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Print by noted surrealist/hidden art/low rider artist Octavio Ocampo. It is framed, signed and numbered (267/500) and in great condition. It is a large piece coming in 36" x 26" (outside frame) and 19" x 15" (inside print). This picture is called "El Bien Y El Mal" or "The Good & The Evil".

This is an older snow blower, very heavy metal construction. Has not been tested this year but did work last time I used it however it is being sold as is due to the fact that I could not test the item. As stated, this is very heavy and you will need help loading/unloading.

This lot has a good riding saddle with horn. Leather seems to be in good condition. Comes with other ropes and leather straps. I'm not an expert in saddles so this will be as is. Please see pictures for more info. I couldn't find any maker's mark on this item. Measuring the seat part of the saddle from the horn to the back of the lip of the seat is about 22"

Up for auction is a pair of vintage "jewelled" accent lights. They work great and are in great shape. They are made of metal with the jewels being a hard plastic and none are missing. Dimensions are 9" x 4.5" x 4".

Lot includes a pair of Sennheiser HD 414 SL headphones. They work well and come with the original box. Ear covers are brand new Sennheiser replacement covers and are in excellent condition.

Vintage brass fire extinguisher in good condition.. The rubber on the hose is in great condition with no cracking or drying out. The threads turn with no issues. It's about 24.5" tall.

This vintage piece opens up to show a hollow that once was used as a cigarette holder dispenser for your guests. I have been using it as a bank. This is about 6.5" x 4". Please see pictures

AM/FM/SW. Has working "magic eye". Tested AM and this works fine though you will need to get an antenna for FM/SW. Outputs for tape and phono (not tested) and for antenna. Small nick in the veneer on the side and a "bubble" on the top but overall condition is very good. Buttons work, dials turn, tubes work. Dimensions are 22" x 14" x 9". Please see pictures for more detailed view.

This lot has a trench art lamp made from a WWII shell. It's in working condition and comes with the pictured shade. It has a wooden base to go along with the shell. It is about 16" tall.

Lot includes 23 vinyl albums . Albums are in good condition and are playable. A few of the covers may have some splitting on the spine or rough edges. Albums include: Woodstock soundtrack, Pretty In Pink soundtrack, Lost Boys soundtrack, John Lennon Collection, Buddy Holly Story, Sugar Hill Gang - Rapper's Delight EP, Screaming Blue Messiahs - I Wanna Be a Flintstone EP, Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me With Science, Johnny Cash Today, Naked Eyes - Always Something There To Remind Me EP, Various Artists - NME C86, REO Speed wagon - Hi Fidelity, Queen - The Game, Pet Shop Boys - Please, Simple Minds - Ballad Of The Streets EP, Various Artists - That Summer, U2 - Joshua Tree, Trooper - Hot Shots, Ben Folds - Imitation Of Myself, Stevie Wonder - Inner visions, Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, The Beatles - 1962-1966 & The Beatles - 1967-1970

This lot comes with a Hot Wheels Trains To Go set. It seems to be complete with the original box, two trains, the playing surface and the instructions. It's in good physical condition, the carrying handle is still attached and there is no cracks that I can see. It was put out in 1985 and can be very collectible. Please see pictures.

This lot is a set of 4 brass feet in the shape of a claw or talons holding a glass ball. These are around 5" from top to bottom. In good condition

20 piece router bit set with carrying case. Most bits never used (I think 1 or 2 bits were used once only). Comes with what you see in pictures.

Clock is made in a mid century style and displays Pepsi Cola in the centre of a metal rings with colored buttons. Clock works and keeps good time. Unsure if this an official licensed clock direct from Pepsi so you are bidding as is in that regard. Otherwise, it's a good clock that works well with a nice Pepsi front.

This lot is a vintage oval picture frame with picture. Glass is convex (bubbles out) and has no chips or cracks. Frame has some flaking but overall has great patina. It is 25" x 19"

Pictures show all albums in this lot which have several Disney albums (Jungle Book, Pinocchio, Little Engine That Could, and Puff The Magic Dragon). There are also a couple of 'fun' rock compilations that used contemporary music for a theme as well as an album companion for the magazine MAD. Please see pictures for condition.

Teams included in this game are Montreal and LA. All the men are included and none are broken. Stickers are visible and clear, though yellowing a bit. Overall, the game is in very good condition. Comes with two pucks and the players move as they should. Note: I might have the box for this but unsure of where it is.

This RCA Victor 'His Master's Voice' image is displayed on a framed mirror. It's in good physical condition. Please see pictures for detailed condition. It is 30" x 22"

Lot includes brass eagle figurine on what looks to be marble base. Fairly heavy construction with eagle in mid flap. The height from top of the tips to the bottom of the base is about 11". The base is about 4" round.

Vintage green artist signed 'Chalet' art glass centrepiece. No chips or cracks on it. Tips of piece are not chipped either as they are so often on these items.. It is about 19" long from tip to tip.

Lot includes a pair of vintage Advent U4 speakers. They seem to be in good physical condition. Was told when I got them that they were re-foamed but never got a chance to check it out so these are untested and as-is. Dimensions are 26" x 11" x 14"

Vintage tin sign advertising Uptown lemon drink. Good physical condition. 19" x 27". Please see pictures.

Cobra is made of metal, possibly bronze but unsure. Please see pictures. Comes apart into two pieces via unscrewing the head. Has some intricate drawings on it. Possibly a candle holder rather than a paperweight as there is a small receptacle at the top. It's about 6" tall put together and about 7" at it's base.

This is an vintage oak display from the early 20th century with the Standard Corporation Records logo. It's in good condition and will fold down flat. Clasps on the sides work and hold it in shelf form with no issues. It is 26.5"L x 11"D x 9"H

Lamp is made of cast iron and has a marble base. The stem is made to look like a lamp with a worker climbing the "street light" to light the lamp as they did at the time. This light is 16" tall and the base is about 5" x 5".

Professionally framed numbered and signed steam engine picture. The picture is called 'Steams Up' and is numbered 3 out of 750. Can't read the artists signature. It's 19.5" x 15". Please see pictures.

This starburst United clock works well and all the points are intact. There is a Zodiac backing (as shown in the pictures) but this can be removed if you like so that it's only a starburst. The clock is about 22" round from point to point.

This is a rewired 1930s double socket desk light with wire trouble light cage "shades". The plug and the cord are reproduction to look as it did when it was made. The cord is twisted rayon and the plug is a replica round ribbed bakelite from the era. The rest of the lamp is original including the metal pull chain sockets which can be turned on independently. This light is 22" x 9".

Here is a black Kenmore Elite dishwasher with stainless tub. This has not been tested but is in good physical condition. Door closes properly and opens as it should.

Lot includes 3 carved wooden walking sticks. No breaks or cracks in them. These sticks are about 36" long.

Lot includes a vintage telephone from the early 20th century. It is in non working condition and as is. Please see pictures for more details.

Here is a vintage wooden rocking chair with a woven seat and wood slat back. Dimensions are 40.5" H x 17.5 (to seat). The arm rests are 22" long. No breaks and chair is usable.

Vintage red art glass centrepiece. No chips or cracks on it. Tips of piece are not chipped either as they are so often on these items.. It is about 23" long from tip to tip. Please see pictures.

Lot has a vintage "UFO" lamp in good working order. Appearance is of "hammered" metal with a chrome shaft. Dimensions are 19.5" x 8"

Vintage mid century chrome lamp with hooded shade for auction. It's in good working order though it does have some flaking at its base. Please see pictures for more detailed condition. It is 24" tall and the base is about 5". The shade is 16.5" round.

Here we have a Lego Discovery space shuttle model with 3 mini figurines. Not sure if the model is complete but you will get what you see in the pictures. The mini figures include two in space suits and helmets with the other being a Captain Picard model. There is no box or instructions.

This lot has a vintage metal work light that uses a clamp to secure it into place. The light has a glass convex front piece. The light works as it should. Please see pictures.

Vintage movie card from the 1969 movie Pit Stop. This is numbered and framed. This is about 14" x 11". Please see pictures.

Vintage clam shell gooseneck lamp is in good working condition. It still has it's original cord but with a switch added to turn off and on. Gooseneck works and keeps the lamp where you like it. Dimensions are 23" (with neck and light straight up). The base is about 6 x 6. Please see pictures

Lot includes 3 (three) WWII era 5 Reichmark bills in good condition. Date appears to be August 1942. Has NSDAP logo on bottom left corner of bills. Please see pictures for more detailed condition.

Vintage mid century glass shade for your light. There are no chips or cracks. The opening is about 5 5/8". The longest width is 13.5" and it's about 9-10" tall (hard to measure this).

Plastic EveReady store display from 1930. It comes with a display "battery" (it's a battery shaped piece of wood with a paper EveReady label with the date). It's in good condition and has no cracks however the battery label has a tear in it but it still displays well as you can see from the picture. Dimensions are 12.5" x 13" x 3

Lot includes 3 Buddha statues. Smaller ones made of hardened material while the bigger two are made of a softer sandstone type material. All are in good condition with no cracks or missing pieces. The larger Buddha is about 10" x 8". Note - the Twoonie in the picture is for scale only and will NOT be included with the lot.

In this lot there is a Morse code transmitter (receiver?). In good condition. Can be tapped and the terminals for the wires can be unscrewed. It's about 5" x 2.5".

Lot includes a vintage KA-Bar knife. It is in good condition and handle or guard is not loose. May need to be sharpened. The knife is 8" long with the blade being about 4" of that.

storage and carrying case for your vinyl records. Has a flip up door with clasps that work. With a handle on the side, you can pick up and go with your favorite albums. Excellent storage for smaller locations or collections. It is about 12" x 15" x 16.5"

Glove is in good condition. It's 14" and all leather. It is used but in "playing" condition. It's worked in well.

Lot has a vintage smoked glass lamp in this lot. Lamp is in good physical condition and the lamp works as it should. Lamp is around 21" tall and the base is about 9" round. The shade has some water stains but this can always be replaced. Please see pictures.

Lot includes 3 plastic M&M candy dispensers. All are in good condition with no broken pieces. Seem to be working as the mechanisms move as they should though have no M&Ms to test fully. Dispensers are jukebox, fire engine and roller coaster. Please see pictures. They are about 9.5" long.

Light is in good condition and works. The fibre optic spray is original but has had some repairs to it making the spinning a little slow. It lights up but due to the repairs of the spray, it could be brighter. The base is about 11" tall. Sold as is.

Lot includes three ceramic mugs with 2 being German beer mugs with metal lids and the other being a hand painted Delfts blue. No chips or cracks and lids on beer mugs work as they should. The German mugs are 8" & 5.5" and the Delfts one is 5.5"

Lamp is in good condition and works as it should. The shade is green glass and the base is brass colored metal. This lamp is 14" tall

Lot has a framed vintage lobby card from 1958 from the movie Thunder Road starring Robert Mitchum. No cracks in the glass and can be hung up. Card is numbered and is in good condition. It's never been out of the frame as long as I have owned it. It is 15" x 12". There is some yellowing but please see pictures.

Up for auction is this working vintage General Electric clock. It keeps good time and has no cracks or breaks. Please see pictures

Lot includes a Royal Doulton figurine called 'Run Mowgli, Run!". Mowgli is missing his hand but other than that, it is in good condition with no other breaks or crack. The second item is a display model of Mater from the movie cars. It appears in complete condition with the plastic cover and nothing appears broken. Please see picture for details.

Here we have a clear plexi-glass computer case. Untested but case is in very good physical condition with no cracks. It is 18.5" x 17.5" x 8.5"

This lot includes 3 Canadian newspapers from 1943. Stories on the front page include issues of the time as well as world war II battles and outcomes. Very interesting reading for the WWII collector. Newspapers are worn and have creases. Please see pictures for condition.

Lot includes a chain link covered seltzer bottle and an educational game that uses a light to note correct answers. Both are untested. There are a couple of bends in the links of the seltzer bottle. The bottle is about 14" tall. Please see pictures.

Lot includes two lamps both metal and vintage. Smaller stick lamp works well and looks to be made of a bronze type metal and has a pull chain for switch. No shade is included. Larger lamp is a double head likely from the 40s. It is missing it's finial but lamp works. It has a flower design and is also made of some type of metal. The larger lamp is about 21" tall while the small stick lamp is about 11" tall

Vintage shade is glass with a leaf motif. Frosted and clear This is heavy glass and is of quality. It is 10" round

Vintage frosted glass shade with an axe blade motif. (I'm sure it's not an axe but don't know how else to describe it). This is heavy glass and is of quality. Looks to be from the early 20th century. It is 10" round

Vintage frosted glass shade with an axe blade motif. (I'm sure it's not an axe but don't know how else to describe it). This is heavy glass and is of quality. Looks to be from the early 20th century. It is 10" round

Lot includes games Stock Market, Major Battles and Campaigns of General George S Patton, Stats Pro Football and Flat Top. I have not played any of these games so I don't know if they are all complete or not. They seem to still have most, if not all, of their game pieces while one doesn't look like it was played at all however, I can't be sure. These games are as-is. I have included pictures that show what the overall appearance is inside though. The other item is a Colliers World Atlas from WWII (1944) and this has maps which display Germany's conquests at the time. The atlas is in excellent condition.

Similar to the frosted axe designed in lots 28 and 29 however this one is different color and has a milk glass appearance. This is heavy glass and is of quality. Looks to be from the early 20th century. It is 10" round

Table has oak top and in good condition. It is 36" x 26" x 16.5"

To be auctioned are this lot of 3 clam shell type light fixtures with electrical outlets. Ideal for use in older houses that have a space for a light but no outlet. Untested, may need to be re-wired.

Lot includes a vintage Stanley #3 level. It is made of wood and has brass fixtures. Level works and none of the bubbles have been compromised. The level is 28" long

Vintage goose neck lamp works well. Has fluorescent bulb and on off switches. The bendable shaft works well and holds the light where you want it.

vintage wooden foot locker. Looks to be hand made, has locks on inside drawers but no key. Outside lock has been removed but also easily replaceable as the keyhole is still intact. Has two lockable drawers inside. It's 34.5" x 19" x 18"

Lot includes 19 unused vintage postcards. These postcards are of various scenes around Canada including Toronto landmarks, Niagara Falls & Mounties. All are in excellent condition and unused.

Vintage frosted glass light shade from the 50s-70s with a nubbed surface with painted flowers.

Lot has a wooden framed needlepoint picture of a country road with houses scene. It is 26" x 22"

Lot includes 2 large wine shaped glass vases. They are made well with no chips or cracks. They are about 16" tall and the opening is about 4" wide. Please see pictures.

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