movement and hands. All the other parts you can see are still attached giving it a real turntable look for your mancave or listening room. Keeps great time. 16 x14 x3

Lot of three antique photos from 1840-1882. There are two leather bound cased photos in tin frames. One is a portrait of a man and the other is two girls in dresses and hats. Unsure of the specific type but based on the dates, the pictures of the girls and the portrait of the man could be a Daguerreotype or an Ambrotype. however I am not sure so take a look at the pictures for confirmation.. The cases of these two have seen better days but the case on the girls is the better of the two with it just being split at the seam. The last is a leather bound book of thumbnail type pictures from 1882. This has an inscription saying that it's from Paris, Ontario as well. There are a number of pictures in the album and it is intact and in really nice condition. The album is about 3 x 3.5 and the tin framed portraits are about 3.5 x 2.5 .

Lot includes both lamps and a pair of shades. The lamps themselves look to be made of teak and have no chips or cracks and the finials are included and not chipped. They have original makers mark stickers (pictured) and brass cones or nuts attached to the lamp stem. The lamps work as they should. I am including the original shades however, they have some damage to the diamonds. Dimensions of the lamps are

Comes with what you see in the pictures. Powers on but untested as I don't have an account. Also comes with portable Sirius player but untested.

No chips or cracks in the globe. In working condition. Please see pictures. It is 36 long and has a swiveling base so that it can be angled from the ceiling.

Up for auction is this very cool platform scale from the 1800s. It was supposedly the luggage scale from the St Mary's train station in St. Mary's, Ontario but I have no way to confirm that. Seems to be working and has 3 weights. Condition is good for it's age but take a look at the pictures to see for yourself. I have no idea how accurate it is but nothing seems seized and the platform will move if stood on. Please see pictures for condition. It is very old so some pieces of wood are more brittle than others. There is a piece about 1.5 x1.5 by the bolts that has chipped off and glued back. I have taken a picture of this so take a look. Size is 35 x 17.5 x 44

Large primitive wooden chest made in the early 20th century. Still in working condition though some modifications might be need to lock it however, for anyone into primitive furniture, this an excellent example. 40.5 Lx22.5 Wx42 H.

Up for auction is a vintage walnut kitchen or dining room table. It is extendable to be able for use for any occasion. Some light scuffing around the edges but the table is in great condition. Dimensions are No Leaf - 48 x 38 1 - 60 x 38 2 - 72 x 38 Only the table and extenders are included in the auction. Nothing else you see in the picture is included.

Printer works as it should. Comes with power cord. Cartridge recently replaced.

Vintage ashtray light stand. Frame is twisted brass with an internal column in spaghetti style plastic. Comes with the vintage ashtray. Light works as it should. No chips, cracks or missing pieces. Stands about 25 high to the top of the handles.

This lot has a cast iron stagecoach desk lamp. It is 9 W x 7 tall. Lamp is in working order and displays very nicely.

This lot has a Aurex SY-335 MKII micro stereo system. System has been tested with radio and phono (record player) and both worked well. There are three components to this system including AM/FM tuner, Pre-Amp and Amplifier. All power on and function. The tuner is missing the piece that covers the tuning dial but this doesn't hinder functionality as you can tune the stations still. The amp cover is a little bent as well. Please see pictures.

Vintage cabinet that can be used for files or for vinyl records like I have been using it for. Shelves are removable. It is 21 x 16 x 37

Barometer works and is about 10 around. It is a porthole style and the glass cover opens. Please see pictures for more detail.

This record player has only been tested to the extent that it powers up and the platter turns. The levers move, tone arm lock works and speed knob turns. Unable to test playing a record so this is as-is.

Up for auction is a hanging triple chrome globe light fixture. The chrome globes are mid century style but they are new. I converted it to plug in but it's easy to change it back to direct to box should you want to hard wire it. All pieces are here should you want to directly wire it to a power source in the ceiling. Dimensions are 23 across the mounting plate.

Vintage glass Colt .45 On Draft beer sign. It is 21 x 16 .

Clock is in working condition. No chips or cracks. Keeps time. Lights up. It is 26 x 14

Very nice quality bandoleer. All loops are secure and none ripped. Buckle and end are in fully working condition. Not cheaply made. It is 48 long. Also included in the lot is 20 vintage deactivated bullets attached to a feeding clip. Just to be clear, none of these bullets will actually shoot and are not active.

Untested. Old style replica radio with tape deck.

Vintage piece. No chips or cracks. Roller for wick works. 18 tall

I'm not exactly sure what this is but what I think it is a topper for a fence post. Wood is old and weathered, with a removable metal top. 21' high, the wood piece is 13 on it's own.

Set of three hideaway keepsake boxes made to look like books. Sizes of the boxes are 12 x 9 x 3 , 10 x 7 x 2 , 7 x 4 x1.5

Very nice example of a Brian Mantrop print title Great Blue Heron Chicks In The Early Morning Mist Near Westport, Ontario. It's Signed and numbered 44/50. Framed size is 29 x22

Lot has two straight razors and a vintage sharpening tool with a wooden handle. Not sure if it sharpens anymore but it's in one piece.

Russian design for a camera mount in the shape of a gun, hence, sniper. This is the box for that piece. The photo sniper camera mount is NOT included in this auction, only the box.

Lot includes 6 pieces which includes two pair of shoulder boards. Unsure of origin

Lot has an angle head flashlight. This is untested but may need new bulb. Also has a Wedgewood piece. This is 4 x 2.75 . It also includes a vintage survey device. I have no idea what it does or if it is working properly but there are no cracks or dents and the leather case is intact.

Vintage bronze or brass (I believe) Art Deco table lamp with a milk glass tulip shade. It's 20 tall and the shade is 6 wide. It has been rewired and has a new reproduction plug similar to what it had back in the 1930s when it was made. It has a marble accent piece just above the base. This is not cracked or chipped. Light works as it should

Concert poster from a Radiohead concert. Plaque board mounted.

Vintage ceramic primitive style light. Display of a sailing ship on a stretched stiff hide of some sort with holes to let the light through. Dimensions are 10.5 x 10.5

Please see pictures for condition and type. I've taken pictures of everything that is included.

This lot has a working vintage mid century style wooden lamp with a double shade. There is a small tear in the shade but since the material that the shade is made out of is stiff, it does hide the tear rather well making it hard to see especially when that part is turned to the wall. Pictures posted are of the tear facing towards the camera. to show what it looks like. See pictures to judge for yourself. Dimensions are 37 x 14

Pulls are 5 long and 4 from screw to screw. Lot includes all 11 pulls. Bakelite has no cracks and are all intact.

Lot includes Nefertiti, Sphinx and King Tut. They are brass on a marble base. 3.5 x 3 - Tut, Nefertiti - 2.5 x 3 , Sphinx - 2.5 x 5 . Please see pictures for condition.

Vintage Sea Breeze record player. Needs work. Turns on but has issues spinning. Missing needle. AS-IS

Interesting little tabletop game. Pins shaped like zombies and the ball is a cartoon bomb. Pins (zombies) are about 4 high.

This lot has a cast iron candle holder in the shape of a chicken. It opens at the centre so that you can place your candle of choice in the chicken. Please see pictures. Dimensions are 9 x 7 x 7

Unsure what this is from. It is 12.75 x 9.25 and made of plastic. It has a lip at one end giving it an overall L shape

Lot includes 3 plastic coated wooden bowling Brunswick Bowling pins.

No chips or cracks. Hockey items behind glass in a shadow box. It is 20 x 11 x 2

In this lot are three framed prints Daffy surfing over Porky Pig, Sylvester and Son lazily fishing, and Taz rolling on his motorcycle. All these prints are about 15 x12 . Also included is a wood plaque clock with a That's All Folks! relief. It is also about 15 x12 and the clock works.

Mirror has Sun relief carved into the top. Please see pictures. Some wear showing but it is a vintage piece. Dimensions - 50 x 20.5

Lot has 9 glass paperweights and a glass decanter. Some paperweights have images.

Framed. 15 x 12 . No rip or tears. Glass intact.

Showing a classic scene of a chief instructing his warriors in front of a TeePee. It is 21 x 25

Very nicely made ship's wheel with a captain's face carving on both sides of the wheels. Been used for records so I don't know how many magazines it could hold but it will hold about 24 single albums. It's about 24 tall.

Lot has a Korg GT-60X guitar tuner, vintage projector and a cast iron base. Nothing tested. No cords. See pictures for condition.

Lot includes pots & bowls. Shows signs of age with numerous chips, not for food use.

Lot has a vintage VIC 20 keyboard. Untested. Keyboard buttons all intact and work though.

Vintage Toucan Fan is in working condition. Gives a good breeze. Missing the bolt to mount but replacements are available.

Vintage speakers works as they should. Walnut cabinets.

Tested to make sure powers on. Missing belt so unable to test further. Does not come with any cords. Please see pictures for condition.

Lot has a number of lace doilies, runners and two knitted baby blankets. Please see pictures for contents

Vintage typewriter in hard plastic carrying case. Works fine and types as it should. May need new ribbon.

The Gort figure is in its box and hasn't been removed. The box is 6 tall. The ceramic vase has no chips or cracks and is about 6 tall.

.Up for auction is a vintage leather medical bag. It is in fairly good condition aside from one side clasp that has ripped away from the side of the bag. Both pieces are still included with the bag so repair could be possible. Everything else about the bag is great condition. It is 18 x 8 x 8'

Works and lights up. Does NOT come with fiber optic spray, only the base.

Lot includes 3 Coca-Cola collector tins holding playing cards. The cards have never been opened and are still sealed..

This print is signed by an artist named Franklin. It appears in this picture that the Habs just scored while dejected Red Wings skate away. The frame size is 28 x20

Vintage lamp of unknown age but it is metal with a bronze finish and a pull string switch. Lamp works as it should. It is 11 tall and the base is 6 round.

Movie lobby card for the movie Pitstop in crash-o-rama. 14 x 11

In working condition. Please see pictures or condition. It is 15 x 17 x 6.5

Metal reflective street sign. It is 32 x 15 . Unsure what Lime house is in reference to.

As seen in souvenir shops, this is a plastic and wood display stand. Dimensions - 17 x 10.5

Unique wooden CD holder. Dimensions are 24 x 13.5 x 10.5

Vintage movie lobby card. 14 x 11

Tested power only. NOS B&W security monitors. Still in boxes. They power on.

Tested power only. Turns on. Comes with receiver and 6 speakers

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