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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Good condition, layered plywood with vinyl type material seats. maker stamped underneath - these are featured in the MOMA museum in New York for design. 2 Great accent chairs.

salt and pepper shakers, prints, bottles, oil lamp, antique books, mechanical working couresel, interesting bottles, box, prints, metal tin and more

great for projects, repurpose or even hang up the existing art! (some is original)

In excellent condition, stackable, multiple fun colours

metaltitan coffee grinder working moving mechanical metal musical buildings

3 grey fuel cans, one is labeled C.N.R. (Canadian national railway) and a lantern painted blue

on wheels, 33"H x 20"W

upper deck, o-pee-chee, topps, and more - great dealer / collector lot

Bionaire - Cool moisture humidifier HP Officejet 6310 Printer/Fax/Copier Infrared Motion Light (out of the box, black outdoor mailbox) Untested.

Some killer titles are here RUSH, JUDAS PRIEST, KISS, BEATLES, STING, EAGLES, BOB DYLAN and most are oldies, 60's, 70's, 80s soft rock, rock, country etc. All in playable condition. Assortment of Record album binders too for your loose records. Untested. **Green bins not included**

great assortment of rustic pieces to repurpose and find new ideas for

SPRING THAW 183/950 Frank Panabaker 30"Wx26"H approx nice glass wood framed appears to be grand river

big collection of interesting store stock items still in the box! and more. (Note contents not verified for usability, personal care goods are not recommended for use, display only)

totally works, however the bottom probing round piece just needs to be re-glued or attached back to the base..this will pay for itself with usage!

great decor, project repurpose pieces here.. old boxes, animal tools, metal railway spike? and more

pair is in good shape, walnut? 21" H x 18" D x 28" wide

nice colours, sizes and selection

whale themed collector plates, signed studio vase, water pitcher/basin, avon figural bottles, 2 wall angel sconces, alice in wonderland & humpty dumpty english tableware, emmitt clown figures, cut glass serving tray (great for the holidays)

some sealed new no scratches Untested

shoe shine kit, cigar boxes & advertising, new gloves, watches (assumed all need batteries), slippers size 11 new, wallets, and more

from upstate new york closed steel plant, will need cleaning

baby blue coleman drink coolers, Scandinavian candle holder, nautical prints, bottles, knicks and knacks, working electric typewriter and more. Untested.

over 70 titles, cranberries, bush, silverchair and more. Untested.

no scratches, good mix of music. Untested.

over 60 here, no scratches, some still new sealed. Untested.

cards, lamp, campbells soup lunch twist bowl, water guns, chain, first aid box/kit, alarm clock radio, corona beer pail, thermos, desk items, shades and more

great for the gearhead collector

works slides feature various investments and stocks related graphs and images

great for pet bed or other projects, photography and decor

metal ladle, cast wall sconce, ball and chain, yellow scale, 2 canes, green metal toolbox and more

18"W x 14" D x 15" H great counter scale

signed abstract art, hanging ceramic swag light, in the box dymo labeller, calculators, tea set, old polaroid camera, metal box, and more. Untested.

working remote police monster truck and some smaller ones

assumed not working, great for someone who can restore

School House, Airplane, Camper, Camera, Phone..none look complete but still nostalgic and fun

25"H x 14"W works

unsure of working conditions, completions marx pinball, big loader, electronic detective, darts, hit the beach, camp putt putt

car track, hotwheels track, cars, truck, plane, rubiks cube, monkeys in a barrel, hats. Untested.

old rock/geology kit, tonkas, and skateboard

mix of games, no lock/turning mechanism on gumball machine, retro nintendo game case, new mouth guard for sports

ceramic spice cubbys in wood case, 2 blue bottles, hand painted plate, Italian tiles, little chef resin figure, small decor items, note pad on wood

lot of oven pie plates with recipes displayed on the interior, cast iron pan, cast iron corn bread pan? kitchen knicks and knacks

amp powers up, hums - needs a look at guitar untested, missing some strings, looks like a very entry level starter guitar

see photos for measurements, barn/farm fresh wood boxes for all kinds of project potential

2 Canadian Quarter sets 1999 & 2000 Provinces of Canada with display

6 Hustler, 11 Playboy and 4 Penthouse vintage ..1970's and 1980's


lots of various games, monopoly, bonkers, risk, and some newer and older obscure. Nothing has been double checked for 100% complete pieces.

little ring boxes, ceramic signed coffee serving ceramic set, Italian pitcher, serving ware, lamp, untested, shoes prints, knick knacks

fixtures, hardware, antiques, great for repurposing imagination ideas to work with here

medical, pharmaceutical, soda (Hamilton wentworth), alcohol, mason/crown, quantity of tins

many signed, fruit and flower themed hand painted plates and serving dishes

planes, hand tools, masonry spreaders, working electric tools, drill & sander, and more

rustic look 19"x 19"x19" box

Large assortment of sewing accessories, threads, needles, machine parts, baskets all in one lot!

over 50 here, some still new and sealed, no scratches. Untested.

Cards, old maps & brochures, photos, comics, pins, political pinbacks, hockey pucks (Toronto maple leafs, Hamilton fincups, old science magazines, large welland canal ships photo postcards, coca cola puzzle,

excellent working good condition by power built

vintage clutch purse, crystal glasses, jewellery boxes, silver stylish bowl, accent pieces, costume jewellery, perfumes and bottles and more

interesting book features hundreds of products and gruen watch display

straps good at the top, no handle to carry 49" long

big collection of tools here!

year 2000, set, features Sable, Noami Campbell and more. Excellent Condition.

24 full bottles, these are actually 26 years older now than the 20th anniversary it was celebrating in 1990 !

Beautiful condition, looks like it has never been used leather bag 18" W x 14" H, many compartments and a small in the box jewellery box

dozens of old photographs, camera, lighting, tripod, cardboard frames

golf bag, misc. clubs right handed, hockey sticks are lefties, near new hockey gloves

never used, keg topper system with FOSTER's featured - from a Toronto bar, back room stock

great for the guys, assortment of goodies..working remote control helicopter, king can coolies, audio, cds, collectibles and little bit of this and that for the garage/rec-room!

not tested, alarm clocks, radios, headphones, tape deck

was working, wheel is broken, needs a good cleaning, front doors need to be reattached

lamps, enamel pot, chicken feeder, box/mirror, galvanized bucket/tub, and more

box is not perfect, toy is ready to go and be enjoyed!

mud flaps, in the box parts, DELCO, great for a dealer. a sentry safe too, no key (needs lock changed out)

Father's day gifts for years!

many sizes and shapes to use here! spittoon, and 2 horseshoes for good luck too

was working, but the switch is stripped now, needs to be fixed cool spaghetti globes

perfect for the queen's plate or new years!

various titles, including A.A. Milne, little lot of ephemera

nice shadowbox art, 2 hanging panels, could be old Chinese ceramics, and more

11 machine oil cans, some with oil in them and metal box

small crack on one foot rest great for putting plants on in the garden

many well used handy garden and lawn tools

70s and 80s books 15 in the lot

5 satellite speakers and subwoofer, all work!

large lot of vintage bottles, most are empty and some are full!

many diverse ones here, including Crystal Beach, Macdonald's, acadia, pepsi,

5 European scenes, prints with some hand colored painting possibly? 12" high frames

just in time for next year!, large lot of Christmas decor

one with the box

lot of old books, games and toys

Most are from the 1980s, nostalgic trip to see what was on TV back in the day, celebrities and interesting articles..about 100 in the lot!

wow, what an assortment of goodies here. working hand vacuum, Drill bits, tools, Lionel Train display item, king can coolies, movies, monster cables new in the pkg., audio, camera accs.

nice little assortment lot here from the 1970's era

various sizes, for use or project ideas!

blinds & hardware, brass door hinges and knobs, monster power surge plug, juicer, humidifier, serving dish, coin rollers, shelf hook ikea. Untested.

collection of rods, fishing net, pellet gun NOT included, targets, tackle, cammo zip case, boat spotlight, flag,

great quality assortment of things here!

old miller beer box, (No Suggestions) book, gijoe toys book, stamps, coasters, bar accessories, sunshine girl cards, new Orleans ashtray, old boxes, boot shaped drinking glasses, tons of neat little things here

Ram soup tureen/gravy boat made in Italy, several other white neutral serving dishes

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