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Pair of one of a kind metal stools made of all repurposed materials including tractor seats. Great for the bar or an accent.

Old Donkey cigarette dispenser. Unique way to fill your habit. Fill the donkey pack with cigarettes, pull his ear, and a cigarette comes out the donkeys rear. Delicate piece, but still works. Some rusting. Condition in photos.

Craftsman lawn tractor, 54 inch mower deck, 25 HP Koehler motor, approx 42 inch blower attachment, tire chains and weights for the mower for snow blowing. New blades for mower deck this year and newer belts. 814 hours. With owners manual. Runs good.

Vintage high back church pew. Painted. Some scratches to paint and wood chips. Measures just under 4 feet long by just over 4 feet tall.

Large lot of numerous brand car and truck ads and articles from magazines. Different advertising ads and interesting articles. NOTE There are other similar lots of vintage ads. You are bidding on this Lot only.

Large lot of numerous brand car and truck ads and articles from magazines. Different advertising ads and interesting articles. NOTE There are other similar lots of vintage ads. You are bidding on this Lot only.

Antique glass oil jar with metal snout, and 17 numerous vintage Pop Bottles.

Numerous wooden pieces. Includes accents, backboards and more. Comes with a few sap buckets and a newer wooden side table with wicker baskets with damages from pets to wicker and scratches on table top.

Large lot of numerous brand car and truck ads and articles from magazines. Different advertising ads and interesting articles. NOTE There are other similar lots of vintage ads. You are bidding on this Lot only.

Two lamps. One that can be filled with keepsakes and a repurposed oil lamp. Both untested.

Numerous wooden industrial drawers. All are small drawers meant for small components or items. Could be used for scrap bookers.

Neat bar pieces or for the band room. Repurposed tractor grille turned into a light display. Could be used to display a nice scotch bottle or just accent lighting on the bar. Also, a repurposed trombone into a wall hanging light. Untested. Note: Items on the wall and table not included.

Antique wooden canoe converted into a unique wooden shelf. Stands about 6 feet tall.

Nice tall boy style wooden dresser.

Metal Lions Club Sign that is double sided, some damage, wooden Insurance sign, old metal display rack and painting with birch bark frame.

Various items. Including a wooden Crush crate, Trains magazines, framed vintage ads, several antique Elsie books and a couple vintage games. Various conditions.

Antique solid wood table. Sturdy. 51" long, 43" wide, 28" tall.

Large lot of numerous brand car and truck ads and articles from magazines. Different advertising ads and interesting articles. NOTE There are other similar lots of vintage ads. You are bidding on this Lot only.

Three gauges. Unknown what they are used for. Could be a neat repurposed item or for collector. Brands include Lunkenheimer Canada and Speedivac. In good condition, no apparent cracks in glass display.

Industrial wooden cabinet from the Gibbards Furniture Factory in Napanee. Measures 69 inches tall, 36 inches wide and 17 inches deep. Please note the only item included is the white and green cabinet. The three green lockers are NOT included.

Numerous items in this Lot. Includes two crates, one large and one small, two blankets, vintage camera and accessories, small wooden display case. Camera untested.

Larger military trunk with leather accents, wooden thin trunk and tackle box. All various conditions.

Metal industrial carts from Gibbard Furniture Factory. One very heavy metal pull cart on two wheels and one on four wheels. Could be repurposed into something neat.

Repurposed metal art. One garden bird and one penguin.

Numerous Pop Bottles, various brands, blue mason jar, light globe from the Gibbard factory, 1932 large glass jug.

Green industrial style light from the Gibbard Furniture Factory, Bee Hive tin, Mother Parkers coffee tin and more.

Industrial fire hose. Over 2 inches wide, unknown length. Untested.

Neat one of a kind repurposed metal animals. A Dow and a falcon bird. Great for the garden.

Work bench heavily constructed of metal top, bottom and sides with wooden centre shelf. Very sturdy and heavy. 24" deep, 5 feet long, 3 feet high. NOTE: Shelf only, contents on shelf not included.

Set of 46 pieces of Paragon brand Morning Rose fine bone china. In good condition.

Large lot of various brand embossed milk and cream jars. Including Brockville, Bordens Dairy, Halls, Caulfields, Welland and many more. Various conditions.

Metal dolly with wooden top. In working condition. Heavy. Could be used practically or would make a great coffee table. 25 inch X 43 inch.

Antique wooden child's chest, Vulcon child's sewing machine, Pyrene fire extinguisher, Sylvania camera bulbs with part boxes. NOTE TABLE NOT INCLUDED.

Various tins including Rawleighs and Texaco and glass jars. Various conditions. Some neat advertising on tins.

Another miscellaneous Lot. Contains a small filing system with 4 compartments, small Stop sign, The Eye crate which is a paper like material and wood in decent condition, top of an old child's wagon which would be a neat table top or storage box, old wooden box from the Gibbards Furniture Factory with the Gibbards branding in the wood.

Small wooden box filled with numerous antique glass slides. Some appear to have military machinery in them. Some have scratches or small chips. Note: Table not included.

Primitive style wooden shelf, factory work table in grey, metal plant stand, antique child's stroller. Please note rips in wicker of stroller. Stroller not tested to current safety standards. Not recommend for use with children. For decorative purposes or dolls.

Antique steamer trunk with shelving inside, no keys. Neat metal accents on the corners and throughout. Also, old child's stroller in poor condition, which could be repurposed into something neat.

Industrial wall mount fan. 3 speed and tested, works. Could easily be put on a metal post for industrial home look. Note damage to metal casing.

Two fish tanks. One glass, unknown gallon size, that goes with metal black stand. One plastic starter tank. Comes with numerous accessories. Untested.

Numerous pieces of vintage costume style jewelry, few records, soap stone seal, photographs including a framed Norman Rockwell picture, sea view oil painting, and Daly Tea Napanee Crate. Please note, small tear in sea view oil painting and condition of Crate as shown in photo.

Box with several Crown, Corona, Imperial mason jars. Numerous ages. Comes with extra metal lid tops.

Attention Folk Art lovers... Repurposed Butter box into a side table. Hand made wooden Ford camper truck, handmade wooden alligator shelf and vintage Howdy Doody puzzle converted into a clock.

Meet Addison, the folk art metal hitchhiker. One of a kind piece made of salvaged metals. Really neat decoration.

Chrome BOSS brand 18 inch rims with BF Goodrich summer tires. The tires have about 3 seasons on them. Still decent tread left. One tire had a patch by a registered garage. Tires 225 60 R18 Rims are older and have some wear to inner chrome rim. As per Seller, The rims are from a 2010 Honda CR-V, and have been on other Honda vehicles.  The bolt pattern is 5 x 114.

Wooden toolbox with some tools inside. Wording and design painted on the box. Great decorators item. Also has 2 old handsaws with wooden handles and a wooden wall shelf for screws.

Two children's wagons. The airflow wagon is for display only the larger wagon is functional. Two Tonka trucks, condition as in photos.

Pair of vintage retro style speakers. Untested.

Really unique folk art metal designs. One of a kind. Meet Henrietta the pig, the military tank and old farm tractor.

Various lengths of barn board. Some in better condition than other pieces. Could be repurposed into something neat.

Antique Grain Scale on wheels with weights.

Antique saddle horse. Some broken wood pieces and item should not be sat on. Condition as depicted in photographs. Accent or decorative piece.

Industrial fire hose. George Angus Canada Limited Brand, 50 foot hose with brass couplings. 1.5 inch hose. Untested. With wall mount bracket. NOTE other fire hoses for sale, all separately.

Industrial fire hose. George Angus Canada Limited Brand, 50 foot hose with brass couplings. 1.5 inch hose. Untested. With wall mount bracket. NOTE other fire hoses for sale, all separately.

Old aluminum wash tub on casters. Note crack in one side of basin.

Big lot including....Lot of vintage road maps that are sponsored by gas and oil companies like Texaco, Mobil Oil And Shell. Scrapbook, segment of 1965 newspaper, pamphlet for Toronto's Gay Nineties club, Home Course on Animal Breeding books and cardboard TTC sign. NOTE TABLE NOT INCLUDED.

Lot of numerous old grain bags. Brand new. Old Hawe s Hardware cardboard Playstore for children. Some cardboard pieces missing. NOTE TABLE NOT INCLUDED.

Industrial fire hose from Gibbards Furniture Factory. With brass couplings, and wall mount bracket. Untested. NOTE, other fire hoses available. You are bidding for the hose in photo.

Three antique jacks. Or we think they are industrial jacks, but not sure. Made of solid metal and heavy with neat looking accents. Untested. Just over 4 feet tall. This lot includes the 3 jack stands only.

Older Specialized Brand "SR Suntour" bike. In well used condition. Note damage to seat, and other wear in photos. Tires need pumped up. Untested tires. In rough condition.

Numerous vintage and antique board games and other games. Not all games are checked for complete parts. Numerous conditions depending on the Games.

Mirror, frames and picture lot. NOTE TABLE NOT INCLUDED.

Numerous items for decoration. Blue Mountain Pottery items, metal roosters, buttons, birdbath plate, cheese and pickle plate and family heirloom antique items.

The Bone brand guitar pedal board. Comes with some patch chords. Also comes with Behringer Volume Pedal. Comes with cloth case.

Very large Suzuki Marine store sign. Plastic like material and embossed. In good condition. About 24 inches wide by 100 inches in length.

Hand carved wooden folk art owl, and repurposed sewing machine made into a tractor. Two one of a kind pieces. Lot includes two hats, a sombrero and Ford cap.

Lot of 4 NHRA And MAC Tools cars in original boxes.

Paymaster addition machine. Untested. Abacus, vintage boxes with contents, sewing awl, Tilleys brand Kleano. All items untested. NOTE Table is not included.

Two boxes of parts for unmade industrial or metal Furniture casters. Brand new.

Indonesian Wooden carving of man to hold CD s. Also, hand carvings of a traditional Native dress and screaming man carved in a large stump of wood.

Nylon type Coca Cola support the troops display sign, large. Approximately 60 inches by 35 inches.

Gurneys Grain Scale. No weights. As depicted in photos.

6.5HP Shop-Vac, wet & dry. In working condition. Well used.

Faux leather shoulder bag, wicker and metal basket and numerous small linens and a small green tackle box.

Garfield phone, Robie Bank, Numerous boy scout Or Beaver patches, cartoon watches, blocks and golf club repurposed into a bird. All mechanical items untested. NOTE TABLE NOT INCLUDED.

Really unique necklaces made of repurposed antique china ware and one necklace made with a rock. Each piece was handmade and cannot be duplicated.

Repurposed golf club into bird, folk art wooden fish, wooden carved wine cork, German doll. NOTE TRUNK NOT INCLUDED.

Old wooden carpenters box, antique wooden tool box with some tools, metal case with no contents, and little box with colour testers inside.

Repurposed chairs with cloth back and antique door used to make this unique bench.

Vintage plastic rocking horse on metal frame, wooden rocking swan and wooden children's step stool. Older items, so the conditions vary, some scratches.

Miscellaneous craft items and scrapbook items. Not all items are new. Includes small antique frame with broken glass front, chicken wire, fabrics and buttons.

Numerous wood decorative items and bookends.

Lot of numerous books, various conditions. Including The Furniture of Old Ontario, children's books and comics. NOTE Table not included.

Numerous paints, oils and garage products. NOTE All used and cans are partial cans or jugs.

Numerous postcards, some used, antique and vintage. Two teacups, candy dish and ashtray, folk art golfer.

Industrial paper dispenser And metal blue stand. Could be repurposed into something neat like a light. Paper dispenser condition is well used, note damage to wood base.

Various items from Gibbards Furniture Factory. Includes various legs for Furniture and handles for industrial carts.

Box of miscellaneous decorative items. Includes several lamps depicting numerous dancers in porcelain material, all untested. Some antique tools as well in various conditions. Norman Rockwell collectors plates in good condition.

Plastic Tilley Hat advertising sign a cardboard Pepsi advertisement. Note water damage to Pepsi sign.

Industrial wood working desk from Gibbards Factory. Note condition as photographed.

Assorted antique metal items including bucket, shoe cast, tape dispenser, hand tools and garbage can roller. Could all be repurposed into something neat. Condition as in photos.

Small wooden table used for decoration, three small planters, bag of gardening soil, hanging plant holder with flower pattern metal base. Note condition in photos.

Sewing basket, small sewing table and sewing storage. All various conditions.

Two metal stools, one small garden type stool and one bar stool. Note that the bar stool air compressor sporadically works.

Contents of trailer, including, numerous sizes of metal piping, large heavy sheet of metal, old barrel holder, 16 foot aluminum ladder and more. NOTE TRAILER IS NOT INCLUDED. CONTENTS ONLY.

Two wicker storage containers and a side table. Please note scratching damage to the wicker and cloth in the side table.

Box of numerous faucet tops and small clamps.

Numerous McDonalds toys in packaging. Mostly Strawberry Shortcake.

Antique hand saw, Jefferson transformer untested, Toronto Telegram newspaper from 1971, Gibbard plastic display, scarves, giraffe figure note repair to neck, and more.

Vintage wedding dress in the box believed to be a Birks brand dress. Size appears to be small. Design on the fabric. Some stains. Comes with photos of the original owner wearing the dress on her special day.

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