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Assorted Plated Silver, approximately twenty pieces including butter dishes and candleholders, salt and pepper shakers, egg cups holders, etc. Category A

Some wear, raw/no finish. Solid wood. Stable. Legs fold inwards and bottom shelf also flips upwards. Category C

Unused collection of Time Life Classical Albums. Unused collection of Swing Era Albums. Used collection of contemporary modern music. Assortment of used 45rpm records. Category A

Box of Silver Plated utensils. Assorted Mixed Collections. Wear evident. Category A

Wheelchair gently used, missing small seat clip but otherwise fully functional. Removable foot rests and bolt tightener included. Bathroom stool gently used. Category B

Four Small Tom Thomson prints, mirrored Picasso prints and others. Eleven Pieces in total. Category A

Porcelain Figurines Set One: Twenty two pieces. Category A

Carved Wood Figurines. Turtle, duck, African masks, two bamboo houses, teddy bear, etc. Category A

Blue Glass Decor. Twenty pieces. Tall bottles. Chunk of blue glass has small flake on bottom. Some bottles with corks. Category A

With remote control. Head and foot sections raise and lower separately. Used less than a month. No obvious wear. Category C

Assorted Silverplate. Includes lighter, shell covered dish, three trays, five coaters, wine bottle holder, tray with three leaves that fold together, napkin holders, small tea set, candle holders new in box Category A

Wicker and Wood. Wear evident to legs. Seat base removable, but no apparent damage. Category B

Two Large Cookie Jars, Pig and Mouse, almost perfect condition with no obvious damage. Category A

Double bed. Solid wood. Wood shows little/minor wear. Some bolt covers missing. Very firm mattress and box spring optional. Seems to be simple to disassemble/assemble. Bring help. Category C

Yellow Retro Table and Stool. Minor wear evident. Table leaves fold down. Approximately three feet by three feet square. Stool has rip in its upholstery. Category C

Two wooden dining chairs, some wear. Foldable Rocking chair with upholstered seat. Category B

Large Casserole Dish and Large Mixing Bowl. Assorted smaller baking containers. Note wear. Category A

Several hundred cards in four boxes. Mostly modern cards printed during/after 1990's. Some packages unopened. Category A

Copper Stove Utensils with Rack, Meat Grinder and Assorted Utensils. Eight Steak Knives and Wood Salt and Pepper Shakers. Category A

Decorative Silver Spoon Collection and Display Case. Includes set of sterling silver teaspoons. Category A

Two Copper Kettles and Liberty Bell ornament- working bell Category A

Minimal wear, approximately six feet high. Category C

Approximately seven feet wide and nine feet long. No obvious wear, appears to be new. Bring help. Category C

Eight Small Clocks in Original Boxes Unopened. Battery Powered, assorted images Category A

Assorted Ceramic Figures. Horse, Cow Container, Cats, Elephant, Hippo etc. Thirteen items in total. Category A

Resin Animals Assortment. Three deer, three elephants, and three pairs of wolves. Category A

Delft Porcelain and Christmas Porcelain. Includes candle holders, Dutch shoes, Dutch figurines. Christmas mugs, one large and one small. Cookie Jar. Christmas teapot has a chipped spout. Category A

Porcelain Assortment. Six miniature teapots still in packaging. Porcelain Boy and Porcelain Girl. Resin Boy. Two hand painted porcelain candlestick holders. Two small salt and pepper shakers. Category A

One large Ceramic Cookie Jar and Six smaller ceramic houses. No obvious damage on smaller houses. Category A

Two Small Wood Jewellery Chests and a Clock Radio (confirmed working) . Minor scratches and wear. Category A

Two copies of Trump novel "Think Like a Billionaire" (unread!), three umbrellas, three medium size men's dress shirts and ties new in box, gift box of watch and jewelry, small gift box watch. Category A

New, unused. Holds about a gallon of whiskey. With cork spout for pouring. Category A

Eleven Porcelain Figurines. One is a lamp, working. No obvious damage. Approximately eight to ten inches high. Category A

Six Porcelain Steins and Figurines. Mozart Vase, Four Steins and Figurine. Category A

Salt and Pepper Shakers. Seven pairs, plus two orphans. Lobster, chickens, etc. Category A

Four TV Trays with Printed Paintings by Michael San Fratello. Minor scratches in some corners. Category A

Three ceramic ducks and one duck in wood fiber. Minor scratches. Category A

Two Large Elephant theme cookie jars and one pheasant theme teapots. No obvious damage. Category A

Four Stacking canisters, red colander, red apple tin, three Italian storage tins, stainless , Crisco painted pie dish, large decorative kettle, windup rotating cake tray which plays a tune. Assorted large glass jars. Two sets yellow oven mitts. Approximately twelve cloth placemats (new) and two cloth table runners. Category A

Asian Themed Figurines. Dragon figurine in almost perfect condition. Two vases new in package. Category A

Four Large White Figurines. Mermaid, not glazed. Couple, Aphrodite, Lady with Fan. Approximately 18 inches tall. Category A

Glass Pitcher Assortment. Seven pieces, four large and three small. Category A

Hurricane Lamp Glass. Eleven lamp glasses in total. Most items new. Two complete small lamps. Two large lamps. One lamp base with broken handle (included) Category A

Farm Theme Salt and Pepper Shakers. Twenty pieces in total. Includes porcelain water mill with working musical box. Three bird themed dishes. Porcelain turkey wall art. Category A

Solid wood furniture, five pieces. Two matching bedside tables, mirror and dresser, tall cabinet. Obvious wear and scratches. VERY heavy, bring help. Category C

Five Ceramic Food Containers. One lid missing. Made in Czechoslovakia. Category A

Scratches and edge wear. Otherwise solid with no loose parts. Category C

Sixteen pieces in total. Some hand painted. Some ceramic pieces. All are approximately four to six inches in size. Category A

.Small folding stool, expanding tool chest, shoe cleaning kit, shoe rack, folding side table and hand-painted wood tray. Small corkboard and four small wood decor. Minor wear. Category B

Porcelain Harlequin Masks. Ten pieces in total. Minor damage and cracks. Black small mask shows major repairs. Category A

Small Round Framed Art. Nine Pieces Category A

Ten pieces, eight are matching pairs. Embroidery work and dried flowers. Small black image of flower vase is composed entirely of tiny sea shells. Category A

Two Bodums presses, new unused. Three enamelware cups, three plates. Two suede leather wineskins stamped "made in Spain" Category A

Three Ceramic Containers with gold details Category A

White Glass Assortment: Nine Pieces. Chicken Container with lid, pair of candlesticks, goblet, vase, two bowls, cone Category A

Metal and Smoky White Glass Candle Holders. Six items. Glass shades, metal bases. One lidded container in glass and metal. Some wear evident. Category A

Pig Assortment. Large cookie jar, large resin figure, small resin figure. Small figure has repair. Category A

Sewing Machines and Accessories. One Singer domestic, appears to work, with wooden table, wear evident. Two toy sewing machines. Two boxes of sewing accessories: thread, needles, interfacing, buttons etc. Large Cardboard cutting board. Category C

Five Pieces, wolf painting shows damage. Approximately 16 inches high. Category A

Ten photo albums, some new. Nine photo frames including one with built-in clock (not confirmed to be working) Category A

Three Original Paintings, two oil and one watercolor. Approximately 12 inches wide. Category A

Large collection of mostly matching plates. Note wear. Category A

Brass Ornaments- six items total: two ducks, two candlesticks, plus two shaped objects Category A

Five Carved alabaster Items. Parrot, Egg, Ashtray, Napkin Holder and Small Container Category A

Assorted Painted Porcelain. Five hand painted ashtrays, pitcher, vases, etc. Category A

Five resin figures, box of footlong matches, box of Christmas cards, a plastic window ornament, knitted Santa doll and two tin boxes. Category A

Two M&M characters; the large one is a working candy dispenser. Five PEZ dispensers (one is not shown). Two soup thermos containers (presumed unused), soup cup and warming plate in unopened box. Canada Post coin bank. Two ceramic mugs. Category A

Assorted Glassware, punch bowl with 15 mixed glasses, two large serving trays, container with lid, three glass trays, pie dish, picture holder. Category A

Three wood Hand painted ducks (new in box) and one illuminated resin duck lamp (confirmed working) Category A

Five items: Spun Glass church, basket, swan, whale, dish Category A

Cut Glass Assortment- some lead crystal. Twenty-seven pieces. Salt and Pepper sets, three yellow buckets. Category A

Fruit Themed Ceramics- two teacups, jam jar, pair of jam jars, herb growing pot, corn cob casserole. Six items. Category A

Asian Figurines Large. Wooden gift box with inlay, jar with lid, dish, small figurine, etc. Category A

Religious Theme Framed Art. Mary at the Crucifixion is a lenticular (3D) optical illusion image. Five Pieces in total. Category A

Three plates in total. Two Queen Elizabeth plates, one is hand painted and signed by artist. One Pope Pius plate. Made in England. Category A

Three plates with center holes. One set of four matching apple plates with gold trim (Schuman Germany). Category A

Crystal Glass Dishes and Bowls. Four pieces. Some pieces quite heavy. Category A

Ceramic Assortment. Two vases with crackled gold glaze, signed by the artist. Two teacup and teapot combos. Large ashtray, two commemorative mugs with lids. Trivet with ceramic tile. Sugar container. Category A

Two panels, plastic embellishments. Each about three feet tall. Some wear. Category A

Four Pieces in Total. Black and White art produced in South Africa. Includes a Rembrandt reproduction. Corner chipped on contemporary piece. Metal Art approximately twelve inches high. Category A

Three Large Cookie Jars, Duck Family, plus three assorted small ceramic duck figurines. Large Ducks show no obvious damage. Small figures show minor chips and damage. Category A

Glass Cabbage, Daisy Vase and Napkin Holder. Romaine Leaf Tray Category A

Stained Glass Orchid, One Pitcher, A ceramic container with lid. Minor crack in Orchid. Glass flower shaped holders. Small pitcher Category A

Three Matching Ceramic Boxes, with lids. Painted gold detailing Category A

Large Horse Vases. Three items. Note minor damage and repairs. Category A

Cut Glass Crystal Bowls and Butter Dish. Category A

Porcelain Figurines Set Two: Twenty seven pieces Category A

Various Electric Fans and Foot Massager. All in working condition. Three fans and massager. Foot massager new, never used. Category A

Twelve Pieces, eight to twelve inches high. Category A

Large glass dish shaped like berry, possibly crystal, heavy. Decorative painted trivet. Two small dishes, teapot and sugar bowl. Category A

Five boxes, four clocks. Boxes made of cardboard, except for the English candy box, which is of metal stamped "made in West Germany". Black used clock shows edge damage. All clocks are battery operated and *appear* to be working, but were untested. Pink fabric-covered jewellery box. Category A

10 inch Cupid with minor wear. Three sets of salt and pepper shakers; two in marble, one in metal. Small wooden egg. Two glass desk charms. A blue enameled dish. Category A

Porcelain Vases, Etc. Five Vases, One Soap Dispenser, a Pair of roses, and an Angel figurine Category A

Fired Clay Assortment. Whale figurine, pitcher, large vase, medium vase, small vase. Plate. Category A

Green Glass Assortment: Nine pieces Category A

Crystal Glass Tray Assortment. Eleven pieces, including egg tray. Category A

Normal Rockwell Plates plus others. Two N.R. plates. One painted ashtray. Decorative child's plate. Category A

Some fabric wear but otherwise good condition. Heavy, bring help. Category C

Two Large Ceramic Toucans and Small Sun Fired Clay Medallion. Small chips, repairs. Small "bullet hole" in one of the toucans. Category A

Novelty Ceramic Assortment: Condiment knives and holder in shape of Hamburgers, covered containers, golf mug. Signed ceramic ashtray "Running Rabbit, Canada". Friendship figurine. Coin bank in shape of old dollar bill. Karate Baby figurine. Small container made in Staffordshire, England. Category A

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