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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Thule ski/bike rack with locks (originally on Audi), Antique Fishing Reel, 2 camping folding chairs and a hanging chair. Vokl skis (180cm) and Nordica boots(size 44 or 28.5) and poles, good condition! ski wear and Sorrell Boots size 44, Ski Pants, goggles, pullover fleece, scarves, ski mittens gloves and more, long undies, winter hats. EMS Down Sleeping bag, large. (has rip which can be sewn) Roller Blades Bike Pump, bike seat, bike parts. 'collectibles' like antique fishing poles, mid century tennis rackets and water ski. More good stuff

Various toys. French version of scrabble Vintage Slot cars Homies! figurines and more

3 Sterling Silver Platters

Perfect condition, fine details. Solid wood Dimensions: Mirror Stand - 32x23 1/2 x 58 inches Mirror - 63 1/4 inches Mirror on Stand is approx. 70 inches tall

Sterling silverware. various pieces as seen.

Antique Portable Typewriter, Royal Quiet Deluxe with case excellent condition 2 Antique Fans, unknown functionality but complete Antique binoculars with leather case, good condition

Antique China, antique and contemporary glasses. Many sets and items. Might have some good surprises in several large boxes full items.

1 Metal 3 level floor standing shelving 1 wooden 3 level wall mounted All complete good condition

Various Books, some old others new. some antique from turn of the century Scientific American Magazines from 1980s National Geographic magazines Good condition Robinson Caruso and Swiss Family Robinson Leather bound book of the planets. CDs and tapes too etc.

Old, 70's football player cards. Like new condition! Unknown number of cards in 2 show boxes (hundreds) Includes OJ Simpson from 1974 and others. ALSO: Stamp collection with first day issues and more.

Various tools and tool boxes Antique and mid century Sanders, Drills, jigsaws plane, extension cords tool boxes full of various tools.

Argus Camera complete with leather bag, user guide, flash and light meter Fantastic Condition! Polaroid land camera other old cameras, 35 mm and 110 mm functionality not guaranteed.

Antique wash basin stand with Mirror 3 drawers and a cupboard. mirror and mirror stand removable, from my family farm good condition but could use refinish. A bit scratched as photos show. Dimensions: approx. 17x30x27 inches

Conair Bath Jacuzzi, Environs cape Tabletop fountain, Wall mount mirror with wooden frame and key hangers - great condition Wooden wall mounted Candle holders, Thermometer/Barometer, plant hangers, Box of ink and such, Pens Not Included Old Palm Pilot smart phone Paper cutting board and more

Good condition. Mahogany. Some scrapes on top surface. Dimensions: 40x21x34 1/4 inches

4 Drawer Library Card box Excellent Condition, includes Brass card holders/dividers in drawers. Oak. Dimensions: Approx. 18x14x12 inches

Antique, 1 in good shape. Oak, cane in good shape 1 with good wood finish, but broken cane. 1 folding chair, good condition

Contents of suit cases and bags. American Tourister suit cases Rolling suit case soft hanging suit bags, some large 2 Tie Travel Cases, Wicker Basket with handles, decent condition one leather brief case - great condition, with costume jewelry Full Tuxedo, Waist size 36 complete with shirt, tie, button Holders etc. Good condition! Fur coat Suits: Wool. Brooks Brothers, Harris Tweed, and other brands. Sweaters and wicker basket Table linens, table cloths and napkins - many antique Bed linens, duvet cover, sheets and towels Bedding, Duvet and pillows. Box of Coats and jackets Many sweaters, Many Pants sizes 36, 38, 40 Judge Robe! T-shirts, socks shoes Ties, suspenders approx. 15 dress shirts approx. 20 casual long sleeve shirts Fleece and heavy shirts

Mid Century Glass ornaments. various sizes, mostly large. Glass beads, strung. Glass tree topper. xmas hat and red plastic storage come with :-)

Paintings and posters Including Mickey Mouse, a Disney reproduction. half a dozen or so in all.

Anthony Robins Personal Power series. Complete set of DVDs, plus Sony Walkman CD Player.

Antique Dresser, Oak? a bit banged up top broken foot, stained top, but otherwise good shape. see photos for damage. All pieces are included for easy repair. Dimensions: 34x18x47 inches

Antique 'spindle' style table. from my family farm. Solid Oak great condition Dimensions: 23 3/4 x 23 3/4 x 29 1/4 inches

3 pair AR - excellent condition Warf dale - good condition, some wood staining EMC - older and variable condition Scott receiver, wood cabinet, not functioning.

Stainless flatware, some silver (plated?) and steak knives. Plus a restoration hardware wine holder.

2 rugs, identical. Excellent condition Feliz, Turkey Dimensions: both 3'10"x5'5" Runner run, worn condition

Osterizer Blender, Britta water pitcher, Mr. Coffee cappuccino maker, Pots and pans, wine glasses 2 chrome kitchen trash cans picnic gear, Wooden knife block, and more

Office desk. All wood Component table with removable legs, 2 office chairs. 4 Wood Rolling filing cabinets. shelf and monitor stand. Good condition. Back of one chair needs repair, as per photo Dimensions: approx. 6'x7' with seating area in middle.

3 wooden CD Racks. 2 with levers to 'eject' discs. one with dowel dividers, some missing.

Hand made by me. Solid wood, colonial style. Dimensions: approx. 32x60x18 inches

Setup for Salt water fish Aquarium, wet/dry bio balls, protein skimmer, Rio jets and more. Filtration for more than the 70 gallon tank. stand - 17x41x26.5 tank - 70 gallon - approx. 17x41x26 Lighting rig, compact florescence Tank and stand veneer peeling but otherwise decent condition. Aquarium Stuff, Rio 2100, Rio 2500 and several other large and small jets Heaters Feeders and More

Old IBM ThinkPad laptop Asus PC without monitor or keyboard functionality not known. NOTE: "MAY BE LOCKED".

Large Oak table from family farm Dimensions: 42x25x28 1/2 inches with 2 drop leaves of 12 inches each capable of holding many leaves in the center. But those have gone missing...

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