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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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11.5 by 14 inch frame size

Measurements are approximate. Height 43.5 inches, 25.5 inches wide and 18 inches deep. All drawers are dovetail construction. Three drawers at the top, and a further four drawers behind the doors. No key. Paint has damage on the top in particular, note photos.

Largest is framed approximately 11.5 by 16.5. Both framed under Glass. Both old but exact date uncertain. One is the Lord's Prayer

Decorative Rusted iron grate Approximately 18 inches by 28.5 inches. Nine stopper type pieces on back. Review photos.

Solid Windsor chair seat height 18 inches

World reserve monetary exchange uncut US one dollar bills. In case with certificate.

Three separate hinges on the back. 34.5 inches by 21 inches approximately. 21 inches tall. Lid fits very tightly. Condition as expected with age.

Cuisinart convection bread maker model number CBK-200C has both low-carb and gluten-free options. Untested

Maple three dropleaf table. 28.5 inches wide 24 inches tall and when leaves down dimension is 19 inches across the top of the table. Minor surface markings consistent with age and use.

As shown. Note: photos of random sample pages


As shown. Note: photos of random sample pages

As shown. Note: photos of random sample pages

Ergonomic office chair. Adjustable on wheels. Approximately 2 feet tall and 1.5 feet wide and 2 feet long. Barely used

Dimensions approximately, length approximately 36 inches and 16 inches across. Vintage with stencil on one side of name Daisy. Exact age uncertain.

Box 27 inches long. Assorted comic books. Most in sleeves. This is a mystery lot, as such there is no guarantee as to value. Know that by bidding you are purchasing a mystery lot.

Old electric metal sewing machine. One bobbin. Untested. Stencil intact. Mercury sewing machine company.

Vintage tub from wooden washer. Approximately 26 inches tall by 25.5 across. Was used as outside ice Holder for functions. Drain in photos. It is sitting on top of a frame. As is.

Wooden with glass in door and sidelights. At tallest point just under 21 inches. Across back approximately 22 inches wide. Stained dark.

Height to top of back of chair is 42 inches, floor to seat 18 inches, chair at widest is 32 inches and the seat depth is 26 inches. Non smoking home, excellent condition, colour is a golden green stripe.

In need gluing repair. 31 inches tall, 17 inches at base, top surface approximately one foot. As shown.

Heavy not old. Completely intact approximately 20.5 inches tall and 12 wide.

Solid oak Tables. One drawer in each. Approximately 25.5. length and approximately 21.5 inches across.

3 way sturdy, lightweight, converts easily. A- step ladder- 7 feet high. B- extension ladder 7 feet to 11 feet 4 inches. C-- multilevel stair ladder. Weight capacity not specified

Dark stained sturdy wooden table. Drawer works well. 18.5 inches across approximately. 27 inches deep.

42 inches long by 17 inches wide by 19 inches tall. Golden beige upholstery with slight wear. Non smoking home.

Roots deluxe portable queen size bed with memory foam. Three years old, untested. In case with two wheels.

Height to top of the back of the chair is 42 inches, floor to seat 18 inches, chair at widest is 32 inches and seat depth is 26 inches. Non smoking home, excellent condition, colour is a golden green stripe.

Wooden games table. Two drawers. Pieces for chess, Checkers and backgammon. Top inset turns over of other board as shown. Height 25 inches and diameter 26 and one half. Bombay company

Celtic symbol of Union and represents the Trinity of father, mother and child. Silver colour not stamped. St Justin is the name stamped on the back.

Hammock unused. Byer of Maine on tag. Indicates 100 percent cotton.

Advertisement for instantine with dispenser and several aspirin tins Does hang on wall. 12 inches tall. 2.5 inches wide.

Gold coloured egg pendent with bee on front of egg and one fixed on chain Rarely worn. Approximately 24 inches long

Each table is approximately 14.5 inches wide by 19 inches and 26 inches tall when set up. Light coloured wood.

Mystery box

New with case

Rough Ruby from Madagascar

Framed approximately 18.5 inches by20.5 inches Exact age uncertain.

Untested and as shown

Reupholstered in flamestitch pattern. Walnut frame also refinished. Approximately 24 inches across and approximately 43 inches tall at the tallest point.

Rarely used Attachments as pictured Instructions in box. Untested.

Heavy brass lamp approximately 32 inches tall with lampshade 18 inches widest diameter. Working

14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot Kit

Clean, non smoking home white 78 percent cotton, 22 percent polyester. Queen Sized throw and matching pillow Shams

Box 27 inches long. Assorted comic books. Most in sleeves. This is a mystery lot, as such there is no guarantee as to value. Know that by bidding you are purchasing a mystery lot.

6 feet tall, as shown.

Each is 12 x 16 inches Signatures as photographed.

Used as ice bucket previously. 12 inch diameter bucket by 12 inch deep. With Stand that allows tipping 18 inches tall excluding handle. As shown.

Four assorted lamp bases. Untested. One with no wiring. Pottery, turned wood, metal and one metal wood combination. No shades. One has harp included.13 to 9 inches tall, table to top of bulb socket.

In circulated condition

In circulated condition

Top of table approximately 24 inches square. Approximately 27.5 inches tall. Note discolouration on the surfaces, as per photos. Slightly loose, could be tightened.

Round Victorian table. Top covered in red velvet with signs of age and some wear. Approximately 28 inches tall and 16 inches across the top. Turned legs.

Ralph Lauren straw and canvas bag. Has 6 pockets around outside with zippered pocket inside.

Tin Can Robot, kit opened but never assembled.

Large box Lego. Non smoking home

Coin set in case

Newer decorative metal heavy pieces. Longest is 28.5 inches across the bottom and 11 inches high. Other is 22 inches by approximately 11 inches.

Lots of Lego

L L bean Men's shoes. Size 13 wide. Unused. Still in the box.

Two gold colour metal pins, one with stone center. Two silver coloured metal pins on the theme of West Coast Indian carvings. All pins on the back work.

Working when last used.

Large brown teapot in good condition. Cookie jar with minor signs of wear, chips.

Copper, plastic, Clay, and metal potting vessels are. Wear as expected with age.

In circulated condition

approximately 22.5 inches at widest across top. Just over 14 inches side to side. Insulated cooler still intact inside. Some water damage lines showing inside only. Hinge needs to be fixed.

Working Minecraft torch 11 inches tall and 2 and a quarter inches square.

Lego set complete in bucket

16.5 inch square Decorator mirror

As shown. Note: photos of random sample pages

Two-sided Winter Wheat angel and mounting bracket. Approximately 2 feet across and 18 inches long. See photos for tape measure. Tape measure not included.

30 inch seat height. Solid. Note markings on seat as per photo.

Vase 12 high 5.5 across. Goblets in stand 7.75 inches tall

Silver ring with purple stone marked .925 from Mexico. Approximate size 7. Comes with box

Joan Rivers vintage blue and gold colour bracelet. Clip on earrings are large. Other costume bracelet with crystals on a heart mid point from clasp

30 inches high, 14 inches wide, 12 inches deep as shown

In circulated condition

Collapsible basket. Stain as per photos, but works well. Doorstop of 5 barnyard creatures on top of each other. Note rust on doorstop. Doorstop is approximately 10.5 inches tall.

Professionally framed. Approximately 25 inches by 30 inches. Difficult to photograph due to reflection. Frame in good condition.

Small framed pressed flowers.

Horse statues approximately 9.5 inches tall.

Approximately 36 inches tall. Vintage toy with some age related signs of wear. Exact age unknown.

Metal, heavy weight, doorstop approximately 9 inches tall. 3 Nativity pieces from Avon. Two matching Crystal candle holders approximately 7 inches tall. No noted chips.

Foot stool is 16 inches by 12 inches by 8.4 inches. Wire grape decorative swag approximately 24 inches long. Has grape leaves and small grape bunches.

Baseball cards in album as shown. Sample pages photographed only.

Early American pressed glass lidded compote. Minor chips and wear as appropriate with age. See photos. Nine shallow individual fruit dishes. Compote is 11.5 inches tall by 8.25 inches wide. Date of manufacture estimated between 1870s to 1920s.

Approximately 27 inches at widest. Solid maple Very sturdy.

Bottom is weighted. Overall height is 44 inches. Base is approximately 4.5 across and 5.5 tall. Age unknown, but not old.

Ficus silk tree In a porcelain container. Approximately 82 inches tall.

Approximately 34.5 inches by 30 inches outside frame dimensions

Most, if not all, parts present. Motor working when last used.

Inside out human. Key model complete with model and reference books

As shown. The 2 bars are 18 inchs long.

1g .999 silver

In heavily circulated condition

Tea pot is approximately 8 inches tall. No chips noted.

Approximately 3.5 tall by approximately 4 inches across base. No chips noted.

Maple Table bottom shelf has rungs. Approximately 27 inches by 18 inches by 19 inches tall. Good condition.

Approximately 12 inches tall Metal and glass. No condition issues noted.

Magnetic construction kit complete.

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