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Excellent condition. Hand woven.6' 10" x 10' 4"

Excellent condition. Hand woven.6' x 8' 4"

New, just needs to be hooked up to your plumbing. Great tub. (Note Pickering pickup on these tubs.)

Game is new, some lettering is fading but contents has never been used.

Swivel Stools, Wood Backrest, Leather Seats, Metal Frame. Heavy and Solid

Genuine .925 Sterling Silver, 2.20 Grams, Size 7 1/4, Head Size 9x9mm. Natural Baltic Amber.  New. 

The Red Maple Vintage Framed Print, A. Y. Jackson, Group of Seven. Signed 11 x 13

Vintage item needs some TLC. Very cool to display ,ideal for man cave. Untested. The plane is 45" long with the wing span being 57". It has the engine but not a remote. control.

Beautiful pieces sizes Range from 3mm Square to 9x6mm, Quality ranges from Si to Vvs. New.

Size: 4mm Trilliant Cut, Quality Ranges Vs to Vvs New. 

Pair of Vintage atomic themed Lamps. Great condition, untested.

Antique Pastoral Art. Outstanding old frame. 19 x 22.5 Picture is great as well.

Large set of Wedgwood and Balmorals. All plates shown are in excellent condition.

Beautiful Christmas themed stained glass lamp. Still in the box. Untested.

Long Lake Ontario Vintage Framed Print, Huntley Brown, Numbered 306/500 18 x 22

13" x 25" (x2) 2 Floral Prints with some Asian Calligraphy. Excellent condition.

Art Glass Bowl, Scandinavian, Hand Blown. Minor scratches in center. A truly beautiful piece.

For all those who love Sex in the City.. and/or mugs!

Ruby Red Glass Vintage Lighter. Untested

Genuine .925 Sterling Silver, 3.30 Grams, 35x12 mm Overall. Natural Baltic Amber.  New. 

Heavy beautiful pieces about 5 inches high.

Vintage Renwick Steerhide Doctor's Bag

.925 Silver and Black Natural Onyx. New. 

Most of the Records are in excellent condition, all are in playable shape

Genuine .925 Sterling Silver, 1.68 Ct Smoky Topaz, 2.45 Grams, Size 7, Head Size 18x15mm New. 

Hand made. Needs new string. Probably best used as a decor item instead of a hunting weapon.

Quite lovely stones. Size Range 16x12mm to 16x16mm New. 

A very nice futuristic design lamp with a detachable base. Originally used in the cancelled Robocop Pilot.

This is a Vintage Green Panther Ceramic TV Lamp. Untested. A great throwback to the days of yore!

A really nice looking carpet, in excellent overall condition. Approximately 8' x 12'

Has no remote! But otherwise working. Comes with 2 Containers of Liquid Fog.

Great historical pieces. I don't even want to think of the source of the stains on field kit..

Algoma Reflections Vintage Framed Print, Lawren Harris, Group of Seven 11 x 13

Salvaged From Fire/Smoke Damage Shown 31 x 22.5

Many many stamps in various condition. A plastic grocery bag of stamps.

Bionaire Humidifier, Tested & Working. Model: Type A

Tested and Working, with Original Lamp Shade. Turn the ships wheel and it lights the bulb. Some slits in shade but a very cool nautical piece.

Vintage telegraph, headphone equipment and Metz MecaBlitz 300 Flash Kit & Accessories (West Germany) Untested

Large and outstanding metal relief figure of a guitar player. Very cool piece.

Various Manufacturers. Vintage Wear. Comes in container.

Maybe someone can bring these rugs back to their former glory? Both require deep cleaning, one has rust looking stains. Please see pictures for condition issues. These rugs are thick and heavy. Be sure to bring help to move them. 8' x 12' Approximately

A poignant souvenir from September 11. This is a Signed Cap from the Fire Department of New York.

Yonezawa Japan, tin/plastic battery operated toy. Lights up but does not move, could use some adjustment and may work. Comes near mint in original box. 10??? height.

Yes, now you can join the few, the proud, the owners of a singing robot fish. Charm your Christmas visitors! Astound your boss! Or just sit back and enjoy the mellifluous ichythyic music. May need batteries, Untested

.925 Silver in a loop/textured design. New. 

Winning bid may contact us to arrange any 8 letter or less name that you would like. The pickup, will be one week later. Otherwise, we assume you know someone named Nicole, and you can pickup immediately.  New. 

Squadron 404 Royal Canadian Air Force Ready to Fight Seal. 17.5 x 13.5

One has bulb missing. Both tested & working.

Late 1950's,with cool Snoopy badge. Made in France. A very desired European Maker. A special piece in reasonable condition for it's age and journey.

The carpet is in nice overall condition, see pics.66" x 94"

In good overall condition, just needs some cleaning where the silicone was. Jet Air Therapeutic Needs to be plumbed. 60 by 32 by 20.It does not have an apron,but does come with an instruction manual. (Note Pickering pickup on these tubs.)

Electric Grill Tested/Working

25" x 19" Very old oval frame with portrait. Portrait is in tatters frame is solid and the bubble glass is in great condition.

Tested. Powers on/Display shows no problems.

Vintage Tonka Truck, Like New Condition. Good size item about 14 long and 7 or 8 inches high.

A large lot of Boy Scouts/Girl Guides/Brownies gear. Many of the items are vintage and hard to find. Includes Canteen, Calendars, Belts/Badges and much more!

Very old. Wear shown (cracked cover). Has interesting classical scenes as decor.

Several vintage toy trucks, including a Tonka hitch.

A variety of music genres, includes original Saturday Night Fever album. Willie Nelson Helen Reddy, Freddy Fender to name a few. Most appear to be in decent condition, all seem playable.

Painting. Artists signature illegible. 20x 16

Lake Superior, Vintage Framed Print, Arthur Lismer, Group of Seven 11 x 14

Vintage Wedgwood & Co. Vase, Made in England

Souvenir item of an 1898 Peugeot Car model encased in a glass Case.

2 sets of vintage Binoculars. Untested.

Framed Painting of Sea Battle, Signed Ferrara 20x 16

Lot of 3 Ladies Handbags, As is.

Large Deer Vintage Framed Print, Andrew Raszewski, Artist's Proof Numbered 16/20, Signed 36 x 26

Hand made and decorated with Tribal Animal designs.

Depicts A Raccoon In A Woodland Setting 18 x 22

Large Framed Print of Papoose is 22 x 19, Small Prints are 7 x 8

Working & New in Box. About 3 inches high.

8.5 Tall, Small Chip Shown, looks more like a flaw then a chip.

Vintage Ceramic Jug, unsure of maker or vintage.

Snap On Tools Car Models are new. Some of the Record books have records and are new. Others are missing records. The cards are in vintage condition.

Full Size Poster

Framed James Gilbert Ink Poster (Hand Drawn & Original) 9 x 15

An Native print depicting a Brave and several forms of wildlife.12" x 10"

Classic Red Trenton Military Trunk. Very heavy. Please bring someone to help you move. (\(Note Pickering pickup on these tubs.)

Vintage Jewelry. Many pendants including a brass Buddha. Comes with wooden box!

Very interesting hand carved jade maple leaf in a vintage pin design.

Many many Star Trek cards, (many full sets) some are from the series while others are from the collectible card game (no longer in print). All in excellent condition!

Portrait of famous English writer William Shakespeare. 16.5 by 18.5 Artist unknown

Really Vibrant Colours in this one. 16 x 28

22 x 19 Framed Native Art "Magpie Geese Dreaming" Artist Unknown

Many many pieces. Some may require cleaning.

Very elegant and delicate Gold and Zirconia brooch.  New. 

Tested and working. Very luminous.

Comes with 1 Necklace and 1 Pair of Earrings, Ancient Egypt Themed and very detailed.

Special Pleader Vintage Framed Print of Girl and Dog. C Burton Barber 27.5 x 21.5

Framed, truly lovely Needlepoint Art 1983 Muriel McCann. 19 x 15

Painting - Signed M. Webster. Framed. Original. 17.5 x 21.5

Some very nice older Vintage Watches. untested

Pooh taking a bath.. or a nap in a hammock.. or a boat.. I am not sure. Very charming! Vintage wear shown. about a foot long

Full Size Poster

Vintage Framed Print, Numbered & Signed 9 x 11

The Old Spinning Wheel Vintage Framed Print, Paul Porter. 16.5 x 13.5

Large vintage poster of Gleason as the great Minnesota Fats, from the film The Hustler. 26.5 x 39. Still in original wrapping.

Vintage Framed Print Fred Morgan. 20.5 x 30.5

Framed Print by Canadian Artist Ken Babelowsky - Looking Through At Hog's Back. 20 x 24

Classic Gauguin Print, Framed in excellent condition.23.75 x 18.5

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