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This is an electronic cash register and the plug is removed so this could not be tested. Drawers can still be opened manually. Please see pictures for condition. PLEASE NOTE: This cash register is EXTREMELY heavy and will absolutely need two people or more to load and unload.

Cushion of chair has no rips. Chair is 32" to the top of the seat back, 18" to the seat. See pictures for condition.

Item comes with original box, instructions, and remote. You may need extra input cables depending on how you set it up. This has been tested. Here is the listing on Amazon for more info.

Lot includes 3 "Players", 1 "MacDonald's Export Green", 1 MacDonald's Export Blue", 1 "Sportsman" & 1 "Black Cat". See pictures for condition.

Lot includes two cameras (untested) and Kodak developing kit with developing tank, Universal Fixer, photographic paper, Kodak branded glass, Kodak photolab outfit and a couple of other pieces. This kit appears old with all original components. It is untested but highly likely that anything in the kit will work. It is well past it's best before date.

Lot includes Technics receiver and power cord. Receiver tested on FM, Phono and CD. All worked. Please see pictures for condition.

All pieces are free of chips or cracks. Lot includes serving plate, 2 bent glass tulip bowls with pedestal, desert bowl, and 5 assorted vases.

Lot includes a set of 3 nesting tables. The tops of the tables have some scratches and spots that would need to be fixed up. Please see pictures for condition. Tables are 25" x 21" x 22", 23" x 17" x 21", & 21" x 13" x 20"

Buffet is in two sections with the top sitting on the base. Top has glass doors with no chips or cracks. Please note that there are some scratches and peeling on the veneer on top and bottom. Please see pictures. Dimensions are bottom - 50.5"L x 17.5"D x 32"H. Top - 46"L x 11"D x 25"H

Receiver has been tested to the point that it powers on, lamps work, FM radio tested, CD player and record player tested. FM plays fine, but CD and FM has some crackling when increasing or lowering volume. Stops after knob is turned though. Needs cleaning and servicing. 'AS IS' Please see pictures for condition.

Includes a cast iron coal iron. Lid on this one has been repaired as it looks to have been cracked through. Looks fragile. Other item is a blue Coleman Model 4 kerosene iron. Please see pictures for condition on both of these items.

Please see pictures for condition of this serving cart. Dimensions are Dimensions are 28" L x 15.5" W x 26" H.

Carts are on wheels which work. No broken wires. See pictures. The carts are about 25" x 19"

This barrel has been converted into an end table with glass top. You will note on the third picture there is a small crack in the glass but that is on the underside and not all the way through. Dimensions of the table are 21.5" H x 23" round.

Lot includes original box and mirror ball has eye hook so that you can hang it from the ceiling. This is made of glass. See pictures for condition.

Naugahyde or vinyl backed chair with chrome legs. No rips. Please see picture for condition. Only the chair is for sale in this picture.

Clock is working and has no cracks in the glass. Please see pictures for condition.

Included in lot is a green rotary phone, white push button phone and a digital clock radio telephone. All phones have been tested and work. Clock radio has been turned on, has power, display flashes, radio plays. Haven't tested any further than this.

CD player is working and been tested. Pictures show physical condition.

Unit has been tested and comes with it's original box. I have tested store bought DVDs as well as DVD-R recordable disks and these play fine (also the recordable disk recorded off the TV fine as well). Has Remote.

These lights come with the shade, collar, stem and outlets. While these lights DO come with outlets, they have not been rewired or tested.

Lot comes with original box, manuals, cords and software. I have tested this as a turntable. It has NOT been tested with any iPods. Please see pictures for condition.

Player powers on but untested other than this. 'AS IS'. Please see pictures for condition. Top has some cosmetic damage.

Please see pictures for condition. No rips or tears in vinyl. Dimensions are 31" tall and 15" deep.

Lot includes "Rolls Razor - The Viscount" however, this seems to be missing a blade. The grooming kit looks complete.

Green light is in the shape of an apple and is made of glass. The other is chrome base with plastic shade. Both work.

Chair is heavy and made of wood in the Gothic/Medieval style. It has either a 'S' or two fish carved into the head rest of this chair. Dimensions are 48" tall (to top of back), 17" tall (to seat), Seat is 16" W x 18" D

Early version of this game which uses a ball (not included). Game was put out in the 1930s. Please see pictures for condition.

This is a glass dish shaped and colored like a clam shell. Dimensions are around 14" x 11" at it's longest points.

Slide projector of unknown age. Turns on and light comes on. Untested other than this. Please see pictures for condition.

Caribou hair tufting picture from Churchill, Manitoba which was made in 1983 by Hilda Neepin. It is 10" x 12". Certificate in pictures is located on the back of the piece.

Lot has a number of "restaurantware" dishes from three different manufacturers but with similar pattern. There are 25 plates (8"), 8 bowls & 14 shallower 5" bowls made by Buffalo. There are also 12 Steelite coffee/tea cups that have 13 Newport Pottery saucers. Please see pictures for condition.

Saw has wooden handles (both there) and all teeth are intact. Please see pictures.

Please see pictures for condition. Lids work fine. They are 9" high.

Please see pictures for condition. Lot is two Ikea wooden chairs.

Included in the lot are the three serving dishes shown in the photos. Please see those for condition. Dimensions are: Square - 8" x 7" Large Oval - 12" x 6.5" Small Oval - 10.5" x 4.5"

No lid, record player tested for sound though while it comes with a needle, it needs to be changed before you play a record. Age of belt also unknown. See pictures for physical condition.

Includes a Pepsi and a Simon Pure tray. See pictures.

These lights come with the shade, collar and a stem. These do NOT come with outlets for the lights.

Lot includes a seal and the other is two birds both set on a walnut base. No chips or cracks on these but please see pictures for condition.

Lot includes two leather and sheep skin like items with what appear to be saddle blankets (what was told to me). Please see pictures to confirm what you are bidding on and condition. Sheep skin is possibly synthetic and could not be confirmed. Made and stamped by Eddie Bauer. Dimensions are 54" L x 21" W

Lot of two SLR (NOT digital) cameras. One comes with a 35-80 lens and the other is just a body only. These have NOT been film tested and are as is/where is. I have inserted a fresh battery and turned them on (displays come on).

Radio and display has been tested on this lot. Do not have an appropriate iPod to test that feature. Comes with original box and never been installed.

Figure bobbles properly and just came out of the box (do not have the box though). See pictures for condition.

Includes faux antler candle holder, small mirror & scales. Materials for all pieces are a mixture of metal, plastic & resin. See pictures for condition.

Lot includes 24 commemorative 8oz bottles from the final Toronto Maple Leafs game at Maple Leaf Gardens on Feb 13, 1999 versus the Chicago Black Hawks. These bottles are full and come in their original carrying cases and transport box. Also included is a plastic Coke bottle storage container. Please see picture for condition.

Please see pictures for condition and details. Might be missing trays for both sides of the scale. Brass slider moves freely. Untested for accuracy but both sides both move up and down.

Legs all extend as they should. They were removed from a table so they "work".

Lot includes a sealed Revell SR-71 Blackbird & '39 Chevy Street Rod. Also includes opened Revell Mini Cooper (R53) and AMT Classic 1962 Ford Thunderbird models. The opened models come with instructions and non removed part trays. Please see pictures as I can't guarantee completeness of open models.

Glass is in tact and chrome frame is as well. No chips or cracks in the milk glass shades. All three work. Please see pictures for condition. They are 9.5" x 7"

Lot includes the pine harvest table top. This table is 63" x 31". This lot does NOT include legs. The original legs are missing unfortunately. Please see pictures for details

Crank coffee grinder made by a company called DP. Note the corner of the grinder has been chipped. Crank still turns and coffee drawer opens. Have not tested with coffee though. Scale needle moves when bed pressed. Have not checked for accuracy. Please see pictures.

This was used on a variety of early computers including VIC 20 & Commodore 64. Original box. Untested.

Includes Oil lamp with intact glass chimney and decorated lamp body. Wick still moves up and down. Also a crock pot and "Magic Heat" fire starter. This is new old stock meaning it's never been opened. No guarantees that the Magic Heat will work should you try them out. Please see pictures for condition.

Lot has a Yashica D camera and case as well as two other cameras and Vivitar flash. Cameras are untested. Yashica case seams need repair.

Wall pockets are wooden and about 17" long. Barometers have not been tested. Please see pictures

Lot includes wooden truck with clock in cab (untested), Cal Ripken Jr Commemorative Ironman Baseball, Toronto Blue Jays clock (untested), metal Lennox branded coin bank in the shape of an old car. Missing rubber stopper. Check pictures for condition

Oak nic nack shelf. It is 24" W x 20" T x 1.5" deep. See pictures for condition.

Lot includes one set with holes in them which might mean they were for drying. The other is solid. Please see pictures for condition.

No chips or cracks. Please check pictures for condition.

Wallet has three folds. It's 14" x 9" all opened. No rips or tears.

No lid, record play turns on and platter spins. I have no needle at the moment so unable to test further. As stated, does not come with cartridge or needle and is 'AS IS'. Please see pictures for physical condition.

no dustcover, unit turns on and platter turns but untested as there is no needle. Also needs new belt. 'AS IS'. Please see pictures for condition.

Jersey still has tags and hologram. Signed on the number. No COA for signature other than the hologram. Signature hasn't been looked up or validated. No rips or tears in jersey. Size 52 and made by Reebok.

This toy turns on and makes noises. It will move as well. Unknown if all functions work. 'AS IS'. It is 10.5" high

Wicker basket has lid with clasp intact to secure the lid. There are no holes in the basket. Demijohn has no cracks. Basket dimensions are 19" x 9" x 13"

Clasp works on lid allowing player to be carried around. Power cord has been pieced together allowing it to be plugged in. Power turns on and turntable moves but this has not been tested further as there is no needle. Please see pictures for condition.

Japanese ceramics include, bowl, two jars with lids, ceramic ball & divided plate with under plate. Glass & Pewter jar and metal incense holder round out this lot. All have no chips or cracks. See pictures.

The two andirons are 18" H x 17" L

Vases have no chips or cracks. They are 17" & 13" tall

Lot includes ten 3" tea cups, one 2.5" tea cup, three saucers,& eleven small centrepiece flower pots. No chips, please see pictures for condition.

Hat or wig box zipper works, handle intact and no rips. Desert cutlery has maker being "Ubol Jewelry". The cutlery appears to be missing a piece. Type of metal unknown. Cutlery comes with wood storage box

Lot includes coffee pot, Amber jar, two brown jugs, coke bottle, 2 incense holders, liquor decanter & brass stein. See pictures for condition.

Includes blue candle holder, two metal candle holders, ceramic jar & ceramic finger figure. Also has International Cocktail Club kit. This has 4 glasses and 1 glass drink shaker. See pictures

Figure is about 9"x 9". Please note that small restoration has been done on the legs. Please see pictures.

Lot includes 1 wooden driver and 4 irons. Please see pictures for condition and detail.

Painted on wood. Signed by Robert Nicholson. Wood framed. Dimensions - 30.5" x 19.5"

Item has 4 independent lights that have their own on/off switches. This has been tested and the lights all work.

Unit is still sealed in box. Pictures are of another unit that was also sealed and opened so that pictures could be taken.

Wooden "single pole" rocking horse in working condition. Single pole in this case refers to the number of "legs" that the horse is rocking on. It could also be called a glider as well. It's about 36" (base long), 25" (Floor to top of head), 18.5 (Floor to seat).

Lot includes 4 small portrait of historical dress and two larger pictures with scenes. Please see pictures

Pictures are of 1943 era Cuba which is noted on the photos. The final picture is of a group photo of young men from St John's School in 1925/1926. This picture has a stain (pictured). Please see other photos for condition and any imperfections.

Basket has some wear on inside fabric. Lid and handles attached and work. Dimensions are 28" x 14" x 11". Please see pictures.

Rockwell plate has certificate of authenticity (#04083K) and box. No chips or cracks. Cup and saucer come in Adeline box. No chips or cracks on this either. See pictures.

This Royal Doulton figure shows a scene from the Jungle Book. It is called 'Run Mowgli Run'. Please note that Mowgli is missing a hand. See pictures. It is 9" long.

Lot includes a fertility figure of a creature with wings and shows private areas. This figure is explicit. This is 12" tall.

Model looks unused. Comes with box, instructions and model pieces. Please see pictures for what you are bidding on.

Includes 8" vase, sugar bowl (with handles), fruit/ice cream bowl (without handles)

Printer turns on and test pages have been printed. Comes with power cord only along with whatever ink is in the printer.

Legs are made of a kind of metal with the head made of an iron like material. Tripod is 4' long and works as it should. Camera is NOT part of this auction, it is just there to show that the part to secure the camera is working. Pan lock knob is broken and does not work as is. Please see pictures as other pieces may be missing or broken.

Lot includes two working lamps with no shades. The smaller white lamp is 26" tall with the larger lamp being 39" H. Measured to top of harps. Please see pictures for physical condition.

Lights do not include outlet, only the sticks and cord. These are 10.5" high. The record holder is 17" long. It's not missing any loops. Please see pictures.

This lot is a magic prop used for the "sawing person in half" illusion. This is the portable or table top version of the trick. Please see pictures but this is missing a piece critical to the trick. As is, it would be only for display. To use this as a functional trick, the missing piece would have to be replaced or repaired.

Lot includes the sink, instructions and a few pieces for the drain. This sink is not complete for the hardware but glass piece itself has no chips or cracks. Please see pictures for condition and what comes with it.

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