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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Tall single globe lamp with decorative swirl raised flower design and very heavy metal base. Base and finial with ornate design. Jewel-like flower centers sparkle when lit. Note one flower with three missing petals. Lamp is 32" tall, metal base measures 18 1/2". Globe diameter is approx 9". Double globe lamp with hand-painted floral design and heavy metal base. Both upper & lower globes illuminate. Is working. Clear glass hurricane piece with missing area on the side but this is not visible beneath the globe. Both globes in excellent condition. Lamp is 25" tall. Larger globe width is 13"

American Girl steamer trunk/wardrobe. In very good condition. 11" x 10 1/2" x 21" tall Five Samantha dresses, all in good condition Blue dress comes with white pinafore. White dress comes with separate fancy collar and matching petticoat.

Two AR-2a speakers and an AR turntable. All from the 60s. All untested. Speaker cabinets measure 13 1/2" x 11 1/2" x 24"

Intricately woven round wicker table with two rose-designed cushioned chairs. For use with American Girl dolls. Luncheon accessories include pitcher, plate, miniature food items, and lace trimmed table mat. Also included are two rose bouquets and one plastic fan with holder. All items are made by Pleasant Company & are in excellent condition. All never used & some still in original plastic wrapping. Table diameter 12" x height 10.5". Chairs 13" x 7" x 7".

Eico ST 70. Most likely from the 60s. 'On' light illuminates when unit turned on. All tubes inside except one light up when on. Note some wear to top surface.

Doll house furniture is hand-painted and consists of table, 2 arm chairs, 2 side chairs, and cabinet with door that opens to shelving inside. Table is 6" long. Cabinet is 6" high. American Girl pitcher set with cherry & gold design includes pitcher (4") and 2 each glasses, bowls, napkins, spoons, knives, & forks. American Girl flower gathering set includes basket with back straps, flower press, daisy bouquet, & butterfly net. Miniature Clara doll (4") with nutcracker, also from Pleasant Company. All items in excellent condition - never used and still in original boxes.

Danbury Mint Cola Cola truck is die-cast metal with rubber wheels. Cab doors open & side panels lift up. 9 1/2" long bumper to bumper. Includes 50 mini-cases of coke to pack inside. 1940 Coca Cola Salesman's car is 8" long. Both doors, hood, and trunk open. 1935 US Mail truck is 7 1/2" long & comes with mail accessories & chained back tires. Certificate of title included for mail truck. All trucks by Danbury Mint & all in original boxes in excellent condition.

Heathkit capacitor checker, Model IT-11. Conar Model 211. Heathkit color bar and dot generator, Model IG-28. Micronta LCD digital multimeter, 23 ranges, in original box with operating instructions. Micronta range doubler multi tester, 43 ranges, in original box with operating instructions. Knight Model 375A universal auto analyzer. Six items in all. All untested.

Danbury Mint 1:16 scale replica in original box and with certificate of title and certificate of registration. Metal car is 12" long. Wooden display piece is 15" long. In excellent condition, has been stored in original box.

Two metal drawer cabinets for storage of smaller items. These are not file cabinets. Cabinet with dark brown drawers has 30 drawers total (3 columns of 10 drawers). It measures 38 1/2" wide x 10" deep x 33 3/4" tall. Lighter cabinet has 24 drawers (3 columns with 8 drawers each). It measures 30 1/2" wide x 13 1/2" deep x 37" tall. Both cabinets show wear, but all drawer labels & pulls are intact.

Two identical large mirrors with black frames with gold trim detail. Very top piece with gold swirl & flower has broken off of each frame. As seen on mirror in picture, break is clean and could be re-attached. On other mirror, break is less clean, and reattachment will need extra work. Rest of frames in very good condition. Frames are 40" tall, with another 6" for swirl piece at top. 26" wide.

Blue Paradise exotic bird with long tail. 10.25" tall. Weighs 3.25 lbs. White Cockatoo with golden crest. 12.5" tall. Weighs 3.25 lbs. Both birds are in perfect condition and have been stored in original shipping boxes. Both purchased in 1986.

Power light illuminates when unit turned on. Untested as not hooked up to speakers but was working well when last used. Instruction manual included.

The Cuisinart DLC-7 Super Pro food processor. Brand new -- still in box with all parts & instructions. Includes sharp metal blade, plastic dough blade, serrated slicing disc, and a shredding disc. Oster electric food grinder and sausage stuffer tube. Comes with original package insert explaining all parts and also with two sausage recipes. Is working. Stands 12" high. Hamilton Beach chrome mixer and bowl. Mixer is 12" high. Untested as cord is damaged.

Black faux leather upholstered chairs. Latex foam rubber cushions. Very good condition. Height at back 31". Side to side 32". Front to back at legs 30"

Purchased in the 80s. Do not see model number anywhere. Working. Dust cover with several cracks & small broken area on one side. 13" x 15 1/2"

Danbury Mint Commemorative Collection bride & bridegroom dolls. Very detailed clothing, with lace & "pearls" adorning Diana's dress, & gold braiding & medals on Charles. Wedding dress has detachable train. Charles comes with decorated sword. Original box for Charles in perfect condition. Diana's box has crayon marks on the top. Dolls are 17" tall. Display stands included.

Handcrafted needlepoint piece with petit point detail in faces, hands, hair. Soft colors. Note many different shades of green in trees and bushes. Framed under non-glare glass. Ornate frame is 3" wide. Piece including frame measures 37 "1/2" long by 30" tall. Both frame and tapestry in excellent condition.

Includes 4 vases, all with shamrock design, 6" to 7" high. Limpet yellow teapot with matching open sugar bowl & creamer. Teapot to top of lid is 6" high. Note teapot with very fancy handle. All pieces with green Belleek stamp on the bottom. No chips or cracks in any of the pieces. "Belleek The Complete Collectors Guide" also part of lot.

1922 model phonograph with crank handle on the side and storage shelves below for records. Dark wood cabinet, believed to be mahogany, shows wear. Left upper door has corner chip . Crank handle won't move, but when turntable turned manually, records play. Comes with 15 replacement needles and 12 records (78 rpm), Bing Crosby, Andrews Sisters, others. Cabinet is 19" wide, 21" deep, 42" high. Piece is very heavy and is in basement. Bring two people to move.

The Bride, 8 1/4" tall. The Bridesmaid, 5 1/2" tall. Both pieces without chips or cracks.

Dark wood hope chest with carved legs. Vintage design with detailed front. Minimal scratches on legs only. Top surface with areas of discoloration and small areas on sides where finish is wearing thin (see pics). 45" long x 19" deep x 32" tall.

From the early 1940's. Wood table with metal top and small drawer for utensils Top extends for additional seating. Top surface in very good condition, wood areas show wear. 33"x 35" unextended. 33" x 62" with built in leaf fully extended.

Three drawer dark wood bureau with marble top, carved detail and locks on all three drawers. Key is missing. Thought to be from early 20th century. Marble top with some stains. Corner trim at bottom of top drawer damaged on both left and right sides (see picture). Wood shows wear. 40" x 29 1/2" x 31 1/2"

Lot includes two matching owl vases, 8" high. An octagon flower pot, 4" high. A princess vase with raised flowers, 9" high. And five plates, 6 1/4" in diameter. All pieces without any chips or cracks. All have green Belleek mark on bottom. Belleek Parian China information booklet also part of this lot.

Vintage piece. Seven drawers total as both bottom drawers are double depth for hanging files. Shows wear. One drawer pull is missing. 48" long x 21 1/2" deep. 30" high.

Larger lamp is silver metal with gold accents. Overall height adjusts via 2-angled arm. Lamp itself adjusts separately. Heavy base keeps lamp balanced. For use with 100 watt or smaller light bulb. Very good condition. Base diameter 7.5". Maximum height 23". Also, smaller plastic lamp that folds down for storage. Both lamps working.

Original oil painting depicting Yugoslav countryside with mountains in the background. Vivid colors. Artist is Rev Roy J Yurco. Signed "RJY 67". Painting 15.5" x 19.5". Frame size 22" x 26". Both frame and canvas in excellent condition. Second piece depicts winter sleigh scene and is signed by M. Niedrygosiowa. Canvas is in excellent condition but frame has several scratches. The piece measures 40" x 27".

Dark green metal cabinet has 4 card file drawers that are 5 1/2" tall. These drawers are divided into 2 sections with movable stops to hold cards in place. It also has 2 bottom drawers for hanging files. All drawers have intact label hardware and drawer pulls. Metal shows wear, as cabinet is believed to be about 100 years old. Measures 15" wide x 27 1/2" deep x 52 3/4" tall. This piece is very heavy & is located on 2nd floor. Bring help to move.

Singer Touch-Tronic 2001 memory machine. From the mid-80s. One owner. This model was top of the line when purchased. Machine hides-away in cabinet when not in use. Doors below open to storage area. Comes with matching chair, all original attachments and user's manual. Cabinet and chair in very good condition. 41 1/2" x 21" x 31 1/2". Piece is very heavy and is located on second floor. Bring two people to move.

White shaker style two door cabinet base. Doors are wood, other surfaces manmade. In perfect condition. Was bought as an extra piece but it did not fit into room design and has been in original box since. 24" wide x 22" deep x 30" high

1950s model with light wood console. Garrard model 210 turntable with 4 speeds. Wood with nicks and stains. Material over speakers damaged. All components untested. 48" x 18" x 35".

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