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This lot contains several hundred coins. Including silver coins. Many 1967 Canada pennies, half silver dollars, American nickels and pennies, Commemorative toonies, early 1948 Israeli coins and other international coins and commemoratives.

Two hand signed George Crionas prints. One is titled "Off to the Circus" 214/250 and measures 31 inches by 41 inches framed. The other print is titled "Saturday Night Fever" 202/250 and measures 33 inches by 27 inches.

This lot includes Movado, Esq, S. Kagen, Callaway Watches, a .925 heavy sterling silver David Yurman men's' ring, a $100 Fallsview Casino poker chip, watch parts. Watches untested. Included is a Tusca watch display/case.

This lot contains 270 comic books. Comics are in original packages. Baseball cards contain rookies, cards from 1970's, 80,90's. Various hockey cards.

Lot of two antique hand carved, Japanese Buddah figures. These are hand painted and signed. 2 inches high.

Antique painting by Canadian/Finnish Artist Ana Jalava. The painting measures 22 inches by 17 inches. Note damage to frame.

Antique etching from the British Workman. The etching measures 11.8 inches by 18 inches framed. The etching is titled Italian Mother and Child and taken from the painting by Sonchou.

Group of Seven style painting and antique photo of a girl. The painting is oil on board and is 15 inches by 11 inches and the framed picture is 6 inches by 8 inches. The back of the painting reads "Georgian Canvas Boards"

A nice faux leather jacket by Harley Davidson. It is a child's jacket measuring 16.5 inches in length. Sleeves are 12 inches.

This lot contains 16 antique books from 1902. They are from a series called the Young Folks Libary. The books contain stories about various historical topics. The books has some ware but are in good condition. The pages have gold leaf colour on the outside.

This is picture by Quebec artist Denis Nolet. It's in excellent condition and measures 29.5 inches by 29.5 inches.

These books are from the 1800's, some early 1900's. This lot includes a 1st edition copy of the Ugly American by Eugene Burdick and William Lederer. Other titles include Guy Mannering by Sir Walter Scott and Judah's Sceptre.

This lot includes 4 Royal Copenhagen plates, musical tea pot, Old English E.P. on Copper sconce, vintage salt and pepper shakers, a Carnival glass bowl, hand painted Nippon Sugar bowl -note sugar bowl has a repair on lid

Vintage Tasco microscope in working condition.

LaserPro measuring kit, includes glasses, tripod, level and measuring device. Untested.

This lot features two original pieces of art. Both are signed TMNL. The larger painting measures 33 inches by 27 inches and the smaller measures 31 inches by 25 inches framed.

Vintage oil on canvas painting of Venice. Unsigned. The painting is in good condition. Painting is 35 inches by 25 inches framed.

This lot has no chips or cracks and includes a Lord Nelson Pitcher, 3 Aynsley tea cups and saucers, Royal Doulton bowl, Myott and Sons larger bowl, Ironstone plate by Adam's and Sons, 3 Royal Staffordshire limited edition figurines, Summer and Autumn 20 of 500, 1982 and Thursday 40/500 from 1982.

Folk art lamp measuring 24 inches high by 11 inches wide. Various clay and wood folk art figures. The lamp is tested and works. Lamp is signed Brazier.

Sketches of Canadian Prime Ministers from 1867 to the 1960's by Harold V. Shaw, antique architectural etchings and print of a cavalry soldier by Chas Stodden measuring 15 inches 17.5 inches.

Large multi-colour vintage quilt. This quilt is in perfect condition.

This lot includes a Royal Winton Tea set, Woods Ivory Ware plate, Royal Ducal plate, Keele Street Pottery creamer and sugar bowl, Grafton and Spoke plates and a Winton Creamer. All in good condition with no chips or cracks.

Cherished Teddy collection. All come in their original boxes and are in perfect condition.

1 painting by C. Wood 1980 measuring 10 inches by 8 inches framed. Two prints of Boston 4.5 inches by 3.5 inches.

Signed art work of Jerusalem by Artur Bar-On. Numbered 19/75. Water marks on frame.

Lot of 7 modern books. Books about the Kennedy's, ISIS, business.

19th century antique photo. This photo comes in an ornate carved wood frame. Frame does have some chips on the side. The photo measures 27 inches by 24 inches framed.

This lot contains Chinese cork art, some ware on frame. A glass globe with flower design and stand. The cork art is 7.5 inches high and the globe measures 3 inches without stand.

This lot contains a Fitz and Floyd glass frog with chip on the front leg, a Blue Mountain Pottery vase, blue glass decanter, antique oil lamps, crystal bell, small marked French Urn and other decor including a glass egg on stand.

This lot includes 3 vintage clocks. A crystal French clock note this clock as a small chip at the bottom rights, A Bulova international time clock, a vintage Telechron Electric clock and a barometer. These clocks are untested.

This large book contains the newspaper articles from the New York Times from 1940-1949. The book measures 16.5 inches by 12 inches.

Two prints by Canadian Artists. Ancient Garden Urn by Vail Oxley measures 14 inches by 16 inches and Courtyard Alsace by Philip Craig measures 15 inches by 13 inches. Philip Craig print a crack on corner of glass.

This lot includes a Noritake cookie jar, creamer and candy dish. A signed Bijutsu Toki Japanese Vase 10.5 inches tall, 2 Thai Noarai Phand ginger jars. A blue Thai vase 9 inches high. Note: One of the ginger jars has a small chip on the lid.

This lot includes a Martini and Rossi Martini ad picture, two porcelain horses and a Collie by Martha Carey "Whiskers". The picture measures 16 inches by 13.5 inches

Two blue glass swans measuring 12 inches high.

9 vintage picture frames of various sized ranging from 3 inches by 2.5 inches to 8 inches by 6 inches.

Last issue of the Toronto Telegraph Oct 30, 1971, Time magazines from 1963, 2 from 1967, 1969, Look magazines 2 from 1963, 2 from 1967, Post magazine from 1963 and 1967, Antique Trader magazines

This lot has a Limoges trinket box, a Limoges art plate, a Fitz and Floyd art plate, Aa German small pitcher and a large Currier and Ives plate. No chips or cracks.

This lot has five Japanese cookie jars as marked on the bottom. They are in excellent condition except for the Grandmother which has a crack.

This lot contains 7 pots for flowers. They are vintage and most are from Japan.

One clown is by Emmett Kelly Jr. titled "Stockbroker" comes with a stand. One other clown. No chips or cracks. Blue Mud made in Canada Vase. Note: Vase has a crack.

Two faux fur coats. One is by Jacques Vert. The Jacques Vert coat measures 17 inches across the shoulders and the sleeves are 24 inches. The black coat measures 18 inches across the shoulders and 24.5 inches down the sleeves.

This lot contains an original signed sketch, a coal sketch from Thailand and a print of a golf course.

This lot contains two signed prints. They measure 30.5 inches by 26.5 inches and 27 inches by 23 inches respectively. One has a crack on the glass cover.

This lot contains a vintage camera, tennis racquet, large San Diego Padres t-shirt and a vintage record.

This bar table was made by Mobilia. It thick dark hardwood. It is mirrored on both sides and has shelves for glasses, bottles etc. It does have some minor scratches on top that can be fixed.

Beer Stein by Elwe with Pewter lid. Glass is etched with usher and a bird. Framed Newton And Ridley beer coaster. The frame is 21 inches by 7 inches. The beer stein is 7.5 inches tall.

Candle holders, candles

Israeli coasters, Bar Mitzvah momento, Vatican souvenir

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